Doctor Daniel Saves His Life!

Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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  1. Danny Duncan

    Danny Duncan14 dager siden

    Black Friday sale starts soon! 25% off at

  2. Konnor Stout

    Konnor Stout8 dager siden

    Danny Duncan i want more papa jim

  3. Booker

    Booker11 dager siden

    Aaron is a idiot savant

  4. Chandler Neill

    Chandler Neill11 dager siden

    I have a question what’s the deal with Cameron everyone wants him back so is he coming back?

  5. Mike Duran

    Mike Duran11 dager siden

    I disliked this video cuz i know your lightweight insecure & you might just see this. still you looking cute bro bro, you know it.... I gotta kick it with you big danny wit a big weenie. 😆 lol. #mandos.... Ps. Im mexican . 😁

  6. amylou and maci too pet and vlog channel

    amylou and maci too pet and vlog channelTime siden

    That's so nice of you 😊 doctor Danny on top of things

  7. amylou and maci too pet and vlog channel

    amylou and maci too pet and vlog channelTime siden

    I love Papa Jim hes the happy Papa of youtub

  8. SteveoG

    SteveoG3 timer siden

    I need a day or three with Danny Duncan to find myself again this man can bring anyone out of the place theyre in with his energy

  9. Skylar Sinard

    Skylar Sinard5 timer siden

    Hit the f****ing ball Aron

  10. Skylar Sinard

    Skylar Sinard5 timer siden

    Put me on some merch

  11. ThatGuyJordan

    ThatGuyJordan5 timer siden

    4:26 who else thought he was gonna freestyle

  12. Erickson

    Erickson6 timer siden

    125k likes i think he should a kept the hawk all the way

  13. mac Ee

    mac Ee8 timer siden

    When he can spell photosynthesis but not catch🤩🤩🤩

  14. •OfficialDano•

    •OfficialDano•9 timer siden

    Im feeling good! i have 5 IPhone 11 Pros, I'm going to do a giveaway! enter by subscribing to me and following me on instagram @dane_colliver . I will pick out the winners on new years day to start off some peoples years with a smile on there face! the winners will be pronounced on my instagram story make sure you enter! Good Luck!!...

  15. cam

    cam9 timer siden

    when aaron does stupid shit like this it makes it really hard to take him serious when he says he isnt dumb

  16. GodDiggetyDoodle

    GodDiggetyDoodle10 timer siden

    I hope to God he isn't pretending

  17. Im Jaylen

    Im Jaylen14 timer siden

    Aaron is destroying whatever he’s eating rn 13:10

  18. CaliBear 415

    CaliBear 41517 timer siden

    Lmao my fav video. We want papa Jim


    THEGAMERKIDD MOTH21 time siden

    Bro he can fucking draw I need one of his drawings

  20. Manny 1245

    Manny 124523 timer siden

    When are you going to start your own skate team?

  21. Jordan Herman

    Jordan HermanDag siden

    If u made a video of Aron just trying to spell shit for 10 minutes straight I think I would shit my pants



    Danny needs to marry Cameron so he can get a vcard

  23. Xlivid Island

    Xlivid IslandDag siden

    9:47 *BOI*

  24. John F

    John FDag siden

    Man it would be hard to hang out with the real estate guys wife. She is such a tease what a milf.

  25. christian dates your sister

    christian dates your sisterDag siden

    when papa jim feels how heavy the 3d picture is he went: bum bu dum ba bug buhh..... boy

  26. Travis Lewis

    Travis Lewis2 dager siden

    What happened to cameron

  27. Kristina Thomas

    Kristina Thomas2 dager siden

    Who’s that dude @12:08?

  28. juul zuydam

    juul zuydam2 dager siden

    Make papa jim murch



    What happend to Cameron

  30. Quan Coetzee

    Quan Coetzee2 dager siden

    Never loose Aaron

  31. Dylan Alvarado

    Dylan Alvarado2 dager siden

    bum bum bum bu- boy

  32. Supreme Dan

    Supreme Dan2 dager siden

    put papa him in the driver seat of the tesla and put it on auto pilot

  33. guadalupe flores

    guadalupe flores2 dager siden

    I wanna see kewon meet papa jim

  34. BaihuBandit

    BaihuBandit2 dager siden

    I only liked to help his career...

  35. John Mora

    John Mora2 dager siden

    the kid at 1:27 looks like Eminem

  36. Ok Peeping

    Ok Peeping2 dager siden


  37. Ryan Lomas

    Ryan Lomas2 dager siden

    we love papa jim

  38. NoLimitAntoine 424

    NoLimitAntoine 4242 dager siden

    aaron’s haircut compliments his intelligence

  39. James Bradford

    James Bradford3 dager siden

    This Aaron kid is a fucking waste of video footage. The lack of intelligence amazes me.

  40. William Cody

    William Cody3 dager siden

    I met a Danny Duncan fan today. 🤗

  41. X Srirach

    X Srirach3 dager siden

    Rip Arrons Intelligence

  42. X Srirach

    X Srirach3 dager siden

    Freakin A dude

  43. William Larkin

    William Larkin3 dager siden

    more papa Jim

  44. Nina Ortiz

    Nina Ortiz3 dager siden

    why does aaron have cake

  45. Otx hector S

    Otx hector S3 dager siden

    He faking he can’t spell