Dude Perfect Rewind 2018

Two BRAND NEW series and over 2.6 Billion views later, 2018 was the best year yet!
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  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude PerfectÅr siden

    Thank you guys for an UNREAL 2018! Y’all the real MVPs! HUGE things in store for 2019! Let’s goooooo

  2. Ryan O

    Ryan O12 dager siden

    Dude perfect the best

  3. Jax Benton

    Jax Benton2 måneder siden

    One year later it's not 2018

  4. reeema1234 reeema

    reeema1234 reeema2 måneder siden

    Ok cool thanks again

  5. NBC 2 NEWS

    NBC 2 NEWS5 måneder siden

    NO-gos ⏪2019

  6. Jose Luis Hernadez

    Jose Luis Hernadez5 måneder siden


  7. tube corner

    tube corner7 timer siden



    FADLI AWALUDIN11 timer siden


  9. Emily Reinert

    Emily Reinert2 dager siden

    Love your channel your the best

  10. Kai Kim

    Kai Kim7 dager siden

    Я один русский????

  11. Jenzhel Sanchez

    Jenzhel Sanchez11 dager siden

    Does anybody know what video is <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="59">0:59</a>?

  12. Gina Kelly

    Gina Kelly12 dager siden

    I’m a huge fan

  13. Andrew AL 'Bammers!

    Andrew AL 'Bammers!13 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="265">4:25</a>

  14. Hawkeye Fencing ACT

    Hawkeye Fencing ACT15 dager siden


  15. 7anan 7007

    7anan 700715 dager siden


  16. 7anan 7007

    7anan 700715 dager siden



    FADLI AWALUDIN17 dager siden

    WOW 2018 That Amazing

  18. Victoria Mitchell

    Victoria Mitchell18 dager siden

    coby cory cody & ty

  19. محمد البطران

    محمد البطران21 dag siden

    اشترك عند محمد البطران

  20. Kevin Degama

    Kevin Degama24 dager siden

    Thanks for cheenal

  21. Veronica Sesto

    Veronica Sesto25 dager siden

    I am not speek in Inglish

  22. Raouf Zamiti

    Raouf Zamiti26 dager siden


  23. Hector Mercado

    Hector Mercado26 dager siden


  24. Dương Hùng

    Dương Hùng27 dager siden

    Nói điều thì đừng có thích Nói điều thì đừng có thích thể hiện

  25. Cooper Bingham

    Cooper Bingham28 dager siden

    you guys are crazy haha i subscribed on all my gadgets lucky guys?

  26. Cooper Bingham

    Cooper Bingham28 dager siden

    you guys deserve 50m subs


    MORTAL KOMBAT PS2 FANMåned siden

    This is entertainment the thing NO-gos was about

  28. Melanie Nolan

    Melanie NolanMåned siden


  29. Joseph Peña

    Joseph PeñaMåned siden


  30. Prosto Pro

    Prosto ProMåned siden

    Я русский

  31. Joseph Mikutis

    Joseph MikutisMåned siden

    What video is it where tyler tears up the basketball court. Trying to find it

  32. Рашид манар

    Рашид манарMåned siden

    😁 like

  33. Logan Michael Shaw

    Logan Michael ShawMåned siden

    You should do wives trick shots

  34. Jane Cabral

    Jane CabralMåned siden

    Yuyubhjj Jo

  35. Ahu Torres

    Ahu TorresMåned siden


  36. 5 Magí Grimal

    5 Magí GrimalMåned siden

    Min Viva j

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    ElBurrito SabaneroMåned siden


  39. Fauzan Nur Ridwan

    Fauzan Nur RidwanMåned siden


  40. A Dog

    A DogMåned siden

    In one clip one of you threw the hat and it on and fell out

  41. Peyton Wood

    Peyton WoodMåned siden

    Who remembers the Cody spray TAN!!!!!!

  42. abid hussain

    abid hussainMåned siden

    Do a spa song videos of a video

  43. Tri Winarsih

    Tri WinarsihMåned siden


  44. Craig Cockburn

    Craig CockburnMåned siden


  45. QuarantineAven

    QuarantineAvenMåned siden

    Bowling Stereotypes With Jason Belmonte

  46. Cookie_Bookie

    Cookie_Bookie2 måneder siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a> That sound was so satisfying!! This rewind was awesome!

  47. Vanessa Vickers

    Vanessa Vickers2 måneder siden

    T. V.

  48. reeema1234 reeema

    reeema1234 reeema2 måneder siden

    Um ok cool thanks a member

  49. Sk Aktar

    Sk Aktar2 måneder siden

    You are the best

  50. colleen kathan

    colleen kathan2 måneder siden

    My name is Tamia I live in South Africa and i want to meet you

  51. Slipstream

    Slipstream2 måneder siden

    Why does this feel like a six minute intro with nothing at the end bro 🤣

  52. Александр Веденеев

    Александр ВеденеевMåned siden


  53. Atharv Dbz

    Atharv Dbz2 måneder siden

    Very lazy thumbnail

  54. Atharv Dbz

    Atharv DbzDag siden

    @Vzlomannyy Vy true man

  55. Vzlomannyy Vy

    Vzlomannyy VyDag siden

    But cool videos, and you cannot deny that

  56. Lyte Gacha

    Lyte Gacha3 måneder siden



    Ran BERCKOVICH3 måneder siden


  58. EpicT 133

    EpicT 1333 måneder siden

    When are we gonna get some more Games With Consequences???

  59. Robert Bennett

    Robert Bennett3 måneder siden

    🔥 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="49">0:49</a> 🧡💛 👇👇👇👇👇

  60. Frankie Read

    Frankie Read3 måneder siden

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="51">0:51</a> 🧡 👇👇👇👇❤

  61. Janka Romanova

    Janka Romanova3 måneder siden


  62. elvis kam

    elvis kam3 måneder siden


  63. Alexis Medina

    Alexis Medina4 måneder siden

    nice video

  64. Cha Miro

    Cha Miro4 måneder siden

    Your clos to 50mill keep it up!

  65. Lorraine Pablo

    Lorraine Pablo4 måneder siden

    I want to go to that place where you guys always go what is it cold

  66. Lonic Professor Levi

    Lonic Professor Levi4 måneder siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a>

  67. Edward Ryding

    Edward Ryding4 måneder siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="81">1:21</a> that noise

  68. Puji Dwi Setiyawati

    Puji Dwi Setiyawati4 måneder siden


  69. Ricky yyy

    Ricky yyy4 måneder siden

    2020 on my recommendation, why not?

  70. Jasheel Ksheersagar

    Jasheel Ksheersagar4 måneder siden

    2020 anyone? Just me? Ok

  71. Joel Moss

    Joel Moss4 måneder siden

    YESS! 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

  72. judeethedude11

    judeethedude115 måneder siden

    I just have to say my middle brother likes the old videos except i like the new videos

  73. Harry Tan

    Harry Tan5 måneder siden

    Poor fish 😥

  74. انس ابو صيبعه

    انس ابو صيبعه5 måneder siden

    The clip was more amazing then i imagined

  75. Pizza Panda

    Pizza Panda5 måneder siden

    Anyone else re watching all their rewinds after the 2019 one?

  76. ema

    ema5 måneder siden

    anyone after rewind 2019??

  77. Patrick Elliott

    Patrick Elliott5 måneder siden

    🙏 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="53">0:53</a> 2019 december? 👇 👇 👇❣

  78. Brooke Davis

    Brooke Davis5 måneder siden

    Team cory

  79. Daniel Alfonso Gonzalez Peña

    Daniel Alfonso Gonzalez Peña5 måneder siden

    They use the song of WWE Royal Rumble 2019

  80. Khristian James Calderon

    Khristian James Calderon7 dager siden

    WWE edition soon?

  81. Caleb Cappellano

    Caleb Cappellano5 måneder siden

    Yay panda

  82. Tyler Smith

    Tyler Smith5 måneder siden

    Wow. What a life

  83. Emil Rangelov

    Emil Rangelov5 måneder siden

    2019 ? 👇🏻

  84. Joel Moss

    Joel Moss4 måneder siden

    2020 ?

  85. Maui Lou Bravo

    Maui Lou Bravo5 måneder siden

    It's a cool trick shots

  86. Ionuț 125

    Ionuț 1255 måneder siden

    This one is even better than NO-gos's rewind

  87. Owen Baker

    Owen Baker6 måneder siden

    Who’s waiting for 2019

  88. Brooke Davis

    Brooke Davis5 måneder siden



    NEW WORLD ORDER6 måneder siden

    It is also WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2019,s theme song

  90. Kacen Phaphui

    Kacen Phaphui6 måneder siden

    Soooo much better than NO-gos rewind 2018

  91. Brent Manditsh

    Brent Manditsh6 måneder siden

    better then youtube rewind 2018

  92. Chilly Dragon

    Chilly Dragon6 måneder siden

    A rewind but has less time the other videos

  93. Tiger ShaDow

    Tiger ShaDow6 måneder siden

    Cody looks like fricken Terry Bradshaw