Efficiency in Comedy: The Office vs. Friends

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An entire episode of Friends without any dialogue:
I think we can all agree that laugh tracks are terrible. They're obnoxious, unnecessary, and an obvious waste of time- but exactly how much time? How much of an average episode of a sitcom like Friends is JUST laughter? That's the question I attempt to answer in this video.
This video was one I've been slowly writing for a few months, and one I had a ton of fun making. I know it's very different than anything I've put on this channel so I'm hoping you guys are on board. As you can probably tell, this was heavily inspired by the style of nerdwriter1 (no-gos.info/video/lcyPkJPc3KWHlmg.html), one of my personal favorite youtubers.
It's a weird video because it combines comedy and math- two things that are very different. But if you've followed me on here for a while, you know that math is a strangely consistent theme in a lot of my videos. For some reason a love of statistics is deeply ingrained in my brain and there's just nothing you can do to change that so stop trying please.
Comment whatever feedback you'd like.
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also it's courtney cox


  1. Drew Gooden

    Drew GoodenÅr siden

    thanks for watching guys, I know this video is different from my usual format but I'm really happy with it. Also don't forget to use my link so dollar shave club doesn't regret paying me :-) www.dollarshaveclub.com/drew

  2. Girl_in_a_green_scarf Girl

    Girl_in_a_green_scarf Girl4 dager siden

    Drew Gooden can you do a commentary on brooklyn nine-nine?

  3. Miss Sara Rose

    Miss Sara Rose5 dager siden

    Drew Gooden I like Big Bang theory and actually binged it and enjoy binging it

  4. C. Mustard

    C. Mustard8 dager siden

    Good video, I’ve watched it a couple times over the years apparently since I commented before

  5. RaptureScore

    RaptureScore9 dager siden

    Drew Gooden I was watching the Office before it was cool and now that everyone’s seen it, it’s not special to find someone else who watches the show. At least it’s not Friends though.

  6. keshav rathi

    keshav rathi16 dager siden

    Phoebe is the not so good actor in friends I assume? xD

  7. Chiffer178

    Chiffer17818 timer siden

    Ross whines should be like 85% of that pie chart

  8. Vishnu Govinda

    Vishnu Govinda19 timer siden

    Wtf tbbt theory is so much better than friends

  9. Berrylpstv

    Berrylpstv21 time siden

    *In my opinion* the office has no comparison to friends, I couldn't even sit though the first 3 episodes of friends.

  10. Ezekiel Rodriguez

    Ezekiel RodriguezDag siden

    Who is the one bad actor

  11. gonex

    gonexDag siden

    10:20 um wut? i love the big bang theory

  12. Ravenclawsome 394

    Ravenclawsome 394Dag siden

    unpopular opinion- i like Parks and Rec more than The Office, is there anyone who agrees? mainly because after Steve Carell leaves i feel like it just keeps going downhill but in Parks and Rec even after two of the main characters leave its still really good and the final season and finale is one of my favorites of all time.

  13. Maximilian mus

    Maximilian musDag siden

    I like the office but a nerd explaining why it's fun makes it less fun.

  14. Johnathan Hasson

    Johnathan HassonDag siden

    You know, you can hate all you want, but I love Friends to death. Grew up on that show, so nostalgia is a factor, but still. I think Friends hits the highest highs at its peak, the seasons where Monica and Chandler were dating. I’ll admit the plot was weak, but I never cared about the plot, I just cared about these 6 people with real chemistry that made jokes.

  15. Tim Frey

    Tim FreyDag siden

    just as a point of interest, laugh tracks probably were necessary for a while at first because of etiquette and people's inhibition to laugh if no one else was laughing, especially in public. I have this old book from first wives about recipes and stuff but the beginning is all etiquette and it's crazy, like "don't smile at anyone in public unless they're your betrothed or people will think you loose" and "don't tell jokes at parties because flexing your sense of humor will make people with no personality feel bad". So at a point people had to literally cue other people like "this is the part where you and all your friends laugh and it's okay and not weird" because sitting around goofing off was next to criminal a few decades prior. It didn't take long though and we broke out of our collective shell, for the most part we can laugh and let loose without needing to be told.

  16. rudi kurniawan

    rudi kurniawanDag siden

    the OFFICE is the best on my list !

  17. Big fat Sex boy

    Big fat Sex boy2 dager siden

    UK office is so much better

  18. Natalie Brese

    Natalie Brese2 dager siden

    The Office is 100% better

  19. Christy S

    Christy S2 dager siden

    My roommate would fall asleep to friends and it would keep playing all fucking night which would be fine except. for the fucking. loud as fuck laugh tracks every TWO seconds like i have a vendetta against friends bc of these fucking laugh tracks

  20. Dynamic Dev

    Dynamic Dev2 dager siden

    Wait... I actually liked the Big Bang Theory

  21. Autumn Bennett-O'Farrell

    Autumn Bennett-O'Farrell2 dager siden

    Omgggg stress relief and threat level midnight are the BEEEEESSSSTTTTT episodes

  22. Georgia Pengalin

    Georgia Pengalin2 dager siden

    My family watches Big Bang theory. Everyone but me.

  23. Yanni Xifaras

    Yanni Xifaras2 dager siden

    I thoroughly enjoyed that.

  24. Tyler

    Tyler3 dager siden

    But its not a laugh track. Friends is filmed in front of a live audience. Would you prefer if stand up comedy didnt have laughter either? I mean it would cut an hour long special down to like 20 minutes

  25. yasmin

    yasmin3 dager siden

    Rachel, in my opinion, was the worst and most unbearable character on Friends. I used to love her when I first watched the series -- but as I rewatched it -- I realised the major flaws in her character, such as her manipulative tendencies whenever Ross got into a relationship (eg. Ross & Emily); it made him second guess his feelings when he thought he finally got over her.

  26. Noah Marat

    Noah Marat3 dager siden

    Office is better than shreck. there i said it

  27. Savannah B

    Savannah B3 dager siden

    I need to let everyone here know... my dad is literally the real life version of Michael Scott

  28. Gowtam Veluvali

    Gowtam Veluvali4 dager siden

    I don't know what is the problem with the laughs at background.... 🤔 For me its like watching at a theatre .

  29. Matthew Garland

    Matthew Garland4 dager siden

    Bruh tell me who the bad actor is

  30. Sarah _

    Sarah _4 dager siden


  31. Manas Bansal

    Manas Bansal4 dager siden

    The worst thing about watching friends now is the laughter track. Its so annoying that it constantly reminds you that this is just a tv show and doesnt let you immerse yourself in the world!

  32. India Quijano

    India Quijano4 dager siden

    I watched this entire video not knowing this was you Drew

  33. T. Fairuz

    T. Fairuz4 dager siden

    Ho ho, the Big Bang theory is huuuge in Bangladesh (similarity of names, no correlation). Incidentally, we have a shit sense of humour.

  34. H a d a s ahuman

    H a d a s ahuman4 dager siden

    This makes me wanna go watch The Office for the seventh time in a row It’s my favorite show

  35. Rossini Demelo

    Rossini Demelo2 dager siden

    H a d a s ahuman I’m looking for a new tv show to start watching, do u suggest I watch the office first over friends ?

  36. Vitasta Bhat

    Vitasta Bhat4 dager siden

    They’re both my favourite shows and I’ve watched them at least 10 times each! They’re just two different kind of shows. Wouldn’t compare :):)

  37. Fruitelly

    Fruitelly4 dager siden

    The original UK office is a masterpiece as well

  38. Bust Your Nugget

    Bust Your Nugget4 dager siden

    Ya but The Office don't have laugh tracks.

  39. Dii Aleksic

    Dii Aleksic4 dager siden

    My opinion: office is the best show, like this episode is my single favourite, i like friends also i think chandler and ross are the best actors, than rachel, and those otherthree are equally bad for me. THE BIG BANG THEORY IS SO STUPID AND MORONIC WHY DOES IT HAVE SUCH A GOOD SCORE ON IMDB???

  40. Pritish Borkar

    Pritish Borkar5 dager siden

    Sorry but Friends is the greatest sitcom of all time 🙌

  41. Nets Tomb

    Nets Tomb5 dager siden

    the office take you to anther level

  42. Lexa Terrestrial

    Lexa Terrestrial5 dager siden

    you took all that time to grow out that?!? what you call a BEARD?! LOL. Little man boy. so cute

  43. Lexa Terrestrial

    Lexa Terrestrial5 dager siden

    How I Met Your Mother - i think the 1 show with a laugh track that could actually almost hold a candle to the Office. Anyone getting into the world of comedy writing or even Imrpov should watch the Office at least 3 times

  44. Lexa Terrestrial

    Lexa Terrestrial5 dager siden

    you absolutely crushed this! the points you made.... when i was younger Friends was sort of just ending... And i remember everyone liking it... But a lot of shows seemed funnier back then they are today... we've evolved. Except The Big Bang Theory.... and i love the premise around it... but it's really gone downhill and become almost annoying. I can't even get into Parks & Rec... i just can't... The Office however - I SWEAR - EVERY MOMENT on that show is a precious inside joke Even just the looks people give.

  45. What's a Creel?

    What's a Creel?5 dager siden

    Friends is to US Office what US Office is to the UK office. US Office is good, and I love friends too. But, US Office seems like a scripted, rehearsed and polished TV sitcom. UK Office is a different beast entirely. Just an opinion, of course. Great vid :)

  46. romeogiulietta14

    romeogiulietta145 dager siden

    The Office has a completely different comedy, more intelligent and cynical maybe Friends' comedy is more...mainstream, oldschool which is totally fine since it aired in the 90's. They're funny in their own way :)

  47. Violet Grace

    Violet Grace5 dager siden

    i’m sorry but...... friends was shot in front of an audience

  48. reddielove

    reddielove6 dager siden

    i‘m not superstitious, but i‘m a little stitious

  49. Şimal

    Şimal6 dager siden

    13:50 I watched the Joker the other day and when I heard that part I was like 'oooh shit'

  50. Cristyclau

    Cristyclau6 dager siden

    HAHAHAHAAHAH in the united states you are lucky if you do something good xd

  51. MSV

    MSV7 dager siden

    “Comedy is subjective” 👀👀

  52. Whatshouldwecallher ?

    Whatshouldwecallher ?7 dager siden

    The office was brilliantly written. It gives attention to details. Also the character were what an average person with an average job looks like. Friends was amazing but the characters other than Chandler were often really glamorized, often unrealistic.

  53. Rohit Sancheti

    Rohit Sancheti7 dager siden

    I came back to the video after couple of months and saw I disliked it, couldn't remember why, at 10:20 after listening your opinion about TBBT I remembered!!

  54. Rohit Sancheti

    Rohit Sancheti6 dager siden

    @BMW 3 Series My Fav show is The Office itself but I am a big Fan of The Big Bang Theory until season 8 its the best!!

  55. BMW 3 Series

    BMW 3 Series6 dager siden

    Rohit Sancheti you should like the video

  56. DLeCo

    DLeCo7 dager siden

    Creed might be my favorite person

  57. VoluntaryismIsTheAnswer

    VoluntaryismIsTheAnswer7 dager siden

    For the first time in my life I willingly watched the ad and laughed out loud, thanks for making it painless.

  58. liana sajith

    liana sajith7 dager siden

    Liking friends is a controversial opinion? I'm genuinely surprised.

  59. Ken93Cy

    Ken93Cy8 dager siden

    I am one of those rare cases that loves BOTH shows equally and thinks that they BOTH had an amazing writing and comedy style. Don t shoot me

  60. cagednm69

    cagednm698 dager siden

    this video gets a thumbdown for poor research. Friends was shot in front of live audience at every taping. There is no laugh track

  61. Jasmine Doan

    Jasmine Doan6 dager siden

    Most episodes.

  62. kvisim

    kvisim8 dager siden

    that 70's show is the only show that actually does laugh tracks that isn't awful in my opinion

  63. O'Keeffe Entertainment

    O'Keeffe Entertainment8 dager siden

    The Big Bang Theory is my favorite show

  64. Elizabeth Stewart

    Elizabeth Stewart8 dager siden

    Love when you estimated how many clicked off when you started talking about numbers because as a quantitative psychologist that make got me more interested/excited

  65. Fulton Easterwood

    Fulton Easterwood8 dager siden


  66. Mitchell Kmatz

    Mitchell Kmatz8 dager siden

    Let's be honest, a good 30 percent of each fanbase lied about ever watching the shows and is just clout chasing

  67. Ryder Barrios

    Ryder Barrios8 dager siden

    I watch a lot of shows with laugh tracks but the laugh tracks are annoying!

  68. Slushdog 101

    Slushdog 1019 dager siden

    Honestly Friends was better.

  69. mychannel

    mychannel9 dager siden

    I clicked because of FRIENDS