Elle and Alaïa's Enchanted Bedroom and Rainbow Playroom Makeover | OMG We're Coming Over!

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LIZA KOSHY'S OUTDOOR SPACES: no-gos.info/video/maaYf56pz8ajtas.html
Nightstands (similar): bit.ly/2BdB9C3
Bed (similar): bit.ly/33wtuuy
Dresser (similar): bit.ly/2ONQ7q7
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Woven Floor Seats: bit.ly/35CbO2w
Shag Rug: bit.ly/2qgvCbA
Sheepskin: bit.ly/35vKGlP
Butterfly Stickers: bit.ly/2INlQnJ
Woven Rug: bit.ly/2IPktVl
White Butterfly Stickers: bit.ly/35Avi7F
Fiddle Leaf Fig: bit.ly/33BLS5p
Playroom Table: bit.ly/33wNtcp
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Pink Geometric Pillow: bit.ly/2IUy3qF
Crepe Paper Flowers (similar): bit.ly/2oAn8M2
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Wood Play Kitchen: bit.ly/35GAE1p
Dollhouse: bit.ly/2qgKVkv
Toy Car: bit.ly/33tVajy
Hippo Basket: bit.ly/2IPkIQo
Kids Chairs: bit.ly/2OQIFea
Butterfly Wand: bit.ly/2ISH7MW
Pink and Yellow Blocks: bit.ly/2IUzWDL
Pink Suitcases: bit.ly/2qgrW9K
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Mushroom Basket: bit.ly/2MJzKbG
Sun Pillow: bit.ly/2MHJAuH
Rainbow Pillow: bit.ly/2MFbhEi
Unicorn Doll: bit.ly/2ITMXgN
Floral Wallpaper: bit.ly/35CMQA4
Cloud Wallpaper: bit.ly/2MjqD2r
Creative Credit:
Audio Tracks - Epidemic Sound: share.epidemicsound.com/rGjgC
A Mr. Kate Production
Executive Producers: Kate Albrecht and Joey Zehr
Directed and Edited by: Vianne Robitaille
Producer: JJ Mayes
Shot by: Marco Bottiglieri, Sarah Winters
Assistant Camera: Ben Smith
Sound: Nick Carignan
Art Department: Emily Banks, Leo Martinez, Kenny Nogueira, Jamal Harris


  1. afeera ansar

    afeera ansar13 dager siden

    this is the most STUNNING room I have ever seen you guys are extremely talented!!!! 😢😢😢 im 20 years old and I would kill for that room ahahahha it’s beautiful!!!

  2. Victoria Madylin

    Victoria Madylin2 timer siden


  3. Naureen Ansar

    Naureen AnsarDag siden

    Omg we hv the same last name

  4. Aye Anna

    Aye Anna6 dager siden

    Lmao same here 😩💕🔥

  5. Lilly Boardman

    Lilly Boardman6 dager siden

    Afreera anasar im 9!

  6. Lilly Boardman

    Lilly Boardman6 dager siden

    afeera ansar yes

  7. Mikylla Chua

    Mikylla Chua2 timer siden

    Austin looks pissed off

  8. Princess Rm

    Princess Rm3 timer siden

    4:27 why would that piece of sculpture be in a kids room

  9. シʙ ʀ ɪ

    シʙ ʀ ɪ4 timer siden

    I think that it’s just so rude for Austin to decorate the house. They were putting so much work and effort into making their house look nice while taking care of a baby. It’s so sad to me because Catherine was so excited to see what it would look like and Austin really ruined that for Catherine and the viewers.

  10. Ruby T

    Ruby T4 timer siden

    If my clients did this to me i wouldve had an attack

  11. steve harveys mustache

    steve harveys mustache5 timer siden

    notice how excited catherine is now look how austin is..

  12. Totally Random

    Totally Random5 timer siden

    I know this isn’t the time for this, but I’ve been binging Mr. Kate and Kate is just so beautiful. Sorry but she’s sooo pretty ahhh

  13. B F

    B F6 timer siden

    I think Elle is on the spectrum.

  14. kitten30

    kitten3013 timer siden

    My uncles have this really successful company in Washington dc that does exactly what you guys do. They are a couple that designs rooms and houses just like you, and I know first hand how hardworking and demanding this job is, that's why loving it is so important

  15. Kaylah Simone

    Kaylah Simone14 timer siden

    Y'all are already such loving and intentional parents! Moon is blessed to have you two. Congratulations on your beautiful baby!!!

  16. Miss Sarra

    Miss Sarra16 timer siden

    You guys are so inspirational. I love designing and decorating rooms 😊😊😊😍😍😍 hopefully I can get the confidence to start my own NO-gos 😊😊😊

  17. Miss Sarra

    Miss Sarra16 timer siden

    Hate the ace family 😒😒😒😒 so bloody rude !!!!!!!!!

  18. Annika Vermeulen

    Annika Vermeulen17 timer siden

    Kate’s baby is soo cute and adorable

  19. iicami

    iicami18 timer siden

    if they don't give my room a makeover imma cry.

  20. Ashley Sarah

    Ashley Sarah20 timer siden

    Oh my gosh those 3D flowers!

  21. Leah Karren

    Leah Karren21 time siden

    i love how real joey and kate are, like they’re such bosses how they run their own business (and are freakin amazing at it), they are SO professional and good to work with (even when the client isn’t), and then also are wonderful parents 😭 i love you guys

  22. Squidneythe Squid

    Squidneythe Squid21 time siden

    It concerns me how much of an impulse spender this family is, I don’t even care about them, but I am worried about the future of the girls, especially with college.

  23. Sarah Watkins

    Sarah WatkinsDag siden

    Okay wait they got that big house and the girls share a room?

  24. Shrek 123

    Shrek 123Dag siden

    Did the ace family ever say thank you?

  25. Brette Baker

    Brette BakerDag siden

    And then they move in a week. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  26. anna

    annaDag siden

    I love how Kate is all about her work yet all about her son as well! She was drawing the butterfly wings while having moon on her so she could still have that sweet meaningful moment with him but also be working! They both are very genuine people and I live their sweet positive energy ❤️

  27. Ammarah Khalid

    Ammarah KhalidDag siden


  28. Shannon Penix

    Shannon PenixDag siden

    I understand the frustration yall had because its time wasted. Everyone is beating down the ACE family...have yall ever bought a house and had to wait over a year for construction to be done?? If I waited that long I wouldn't want to wait a couple more months for the 2 main rooms of my house to be decorated!! Even if his decorating skills suck, he was just impatient and wanted them decorated.

  29. Evelina Morales

    Evelina MoralesDag siden

    Wait sooooo Catherine did her hair pink after this right? 🤔🤔 hmmmmm lol

  30. Samantha Kimberly

    Samantha KimberlyDag siden

    My favorite part was Joey trying to avoid hitting the birds and honking his horn 🤣

  31. KMH

    KMHDag siden

    austin has got to be the most annoying person

  32. Eliza beth

    Eliza bethDag siden

    Mr. Kate deserves to make way more money than the ACE family. They're so fake!

  33. Monica W

    Monica WDag siden

    Please a dollar will help I got few days left !!! Please , my mom is my eveything and the only thing I got .... www.gofundme.com/f/my-moms-papers?+share-sheet&rcid=7fbc1a07a5d84a79b1f1d99d617cd5a9

  34. S. B

    S. BDag siden

    Is it only me or she looks like Halsey!!!!!!

  35. Niamh H

    Niamh HDag siden

    I’m living for mr Kate’s sherbet hair it’s different to the other pink tones she’s had before

  36. Markisha Laquan

    Markisha LaquanDag siden

    The whole downstairs area looks so tacky lol

  37. Jazzy Jaz

    Jazzy JazDag siden

    This family is fake all around!!!!!! (ace)

  38. Sarah Vancina

    Sarah VancinaDag siden

    Love the new parent videos 🥰

  39. I’m a cheese head

    I’m a cheese headDag siden

    Her room is as big as my living room and kitchen together

  40. Julissa Fajardo

    Julissa FajardoDag siden

    Not taking any sides but sheesh guys give them a break. At the end of the day it’s their house & to wait more months to settle in after already waiting for so long is just 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🙄

  41. drawing my world

    drawing my worldDag siden

    You made these rooms look amazing, and deserved more credit. We all are here for you and we think you did amazing. I'm sorry that Austin didn't give you any credit cuz you deserved it

  42. yadira magana

    yadira maganaDag siden

    Does anyone know what paint color they used in the walls? Love the color!

  43. Daely J. Ontiveros

    Daely J. Ontiveros2 dager siden

    Elle and Alaïa are going to be homeschooled????

  44. Nickicomehome

    Nickicomehome2 dager siden

    next time Austin should be patient and let them do their job. P.S it’s always their decision to let their children go to school or be homeschooled, stop telling people how to parent and take care of THEIR children. You never know the reasoning behind them being homeschooled, just because the Kardashian children aren’t homeschooled doesn’t mean the girls shouldn’t be either, Elle can learn and adapt to people on her own. Let them parent their children and mind your own business because I know everyone commenting about it is a child or doesn’t have children themselves.

  45. Hannah Harper

    Hannah Harper2 dager siden

    I would kill for y’all to do my home omg 😍

  46. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyu2 dager siden

    hi ace family