Dodging STORMS with Greta Thunberg // 60 knot winds & 7m waves on the Horizon!! Ep.2

We're dodging storms, on our way sailing across the North Atlantic Ocean with Greta Thunberg. We have 60 knot winds and 7m waves only 24 hours away from us and if we don't sail far enough, we could be hit with these devastating conditions...
If you missed the first episode with Greta click here to catch up!
Song Credits:
00:00 The Dwelling Light - Autumn -
02:49 Luis Trindade - The Sinner -
04:57 Samuel Scott McCumber - North Temple -
06:41 Honey Hounds - I Got What You Need -
08:56 Isaac Balson - Helium -
11:32 Layup - Every Mile (MusicBed) - Music sourced from
15:22 Jordan Merrick - Low Country -
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  1. Elizabeth Cathey

    Elizabeth Cathey3 minutter siden

    If you ever land in Ft Lauderdale, I was a former yacht chef who went land based and could give you a sweet reprieve at my home and prob a place to dock La Vagabonde. Love watching

  2. Simon Jones

    Simon JonesTime siden

    the reaction to seeing the shark was fab I love to see the dolphins whales and the sharks ( all fabulous creatures

  3. Mauricio Mancini

    Mauricio Mancini6 timer siden

    Beautiful trip! best regards from Barcelona !!!

  4. Tom

    Tom9 timer siden

    You guy's have the best sailing channel on NO-gos! I never do this, for real - another great channel with only 15k viewers that is amazing - @UCC2j3Fks86_jwo7CRjKNEyw - check um out!

  5. WiKi Jiko

    WiKi Jiko10 timer siden

    How Dare You !!!!

  6. Nate Mate

    Nate Mate17 timer siden

    Maaaate.... You all ...................wait for it .................wait for it ..... All.... rock..... HARDCORE! Please......wait for it ..... invite Greta along on one of your adventures, even port to port adventures :) Big Ups From your Mate Nate ( LDU )

  7. Anndomogma Official

    Anndomogma Official22 timer siden

    hi .. im a fun .. i love your story ,i love watching every vedio i really love love your small but happy and fantastic family.. lenny is soo pretty like her mother. my boyfriend and i keep watching all of your vedio... and hey i can be lennys nanny for free.. im a Filipina and from Philippines i love you and godbless to both of you 😘😘😘😘

  8. sayainpegeta

    sayainpegetaDag siden

    What did greta say when she heard a diesel engine?!

  9. Lena Grubmüller

    Lena GrubmüllerDag siden

    What heroes you are!

  10. Tolga

    Tolga2 dager siden

    That's it! Sailing at night.Just like old episodes of "Sailing La Vagabonde" ⛵

  11. Dude Slick

    Dude Slick2 dager siden

    I've been watching for a couple years off and on. Seeing you with Greta Thunberg has prompted me to unsubscribe.

  12. Adrian Dourga

    Adrian Dourga2 dager siden

    Am from Trinidad I watch your vids

  13. Dean S

    Dean S2 dager siden

    Greta looks like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. She will need to learn to let some of her concerns go.

  14. Hitech

    Hitech2 dager siden

    When i heard you had that idiot Thornburg on your ship. Well lets just say i lost all respect. She is a pig. A puppet for the left. A perfect example of do as i say not as i do. Shame on you all for getting involved with her. ***UNSUBSCRIBE***

  15. Amets Etxeguren Hardman

    Amets Etxeguren Hardman2 dager siden

    Omg - I love greta thunberg !! X

  16. Marko Garlick

    Marko Garlick2 dager siden

    luv u guys xx

  17. Randy Allen

    Randy Allen2 dager siden

    No man made worming its a LIE

  18. lpoolck

    lpoolck3 dager siden

    The editing and production of these videos are excellent. They are on par and better than some TV documentaries - and they have a whole team behind them! Thanks for sharing. I wonder what shark they spotted? Sandbar maybe?

  19. John Gayle

    John Gayle3 dager siden

    love your videos and channel. My feelings for Greta is she's a crazy activist

  20. Tibian MenAce

    Tibian MenAce3 dager siden

    Taking on Greta was a risky move shes controversial.

  21. Ronald Harris

    Ronald Harris3 dager siden

    No seasickness from drummer lenny,he looks happy and well

  22. Peter Machek

    Peter Machek3 dager siden

    I had enjoyed watching your voyage until you showed Greta on board ! Greta is interfering in Canada in a very destructive way . We already have a PM that cares nothing about our Country , it's Seniors and Military . The show he puts on for the world is like a stage play for a seat in the United Nations . Canada is a very clean Country that we have always loved . She needs to stop being manipulated like a puppet and focus on what really matters.

  23. spacecoasttactical

    spacecoasttactical3 dager siden

    Greta Thunberg has been demonized. However, whether you agree with her point of view or not (I don't), she's just a little girl who believes in something and cares about something other than herself and that should be applauded and respected.

  24. Sebastian MARCIANO

    Sebastian MARCIANO3 dager siden

    I love this channel so I'll just erase that socialist from my view.

  25. Brett Strickland

    Brett Strickland3 dager siden

    thumbs down cos you's are dumb Greta onboard for more views, shameless Soon everyone will learn that it ain't CO2 from humans

  26. Fred M

    Fred M3 dager siden

    Take my hat off to you all

  27. Tammy S

    Tammy S3 dager siden Enya Orinoco flow.

  28. Captain Mac

    Captain Mac3 dager siden


  29. Captain Mac

    Captain Mac3 dager siden

    Hope this experience will help crazy Greta, she need to be more positive and stop doing politics.

  30. Harley Rider

    Harley Rider4 dager siden

    I loved you guys but had to unsubscribe because of that horrible little brat.. take care

  31. Smurph

    Smurph4 dager siden

    You guys are made of tough stuff, so impressive! Thanks for sharing 🌼☁️🌼

  32. Kevin H

    Kevin H4 dager siden

    I was thinking. With Lenny literally growing up at sea. I wonder if he would really get sea sick???

  33. The Hungry Health Coach

    The Hungry Health Coach4 dager siden

    oh my gosh this is stressful!!! I don't know how I'd fare at boat life. This is certainly not cruising around the Carribean islands! lol

  34. craig forsyth

    craig forsyth4 dager siden

    Oh no! So disappointed Saint Greta couldn't calm the weather with her divine powers!.........


    SV GITANA4 dager siden

    This is were you lost me as a subscriber!

  36. Aldrich Carrasco

    Aldrich Carrasco4 dager siden

    ridiculous communists

  37. plainbob V.2 boo

    plainbob V.2 boo4 dager siden

    sailing with greta turdburg. shame the boat didn't go down.

  38. dante dante

    dante dante4 dager siden

  39. Eric Stead

    Eric Stead4 dager siden

    Brilliant mates well done! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  40. Steven Meyer

    Steven Meyer4 dager siden

    Have to drop my subscription after seeing Greta. I am sure she is personally a nice young lady, but I abhor her views on climate. Best wishes to La Vagabonde. I have enjoyed your videos in the past. Cheers!

  41. Gert1803

    Gert18035 dager siden

    We have had many stormy days and nights overhere in The Netherlands and I feel deep concern but also great respect for you all there on this great and endless ocean … I pray you will have a save trip ! I'm sure this trip will always be a great part of Greta's history and memories and also in your lives, Riley and Elena. We - overhere behind our computer screens - only can watch and listen but never "feel" what your lives are about … Wish you lots and lots of joy, pleasure, love and good luck !

  42. robinrutschman

    robinrutschman5 dager siden

    0:51 Greta playing Mommy. She is sooooo sweet!

  43. one pup

    one pup5 dager siden

    Just a fantastic journey showing what risks some people are willing to expose themselves to, that is being subjected an Atlantic crossing with Greta Dumbturd and her handler Dumturd Snr onboard and the young child being most at risk. Greta Dumbturd looking at her savage psychotic best poised ready to turn cannibal at any moment, just a split second from killing and feasting on all aboard, that is enough to make your blood run cold.

  44. ocschwar

    ocschwar5 dager siden

    The really sad thing is that you're probably serious.

  45. Not Me

    Not Me5 dager siden

    get that exploited eco-jugend off the net.

  46. ben ccert

    ben ccert5 dager siden

    On a 508ft LSD I thought some of my experiences across the pond were scary. I'm glad you guys are safe and doing well. Thanks for the video

  47. Sebastian Rodriguez

    Sebastian Rodriguez5 dager siden

    Que poco consecuente la Srta. Greta. No quiere ir por avión y hace que un helicoptero la siga cuando estan a 3 hrs de la costa. Ella no sabe lo que provoca. Si no aceptara que fuera televisado sería mas consecuente con ella misma. No le creo nada.

  48. Garry Smith

    Garry Smith5 dager siden

    So cool.... brave.... and more than a tale to tell your grandkids..... part of history gretna is making for the next generation......

  49. Moana

    Moana5 dager siden

    where is the next Greta video??? I can't wait any longer 😭

  50. Captain Mac

    Captain Mac3 dager siden

    Moana For what, she ´s an idiot, and your a lunatic.

  51. Silly__Sully16

    Silly__Sully165 dager siden

    Why was the helicopter shooting at them?

  52. Sian Owen

    Sian Owen5 dager siden

    Lenny reminds me of Jack-Jack from the Incredibles haha

  53. Jason Rush

    Jason Rush5 dager siden

    I really enjoy your videos, you two put them together so well and you don't try to be over the top like other NO-gosrs. Thank you!

  54. Aussie Parodies

    Aussie Parodies5 dager siden


  55. Miisa T

    Miisa T5 dager siden

    Good job guys! Sailing Greta you are doing your part for the movement 💚

  56. Captain Mac

    Captain Mac3 dager siden

    Miisa T What movement?

  57. Markeez Baroon

    Markeez Baroon5 dager siden

    This creepy kid again.

  58. Richo Farlo

    Richo Farlo5 dager siden

    Gosh thats real Greta... Hi there..

  59. rodney sippel

    rodney sippel5 dager siden

    After watching your videos from your very first and Sponsoring you by Patreon for maybe 75% of your NO-gos videos ,, After your Stunt with taking Greta on board, I don't even bother watching your videos,... I just simply give you a "Thumbs Down" and move one to sailing channels that I now am happy to support who aren't Politically involved Greta and her CRAP.. I can't tell you Riley,, how disappointed I am with you and Elayna !!!

  60. ocschwar

    ocschwar5 dager siden

    @Sailing La Vagabonde thank your for sticking to your guns, guys.

  61. Wendy D

    Wendy D5 dager siden

    @Sailing La Vagabonde the odd part is most fathers would say their children are what thy're most proud of.? but yea...sounds about right.

  62. Sailing La Vagabonde

    Sailing La Vagabonde5 dager siden

    It’s a funny old world isn’t it, I’ve never done anything I’m more proud of especially knowing I would read the odd message like this. Thanks for your support over the years I hope you enjoyed the show whilst you were watching. All the best.

  63. eoin phillips

    eoin phillips5 dager siden

    Put some ads on the videos, I hate them usually but for you guys I'd watch them

  64. Pierre Le Dingue

    Pierre Le Dingue5 dager siden

    Lenny cant be seasick he is a son of the ocean

  65. Isaac Shinkle

    Isaac Shinkle6 dager siden

    I loved SLV from the beginning. I even bought some garb from you in support. I can't support Greta though so it makes me sad to unfollow SLV for a while at least. Greta goes against the good vibes of this channel. Love you guys (Lenny is so cute) and love the environment but Greta is a spoiled phoney that oozes white privilege yet has the audacity to claim that her life was ruined. How many children and parents have we all met around the world that would switch places with her in a heartbeat. Goodbye Greta the landlubber! P.S. Maybe I'll forgive the channel and return if they stay out of politics in the future. Cheers Riley and Elayna.

  66. ehondo88

    ehondo885 dager siden

    They don't need to forgive anyone. You are the minority.

  67. John Phifer

    John Phifer6 dager siden

    Not sure if you used this soundtrack yet. Sailin by Jordan Merrick