Doing My Makeup, ALONE in a HAUNTED FOREST! | NikkieTutorials

After watching Mykie/Glam n Gore visiting haunting places, for today’s video, I wanted to see if I could survive doing my makeup in a haunted forest! BY MYSELF… ALL ALONE!!! I went in as a non-believer, but how will I walk out? Keep on watching to find out!!!
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Visuals by Studio Gyor Moore: gyormoore
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  1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorials4 måneder siden


  2. julia björnsdottir

    julia björnsdottir16 dager siden

    Hell nahhhh

  3. Just me A kpop stan

    Just me A kpop stan21 dag siden

    Hell no

  4. David Garcia

    David Garcia22 dager siden

    NikkieTutorials Umm hold on let me check . . . . . . Yeah, I’m okay

  5. TheWitch OfTheMoonDust

    TheWitch OfTheMoonDust23 dager siden

    No i nearly passed out

  6. Billi-angel Parry

    Billi-angel Parry15 timer siden

    I'm pretty new here and I'm shook she can speak Dutch it's so cool I mean anyone who can speak a 2nd language is already cool

  7. Mia Schulz

    Mia Schulz18 timer siden

    Omg you should do make up in a haunted castle :D or other places :P

  8. Rachael Runge

    Rachael RungeDag siden

    at one hour and about 17 min i saw a hand come out of the bushes or something weird lol

  9. Getsi Gomez

    Getsi GomezDag siden

    I’d at least have one person stay with me. I’ve heard so many stories of crazy killers in woods. I would’ve done this with you girl😅😂

  10. Kai van Veldhoven

    Kai van Veldhoven2 dager siden

    17:16 the look on her face is just intense to say the least

  11. Yamyamyuck

    Yamyamyuck3 dager siden

    Is it just me or @ 15:49 behind it almost looks like someone is behind her

  12. sol luna

    sol luna4 dager siden

    17:56 is that a flashlight?

  13. S DC

    S DC4 dager siden

    *hears bird* Nikkie: AW JESUS *rings walkie talkie* R U F*CKIN W ME???

  14. E Lieberg

    E Lieberg4 dager siden

    Nikkie: “I’m not scared, I’m just very uncomfortable...” Nikkie at 11:15: “UGH SO SCARED!”

  15. Ashlyn Belcher

    Ashlyn Belcher6 dager siden

    11:00 you see the ghost walk in the darkcam

  16. yukietheweirdo

    yukietheweirdo6 dager siden

    What if she’s like “I hear something in the forest!!! 😰” and it’s literally just like a rabbit and it just hops out and says hi 🐇

  17. Rosie Alexandra

    Rosie Alexandra7 dager siden

    i just watched in intro and started screaming nonononoNoNONONONONONONO

  18. ToKuDo Dofu

    ToKuDo Dofu8 dager siden

    Waoo you are so brave Nikki If i were you i'm gonna get a heart attack. How could you do that gurl?????

  19. Stella516

    Stella5168 dager siden

    I legit heard those footsteps I would be scared af too

  20. The Lazy Ogre

    The Lazy Ogre10 dager siden

    At 12:14 THAT WAS NOT JUST LINDA’S VOICE!! Something else was speaking through that!! ALSO THOSE GUNSHOTS!! No one was hunting like that. Someone was killing something, getting killed or getting chased or trying to kill SOMETHING hunting them...

  21. Vitwall

    Vitwall10 dager siden

    i never was so scary in my fucking life OMGF

  22. Susumu

    Susumu10 dager siden

    someone make a game out of this

  23. Liam Palmer

    Liam Palmer12 dager siden

    Hallo guys

  24. Aesthetic Energy

    Aesthetic Energy12 dager siden

    that makeup makes me feel the anxiousness just by looking at it lol no offence

  25. aylin Aktay

    aylin Aktay13 dager siden

    Nikkie: ik ben in een verlaten bos helemaal alleen Mijn gedachten: waarom doe je dat. Nikkie: omdat het leuk is Paar minuten later ik zweer het op mijn hele lichaam ik wil hier weg ik ben bang ik ben nu wel fucking done ik wil nu weg ik hoor allemaal dingen en ook geweer schooten😂😂😂😂

  26. ورده

    ورده14 dager siden

    I'm in a forest ratatata ratatatata AH!

  27. D I V A Kingsley

    D I V A Kingsley16 dager siden

    I like how she says that she’s not scared, but she’s very uncomfortable.. hilarious.

  28. Cookie Dough

    Cookie Dough17 dager siden

    Nikkie: Im not scared, im just uncomfortable Also nikkie: 11:13

  29. MySambo89

    MySambo8917 dager siden

    It's so weird to realize Nikkie has a body. I thought she was a floating head. lol

  30. Lol Channel

    Lol Channel17 dager siden

    Just me that was like screaming as well hahaha x

  31. zBarbie Tingz

    zBarbie Tingz18 dager siden

    NO MA’AM

  32. madickaee

    madickaee18 dager siden

    my anxiety said ⬆️⤴️↗️🔃🔝‼️

  33. Love of Anything

    Love of Anything18 dager siden

    9:15 17:15

  34. Bela Ramos

    Bela Ramos18 dager siden

    17:46 *doing make-up agressively*

  35. Ashley Volkmann

    Ashley Volkmann18 dager siden

    Nikkie: I’m not scared I’m just uncomfortable 30 seconds later I’m so scared

  36. Ramsés Alejandro Rodríguez Almaraz

    Ramsés Alejandro Rodríguez Almaraz19 dager siden

    More beauty gurus should do this. This was in a whole another level haha ! I was scared and laughing at the same time. She has more guts than me. I love her.

  37. Tamy Contreras

    Tamy Contreras20 dager siden

    11:00 okay but if you look at Nikkie's left you can clearly see 3 ‘things’ going right to left :0

  38. Leslie Wesley

    Leslie Wesley20 dager siden

    I was dieing the entire time omg Nikkie xDD

  39. Keara Sovey

    Keara Sovey20 dager siden

    Nikki :*hears birds* IM DONE... IM DONE Mykie:*hears birds* A GHOST Birds: freaking idiots

  40. Thea Bentzon

    Thea Bentzon20 dager siden

    I wanna marry this girl so badly lol!!! This is too cute and funny

  41. Anna Banana

    Anna Banana20 dager siden

    14:21 and 15:34 I swear to god there were actual footsteps

  42. Tide

    Tide21 dag siden

    5:49 on the right side of the screen, what was that shadow?

  43. Eline Overbeek

    Eline Overbeek21 dag siden

    Nikki be like: I’m not scared I’m just uncomfortable. Also Nikki: AAAAA I DON’T WANNA BE HERE ANYMORE!!! And also Nikki *Hears fucking birds* AAA IM DONE GOD I HATE THIS

  44. Ombré Blue

    Ombré Blue21 dag siden

    Her skin is amazing in this video 💙

  45. spleengrrrl

    spleengrrrl21 dag siden

    This is giving me anxiety because what she said: it's not so much the "ghosts" but the random serial killers. That is SOOOO scary. I mean, there are probably weirdos that go there for fun or because they are sick. Get out of there, girl!!

  46. Tia TT

    Tia TT21 dag siden

    You know you can end up with spirits and demons they will attach them selves to you and follow you home so u should have done some.kind of thing to where you make them stay there and not go with you or in case they did u need to make them leave before they start causing things to them from your home car you your body your friends family subs just.incase something did attach their self to you ...

  47. Tia TT

    Tia TT21 dag siden

    Lol NIKKIE you are causing yourself to have a panic attack ...

  48. Olivia and Rafaela

    Olivia and Rafaela21 dag siden

    I really felt like I was there with you and I wanted to help you feel safe And I felt scared with you

  49. unicorn girl

    unicorn girl22 dager siden

    my anxiety can't take this!!

  50. Cheyenne Allysia

    Cheyenne Allysia22 dager siden

    Imagine just being out there and exploring the forest with friends and filming a ghost serie and see a light and find a woman who films her make up

  51. Rose Red

    Rose Red22 dager siden

    This look reminds me of the movie "Prometheus"

  52. Ali Pritchard

    Ali Pritchard22 dager siden

    A very quick haha.... Stick on a mask off we go 😂😂

  53. emily beals

    emily beals23 dager siden

    9:55 in the left corner wtf

  54. Mariana PTKS

    Mariana PTKS23 dager siden

    look at the size of those pupils! girl's scared! had to change right away when she got home

  55. K’s Korner

    K’s Korner24 dager siden

    She's just hearing normal forest noises but because she heard the tale of it being haunted, she's a lot more freaked out, understandably. I would be too.. Alone, at night, in a public place.

  56. Gemma Zukoski

    Gemma Zukoski24 dager siden

    right when the crew left i would’ve been like ok i’m done now.

  57. Alexander Burch

    Alexander Burch24 dager siden

    this is the so funny thank you for doing this. i can't stop laughing, i have tears in my eyes hahahahahahahahahahaa a

  58. Jellifish

    Jellifish25 dager siden

    14:20 i swear i heard those steps

  59. Alessia Pisaturo

    Alessia Pisaturo25 dager siden

    She went oh hell naw oh hell naw uh uh sis😂😂

  60. N E

    N E25 dager siden

    Can you give tim my number... for.. reasons wes can get my number tooo

  61. Crunchy Hot

    Crunchy Hot25 dager siden

    Imagine someone walking through the woods, and they see Nikkie with a full table of makeup and her makeup mask 😂😂😂

  62. Bárbara M.

    Bárbara M.25 dager siden

    ''i have a night vision camera i am afraid to turn it on'' that killed me xD xD

  63. Bas Scharenborg

    Bas Scharenborg25 dager siden

    14:21 NL: Ben ik de enige die hier voetstappen hoort?🥶 Eng: Am I the only one who hears footsteps?🥶

  64. Nicole LiCourt

    Nicole LiCourt25 dager siden

    Ever seen the video game outlast? All you can use to see is a night vision camera, it’s terrifying