Doherty cancels out Mousset's opener | Wolves 1-1 Sheffield United | Premier League Highlights

Highlights from Molineux as Wolves host Sheffield United.

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  1. Fianna

    Fianna26 dager siden

    doherty gets zero credit..if he was english and black sky would be masturbating over him and wondering how they can create a fake racism story

  2. Fahim

    FahimMåned siden

    Nice bit of respect from Doherty there

  3. Dáire Reilly

    Dáire ReillyMåned siden

    People still can’t pronounce Doherty’s name right 🙄

  4. M DP

    M DPMåned siden

    Matt got hert on the dock 😂

  5. Tommy Coyle

    Tommy CoyleMåned siden

    The Wolves goal was more offside than the VAR sheffield united vs spurs goal. I don't think it was offside either, but just shows the inconsistency of applying the rules even to VAR

  6. Peadar O'Rourke

    Peadar O'RourkeMåned siden

    Mcgoldrick is top class if only he could score

  7. EllisEsco

    EllisEscoMåned siden

    Dohertys celebration was dedicated to Benik Afobes daughter passing away, highest ratings for that 😭❤

  8. Mister E

    Mister EMåned siden

    How good is Mousset? What a touch that is too. UTB!

  9. Mount Billbob is a nitwit Give me a punch

    Mount Billbob is a nitwit Give me a punchMåned siden

    Wolves have gone back to there strides last few weeks so credit to them sheffield are just making the results more intresting credit for both clubs that have done well this season so far!!

  10. Gary Murtagh

    Gary MurtaghMåned siden


  11. Pro Gamer

    Pro GamerMåned siden

    The ref is an idiot

  12. errol1234

    errol1234Måned siden

    i think utd will go down, by Wolves man.

  13. Mohsin Shabbir

    Mohsin ShabbirMåned siden

    Sheffield United should have Won but we need to take our Chances still Unbeaten Away UP THE BLADES

  14. Sameer Hussain

    Sameer HussainMåned siden


  15. Cormac Dunne

    Cormac DunneMåned siden

    Behzinga scores the equalizer 🤥

  16. Wakanda Panther

    Wakanda PantherMåned siden

    Can u sub to me ?

  17. ShaunRussell

    ShaunRussellMåned siden

    You pronounce his so wrong it’s Irish not dirtyorhe it’s dot her hey


    NRG BRICKSMåned siden

    Now that's one of my favourite players matt Doherty 🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅🥅 Come on you wolves I do support them in the europa league this season 🏆

  19. Right is Wrong

    Right is WrongMåned siden

    Poorstuff, no footage of either VAR rejected penalty or the foul that should have resulted in red card.

  20. LordHeath1972

    LordHeath1972Måned siden

    First of all I have to say upfront that I have tons of respect for Wolves and especially their tremendous run in Europe of late. It's a joy to see them doing so well. As a Blades fan, I have to confess I am satisfied with a draw away to them. We had so many chances to score 4 or 5 goals in the first half, so we really only have ourselves to blame for not winning. Still, 1 point is better than nothing. Chris Wilder is the manager of the year in my opinion! ⚔️ UTB ⚔️

  21. Conor Smith

    Conor SmithMåned siden

    Giannis for MVP

  22. Hi

    HiMåned siden

    Everyone’s talking about mousset, but what about Doherty? He’s playing very well right now

  23. JR 12

    JR 12Måned siden

    Mousset has been amzing this season cant believe Bournemouth let him go but kept Solanke shite descion that

  24. LFC Spectre

    LFC SpectreMåned siden

    Bournemouth sold Lys Mousset to bring in Dominic Solanke for £24 million. Let that sink in everyone.

  25. noah mccormack

    noah mccormackMåned siden

    insane touch from mousset wtf 🤩🤩

  26. Ratius Rattius

    Ratius RattiusMåned siden

    2 mins of boredom

  27. Aaaa Bbbb

    Aaaa BbbbMåned siden

    Ratius Rattius Boredom? These two teams are fighting for top 6 this season.


    ADRIAN NNN STUFFMåned siden

    Doherty is criminally underrated

  29. Dan Penberthy

    Dan PenberthyMåned siden

    Scores goals for days, as a defender

  30. Bad Dub

    Bad DubMåned siden

    @Bill Mwika Irelands best two players are right backs 😢

  31. Bill Mwika

    Bill MwikaMåned siden

    One of the best RB in the prem.

  32. Josh Sawyer

    Josh SawyerMåned siden


  33. Isotoptic- Waist

    Isotoptic- WaistMåned siden

    I love that Matt Doherty kisses his arm band 😫

  34. Hi

    HiMåned siden

    Isotoptic- Waist oh that’s sad, thanks for letting me know

  35. Isotoptic- Waist

    Isotoptic- WaistMåned siden

    @Hi because benik afobe's daughter died and they were paying respect.

  36. Hi

    HiMåned siden

    why are they wearing the armband?

  37. Shane Canning

    Shane CanningMåned siden


  38. Michael Deeping

    Michael DeepingMåned siden

    That touch is disgusting 😍😍

  39. Brandon

    BrandonMåned siden

    2:21 What was the keeper doing?

  40. Jamie Fowler

    Jamie FowlerMåned siden

    Bournemouth letting Mings and Mousset go is like a btec Chelsea situation when they let Salah and De Bruyne go

  41. Lawrence Simmons

    Lawrence SimmonsMåned siden

    Traore is a monster

  42. Ryley JMB

    Ryley JMBMåned siden

    Ohhh benik ofobe

  43. Aaaa Bbbb

    Aaaa BbbbMåned siden

    Ryley JMB * Afobe

  44. YoshuYamaki

    YoshuYamakiMåned siden

    I am Impressed with Kilman, he looks more confident for sure. Apparently he won 7 areal duels. That’s pretty impressive if true.

  45. Phil Taylor

    Phil TaylorMåned siden

    Sheffield utd are doing what we did in our first season back in the prem, sooner we have boly and Co back the better

  46. YoshuYamaki

    YoshuYamakiMåned siden

    They are not, they are on the breaking point now. They try too hard to defend, now they will have less rest and less preparing you will see them go down a bit.

  47. Baby bum cream

    Baby bum creamMåned siden

    like this if Adama is slow

  48. Conor Doran

    Conor DoranMåned siden

    Who knew Doherty was so hard to pronounce for British people

  49. John Partlett

    John PartlettMåned siden

    @Laura O C nah Irish ppl stick a pencil up there arse

  50. Laura O C

    Laura O CMåned siden

    @Eoin Arthurs English people say firty free and a fird... so not much room to talk! :p

  51. Eoin Arthurs

    Eoin ArthursMåned siden

    Who knew Three was hard to pronounce for irish people

  52. Porta

    PortaMåned siden

    Mousset will be on a lot of big teams radars I think come Jan or summer

  53. Baby bum cream

    Baby bum creamMåned siden

    Porta he wouldn’t leave United he has a 4 year deal and I don’t think united would sell him

  54. Sharon Bell

    Sharon BellMåned siden

    One like is one win for United

  55. Corey Owen

    Corey OwenMåned siden

    6 likes looks like you meant man united

  56. mighty mouse

    mighty mouseMåned siden

    Sheffield United are playing so well at the moment 👍

  57. BlarryBoy

    BlarryBoyMåned siden


  58. leaky Lloyd

    leaky LloydMåned siden

    Good solid point against an inform wolves, again,,,, making another good team look bang average ⚔️⚔️

  59. Sean McDonald

    Sean McDonaldMåned siden

    David mcgoldrick needs credit he makes the attack for Sheffield tick with little touches and passes

  60. Fianna

    Fianna26 dager siden

    mcgoldrick is a good number 10

  61. Zoheab Aleem

    Zoheab AleemMåned siden

    MegaRage92 very hard working too.

  62. MegaRage92

    MegaRage92Måned siden

    Sean McDonald agree. He’s been excellent, causes real issues for the defence. Hopefully he will get his goal.

  63. R Mg

    R MgMåned siden

    The Wolves vlogger predicted a 4-0 easy win loll

  64. Mick Lee

    Mick LeeMåned siden


  65. Cubzs Creations

    Cubzs CreationsMåned siden

    🐐-> Lys

  66. Callum

    CallumMåned siden

    Sheffield Utd should have had 10 men, poor refreeing

  67. William Mpobi

    William MpobiMåned siden

    Both are quality teams

  68. coops1234

    coops1234Måned siden

    Gary Smith in comparison to some teams your packed December run of games is considerably easier than others, hence why I think you’ll be up in 5/6th.

  69. Gary Smith

    Gary SmithMåned siden

    @coops1234 lol have you seen fixtures after that ? No games are easy aslong as we not near bottom come may il be happy 👍

  70. coops1234

    coops1234Måned siden

    Gary Smith obviously everyone thinks their teams are more hard done by than others, however I think some are worse done by than others. Red card today would limit you going forward. You have a real ‘easy’ set of games going forwards too so I can see you being 5th by Christmas.

  71. Gary Smith

    Gary SmithMåned siden

    @coops1234 refs have always been poor but its swings and roundabouts things even themselves out over the season

  72. Alfie Smith

    Alfie SmithMåned siden

    Arsenal: We are the draw specialists Wolves: Hold my beer

  73. Samsam Mahamed

    Samsam MahamedMåned siden

    Hold my wolf

  74. AFC 02

    AFC 02Måned siden

    Both quality teams.

  75. AFC 02

    AFC 02Måned siden

    James Kelly and Man Utd

  76. O1 CXLDEST

    O1 CXLDESTMåned siden

    @James Kelly lol😂😂

  77. James Kelly

    James KellyMåned siden

    Unlike arsenal

  78. RyansRandomRants

    RyansRandomRantsMåned siden

    Where's the incident that the ref blew the whistle for offside even though he should wait for the phase of play to have ended?

  79. Daniel Walker

    Daniel WalkerMåned siden

    They were both off side when it left his foot not when it got touched by the Blades player so why wasn’t it off side? Someone let me please

  80. Harry Moore

    Harry MooreMåned siden

    Traore wasn't offside and it came off a Sheffield United player to Jimenez.

  81. schëizenhausen

    schëizenhausenMåned siden

    I think

  82. schëizenhausen

    schëizenhausenMåned siden

    If an opposition player touches it it isnt offside

  83. ghostsneverdie5 1

    ghostsneverdie5 1Måned siden

    Wolves goal was offside lol

  84. random youtube guy

    random youtube guyMåned siden

    @William Wilkins well i dont think him sliding to intercept the ball is classed as him intentionally playing the ball more of a block,same way as a shot would work where the offside play doesnt change because a defender blocked it only if it was intentionally played,but i will go look at the rule to double check

  85. William Wilkins

    William WilkinsMåned siden

    And the rule now states if the defender touches the ball

  86. William Wilkins

    William WilkinsMåned siden

    And it was intentional he slid for it

  87. random youtube guy

    random youtube guyMåned siden

    @William Wilkins its not about whether the defender touched the ball its if he intentonally played it,looks like he tried to intercept not intentionally pass or control it,unless they changed the rule but thats how i remembered it

  88. William Wilkins

    William WilkinsMåned siden

    @ghostsneverdie5 1 since it defleced off the sheffield defender it counts as onside since defender last touched it

  89. Bkob Bkob

    Bkob BkobMåned siden

    What happened to the flag staying down when the linesman thinks it’s offside until ball goes out of play ? Lineman was terrible saying offside when it was not . That’s what VAR is there for and it’s still not being implemented properly!

  90. RyansRandomRants

    RyansRandomRantsMåned siden

    Linesman should flag if he's certain. It's the ref that should wait until the phase of play has finished before blowing.

  91. te1

    te1Måned siden

    What a clash

  92. GeorgeymcGeorgeface

    GeorgeymcGeorgefaceMåned siden

    Anyone tell me why on earth var didnt check the offside but minutes later checked a penalty when the ref had already blown for offside 10 seconds earlier?

  93. Mick Lee

    Mick LeeMåned siden

    Cos the usage and implementation of VAR is just a complete inconsistent messy joke, that is really not funny

  94. RyansRandomRants

    RyansRandomRantsMåned siden

    Probably because the ref shouldn't have blown for offside. Rules state they should wait until the current phase of play has ended before blowing for offside if there is a clear goal scoring opportunity, which there was.

  95. Ember Clan

    Ember ClanMåned siden

    Up the Blades.

  96. Pete F

    Pete FMåned siden

    @CONR knob!

  97. CONR

    CONRMåned siden

    Down the blades

  98. Daniel Walker

    Daniel WalkerMåned siden

    Robbed again of 3 points wolves goal two players offside! One player at least two foot off! Absolutely bastard shocking

  99. Harry Moore

    Harry MooreMåned siden

    @Matt Padley Where is it offside? Jimenez doesn't interfere with play when the ball is being played to Traore but comes off the Sheffield player and goes to him?

  100. Rory Hood

    Rory HoodMåned siden

    @Matt Padley wolves vs Sheffield

  101. Matt Padley

    Matt PadleyMåned siden

    @Rory Hood what game were you watching 😂

  102. Mick Lee

    Mick LeeMåned siden

    @te1 *coughs* bullshit

  103. Rory Hood

    Rory HoodMåned siden

    Wolves should of had 2 pens stfu mate

  104. Novelist

    NovelistMåned siden

    Would never have though Sheffield United would’ve gone 14 games without an away defeat

  105. Porta

    PortaMåned siden

    They are a good team and glad they are doing well. Just wish you would've lost today because I support Wolves lol

  106. AFC 02

    AFC 02Måned siden

    Novelist and 7 undefeated in the whole as well as wolves going 9 unbeaten

  107. Novelist

    NovelistMåned siden

    Moussett is class Bournemouth should never have let him and Mings go

  108. LFC Spectre

    LFC SpectreMåned siden

    Bournemouth sold Lys Mousset to bring in Dominic Solanke! 😆

  109. Dominic Williams

    Dominic WilliamsMåned siden

    Mousset just wasn't the right fit at Bournemouth, Wilson and king held him back too much. He's better being a big player for Sheffield United

  110. MegaRage92

    MegaRage92Måned siden

    Funny how it was similar buildup with wolves goal that counted with no VAR involvement for offside, but yet Sheffield United goal is similar buildup, disallowed for offside in the Tottenham game by a big toe. 🤔 but anyways good game deserved point for both sides UTB ⚪️🔴⚔️

  111. MegaRage92

    MegaRage92Måned siden

    a hbg thInk it was Baldock, but ah well. It could have been a game changer possibly, but the performance from both is a deserving point. 👍

  112. MegaRage92

    MegaRage92Måned siden

    idk just watch sheffield united and Tottenham game if you haven’t seen it, because you clearly haven’t seen the offside then.

  113. ASH

    ASHMåned siden

    @schëizenhausen nit how offside work I'm afraid even if other team touch it can still be offside

  114. a hbg

    a hbgMåned siden

    To counter that you really should of had a second yellow in that 2nd half can't remember who it was but a fantastic game of football

  115. schëizenhausen

    schëizenhausenMåned siden

    It cant be offside if a player from the opposition touched it before the player that was offside touched it so u cant say var shouldve been involved

  116. TheSm1thers

    TheSm1thersMåned siden

    At 1:53 it looked like Jimenez was offside. I'm wondering why this wasn't checked.

  117. Gary Smith

    Gary SmithMåned siden

    @TheSm1thers was just an example all the top sides get the decisions not just liverpool it's been that way for aslong as I can remember man utd used to get fergie time 🤣🤣

  118. TheSm1thers

    TheSm1thersMåned siden

    @Gary Smith Why are you on the 'FA are all LiVARpool supporters', conspiracy bandwagon like your average delusional Man Utd and Man City fan then? Just after that dodgy free kick from Brighton as well.

  119. Jamie Fowler

    Jamie FowlerMåned siden

    TheSm1thers yeah but the sheff United player basically passed it to Jiminez

  120. Gary Smith

    Gary SmithMåned siden

    @TheSm1thers what a dork from Sheffield and a blade thicko

  121. TheSm1thers

    TheSm1thersMåned siden

    @Gary Smith lmao what a load of bollocks. Can tell you're a manc.

  122. Ste Roe

    Ste RoeMåned siden

    Fair result. Good point for the blades. Wolves are a really good side. Also, how many time did Lundstram give the ball away today ffs

  123. Pete F

    Pete FMåned siden

    @Mick Lee yeah! Definitely a Pig or bitter Leeds troll.

  124. Mick Lee

    Mick LeeMåned siden

    @leaky Lloyd he has been one of our best so far

  125. leaky Lloyd

    leaky LloydMåned siden

    He’s been immense this season, ill allow him an off day ⚔️⚔️

  126. Mick Lee

    Mick LeeMåned siden

    @Robbie Lyle I smell an owl

  127. anthony housley

    anthony housleyMåned siden

    @Robbie Lyle who are you some ? sort of troll wolves are a decent side ! So are sheffield united.