Day 2 W/ NBA Trainer - 1 ON 1 Isolation Moves GUARANTEED To DESTROY Opponents!

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  1. 🔥Vᴀʟᴏʀᴀʜ🔥

    🔥Vᴀʟᴏʀᴀʜ🔥9 minutter siden

    June trash 🗑

  2. mishorn dasouza

    mishorn dasouza10 minutter siden

    lol why laughed like a dolphin 😂😂😂

  3. 🔥Vᴀʟᴏʀᴀʜ🔥

    🔥Vᴀʟᴏʀᴀʜ🔥10 minutter siden


  4. YoungSayyynt

    YoungSayyyntTime siden

    Bruh why does it feel like im watchin anime?

  5. Valter Minutaglio

    Valter Minutaglio2 timer siden

    June is coming maaaannn......

  6. OFFICIAL 2.0

    OFFICIAL 2.03 timer siden

    I hope everyone doing what Flight is doing. He don’t pay attention to the haters and work hard for what he wants💪🏾I’m tryna grow my NO-gos channel but I know I gotta work hard✍🏿Flight is really inspirational🐐🤩


    KSLAYY3 timer siden

    lol flight did a curry ad.

  8. ceerw buty

    ceerw buty3 timer siden

    Imagine if he didn’t smoke🤦🏽‍♂️ call him unlimited stamina flight

  9. Jaron Williams

    Jaron Williams4 timer siden


  10. regerbryan

    regerbryan5 timer siden

    I wonder why everyone focuses on swish when the backboard can help so much and it still counts in a real game

  11. ceerw buty

    ceerw buty3 timer siden

    Flight is trying you can’t lie 👀

  12. Alonzo Tv

    Alonzo Tv5 timer siden

    Mannnnn then niggas cold but suck at teaching cause flight ass ain’t learning💩

  13. Alonzo Tv

    Alonzo Tv5 timer siden

    I mighta spoke to soon😦

  14. Justin Engel

    Justin Engel5 timer siden

    This guy always talking saying that he’s nasty and thag he’d average 20 in the nba, dude can barely dribble and he almost missed like 5 shots from right in front of the hoop like this dude is buns😂😂😂

  15. Tasty M&M

    Tasty M&M5 timer siden

    Look at curry man

  16. oxenfree

    oxenfree5 timer siden

    Lol how this gon work when niggas actually playing defense?

  17. Reverse NoName

    Reverse NoName6 timer siden

    It must not be june

  18. Keef Loko

    Keef Loko6 timer siden

    Rematch So in June??

  19. Keef Loko

    Keef Loko6 timer siden

    Lmaooo i will pray for you flight

  20. Isaiah Perez

    Isaiah Perez7 timer siden

    I can already see a difference in his the end of the summer I can see good things for flight

  21. soapyyy

    soapyyy7 timer siden

    memes aside you can see a lot of improvement. once he gets tighter handles it’s over

  22. T S

    T S7 timer siden

    When flight goes between the legs it look like jaylen newman a bit

  23. Drip King727

    Drip King7277 timer siden

    Aye Man U gotta do this everyday even after June

  24. J Music 30

    J Music 308 timer siden

    Yo.. no cap Flight. You actually gettin a lil better my guy. Keep workin 💪🏽

  25. CBK_ Chaos

    CBK_ Chaos8 timer siden

    I see u flight💯🏀

  26. Aaron Crittenden

    Aaron Crittenden8 timer siden

    Rest In Peace flights tire

  27. Johnny Nitro

    Johnny Nitro9 timer siden

    He finna be the best NO-gos Baller 🤣🤣🤣💯

  28. Omari Robinson

    Omari Robinson9 timer siden

    Flight is trying you can’t lie 👀

  29. TB 14

    TB 149 timer siden

    lowkey lookin nice wit it

  30. 1000 Subscribers with NO Videos Challenge!!!

    1000 Subscribers with NO Videos Challenge!!!9 timer siden

    In June FlightReacts will become FlightEvolved

  31. Xpiris

    Xpiris9 timer siden

    His trainer is pissing me off, I don’t know if it’s more off camera they’re doing but this is gone have him ready for June. Yea he is getting the knowledge of more movement but the moves his trainer is kinda iffy. He should be helping him learn ball security, working on his handles and having him run sprints while dribbling . Yes he needs to work on his shooting but his midrange looks ok. Also have him put on more weight so he can absorb more contact. But his handles is a big things he needs to work on. Fuck all that learning extra dribbles he doing, learning simple change of direction movements can help him become improve a lot. If he was going against solluminati some of the stuff he’s learning wouldn’t work. With his height a good dribble pull-up would be nice to. It would be a for sure bucket. Maybe I’m looking to much in it but he said he wants to get better and that’s what I feel he incorporate to become better

  32. Xpiris

    Xpiris9 timer siden

    But overall I’m glad he is tryna be a better version of himself

  33. The DankFish

    The DankFish9 timer siden

    Flight you the Ugliest ball player I’ve seen

  34. Roddrick Robinson

    Roddrick Robinson9 timer siden

    Flight already got a lil better

  35. Joshua Olsson

    Joshua Olsson9 timer siden

    much respect to flight putting in that work

  36. Hot Topic

    Hot Topic10 timer siden

    He's grinding🔥😅

  37. juliqnn

    juliqnn10 timer siden

    people sleeping on flight just wait till june

  38. Toxic Games

    Toxic Games11 timer siden

    Bro u have to do it faster for it to work but fix ur behind the back

  39. Project Vivid

    Project Vivid11 timer siden

    if he keeps this grind up and builds weight on god broski will be the best on this app

  40. Yeet Manz

    Yeet Manz12 timer siden

    I'm telling you not by June!

  41. Solar Dispersion

    Solar Dispersion12 timer siden

    Flight to get better also make sure your working on your skills at home like so he can see

  42. PJ King

    PJ King12 timer siden

    When the cameraman said “looking like curry” no he’s looking like a trashcan

  43. PJ King

    PJ King12 timer siden

    Flight is still beat you 1v1

  44. Valiant Galaxii

    Valiant Galaxii13 timer siden

    Who Else Think Flight Is Going To Finally Be Nice At Basketball?

  45. Easymoney2408

    Easymoney240813 timer siden

    Bro flight has no balance and is so uncoordinated😂

  46. DeQuan Hunter

    DeQuan Hunter13 timer siden

    The head fake crucial

  47. Nick Outta Control

    Nick Outta Control13 timer siden

    I like flight, but I wouldn't pick him up at an LA Fitness lol. Dude needs to practice a bit more. Jumper is okay, but dude has NO handle. They'd be ripping him all day.

  48. Nick Outta Control

    Nick Outta Control13 timer siden

    My man uncoordinated AF lol. I would destroy him 1-on-1. Will take him a while before he get better.

  49. Silas Tiedeman

    Silas Tiedeman13 timer siden


  50. Jordan Burciaga

    Jordan Burciaga14 timer siden

    You bricked tf out that one😂 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1239">20:39</a>

  51. Trevon Ruffin

    Trevon Ruffin15 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a> this dude laugh 😆

  52. TJ_RL

    TJ_RL15 timer siden

    Bro flights consistently working on his game that’s why he’s an inspiration

  53. Joe Lloyd

    Joe Lloyd15 timer siden

    Flight finna be the goat🐐

  54. AC3

    AC315 timer siden

    By June this guy is gonna be so good

  55. WolfKat

    WolfKat16 timer siden

    Best work ethic on yt

  56. DorsalFin Gaming

    DorsalFin Gaming16 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1360">22:40</a> flight went crazy

  57. Mikeyt99

    Mikeyt9916 timer siden

    When u put the work in u get results proud of u flight

  58. Jelue Ifeanyichineke

    Jelue Ifeanyichineke16 timer siden

    bro hard work and dedication bro flight meant that he would be better by june proves anyone can do it if you put ur mind to it..respect bro

  59. Coconut Leaf

    Coconut Leaf16 timer siden

    I just keep laughing

  60. EchoVersion

    EchoVersion17 timer siden

    😤 in June he Finna be doing Jordan kilganon dunks.

  61. Beloti 10

    Beloti 1017 timer siden

    I fw those shorts tho

  62. Who Dis???

    Who Dis???18 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1360">22:40</a> 😳😳😳

  63. David Boboye

    David Boboye18 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1360">22:40</a> okay flighttt, you nice wit it

  64. Echo

    Echo18 timer siden

    Why flight always has his pants pockets flip inside out? Is that the new trend🤣🤣


    DON D'JANGO19 timer siden

    Flight just look too goofy

  66. Sam Way

    Sam Way19 timer siden

    Were on venus while your girl or mom is on my peshis flight kid your a little girl bumb punk black kewn

  67. Jrizyy

    Jrizyy19 timer siden

    Like get loose u dribble all stuff that’s y u can’t really control the ball u so ass

  68. Jrizyy

    Jrizyy19 timer siden

    Flight when u dribble spread yo fingers out

  69. Taeron Carson

    Taeron Carson19 timer siden

    I mean it’s not that damn serious, like it’s for NO-gos of all the things if you have to prove something this bad to show that you’ve gotten better to boost your self-esteem I would just be happy playing basketball for fun fuck what everybody talking about at the end of the day you must be making some bank if you can waste it on a “NBA trainer”.

  70. Dakidzobe _

    Dakidzobe _19 timer siden

    Flight I’m counting on you don’t make count you out you doing good

  71. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross19 timer siden


  72. 6Bird Gang9

    6Bird Gang920 timer siden

    Ok flight i see you. You gna have to get bak all those Ls you took after this.

  73. Tijahni Jogie

    Tijahni Jogie20 timer siden

    I’m happy for u flight can’t wait till u cook Cash bro 💪🏾❤️

  74. Ted Reblando

    Ted Reblando20 timer siden

    In June: flight teaching Shaq how to shoot three

  75. Eric Le

    Eric Le20 timer siden

    Lets go flight u got this

  76. Pixelgun Gamer

    Pixelgun Gamer20 timer siden

    9 ads???????

  77. FBI

    FBI20 timer siden

    What have you been sleeping on.

  78. tim perkins

    tim perkins20 timer siden

    His pockets out like an 8 yr old lol

  79. K P

    K P20 timer siden

    i just want to see flight beat someone 1v1 for the first time in my life

  80. Joe Capalot

    Joe Capalot21 time siden

    This shit funny as fuck tho 🤣🤣

  81. TitoAgent PlayZ

    TitoAgent PlayZ21 time siden

    Look at curry man

  82. Cartier C

    Cartier C21 time siden


  83. iFunny Bro

    iFunny Bro21 time siden

    All fun and games til flight starts posterising everybody