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  1. How To Cook That

    How To Cook That11 dager siden

    COVID-19 Can you give me an update from where you are in the world... 1. What country you are in 2. What supplies the shops have run out of 3. What restrictions you've currently got there to help contain covid-19 4.Do you/anyone you know have the virus and if so are you/they OK? Fo us it's 1.Australia of course 2.Shops are out of toilet paper, tissues, paper towel, hand sanitiser, flour, rice, sugar, pasta, chicken, limited meat, canned goods and sanitary supplies. Hospitals are short on test kits for covid-19 3. School are still open but there are no gatherings over 100 people indoors or 500 outdoors, international travel is banned and any Aussies returning home have to self isolate for 14 days 4.thankfully no.

  2. Bradley Pitts fan

    Bradley Pitts fan9 dager siden

    Hey Ann I have no idea if you are going to read this, but here we go :) 1. Denmark, specifically in the Zealand region, copenhagen (the capital) is 15 minutes away on the train from where I live. 2. when coronavirus was first announced basically all the toilet paper, hand sanitiser, chicken, milk, eggs, rice, canned goods, sanitary supplies and all the veggies were gone. It has calmed down quite a bit and you almost see nobody at the grocery stores anymore. In the beginning people even stole hand sanitiser from the hospitals. This was very controversial and people were incredibly angry. I also think there is a shortage of test kits for covid-19, limiting the amount of people they can test. We also don't have medical masks anymore, but I have only seen one person in the past month wearing one haha. 3. In Denmark we did a big lockdown, so no school, no work (people may work at home). Public transportation is still running and mosts stores are open (not including bars or cafes, and some clothing stores). But I think this is about to change. Everyone is supposed to stay home but everyone goes out anyways. At the beach you see children running around and playing in the sun, people out tanning, taking walks with strollers. You see people out constantly, most people in Denmark take this as a type of vacation instead of something to be careful about, it's a bit sad haha. They have just started giving out tickets to people, but that is quite a recent development and I think the police will start 'stepping up' quite a bit. Also you are not allowed to be in a room with more than 10 people at once. In the stores they don't receive cash either anymore and there is hand sanitiser next to all cash registers. 4. Not that I know of, however, my mother is incredibly paranoid. She is originally from Italy, where all of our family is, and she is just incredibly worried, especially for my grandmother. She has every disease in the book (high blood pressure, too much cholesterol, high blood sugar, depression ect. She has also had skin cancer and cancer in one of her lungs, where they cut 1/3 of it away), and if she gets Covid - 19 she will die immediately. The three zones that have been affected the most are the richest ones, I live in one of the communes in these zones. Because they are so rich, it's easy for them go travelling and a lot of people went to austria and such for vacation, soooo yeah... I think most of them came from the people traveling, sadly students from my old gymnasium (high school?) have been affected and a lot of them are in quarantine because they went travelling with the school. It's sad to see people my age (16-18) be affected in this way. Currently 1,255 people in Denmark have been infected (although this is difficult to say, since we haven't tested 'gray patients', so there could be more) where 37 of them are in critical condition. 9 people have died. 1 person has fully recovered :) So yeah... hope it helps. A lot of stuff has happened here, even though we are so small, I apologise for the long comment, and I wish you the best, I have been watching your channel since 2014 so I really love and appreciate what you do! I wish you the best, love xoxo

  3. Tanja Beier

    Tanja Beier9 dager siden

    1. Germany 2. Toilet paper, Sanitizer, flour and noodles 3.Schools are closed. Also Bars, Restaurants and every shop not providing food or medicine 4. yes and they are NOT o.k. And we have already restrictions to go outside that could become a full ban on going out. I‘m scared. I like your channel and it cheers me up to see something else than catastrophic news. Thank you for your good content. You and your Husband are very likable. I wish the best for you and your family.🌻

  4. hck

    hck9 dager siden

    1.Hong Kong. 2.The people was kinda crazy and stocking up toilet paper in Jan/Feb but it's alright now. 3.The number of confirmed cases was quite stable in these few months as many of us went through SARS in 2003 and we are very serious about self-protection as the government isn't doing much to protect us, so we have been wearing masks etc. ever since Jan. The gov has issued a 14-day restricted quarantine for anyone who's coming from other places around the world except China, Taiwan, and Macau. (But some of the stupid students who came back overseas cut their waistband and went outside LOL very selfish of them). 4. thankfully no.

  5. Tess

    Tess9 dager siden

    London - schools and social venues shut indefinitely. Supermarkets are still receiving deliveries but they're completely cleared out by midday. Weird times!

  6. Macy Field

    Macy Field9 dager siden

    1 UK 2 Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, pasta, tinned food and more 3 not going to school, not aloud to see grandparents/elderly people 4 my mum's colleague sorry for my spelling

  7. psygaud

    psygaud34 minutter siden

    I was expecting a video that just tried out these little 5 min recipes and laughed about it. His was so much more intense, wow. Good job

  8. Stefani Ratu

    Stefani Ratu35 minutter siden

    They even make 5 Min Craft in many languages, like Lima Menit Kerajinan (5 Min Craft in Indonesian)

  9. Sleuzz

    Sleuzz56 minutter siden

    Dave I’m sorry, you make too many noises while eating :(

  10. sophie

    sophie56 minutter siden

    youtube “promotes” unique creators but doesn’t support them through the algorithm yet still uses the “unique creator” idea in their representation. ugh.

  11. Corey Hutton

    Corey Hutton2 timer siden

    Great video. But let's be honest, The US won't be around in 20 years. They're too stupid to survive much longer and it's getting to the point that the World won't let them exist anymore.

  12. Sticky Finger

    Sticky Finger2 timer siden

    The amount of research Dave did and his presentation are astonishing. Who else think Dave should have his own channel?

  13. Bernardyn Sales

    Bernardyn Sales2 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1154">19:14</a> is not even from US, its from Philippines.

  14. Sara Kincaid

    Sara Kincaid2 timer siden

    i love her, i just love people who tell the truth! amazing !

  15. T Brown

    T Brown3 timer siden

    I know this is gonna sound "out there" but can bots view videos? I'm not sure how to word this correctly but work with me.... Could they have made fake accounts that view and like each time each channel posts?

  16. Krysta Kothmann

    Krysta Kothmann3 timer siden

    Saw a new channel on my feed, Chefclub that looks like it has some fake recipes mixed in with real recipes. I've been trying to get all the so yummy, 5 minute fake channels off my feed and it seems like everytime I get one completely off a new one pops up.

  17. T Brown

    T Brown3 timer siden

    You and Jarvis Johnson need to get together and be the Dynamic Duo on the 5 minute trash vids.

  18. Zoe Syverson

    Zoe Syverson4 timer siden

    Thank you for making videos still!

  19. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy6 timer siden

    Anyone else remember the days when NO-gos wasn't a Capitalist venture?

  20. squidtastic GatchaVerse

    squidtastic GatchaVerse6 timer siden

    I feel like the fake cooking channels are better at decorating like instead the "cooking channels" should do decorating like their designs are pretty cool if you have seen these vids they are really cool looking and fun to watch design wise but they are lying

  21. bowen voowy

    bowen voowy6 timer siden

    Wait...these OTHER craft channels are evil and political? Proceeds to show inanely partisan Rachel Madow and her insane Russian conspiracy videos. Wow. Are people that

  22. SolidArrow13

    SolidArrow136 timer siden

    Someone get this video to Jenna Marbles. All her questions about 5-minute crafts, all answered!

  23. Drake Savory

    Drake Savory6 timer siden

    It would be awesome if there were a way to get fake videos demonetized.

  24. Thomas Davis

    Thomas Davis7 timer siden

    As far as I am concerned "5 min fakes" should be banned from social media.Anyone that releases any vids that are false let alone harmful should be FINED.I am a real artisan and that channel OFFENDS me.

  25. Ivy

    Ivy7 timer siden

    NO-gos rewards what it wants to... yeah... no... People are watching these channels. People are subscribing to these channels. If people want to watch this shit, then the algorithm will push these channels. 🙂🙃

  26. Ivy

    Ivy8 timer siden

    Well, if people just stop watching these channels... ⛔

  27. Casai

    Casai9 timer siden

    How to make a delicious filet mignon in five minutes: Take a chuck steak Smother it in hollandaise sauce Put it in the microwave Make a jump cut to filet mignon Enjoy! 😁

  28. C Ds

    C Ds9 timer siden

    LOVED THIS VIDEO!! I love seeing more of Dave, he is so sweet!

  29. Khum Dhan

    Khum Dhan10 timer siden

    google, facebook, and twitter do the same shit but push left wing politics.

  30. Khaltzane Caisirce

    Khaltzane Caisirce10 timer siden

    Careful, you';re gonna get demonetized from knocking a known problem of youtube

  31. Rhianna Lewis

    Rhianna Lewis10 timer siden

    You probably should not give your dog corn. Corn is toxic to dogs

  32. NIckYT - Official channel

    NIckYT - Official channel10 timer siden

    5 - minutes crafts has been exploiting NO-gos's system for ad revenue, for a long time. They can use one clip for 5 different videos. None of the videos they make has no effort put into it what so ever. Now to become successful on NO-gos, you just have to lie, cheat, exploit the system, without any effort. All of their channels: 5 - min crafts, 123 go and their copycat channels, etc. Every video they make and everyone who makes them, none of them should trusted!

  33. Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein11 timer siden

    As a European it is funny to see how much offence is taken from the idea that the us might divide in the future. I don’t find the idea unrealistic at all, it has happened a lot in history, and often for the better. In the 20th Century the divide was often over communism vs. Capitalism or over religions, but in the 21st century we might as well see a country divide over gender politics.

  34. guscotte

    guscotte11 timer siden

    Trucos que nos engañan

  35. Ольга Голубева

    Ольга Голубева11 timer siden

    Oh, I just love that you have your own personal try guy.


    MGCXIII11 timer siden

    So I'm from Denmark. Not sure if our shops are out of anything, last time I ventured out was almost 2 weeks ago and the store near us was fully stocked. (we're shopping online atm) We have declared that gatherings with more than 10 people is prohibited and you shouldn't go out side unless you have a valid reason. (people are not heeding this at all. Several of my neighbors are having friends over and having parties and a bunch of them are going outside as if they had a holiday) Both my gf and I had mild symptoms a week ago and are currently in self quarantine and have no symptoms atm.

  37. Wolf _

    Wolf _12 timer siden

    The guy who tries all these semes like he belongs in a Morgs video...

  38. Groovy Satan

    Groovy Satan12 timer siden

    "America is a nation of deeply divided social and political beliefs." literally every other country in the world?

  39. awhsophoo

    awhsophoo12 timer siden

    Poor Dave, he’s being such a trooper.

  40. Mr. Meebles

    Mr. Meebles12 timer siden

    Wait...these OTHER craft channels are evil and political? Proceeds to show inanely partisan Rachel Madow and her insane Russian conspiracy videos. Wow. Are people that dumb? Looks that way. A Russian company makes money! Oooh! It’s the boogeyman! Retards. Unsubscribe.

  41. A D

    A D13 timer siden

    The deceptiveness grosses me out. It's just greedy.

  42. Véronique Gosselin

    Véronique Gosselin13 timer siden

    I noticed you can use prepared pastry flour (light flour with a little baking soda and/or baking powder and/or salt depending on the brand) to achieve similar results. Of course, they don't precise it should be pastry flour, but using that would transform their blatant lie into a "prettying of the truth".

  43. Véronique Gosselin

    Véronique Gosselin13 timer siden

    Brodies XXX is a brand offering such flour (prepared pastry flour).

  44. Karaté chopster

    Karaté chopster13 timer siden

    Uh so when I watch 5 min crafts I notice that some of their products come from a shop called AUCHAN it is a french supermarket mainly in France and Spain so they are most definitely in Europe, my sisters watched 123 go for ideas for a present or whatever but they didn’t like and at that time (a few months ago) they only had a few 100k subs I may be wrong though

  45. A D

    A D13 timer siden

    JARVIS 😂

  46. Véronique Gosselin

    Véronique Gosselin13 timer siden

    The ripped bag as a bol is the korean way of eating snacks, so it totally is possible, you just need to know the right technique (I saw several people do it in Korea).

  47. Fwuzeem

    Fwuzeem14 timer siden

    It was really beneficial listening to Dave's throat when he was eating in this video

  48. Ella Blun

    Ella Blun14 timer siden

    I liked this video until it turned into anti russian propaganda. I'm neither russian nor american, but it seems to me every tie someone is meddling into what my country does, and every time there's misinformation of any kind, it always comes from america, and never from russia. so right now I'm thinking its american government producing these fake how to's, youtube and facebook who work with nsa make their "algorithms" favor such content, then they blame russia so they can excuse having trump as president having trump as president is important, cause while people pay attention to his clowning about, they get to do whatever they want

  49. uhhh why

    uhhh why12 timer siden

    Actually no, Europe is aware of these problems as well, and several European news outlets have interviewed Russian companies who openly do these things. Memes are a popular outlet for bought opinions and propaganda. I don't remember the videos specifically, but the German science channel Quarks has made at least one video on this. This is not anti Russian propaganda. Those news outlets question if other countries use those shady methods too - Russia is just the least secretive about it it seems. Wherever you're from, be very careful about the information you're consuming.

  50. Axonite1988

    Axonite198815 timer siden

    1. South Africa 2. None, we still have stock of most things. But hoarding has occurred. 3. Country wife full lock down. All businesses have closed except for those that are essential. Military is out with police to enforce this. 4.Luckily I don't know anyone that has the virus yet, but it weighs on me.

  51. elmohead

    elmohead15 timer siden

    Instructions unclear... I put the red jam in the meringue and ended up a communist.

  52. LifeAsANoun

    LifeAsANoun16 timer siden

    You make cooking/food porn vids (I'm assuming). I watch vids on science/tech, anime, gaming, politics, psychology, comic books, movies, and a host of other non-cooking/food porn subjects. How tf did you end up in my NO-gos home screen suggestions? Great vid.

  53. callalily1617

    callalily161716 timer siden

    That first hack re: popcorn.. we actually do that with most junkfood at work hehe. Easier to share with your next table coworkers. Easier access. But yea it is risky passing it on from person to person.

  54. nic evers

    nic evers16 timer siden

    I miss the old youtube

  55. Regro International

    Regro International17 timer siden

    Hi this is my first thought asking Can you pls check out cooking trees recipe for peach Mochi and buttercream

  56. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas Doyi17 timer siden

    This girl be roasting two things: -dem vegetables to perfection -5 minute craft and so yummy

  57. C K

    C K17 timer siden

    Great video. I’m glad you got so many views. I wish we could do something. Such a great and yet dystopian time to be alive!

  58. Soinas Doyi

    Soinas Doyi17 timer siden

    Кто от Апвоут?

  59. Динара Раушанбек

    Динара Раушанбек17 timer siden

    Вы тоже пришли сюда из "апвоуд" или как там гы

  60. Dexshurun1988

    Dexshurun198819 timer siden

    That wine stain removal hack didn't even work. All it did was get the carpet drunk.

  61. Panda Lily

    Panda Lily19 timer siden

    Hello Ann! Really love your channel

  62. Kjeld Larsen

    Kjeld Larsen20 timer siden

    Never trust algorithms very simple

  63. private

    private20 timer siden

    I do that chip trick for parties when I know all the chips will b gone

  64. Амир Раис [IT]

    Амир Раис [IT]21 time siden

    Я один русский

  65. Johnny Boy

    Johnny Boy22 timer siden

    This video is amazing. So many chilling facts. Thank you guys for the great and honest content! 💛

  66. Joseph Svennson

    Joseph Svennson23 timer siden

    This is the best story I never thought I'd see on a food channel! Talk about smuggling information LOL How TO Cook That: Snowden Edition

  67. Aberrant Pegasus

    Aberrant Pegasus23 timer siden

    When a Russian video factory turns your cooking channel into a weapon to build a better place for content creators and topple forces of world harm Also Covid-19 hasn't really effected me because I live in the middle of nowhere in the Northeast US

  68. gollygoshdarn

    gollygoshdarnDag siden

    Sweet potato buns: "self rising flour" blinked onto the screen briefly. I can't see this being quite right either, but better than regular flour. Like a crumbly muffin maybe?

  69. don't care

    don't careDag siden

    this is applying across all contents

  70. Nerika Cutie 2

    Nerika Cutie 2Dag siden

    the weight of the video just went from 0 to 100 real fast

  71. blakedahlia

    blakedahliaDag siden

    Who is disliking this video?

  72. Cassey Whitney

    Cassey WhitneyDag siden

    These channels seem more geared towards kids. I wouldn't be so worried about the immediate threat, but I would be a little concerned for the kids scrolling through NO-gos Kids and getting out in front of concerning content. There's already been a few viral discussions about some content that's been in kids channels recently. I think if they want to make political content, it should be on a clearly labelled channel, for adults. Even then it's still not desirable but we also can't exactly censor content, unless factually incorrect. (Obviously at the moment we don't monitor factually incorrect information, but we should)

  73. justsomeone

    justsomeoneDag siden

    I want Dave to keep calling me ‘kid". Can he be my dad? :c

  74. САНТИС ツ

    САНТИС ツDag siden

    Кто от Апвоут?

  75. ConstantCashFlow Linton

    ConstantCashFlow LintonDag siden

    I appreciate this video Ann and Dave. It's important and people need to know.

  76. Yelena Antipova

    Yelena AntipovaDag siden

    A couple of years ago I was making that cup cake all the time and let me tell you. It was instant diahrrea every time :^)

  77. Aiden Ziewsk

    Aiden ZiewskDag siden

    Can you collaborate with rosanna pansino

  78. Tony Marselle

    Tony MarselleDag siden

    More Debunking. Less blabbing

  79. Claire

    ClaireDag siden

    I'm in Chch NZ and we have 49 cases atm in the Canterbury region. My local supermarket is smaller and so quite quiet but low on bread.

  80. Noodles The squishy

    Noodles The squishyDag siden

    It didn't work

  81. Antonio Valentin

    Antonio ValentinDag siden

    Giant Bounty Bar

  82. PurpLukie

    PurpLukieDag siden

    It seems I can only trust HowToBasic...

  83. Tfal Musc2

    Tfal Musc2Dag siden

    The first time I made meraungs I dropped the plate they where on and broke it, the meraungs had fused tougther into a mega meraung, it didn't break

  84. Jj Denby

    Jj DenbyDag siden

    When i make chocolate brownies i dont put in baking powder . Number 2 that cake recipe is almost the same recipe as microwave brownies

  85. Metal Videos

    Metal VideosDag siden

    𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙖𝙣 𝙖𝙣𝙩𝙞 𝙍𝙪𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙖 𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙥𝙖𝙜𝙖𝙣𝙙𝙖. 𝙔𝙤𝙪 𝙜𝙪𝙮'𝙨 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙡𝙮 𝙗𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙚𝙫𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙖𝙗𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙍𝙪𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙖?

  86. Michael Moe

    Michael MoeDag siden


  87. Ava S

    Ava SDag siden

    liking and commenting for the algorithm

  88. kiley.elizabeth

    kiley.elizabethDag siden

    Such a great video! Super eye opening!

  89. twicebitten thasme

    twicebitten thasmeDag siden

    Oh, and the update: 1- US; 2- Supplies are limited but not really "out" here in beautiful, downtown Arkansas; 3- Schools are closed in most areas here and recommendations have been issued for things like socializing and the like but aside from local authorities refusing to respond to petty crime, not too much id different and life goes on ; 4- I do not know of anyone who has or had the virus but we are aware of its potential lethality and watch for any and all indicators. We (family and friends) are following all of the recommendations for cleanliness and self-containment as best as we are capable but as I stated, it hasn't changed anything too drastically here. I hope you and yours are safe and remain so in this strange and dark time! Be well and satisfied!!!