Editor Edition 2 | Dude Perfect

Our video editors star in another EPIC video and go BIG!
Thanks to Whistle for partnering with us on the video!
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  1. Clark V

    Clark V15 timer siden

    Who's up for editor edition 3? Anyone? Just me? Ok...

  2. Sarah M

    Sarah M21 time siden

    The editors should have their own channel

  3. Chirag Mehta

    Chirag MehtaDag siden

    We want editor Edition 3

  4. JJ Wrestling

    JJ WrestlingDag siden

    Yes NO-gos. Please recommend 9 month old videos to me

  5. RockyPlayz

    RockyPlayzDag siden

    How did the fire start

  6. RockyPlayz

    RockyPlayzDag siden

    So dramatic that it’s funny

  7. Jacob Mills

    Jacob MillsDag siden

    Can we get a total behind the scenes from a video where they show the camera moving and how the video is edited

  8. Amir Aslanbaigi

    Amir Aslanbaigi2 dager siden

    imagine if they missed that rocket shot 😂

  9. Julia Fleischer

    Julia Fleischer2 dager siden

    This is amazing I love it! Editor 3?????

  10. DR.Dragon12

    DR.Dragon122 dager siden

    Bro who is hitting the dislike button 🤬. Dude Perfect is the best 😎😍 I hate the people who pressed the dislike button go f*** yourself people.

  11. Michael Spencer

    Michael Spencer3 dager siden

    next should be BOUNCY BALL TRICK SHOTS

  12. Devjeet Mishra

    Devjeet Mishra3 dager siden

    The greatest video you have ever seen. Star wars verses DP editor edition

  13. Gubby152

    Gubby1523 dager siden

    what’s that song in the intro?

  14. Eyoel Zelalem

    Eyoel Zelalem3 dager siden

    Made my day in Quarintine

  15. Eyoel Zelalem

    Eyoel Zelalem3 dager siden

    Their acting and editing is ⌨️🔥🔥

  16. DaCrazyGamer36

    DaCrazyGamer364 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a> lol

  17. Lucas

    Lucas4 dager siden

    “Now we gotta edit this”

  18. Polar bear

    Polar bear4 dager siden

    They said it couldn't be done.but I thought otherwise. JaegerFTW

  19. LolpT

    LolpT5 dager siden


  20. Matias Ignacio GARCIA

    Matias Ignacio GARCIA5 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> the BIG one

  21. Random Crap

    Random Crap5 dager siden

    To think that they probably had to edit this.

  22. roger douglas

    roger douglas5 dager siden

    um the entire video was just one trick?!

  23. Teresna Salemon

    Teresna Salemon5 dager siden

    they do tiktok

  24. Giorgio Bruschini

    Giorgio Bruschini6 dager siden

    Do you agree that it’s right to recognise the Dude Perfect’s editors with these videos ? I think so, it’s thanks also of them that we have the video. I think that dude perfect probably pay them with a laugh payment. They deserve it.

  25. Mysticprime Gaming

    Mysticprime Gaming6 dager siden

    THE REAL QUESTION IS.... *Who is the cameraman?*

  26. Noah Rothschild

    Noah Rothschild6 dager siden

    By looking at Chad's PC setup, I believe he is a teenage gamer. XD

  27. Ashish Pohwani

    Ashish Pohwani6 dager siden

    Can we talk about how Will gets sweaty after cutting two wires 😂😂😂

  28. Jan Juc Cleans

    Jan Juc Cleans6 dager siden


  29. Orlando Severino

    Orlando Severino7 dager siden

    we did not make fun of your last editors edition

  30. Orlando Severino

    Orlando Severino7 dager siden

    you showed the license plate <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="405">6:45</a>!

  31. Levi Bleich

    Levi Bleich7 dager siden


  32. Edgardo Prattle

    Edgardo Prattle7 dager siden

    And will got pick on episode 13 of wheel unfortunate

  33. jacksterbees128

    jacksterbees1287 dager siden

    can't u imagine dp being the first people on mars w their tech skills

  34. Lucas Collins

    Lucas Collins7 dager siden

    I don't think that the world record counts because of the parachute

  35. Grehsa Gaming

    Grehsa Gaming8 dager siden

    Who else wants editor edition 3!!

  36. Grehsa Gaming

    Grehsa Gaming8 dager siden



    ELITE GAMING ROYALE8 dager siden

    Love it

  38. Beth Chastain

    Beth Chastain9 dager siden

    umm there were about 1 million people in total that saw dude perfect guys and NONE WERE WEARING CORONA MASKS

  39. Fia: Living my best life

    Fia: Living my best life9 dager siden

    The big one??? the BIIGGG ONE!!

  40. Joane Botha

    Joane Botha9 dager siden

    Wow wow editor's you are cool

  41. Crewe cab king

    Crewe cab king9 dager siden

    We need more editor versions

  42. PugPlays

    PugPlays9 dager siden

    Will: I’m fast af boi

  43. RY_ ze

    RY_ ze9 dager siden

    Ho is speaking from dp

  44. Katherine Copie

    Katherine Copie9 dager siden

    Fire panda

  45. Antonin Le Talaer

    Antonin Le Talaer9 dager siden

    imagine if this was filmed when the guys went out and the editors had the whole DPHQ2 to themselves and they made this.

  46. Katherine Copie

    Katherine Copie9 dager siden

    Panda is the wearst

  47. BGr

    BGr10 dager siden

    The Excellent Excitable Editors ( The Triple "E" )

  48. Mrkhalid1225 5

    Mrkhalid1225 510 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="75">1:15</a> will : the big one ? Chad : THE BIG ONE

  49. Matthew Nall

    Matthew Nall10 dager siden

    Sooo.... only one trick shot?! Kinda expecting more 😐.

  50. Kevin Wu

    Kevin Wu10 dager siden

    I wonder who filmed this🤔

  51. Alison Walker

    Alison Walker10 dager siden

    you should do a tour of the editors setup

  52. Christopher Brown

    Christopher Brown10 dager siden

    Ty’s last words will be POUND IT NOGGIN SEE YA’!!!!!!!!

  53. Moose Gang

    Moose Gang10 dager siden


  54. Daneilla Lovett

    Daneilla Lovett10 dager siden

    Editor edition 3

  55. Daniel Chen

    Daniel Chen10 dager siden

    The dumpster fire looked like it was a real emergency

  56. Dubstep 298

    Dubstep 29811 dager siden

    The bulk of this edition felt like the final boss fight of Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion.

  57. Amy Parker

    Amy Parker11 dager siden

    You guys rock!!! 😁😁😁

  58. Tyler Meier

    Tyler Meier11 dager siden

    June 17, 1971 dumpster fire

  59. Christopher Callender

    Christopher Callender11 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="174">2:54</a> where legends cried

  60. A channel of all discoveries

    A channel of all discoveries12 dager siden


  61. 44 ĘVÉR

    44 ĘVÉR12 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="121">2:01</a> YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Tim - 2019

  62. Nikolai Fedorav

    Nikolai Fedorav13 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="279">4:39</a> that would’ve been a hit

  63. tanvi mathur

    tanvi mathur13 dager siden

    Can there be a editor addition 3

  64. what are dos

    what are dos14 dager siden

    "the big one?" "THE BIG ONE!"😂😂😂🤣

  65. Poorna Rekha

    Poorna Rekha14 dager siden

    We Want Editor Edition 3

  66. jonathan. I swasono

    jonathan. I swasono14 dager siden

    the man is green screen and it is pretty cool

  67. Hannah Woodroff

    Hannah Woodroff14 dager siden


  68. Joe Hale

    Joe Hale14 dager siden

    We want editors 3

  69. Hockey Trick Shots

    Hockey Trick Shots16 dager siden

    There was a dumpster fire there now 2020 is a dumpster fire


    DISCRIMI NATION16 dager siden

    Wait wat iff in editor edition has a 4rth man

  71. Ryan Callander

    Ryan Callander16 dager siden

    when will editor edition 3 come out

  72. Ryan Callander

    Ryan Callander16 dager siden

    what is the song of this song

  73. Nadia Almheiri

    Nadia Almheiri16 dager siden

    I am not joking.

  74. Nadia Almheiri

    Nadia Almheiri16 dager siden

    The hoop was not supposed to move. It is supposed to be somewhere possible where the basketball can go through the hoop.

  75. Sparrow Hawk

    Sparrow Hawk16 dager siden

    This is a full on documentary

  76. Mercedes Genao

    Mercedes Genao16 dager siden

    Unexpected plot twist with Panda rlly got me worried for a second there

  77. Gulp Water

    Gulp Water17 dager siden

    waiting on number 3

  78. Jack Garvey

    Jack Garvey17 dager siden

    Are these guys actually the editors?

  79. Richard Bravery

    Richard Bravery17 dager siden

    I didnt laugh at the trick shot i kinda like it

  80. ツBear

    ツBear17 dager siden

    Will goes to fire... I QUITT

  81. Max Falconer

    Max Falconer18 dager siden

    the editors are so funny when they said no dumpster fires there was a dumpster fire

  82. Memoryloss

    Memoryloss18 dager siden

    We need more of these!!!