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In this video I talk about a weird trend on NO-gos where literally anything that's ever been made gets exposed and scrutinized for hiding "dark secrets", which almost always turn out to be neither dark, nor secrets. It's clickbait at its finest, and the worst offender is a channel called 'The Things'. Yeah, that's really their name.
If you like watchmojo but wish they'd only made videos for 6-year olds and talked to you like they're always telling you to go to bed, then you'll LOVE The Things. Their videos set a new standard for laziness on NO-gos, which is honestly quite the accomplishment. Enjoy.
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If you're still reading this, comment what you think that dog's name is. I bet it's Barkz.


  1. Cassie b.

    Cassie b.Dag siden

    Andi Mac who

  2. Joe Public

    Joe Public2 dager siden

    When you edit a pinned comment, YT unpins it automatically. Just an FYI.

  3. Audra Morrison

    Audra Morrison2 dager siden

    Did anyone else see the help me I’m being held captive in the subtitles

  4. Nell McBride

    Nell McBride3 dager siden

    thats literally andi mack

  5. Joseph Walker

    Joseph Walker4 dager siden

    "What is this b-roll?" That's something my broadcasting teacher probably said to me freshman year

  6. Joseph Walker

    Joseph Walker4 dager siden

    The lesbian couple was very obvious

  7. F L A P P Y

    F L A P P Y4 dager siden

    Why does Drew look exactly like that dog

  8. Eveo Airo

    Eveo Airo2 dager siden

    You mean Danny?

  9. Kimberly Maurer

    Kimberly Maurer4 dager siden

    ok but that good luck charlie “the original plot line” is the plot line for Andy Mack

  10. Tim Frey

    Tim Frey5 dager siden

    I clicked this video because I saw a red circle, I assume there is a secret attached, what is it?!

  11. Jim Cornette

    Jim Cornette5 dager siden

    My secret is that my cancer came back but I'm scared to tell anyone cuz my family is already dealing with enough so I'm just dealing with the pain trying to kill time

  12. Hoagieboy 07

    Hoagieboy 076 dager siden

    Soooo is this clickbait

  13. Gigi Veltheim

    Gigi Veltheim6 dager siden

    i bet that dogs name is poopoo teehee the mayonnaise

  14. Gigi Veltheim

    Gigi Veltheim5 dager siden

    @TurtlesAreDope what was the point of you commenting? To make me feel bad?

  15. TurtlesAreDope

    TurtlesAreDope5 dager siden

    Not funny didn't laugh, and nor did anyone ever

  16. Kylie Rose

    Kylie Rose7 dager siden

    Their Loud House videos are something else

  17. The Johnny O Show

    The Johnny O Show7 dager siden

    But what if you work from home? Im so disillusioned, I thought that was a perk 7:12

  18. YourLastFriend

    YourLastFriend8 dager siden

    This video is drew exposing their dark secret which is that they don’t actually have dark secrets

  19. Lexxie Annie

    Lexxie Annie8 dager siden

    I just realized the last ‘dark secret’ turned into the show Andy Mack’s main plot.

  20. Ava Fox

    Ava Fox9 dager siden

    Lol I’m glade I don’t have a landlord

  21. DarkQueen Jaydene

    DarkQueen Jaydene9 dager siden

    Is no one going to tall about how the "dark rumor" is just the plot of Andi Mack? No? Yeah alright

  22. Nicholas Coleman

    Nicholas Coleman10 dager siden

    The last secret in the good luck Charlie that was a rumor was pretty much the plot of another Disney show andi Mack

  23. Rikititi

    Rikititi10 dager siden

    Your cat, you wife Not my dollar!!!

  24. -PotatoCat- -Gacha-

    -PotatoCat- -Gacha-12 dager siden

    How do I email you my dark secret?!? I MUST KNOW!


    LIL COARSE DIRT12 dager siden

    What was the paint art, Drew?

  26. Andriana Pope

    Andriana Pope13 dager siden

    Liked the video solely for the seamless ad transition at the end of the video. *chefs kiss*

  27. EG Girl

    EG Girl13 dager siden

    4:50 Disney did do something similar with Andi Mack

  28. Lauren 1522

    Lauren 152213 dager siden

    Wait...isn’t the last “dark secret” from Good Luck Charlie kind of the plot of Andy Mack...? Like, kid gets pregnant...parents of kid raise child...I dunno, just something I noticed

  29. The Flying Turtle Neck 4567

    The Flying Turtle Neck 456714 dager siden

    I really and I mean REALLY FUCKING HATE The things

  30. Emilio Pena

    Emilio Pena14 dager siden

    Justin royland is a method actor you idiot rick is mostly always drunk he gets drunk to get a more real sense for a drunk character if the voice actor is drunk

  31. Sushmita Sen

    Sushmita Sen15 dager siden

    I bet the dog's name is Barkz.

  32. Comrade420

    Comrade42015 dager siden

    They really though they could hide the gap between the U and the T *F O O L*

  33. Max Kane

    Max Kane15 dager siden

    I can't see the subscribe button!! Oh wait... I'm already subscribed. Love your videos you did a great job!

  34. Jose Phine

    Jose Phine16 dager siden

    Pupper isn’t in the background, YOU’RE in the background Drew!!!

  35. Samantha Belford

    Samantha Belford16 dager siden

    drew the rock gooden

  36. The Stream guy

    The Stream guy17 dager siden

    What was the art

  37. jenelle oglesbee

    jenelle oglesbee17 dager siden

    Fucking circle made me click on this video...😒

  38. J Griffis

    J Griffis17 dager siden

    HahahaI don’t even like Disney Channel *door falls down* Mickey Mouse: haha what?

  39. Creeperfan78

    Creeperfan7818 dager siden

    Lol I’m *GLADE*

  40. Madison McGuire

    Madison McGuire18 dager siden

    Drew the stick gooden

  41. Scariett909

    Scariett90918 dager siden

    TheThings always had shitty videos and the use of shitty cringe gifs always irritated me.

  42. chloe wilson ツ

    chloe wilson ツ19 dager siden

    did anybody notice the plant in the background with his pins on it that looked like eyes?

  43. Vaders Son

    Vaders Son19 dager siden

    The puppy really distracted me also his hand disappearing into it

  44. Shadow Decidueye

    Shadow Decidueye19 dager siden

    I think the dog's name is Barkz

  45. Simon Lutz

    Simon Lutz19 dager siden

    Friday’s are for 3:49

  46. CHMBoss

    CHMBoss19 dager siden

    Why’d I spend all my money on sunglasses. Shows sunglasses you can get a 4 pack of at the dollar store

  47. juanito 420

    juanito 42019 dager siden

    Click bate good job👍🏻

  48. BatCat

    BatCat19 dager siden

    He's tooting his own horn, but can we just appreciate how smooth that add read was?

  49. Faith Voigtlander

    Faith Voigtlander20 dager siden

    i think it's funny that some people don't get the joke that the paint art is supposed to be a 'dark secret.'

  50. Tim Cook

    Tim Cook20 dager siden

    The way he says "secrets" is enjoyable

  51. brianne marie

    brianne marie20 dager siden

    good luck charlie was my fucking childhood

  52. notMidzz

    notMidzz20 dager siden

    im cumming buckets at that audible transition

  53. Ciara Oldham

    Ciara Oldham20 dager siden

    1522 came straight to the UK all the British dudes lame

  54. Ciara Oldham

    Ciara Oldham20 dager siden

    She set sail

  55. Ciara Oldham

    Ciara Oldham20 dager siden

    Grew up in the French court oui oui bonjour life was a chore so

  56. Ginger Dog

    Ginger Dog21 dag siden

    The "original" Good luck charlie plot turned into andi mack

  57. patrickimo1

    patrickimo121 dag siden

    We want to know what the puppy is hiding, Mr. Gooden. Don't make us go FOIA... Edit: did you all see his hand go *behind* the puppy? He's FONDLING whatever is on that screen! "Dark Secrets" on Drew Gooden's channel! I'M CALLING THE WEED

  58. Helen Sloan

    Helen Sloan21 dag siden

    i love when your hand dissapers

  59. Charita Tammineni

    Charita Tammineni21 dag siden

    Wait the original story is literally the Disney show Andy Mack

  60. Devon May

    Devon May21 dag siden

    I see Generica, is that Generica. Drew is that Generica

  61. Alex Bogdan

    Alex Bogdan20 dager siden

    It’s Danny Gonzales naked

  62. Alex Bogdan

    Alex Bogdan20 dager siden


  63. MrStealYourDuck

    MrStealYourDuck21 dag siden

    Drew: I’m great at keeping secrets Also Drew: 11:40

  64. Tom Murphy

    Tom Murphy21 dag siden

    Drew at this stage I almost feel like you need to start paying your landlord some royalties or residuals considering how often he plays a part in your promotions

  65. Elkagelk

    Elkagelk21 dag siden

    *NO-gos* : So, what type of genre are your videos? *The thing* : *Yes*