Does Ole Gunnar Solskjaer deserve more time at Manchester United? | The Debate

Matt Murray & Graeme Le Saux discuss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's record at Manchester United and question whether he deserves more patience from Manchester United fans.
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  1. Mr A

    Mr AMåned siden

    We need stability. 3 good signing so far from ole. Now get Halland. Gnabry and maddison..greelish and McGinn. Need to get crosses in the box. Stop checking back inside and passing sq or back. I remember talk of fergie getting the sack.. He'd been at utd almost 3 years mark Robbins saved his arse. Need to ship out players who don't want to be there. Linderloff vs palace was awfully bad.. Personally i think axel should be given a few games to develop a partnership

  2. Archie Fyfe

    Archie FyfeMåned siden

    Debate ,must be joking never heard an argument once.Pundits sitting on the fence.All they do is agree with each other --Rubbish

  3. Pedpost Urgent Care

    Pedpost Urgent CareMåned siden

    Yes he deserves more time. He already has the formula for top teams. What he is doing wrong is that he isnt seeing small teams use our formula on us. Its what pep stubbornly does that once figured out, they are easy to beat. Norwich and wolves have already shown us by beating pep. Ole is naive to think he can high press small teams. There is no small team anymore. He must set up to contain in the first 60 minutes by playing 451. Then change to 433 if we have to. The 451 should be his strategy against small teams. It would help because it would give mfs a chance to score boosting their moral I am talking of ........................Rashford............................ .............Lingard..............Mata................... ......Shaw..........McTom.........Periera........ BW.........Maguire........Lindelof.........AWB ............................DDG............................... Then at some point during the game, remove Periera, Mata and BW for Fred, Martial and James so we become like this Rashford.............Martial..............James .............................Lingard........................ ...............Fred.....................McTom............ Shaw........Maguire..Lindelof..............AWB If he does this, he would beat every small team. This is how he must set up against everton. If rashford is tired, you keep BW, bring in greenwood AND remove rashford (especially if he has done the damage already). James..........Martial............Greenwood ......................Lingard.............................

  4. Jonas Punsvik

    Jonas PunsvikMåned siden

    Funny watching this after Solskjærs just beaten Mourinho and Pep.

  5. bighand69

    bighand69Måned siden

    Solskjaer deserves two full seasons like LVG and Jose before him. How can you judge him with just one summer to bring in a few players.

  6. Eddy Kadam Muzahamu

    Eddy Kadam MuzahamuMåned siden

    Yeah he need to be given time he will do it better

  7. wadi wycliff

    wadi wycliffMåned siden

    He actually needs more time his a good one

  8. BlackwellTV

    BlackwellTVMåned siden

    Solskjaer needs this season at the very minimum. He has a great start last year, and this season he's had injuries BUT he's still managed to get great results against the big teams. They just need to tighten up their consistency and they'll be hitting the top 4 soon enough.

  9. P Dark

    P DarkMåned siden

    He needs to get the next summer window, all the cred to Solskjaer for cleaning up and get the overpaid/uninterested players out, and done some good signings as well!

  10. Peeky Blinder

    Peeky BlinderMåned siden

    How about kicking the arses of idle players where the manager is always blamed about time these okayers grew up how about reducing pay to five pound an hour If they don’t perform I bet they would soon pull their socks up

  11. No Name

    No NameMåned siden

    I feel that yes, Solskjaer should get more time. Now before any keyboard warriors come at me, let me explain. Sure, we've seen a dip in performances since when he took charge, BUT if you've been watching some of the recent games (excluding Astana) you will see that the players he's been using (notably Rashford, McTominay and Fred) are all starting to get on form. The difference here between Mourinho and Solskjaer is that there were no signs of improvement with Mourinho, but there is with Solskjaer. Mourinho was buying the big money names and spending A LOT of money, but Solskjaer is using young players whilst also trying to get the best out of current players who've been here for a few seasons now. If his plan comes together, and if the board give him time, this transition may take one, two or even three seasons. Just look what happened with Ferguson. He was in the exact same position, but it was that way for FOUR SEASONS before winning the FA Cup began his legendary time here. Also note Klopp, who's built up a succesful team. As a Manchester United fan, Ole in.

  12. Ryan Edwards

    Ryan EdwardsMåned siden

    Eddie Howe will get this job.

  13. Mr Kipling

    Mr KiplingMåned siden

    Well we beat spurs with our best performance of the season and rashford is playing brilliantly at the moment. He’s brought the youngsters through and he has a plan in place which he’s starting to implement. Bit of patience is needed. I think he’ll be given time and I hope he is.

  14. Christian Kolstad

    Christian KolstadMåned siden

    Lol are all you people on crack? Won against Tottenham - go and eat some fruitcake

  15. Jason Todd

    Jason ToddMåned siden

    Give Ole a four year unbreakable contract. Now.

  16. adam malone

    adam maloneMåned siden

    I'm backing Ole 100% means so much to him great to see, were now seeing players like Mctominay and Rashford flurish we're only 2 or 3 more players away from a very good team. Pogba needs to decide if he wants to be a proper Footballer and lead Man United back to the top or just go and be a galactico, i believe if he wants to be seen as one of the best in the world he has to try and lead us to the top of the league

  17. Leon Batey

    Leon BateyMåned siden

    he does deserve more time if he can bring in 3 more players who have benefited the team like Wan, James and Maguire. it's going to take time rebuilding the team back to its former glory. if you keep changing managers we never going to get anywhere

  18. Sachin J S

    Sachin J SMåned siden

    Yes.. He deserves.. Man utd style of play is much more attractive and attacking compared to Van Gaal, Mourinho.

  19. Mojo K

    Mojo KMåned siden

    More attractive? Have you been seeing how we've played this season. Yes we get good results against the top teams because we counter but we look clueless playing smaller teams because there's no creativity in midfield

  20. Artis Upitis

    Artis UpitisMåned siden

    Ole's objective as manager was to rebuild the squad with the process of using a couple of seasons. Getting Dan James and Wan Bissaka for 60mill altogether is a bargain in the market and his first transfer window has been amazing for the talent and potential he's brought to the club. If he does get sacked I'd love him to stay/promoted as director of football

  21. Muhammad Saleem

    Muhammad SaleemMåned siden

    Ole is best way to go forward with this board.

  22. Nic Green

    Nic GreenMåned siden

    why is this even a point of debate? of course he deserves time.

  23. Robert Edwards

    Robert EdwardsMåned siden

    Talk of a process? What process is this then? Ole is way out of his depth and the evidence is there! This time and patience argument will be the end of man Utd as a big team. Middle table mediocrity is the best we can have with ole.

  24. Vincent Kipchumba

    Vincent KipchumbaMåned siden

    Yes, He deserve but He should be consistent with the squad he plays every time there is a game unless injuries,! Otherwise I love His game when he plays either Rashford or Martial as main strikers but not both!

  25. A. Long

    A. LongMåned siden

    United said they'll wait for Ole but the problem is Ole as he is untested. Instead United should have taken the time to get a really top class coach like Pochetinno and then give him the time to work his magic, confident that he will most likely come good. With Ole we don't know.

  26. Mojo K

    Mojo KMåned siden

    Yes give him time, give him time, we will be back by 2029

  27. Michael Melro

    Michael MelroMåned siden

    United stand fan over here.

  28. fiddlestickz muzik

    fiddlestickz muzikMåned siden

    You guys are always lying and making stuff up, Ole is right and we stand behind him, he's proper man United not some euro cheese fly in costing millions. he's a Man united man from the ground up so please stfu and go talk about Arsenals woes eh.

  29. BladeChild

    BladeChildMåned siden

    Yes. /discussion

  30. Grerty22

    Grerty22Måned siden

    He seems to be pretty similar to Emery. He started off, and you could kind of see that he was trying to play old style attacking football, but now? Compared to the current top 4, United don't have a definitive style or appear to have anything that they're working towards. He hasn't been helped by recruitment, but I think this is why they play better in big games, like the ones against Chelsea and Spurs, than against the lesser teams, because they're just a pragmatic team now, going week to week. So it's easier to work on defending and counterattacking than working on attacking movement, especially when you don't have a clear philosophy for how you want to attack, that you practice week after week and perfect. Currently, United just seem to be playing kids for the sake of it, and it's almost pointless. Compare them to Chelsea and you can see that Chelsea are working towards something. There will be growing pains, but there's an ultimate destination. United just seem to roll week to week, and the youngsters are just their as window dressing to be used as an excuse for any failures. Maybe it's too late in a season to be trying to install a style of play, especially as United can't afford anymore dropped points to get into Europe next season, but it also doesn't really help the younger players' development or cohesiveness as a team if it's pragmatic football week to week. I think he does need to go and Poch is the ideal replacement. But not just OJS, there should be a complete clearout at board level. It's just kind of a joke if you look at it and see how far behind Chelsea they are. You can say City and Liverpool too, but City spend £50+ on players that don't even play, and Liverpool have been kind of fortunate that all of their signings have been a hit in the past 5 years. It doesn't happen often, and they're reaping the rewards. But Chelsea could be a realistic target for United (and Arsenal) and yet they're nowhere near. How? Because Chelsea have a good mix of experience and youth - Abraham, Mount and Tamori are good, but they aren't relied upon like Rashford is at United. It's like Gary Neville keeps saying, there aren't any experienced players at United to take responsibility. Willian, Jorginho and Kovacic can control a game and work hard, meanwhile Pogba wants to do stepovers near his own box and doesn't always track back. Also, of course, the Chelsea youngsters all have experience after being out on loan. United and Arsenal are turning to youngsters who haven't done anything before. So overall, the players in the squad aren't right at United. There aren't any big, dependable, experienced players, (Maguire is the closest, but it's his first season at United, or Mata, who doesn't fit into the team tactically) and their youngsters are unproven, and are going to make mistakes - both of which are problems at board level. But OJS isn't building anything, he's just surviving, and now the board are too concerned with their own position and future to be looking ahead at United's future, so everyone is just focused short term, just waiting either for OJS to lose 3 or 4 in a row and fire him and blame everything on him, or for him to stumble up into the European places and pretend that they're making progress. Need t clean house, spend big some high level professionals in at all levels of the pitch (def, mid, att) and get a coach with a philosophy and style of play that he can guide the youngsters towards. If you have a plan A that beats 14/5 of the other teams in the prem, then you can make a plan B for the big games, not the other way round as it seems now.

  31. Will Tek

    Will TekMåned siden

    For all the doubters, none of the previous 3 managers managed to do wat Ole has done. Ole's young team defeated Chelsea for fun. Jose's rejoiced Spurs nvr looked like winning at Old Trafford yesterday. Liverpool almost lost the game at Old Trafford and dropped points, Draw with Arsenal. So, this team is not afraid of the big games. In fact they love it. The only problem is with smallee clubs who will defend and counter attack. Thats Utd's weakness. Man Utd will be unstoppable next season.

  32. Chiko Doheny

    Chiko DohenyMåned siden

    Ole out

  33. Jim Willetts

    Jim WillettsMåned siden

    ginormous?... Hadn't realised you were pitching to 6 year olds.

  34. Djms&capo DeMorais

    Djms&capo DeMoraisMåned siden

    Keep him there until he reaches 80+yrs old plus all those Somalian pirates Mou dumped there,is good for smaller teams to get European season football ⚽ every yr.😹 ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽ ⚽😹🍷

  35. Mockney Monkey Man

    Mockney Monkey ManMåned siden

    Another shuddering debate

  36. Prabhu

    PrabhuMåned siden

    How hard is it to understand that they played 343 against Sheffield because there was literally no fit midfielder? The only actual fit midfielder was Fred. They had to play Pereira(#10) as a makeshift #6. They didn't play 343 by choice. How are these guys professional pundits?

  37. Ben Buckley

    Ben BuckleyMåned siden

    Football head on --- No He's been given time an failed but as tried Replacement Wolve's manager F.a cup giant killers over liverpool Rebuilt the club to a european side via league winning season's an a constant desire to play for the manager is nice see Not a utd fan though .... Non football head ---- Ole at the wheel jose managed park a bus an win stuff an ole at the wheel still made a stationary man utd crash Keep him please he can turn you into leed's

  38. Mojo K

    Mojo KMåned siden

    Rodgers went to Leicester in February or March and within a few weeks they were playing football. Ole's had a year and is clearly clueless and out of his depth with no tactics and style of football.

  39. Muhammad Fuaad Hassen-Bootha

    Muhammad Fuaad Hassen-BoothaMåned siden

    All I'm saying is, if Olé is sacked then Man United go back to square one, how are the players supposed to play a certain way if the systems keep changing?? They also don't have a DOF & no real backing from the board, there's also no depth in the squad so what can Olé do whet n there's an injury?? He just has to work with what the team he's got until he can completely rebuild...

  40. Mojo K

    Mojo KMåned siden

    Poch would do a better job then Ole. He'll get those youth players playing regular first team football not a few minutes

  41. Ove Lukas Flaksesen

    Ove Lukas FlaksesenMåned siden

    Solskjaer deserves more time. It took Klopp and Guardiola time to build what they have now. Neither City or Liverpool impressed very much in Guardiolas and Klopps first season. Now look at Liverpool and city. Imagine sacking those two after a year. Not comparing those two to Solskjaer, but proves the point that time is everything. He wants young players, and he wants to play with pace and intensity. He did get some decent players last transfer window, and got rid of some of them he didn't want. Give him at least until summer, and at least one more transfer window to strengthen the squad with a combination of young and hungry players, and experience.

  42. Fraser

    FraserMåned siden

    No his record is terrible and end of the day he isn’t going to be winning anything anytime soon not even competing for top 4.

  43. up up n away

    up up n awayMåned siden

    All these ex players love to slag utd .... jenas is the worst... prob cos fergie said he ain't good enough

  44. Jae Won

    Jae WonMåned siden

    Man U have spent about 100m on sacking managers. It's ridiculous. Ole's record is similar to Mourinhos. This says the problem isn't the manager but the squad

  45. shameir nembhard

    shameir nembhardMåned siden

    People talk about managers like they're recyclables for crying out loud

  46. Collin Parkinson

    Collin ParkinsonMåned siden

    Manchester United is no longer a big club..... big club have big players

  47. andrew R

    andrew RMåned siden


  48. Rammstein Red

    Rammstein RedMåned siden

    We're a million points behind Liverpool, we're being outplayed by teams like Sheffield United and Bournemouth, and Ole says "he couldn't be happier"??? Might be good enough for Cardiff, but it isn't good enough for United. The sooner he goes, the better

  49. CYLop

    CYLopMåned siden

    All I know is the people at the table aren't qualified to answer the question.

  50. Nguyễn Hoàng Minh

    Nguyễn Hoàng MinhMåned siden

    Yes, god, look at the players, at what Ole has DF is somewhat stable now, but MF is too weak, and there is no good alternative choice for Rashford and Martial

  51. A normal Christian

    A normal ChristianMåned siden

    Deserve, clearly no, but the board have sacked 3 managers they wont want to sack him just yet; but time given with no evidence at all that Ole can make players better, that he is able to get players and the team out of a rut; they say he changed things to get back into the game, but he set things up to have to change things to get back into the game. But if you answer No to the question as to if Ole should have been given the job in the first place, you have to be Ole out.

  52. Seosamh O'Fionnaghain

    Seosamh O'FionnaghainMåned siden

    Prediction: Man U will NOT win a major trophy while OGS is "in charge" !!! Ole led Cardiff city to relegation he is a complete no hoper here!! Moyes and Ole have a track record of ZERO major trophy's between them! Van Gaal and Mourinho had a track record of multiple major trophy's between them before they took over at Man U. BOTH won major trophy's at Man U too!! But Ole like Moyes will end up WITHOUT a major trophy that is as CERTAIN as a white Christmas in Norway!!

  53. Jack Jenkins

    Jack JenkinsMåned siden

    He's untouchable until the end of next season for me. We need to stick with something and Ole has shown tactical improvement and development. Name a manager who does any better with fred and perriera as your only consistently fit centre mids and without an out right goal scoring striker. Believe in Ole. I guarantee if we stick with him we can build and build.

  54. Mr BlueBug

    Mr BlueBugMåned siden

    A good result takes time in life

  55. Ahmad Hosny

    Ahmad HosnyMåned siden

    Man Utd only do well against big teams who want the ball, cuz that allows United to play the bus parking counter attacking Fat Sam hoofball they want to play... against smaller teams when they have to play actual proper football, they get exposed massively as a very very very average team

  56. M17el M17el

    M17el M17elMåned siden

    Give him til Feb. If not it top 8 axe him and look for someone with a bit more experience

  57. black white

    black whiteMåned siden

    He should leave ,he has messed a good club...

  58. Dj Smasher

    Dj SmasherMåned siden


  59. mwtrolle

    mwtrolleMåned siden

    Of cause Solskjaer deserves more time, he should get to summer and be allowed to buy a good defender and at least two midfielders in the Winter transfer window and maybe even a top-level striker.

  60. NickVonDuke

    NickVonDukeMåned siden

    Still waiting for someone to mention a manager who would with 100% certainty, with the signings and injuries United have had, make the team be a title candidate or even a certain top 4 team.

  61. Liam Parker

    Liam ParkerMåned siden

    You’d never guess it was the sky sports football Christmas party that night...bringing out the z team

  62. Ayaan Ibrar

    Ayaan IbrarMåned siden

    Klopp and jose are masterclass managers. When Ole gets heat they drop points so ole stays longer ar the wheel

  63. Souradeep Sengupta

    Souradeep SenguptaMåned siden

    Gloryhunters gtfo. We hammered Spurs. Ole needs to be backed.

  64. Simon

    SimonMåned siden

    Serious question.. are you from Manchester? Because most Man Utd fans are glory hunters, that’s why the franchise is so financially successful (massive global fanbase).

  65. Souradeep Sengupta

    Souradeep SenguptaMåned siden

    @Ricky Roma it's as much a hammering as a 2-1 can be. Score lines can be deceiving, United could easily have been 4-0 up before half-time.

  66. Ricky Roma

    Ricky RomaMåned siden

    2-1 , hardly hammered

  67. Teressa Mcilroy

    Teressa McilroyMåned siden

    Ole is a champion manager better than Jose mourinho.He has got Marcus Rashford performing better and the trophies will be coming this year. Jose mourinho zero trophies at Man Utd.

  68. Reiss Sato

    Reiss SatoMåned siden

    You're trolling right?

  69. Reiss Sato

    Reiss SatoMåned siden


  70. BobbythaBrave

    BobbythaBraveMåned siden

    Mourinho won tne Europa and league cup at man utd. Not exactly 0 trophies 🙄