David Fizdale got fired by the Knicks, and I'm so happy for him - Kendrick Perkins | The Jump

Rachel Nichols, Ramona Shelburne and Kendrick Perkins react to the Adrian Wojnarowski report that the New York Knicks have fired coach David Fizdale, discussing what it means for Fiz, and what's next for James Dolan & Co.
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  1. BAY 8TH

    BAY 8THDag siden

    Props to Fizdale who I didn't like as the Coach of the Knicks No coach can fix that mess. He got his money and doesn't have to deal with dolan and mills aka Dumb and Dumber.

  2. MisterAlerion

    MisterAlerion21 dag siden

    Fiz is a good dude and can coach

  3. Arms Solo

    Arms Solo23 dager siden

    Mike Miller 6-6 Fizdale 4-18..how do you feel now PERK!!!

  4. Labrador 67

    Labrador 67Måned siden

    You’re out of your mind if your think Fizdale deserved one bit of the blame. This team would win no more than 30 games with Gregg Popovich.

  5. Ričijs

    RičijsMåned siden

    Haha. Now knik fans will boo Fizdale, when he will return to MSG with other team.

  6. O N

    O NMåned siden

    Knicks not getting blown out anymore & been winning alot more without Fizdale but ESPN defend ya man. Lolol


    ASTRO BALLERSMåned siden

    Fizdale never wanted to be there. he liked to wallow.... we touch on this in our latest video.

  8. Eddie Duran

    Eddie DuranMåned siden

    He didnt do anything in memphis neither.

  9. crewcutter2030

    crewcutter2030Måned siden

    Knicks need to fire the owner, and maybe the fans.

  10. capitalised

    capitalisedMåned siden

    Isn't there a way that James Dolan can just sit back, make money and just let someone else own the team and make the decisions?

  11. wwfchriswwf

    wwfchriswwfMåned siden

    Who is a shittier owner? MJ or Dolan?

  12. RapJunkiez

    RapJunkiezMåned siden

    Lies... Ny fans never believed the free agent hype the media produced. Perhaps the clueless front office did. But not us ..

  13. MegaMma4life

    MegaMma4lifeMåned siden

    Fizdale is a terrible coach period

  14. John Solobro

    John SolobroMåned siden

    I mean just stop going to the games. The only person i can think of that's worth watching is dennis smith jr. the owners are just laughing all the way to the bank.

  15. Kwan Smith

    Kwan SmithMåned siden

    Knicks Who Dat

  16. sirtiger

    sirtigerMåned siden

    Fire Dolan

  17. Poison Dragon Slayer

    Poison Dragon SlayerMåned siden

    knicks is the orlando magic back when oladipo is a rookie

  18. Poison Dragon Slayer

    Poison Dragon SlayerMåned siden

    comeback to miami

  19. Jess Blaze

    Jess BlazeMåned siden

    Clicked on this video innocently not knowing it would just be a Knicks bashing video, I’m not new either...

  20. Matt Obra

    Matt ObraMåned siden

    This two motherckers knows a secret about james doland, something that can never be out in the world. Because there is no valid reason why these two are still working in the front office.

  21. TheHenroFlow

    TheHenroFlowMåned siden

    The knicks took the biggest L during free agency

  22. GypsyKiing

    GypsyKiingMåned siden

    Let’s sign a whole team of power forwards and then blame the coach.

  23. Jae- jin

    Jae- jinMåned siden

    22M wow congrats. He can just return to the job he really belong as asst. coach their are just coaches whose better being just asst.

  24. Michał Łub

    Michał ŁubMåned siden

    Fizdale is absolutely trash. Stop acting like he’s a good coach

  25. Lifendz

    LifendzMåned siden

    Amazing how Fiz is getting a pass from the mainstream media. Dude was a flat out awful coach. Yes, the Knicks share a lot of blame as well, but Fiz should also be held accountable for the travesty of a job he did.

  26. Caп¡z Aпuв¡z

    Caп¡z Aпuв¡zMåned siden

    As long as James Dolan owns the Knicks, the coaching job position will always be a revolving door. The issue with the Knicks starts at the very top. The team is dysfunctional because of its owner. And now there are rumors that he's going after Masai Ujiri of the Raptors. If Masai wants an impossible challenge, this is it. But if it's continued success & stability he desires then he would stay on with the Raptors.

  27. Danny Pak

    Danny PakMåned siden

    Ya spend hundreds of millions maybe billions and be hands off your team 🤦‍♂️

  28. frank brown

    frank brownMåned siden

    terrible coach. no hustle, no D, keeps his best talent on the bench etc.

  29. Derek Hollingshead

    Derek HollingsheadMåned siden

    Steve Mills gotta go.

  30. Yung Rome

    Yung RomeMåned siden

    We need to be able to fire the owners.

  31. joe magwood

    joe magwoodMåned siden

    David Fizdale should look at it as an early Christmas present for being fired from that bad organization.

  32. Herbie

    HerbieMåned siden

    Perkins, you are happy for Fizdale? He may never get a head coaching job again.

  33. TooReal

    TooRealMåned siden

    Everyone in the NBA knew the Knicks only hired David Fizdble because he was "one of the color" coaches Lebron liked. Knicks was hoping to secure Lebron in free agency with Fizdale but he went to Lakers. Knicks finally realized Fizdale is a below average coach and has no "connection/relationship" with any of the big name NBA players. Rumor has it Marc Gasol and Mike Conley during the end of their time at Memphis hated Fizdale and his way of coaching.

  34. MedGrower710

    MedGrower710Måned siden

    To every single person that goes to watch a Knicks game: you are the problem.

  35. josefino72

    josefino72Måned siden

    1 playoff series win and 4 winning seasons in the last 20 years with a 626-938 record. So sad for the fans to have to put with this ineptitude.

  36. Bekeri Bousso

    Bekeri BoussoMåned siden

    Keep the young core but everyone else needs to go.

  37. A B

    A BMåned siden

    Right! fire the 2 clowns. Its not the coaches

  38. MrTitothegreat

    MrTitothegreatMåned siden

    Scott Perry has only been there for 2 years, not a decade, yes Steve Mills has but wasn't in charge and worked under a lot of bozos. Anyone who watched the Knicks games this year has a different take than these hot take shows that are defending Fizdale. The guy is and was a terrible coach. He got out coached by everyone. His rotations were head scratching. He didn't run any plays, no pick and rolls, no in game adjustments, he didn't hold guys accountable. These takes are coming from people who weren't watching Knicks games and why would they, the Knicks suck this year but to the fans who watched the games who had been rooting for Fizdale, he lost the fans and the team. There is nothing positive to say about his coaching. It was truly terrible.

  39. grim R

    grim RMåned siden

    Fire gm. Firing a coach in the middle of the season doesn't make the record better!!!!

  40. gorobot

    gorobotMåned siden

    5th coach since 2016, They gotta offer Ujiri a a max deal if they have any hope of turning that franchise around

  41. Jacob Savage

    Jacob SavageMåned siden

    Until their is some sort of ownership change or Dolan has an epiphany the Knicks are doomed to stay in this position.

  42. Mari

    MariMåned siden

    any 💩? 4:10

  43. Jack Sexton

    Jack SextonMåned siden

    Fiz is garbage how many chances will he get

  44. Anton Gregory

    Anton GregoryMåned siden

    let Steve Mills & Scott Perry coach so they can see how bad they are LOL

  45. Anton Gregory

    Anton GregoryMåned siden


  46. real jsample

    real jsampleMåned siden

    perkins got it fucked up ... perry just got here . mills is the one who has been running this for a decade

  47. 11thWoods

    11thWoodsMåned siden

    Sucks Fiz lost his job, but I’m w/ Perk. I’m happy he is outta that situation. He will not be jobless long..

  48. Julius Ulit

    Julius UlitMåned siden

    Should hire Charles Oakley 🤣🤣

  49. Emjay Jay

    Emjay JayMåned siden

    Everybody in the front office needs to be replaced, along with the owner. Can somebody who has a winning mindset as a owner and not an issue to team success buy the Knicks from James Dolan. Knicks fans, players and coaching staff deserve better

  50. DrStrange YT

    DrStrange YTMåned siden

    the only team wit a involved owner that's dos well is the mavs

  51. jennifer gunther

    jennifer guntherMåned siden

    I’m a Knick fan but won’t watch them anymore- I’ve adopted the Mavericks until the Knicks get better. Now there’s an owner who does his best to put a good team on the court. My feeling is that no decent players want to play for Dolan.

  52. trey trey

    trey treyMåned siden

    I wont be surprised to find out the reason why Kyrie and KD chose Brooklyn instead of the Knicks is because the Knicks made David Fizdale their Head Coach, instead of Mark Jackson.

  53. trey trey

    trey treyMåned siden

    The Knicks need to make Mark Jackson their head coach, give him whateva he feels he needs to win, let his pick his own players and leave him alone while he does his job. I might even make him head coach and GM to see it he can do both jobs, if he can't you take his GM title away so he can just focus on Coaching and let it be known that MARK JACKSON is their Head Coach indefinitely for years to come the way Erik Spoelstra has it in Miami.

  54. Brandon Moskos

    Brandon MoskosMåned siden

    Fizdale was ready to go. Blessing for him.

  55. B White11

    B White11Måned siden

    So glad Kyrie didn’t want that smoke🤣🤣

  56. AFKFTW

    AFKFTWMåned siden

    If only you could fire Dolan.......

  57. TigerArmy 13

    TigerArmy 13Måned siden

    Knicks are a Dumpster fire!

  58. Daniel Loomis

    Daniel LoomisMåned siden

    Wasnt a firing that was Mercy

  59. Kevin Bunn

    Kevin BunnMåned siden

    XL Ramona is starting to annoy me. First she says the dumb thing about race and AD and New Orleans. Now she's sitting on tv looking down at 2 phones the entire time. Like what does she have to be looking at that's more important than being on the show. Its just rude in general, but on tv that's ridiculous

  60. s2syed

    s2syedMåned siden

    Coach is the easy scapegoat