Dirt Bike Battle | Dude Perfect

We've got the need for speed!
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  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude PerfectÅr siden

    3 VIDEOS IN 3 WEEKS!! Next Monday: All Sports Golf Battle 3 Next Next Monday: Nerf Blasters Floating Island Battle

  2. Fabian Rodriguez

    Fabian Rodriguez21 dag siden

    Dude Perfect nhhhh

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  5. David Heyn

    David Heyn6 måneder siden

    I am not on the lake until the lake and t the party of the year we had to go back for the first time and we have been to the hospital and we are here for the over and over the last time

  6. Digambar Alave

    Digambar Alave8 måneder siden

    Ok bro

  7. RIVAL

    RIVAL14 timer siden

    Pin and reply dudes what bike did you use I want one.

  8. Xander Wagner

    Xander WagnerDag siden

    Do you should do a four wheeler race

  9. Dilshik Ks

    Dilshik KsDag siden

    പന്ന പൊലയാടിമക്കളെ

  10. Kylie Quirk

    Kylie QuirkDag siden

    Thumbs up if you think they should make a series about each persons best sport, and everyone has to try to beat them.

  11. Tadeo Trejo

    Tadeo TrejoDag siden

    It is very nice and perfect

  12. Alex Drifter

    Alex DrifterDag siden

    A.X.L Is the best movie

  13. Dave Ortiz

    Dave OrtizDag siden


  14. rahmath shaik

    rahmath shaikDag siden

    Its amazing...

  15. jade lirio

    jade lirio2 dager siden


  16. Jason Baker

    Jason Baker3 dager siden

    Why does Tyler always win

  17. Урушова Навбахор

    Урушова Навбахор3 dager siden


  18. Keaton Burgess

    Keaton Burgess3 dager siden

    I hate when cory loses

  19. Swazi S

    Swazi S3 dager siden

    I like how they are using pit bikes not dirt bikes

  20. Evan Barritt

    Evan Barritt3 dager siden

    There is a shifter, if somebody manages to figure it out, they win.

  21. Alex Rådal

    Alex Rådal4 dager siden

    Du you now that AXL standign there

  22. Pickle fam Bros

    Pickle fam Bros4 dager siden

    I would love a second one of these

  23. AirPass

    AirPass4 dager siden

    The title should be "Pit Bike Battle..."

  24. Rusty07

    Rusty074 dager siden


  25. Erin Brown

    Erin Brown5 dager siden

    you are my favrite youtuber

  26. Asrar Ahmed

    Asrar Ahmed5 dager siden

    make video on cycle battle

  27. mr LEGO MAN

    mr LEGO MAN5 dager siden

    do a real life trick shot 4

  28. Christian Marselino

    Christian Marselino5 dager siden

    Wow it's Amazing

  29. BIG LEZ

    BIG LEZ5 dager siden

    real life mario kart

  30. Life of Karsonfrog

    Life of Karsonfrog5 dager siden

    I ride dirt bikes for a living

  31. Greymonster

    Greymonster5 dager siden

    Those 3d models were so cool

  32. وسام كاظم

    وسام كاظم5 dager siden

    دود بيرفكت


    WASSAPWITITCUZ6 dager siden

    Who else rides real dirt bikes like a kawi Honda Ktm husky Yamaha brands like that

  34. Lah Poe

    Lah Poe6 dager siden

    Nest Reddit big I like to do

  35. Neriman Tanriverdi

    Neriman Tanriverdi6 dager siden

    Ihr seid soooooooo cooooooool

  36. Benjamin Bird

    Benjamin Bird6 dager siden

    Did anybody else keep trying to read Coby`s shirt?

  37. Rives Smith

    Rives Smith6 dager siden

    what kind of dirt bike was it

  38. Todd Mays

    Todd Mays6 dager siden

    Team Cory

  39. Mr NJT

    Mr NJT6 dager siden

    As soon as I saw this video, I’ve never clicked so fast in my life

  40. lowercase C

    lowercase C5 dager siden


  41. nollprod

    nollprod6 dager siden

    Garret is scared of water and loses

  42. CHiliwili games

    CHiliwili games7 dager siden

    Nomepueden regalar una de esas ablo enserio es que es mi cumpleaños pero vivo en tepa

  43. Tyler Schaeffer

    Tyler Schaeffer7 dager siden

    What kid of dirt bikes were those

  44. Austin Back

    Austin Back7 dager siden

    Hi my name is Andi Paige Williams

  45. Devin Beach

    Devin Beach7 dager siden

    Is it just me or is Cody crying?? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="251">4:11</a>

  46. Robozethi

    Robozethi7 dager siden


  47. Joey Kanner

    Joey Kanner8 dager siden

    Where did you get the bikes from

  48. Simplified History

    Simplified History8 dager siden

    And I thought these were ww1 trenches 🤣🤣

  49. MY VIDEO?

    MY VIDEO?8 dager siden


  50. Tegbir Singh

    Tegbir Singh8 dager siden


  51. Jan Somogyi

    Jan Somogyi8 dager siden


  52. Thomas Bosco

    Thomas Bosco8 dager siden

    Nobody: She: wow Jennifer lopez

  53. Shagufta Zafar

    Shagufta Zafar8 dager siden

    Why does always Tyler win

  54. Brayan Vasquez

    Brayan Vasquez8 dager siden

    No les entiendo nda jsjs pero sus videos son buenos,son muy entretenidos

  55. Joe Healy

    Joe Healy9 dager siden

    This is a fact The last trick shot everyone will cry

  56. Yvng mozes

    Yvng mozes9 dager siden

    I love dude perfect and one day I wanna grow to be a NO-gos sensation 🙏

  57. Transit Productions

    Transit Productions9 dager siden


  58. oluwakemi olosunde

    oluwakemi olosunde9 dager siden

    can i have a fidet spinner

  59. GOLF2535 007

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  60. AcidSketch

    AcidSketch9 dager siden

    What bike you guys using, for some reason I want one

  61. Hani's World

    Hani's World9 dager siden

    just watching old videos of dude perfect to forget that there still coronavirus in the world

  62. Zachary Owens

    Zachary Owens9 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="288">4:48</a> I'm dead 😂

  63. Michael Grishko

    Michael Grishko10 dager siden

    I subscribe

  64. Colby Tucker

    Colby Tucker10 dager siden

    What r u so scared of says cody. Cody wears a life jacket

  65. Muhammed Ali

    Muhammed Ali10 dager siden


  66. Melodye Harbaugh

    Melodye Harbaugh10 dager siden

    I'M watching this and drinking Gatorade so I am hyped for the next vid I watch made by your amazing channel👍☺

  67. Frankie Grimes

    Frankie Grimes10 dager siden

    Can I have the purplehoeser bike

  68. Owen Couch

    Owen Couch10 dager siden

    Name of the song?

  69. Mitchell Palmer

    Mitchell Palmer11 dager siden

    I hope they continue battles after quarantine because Coby’s about to rip off a streak of like 5 wins in a row

  70. Erjon Zagani

    Erjon Zagani11 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="119">1:59</a> rip camera

  71. Samurai 3008

    Samurai 300811 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="405">6:45</a> what is that?!,

  72. Vegetto444

    Vegetto44411 dager siden

    Ifhfidbndlj vandr djei. Rrr tuye hdur

  73. Stephen Buyskes

    Stephen Buyskes11 dager siden

    It seems like tyler always win and coby is always second

  74. Juan 101

    Juan 10111 dager siden

    Garret is still keeping to the “my bad” guy stereotype

  75. vlogger THE logo

    vlogger THE logoDag siden


  76. Julia Farina

    Julia Farina11 dager siden

    Cory is awesome

  77. Tillie Time

    Tillie Time11 dager siden

    I love you


    HV ART & SKETCH11 dager siden

    Which is your country

  79. aharon 999

    aharon 99911 dager siden

    how fun it is to have money I speak for them

  80. aharon 999

    aharon 99911 dager siden

    Que divertido tener plata

  81. Dylan Gacovski

    Dylan Gacovski11 dager siden

    Ti win

  82. TrAcE HUSK1ER

    TrAcE HUSK1ER12 dager siden

    Keeping an eye on the RED LOL

  83. Drewtube

    Drewtube12 dager siden

    Those 3D models were so cool! ;)

  84. Melissa Munna

    Melissa Munna12 dager siden

    You are the only ones that have a great job and talent.

  85. DECK ART

    DECK ART12 dager siden

    Let's see who is watching it in quarantine

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  88. Caleb Sloop

    Caleb Sloop12 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="203">3:23</a> I think he got a little off track. Get it😂😂😂😂😂

  89. Lukas TV

    Lukas TV12 dager siden

    Go Coby gooooooooooooooo!