Doing My Makeup, ALONE in a HAUNTED FOREST! | NikkieTutorials

After watching Mykie/Glam n Gore visiting haunting places, for today’s video, I wanted to see if I could survive doing my makeup in a haunted forest! BY MYSELF… ALL ALONE!!! I went in as a non-believer, but how will I walk out? Keep on watching to find out!!!
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Visuals by Studio Gyor Moore: gyormoore
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  1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorials2 måneder siden


  2. April_24 Clear

    April_24 Clear12 timer siden

    No I just died...

  3. My Moments with Mom

    My Moments with Mom3 dager siden

    Yes we are......into a paper bag....LOL

  4. drink bleach

    drink bleach3 dager siden


  5. Leo Rodriguez

    Leo Rodriguez3 dager siden

    I watched this while trying to sleep maybe not a good idea

  6. Brechje Hoffmann

    Brechje Hoffmann10 dager siden

    Noooo 😫😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  7. Danielle summer Pitmon’s Life

    Danielle summer Pitmon’s Life2 timer siden

    Nicki I’m very proud of you for holding on out there in the woods me I would probably be relaxing laying down and just listening and enjoying every single sound I love spooky stuff and since I am an empath and a Wiccan I would put a circle of protection around myself and just keep all of it out and just listen and probably fall asleep in the circle

  8. Brooke Johnson

    Brooke Johnson2 timer siden

    11:06 a shadow walking bye where she shined her flashlight after she shut it off and moved it away

  9. ethan wicks

    ethan wicks6 timer siden

    11:02 WTF

  10. Sarah M

    Sarah M6 timer siden

    *stressing out in Dutch*

  11. soup hater

    soup hater6 timer siden

    Can we just speak about what a cutie pie the forester(?) at the beginning was?

  12. izumi mei

    izumi mei6 timer siden

    Honestly, if I was a serial killer walking through that forest and happened upon a woman doing makeup with a full camera setup in the middle of the f*cking forest I'd be *terrified* lmao

  13. edd

    edd7 timer siden

    you guys should have a heat detector

  14. Unicorn and purple Lover

    Unicorn and purple Lover7 timer siden

    Her ha! Reminds me of olafs scene when he got lost in the enchanted forest.

  15. MadeofIce

    MadeofIce7 timer siden

    15:36 those are obviously footsteps

  16. Johanna Caba

    Johanna Caba10 timer siden

    This gave me more anxiety than BuzzFeed Unsolved oh GOD--

  17. CatBat333

    CatBat33310 timer siden

    She forgot the first rule of going into the woods. Never look behind you. You won't see anything, but now you'll never be able to stop.

  18. April_24 Clear

    April_24 Clear12 timer siden

    I was bang watching this!! 😳😨😱

  19. April_24 Clear

    April_24 Clear12 timer siden

    I wold litterly dy!!!

  20. Dania Vogel

    Dania Vogel12 timer siden

    Please recreate this look at your studio

  21. e p

    e p15 timer siden

    "oh F*CK ... this is NOT healthy." 😂

  22. EdVibes TV

    EdVibes TV18 timer siden

    Basically she's not alone...she's constantly talking with a walkie talkie

  23. Twinkle's Pet Shops

    Twinkle's Pet Shops11 timer siden

    EdVibes TV she is alone talking doesn’t make her not alone.

  24. AllieJamBaby

    AllieJamBaby19 timer siden

    operation market garden wow :O :O

  25. BlahBlah6497

    BlahBlah649722 timer siden

    What the hell is wrong with you 😆😆😆😆😆

  26. ʟᴏʏʏ ❶

    ʟᴏʏʏ ❶23 timer siden

    Before watching this i read comment first . . .

  27. sandie cane

    sandie caneDag siden

    jesus i cant even watch this alone in my condo rn lol

  28. Just A Disastrous Little Bitch

    Just A Disastrous Little BitchDag siden

    How many times did she said *iM dOnE* but didn’t actually left😅

  29. autumn lynn

    autumn lynnDag siden

    i’m trying to look in the back in case i see anything but nikkis makeup is scaring me more😂😂

  30. ExtremeViolet

    ExtremeVioletDag siden

    Her face when he said "It could be a deer." @11:27 Has me dead

  31. Kyle Richardson

    Kyle RichardsonDag siden

    Ranger ted can GET it

  32. Jake Eliares

    Jake EliaresDag siden

    Tim is kinda sexy

  33. Ace Parker

    Ace ParkerDag siden

    I would've put my hair up a long time ago ready to run!

  34. Patti Howard

    Patti HowardDag siden

    No such thing as ghosts?? Girl ,,, it’s all in your head. No one was there. I’m a non believer.

  35. mera Aquata

    mera Aquata8 timer siden


  36. Milica Vasovic

    Milica VasovicDag siden

    I have headphones on while listening and I heard loudly this souds she was talking about in the middle on video there is like loud sound

  37. Tara Buescher

    Tara BuescherDag siden

    Nikkie and Mykie should go to a haunted location and do makeup together in the dark

  38. Silver Snake 64

    Silver Snake 64Dag siden

    *says to not do the makeup in a haunted forset* Me: *puts hiking gear and makeup stuff away quietlly*

  39. Silver Snake 64

    Silver Snake 64Dag siden

    As you can see we have wild NO-gosr in it's natural enviornment

  40. Quiet Star

    Quiet StarDag siden

    You know it’s serious when her Dutch is screaming out of her XD

  41. desiree potato

    desiree potatoDag siden

    geweldig als je in het nederlands praat

  42. Trisha M

    Trisha MDag siden

    Do y’all see the face behind hers to the right

  43. Lynn Leeuwerik

    Lynn LeeuwerikDag siden

    9.49 if you listen very good then you here a weird noise!😬

  44. Peachy

    PeachyDag siden

    Those were literally human footsteps, it sounds like two legs not 4 like a deer??

  45. Crystal D

    Crystal DDag siden

    Yeah this is awesome. Such a fun video.

  46. Petty Labelle

    Petty LabelleDag siden

    Uhhhhh the demonic voice from the radio. Get me the f outta there!!!

  47. Queta Quenya

    Queta QuenyaDag siden

    Those poor birds just out minding their own business when suddenly a random woman starts screaming at them :(

  48. Hec Daevis

    Hec DaevisDag siden

    this would've been the perfect situation for a buzzfeed unsolved x nikkie tutorials collab... oof.

  49. Natalie Nel

    Natalie NelDag siden

    I love how I could recognise some of the Dutch words because some are just like Afrikaans words,I feel so smart😂😂😂

  50. Celestina Hopewell

    Celestina HopewellDag siden

    Such a brave, precious dutch apple strudel. I can fit the amount of bravery I have in a pinky toe, on god.

  51. T C

    T CDag siden

    With the green lighting and make up gives me Hela vibes 😂

  52. Brownie puppy

    Brownie puppyDag siden

    i would go home after meeting the ranger

  53. BackgroundLake2

    BackgroundLake2Dag siden

    Do you hear something say "mom" at around 15:58?

  54. Serina

    SerinaDag siden

    That sound is a plane

  55. Jolie English

    Jolie EnglishDag siden

    Beauty gurus and PARANORMAL activity, I love, and live for this!

  56. Abigail Alvarez

    Abigail AlvarezDag siden

    I always thought she looked kind of different but 👌🏽👌🏽good to know

  57. Zoe Doyle

    Zoe Doyle2 dager siden

    Hell no fuck no

  58. José Pavez

    José Pavez2 dager siden

    Serial killer: *shoot a victim* Nikkie: okey, that was a gunshot... Serial killer: *proceeds to multiple shoot to make sure the victim won't testify* Walkie-talkie: Oh, yeah, we heard them to. Lmao. So scary.

  59. Coconut Water

    Coconut Water2 dager siden

    the fact that no bugs was bothering her

  60. Micaela Flores

    Micaela Flores2 dager siden

    “ A DEER!!??!? 😂

  61. Shelby Brasfield

    Shelby Brasfield2 dager siden

    I dont think those were gunshots. It sounds exactly like when a large dumpster (like one at a school or restaurant) is dumped out and closed

  62. Enchantress

    Enchantress2 dager siden

    Meisje ik denk niet dat ik daar in de buurt komt hor want IT'S FUCKING SCARY

  63. Jessica Smith

    Jessica Smith2 dager siden

    Most people get scared with ghost stories but Nikkie just gets sad. ❤️🖤

  64. Jayne Forster

    Jayne Forster2 dager siden

    12.22 a growl

  65. Dovah Bear

    Dovah Bear2 dager siden

    Nikkie: 😲 hhuuuAaa!! *Turns back around Blends* Nikkie turns around again : hhuuAa! 😲 *Goes back to blending* 💀😅

  66. Noa Hopmans

    Noa Hopmans2 dager siden

    Kijk op (5:49)en dan helemaal rechts van het scherm, fk creepy

  67. skystann

    skystann2 dager siden

    1:05 dat is bij TIVOLI