I'm tired of seeing shitty vlogs on NO-gos, and I'm tired of clicking on titles that lie about the content of a video. So I decided to make a video that parodies all this awful content that has been taking over NO-gos's "recommended videos" section for months.
If you also think vlogs are pretty stupid and this video made you laugh, feel free to share it. Post it to twitter, show your friends. It helps me out a bunch. In return, I'll try to keep posting dank content as much as I possibly can.
Thanks for watching.

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  1. Blue Collar Men Productions

    Blue Collar Men Productions10 timer siden

    Amanda always looks a little pissed at you.

  2. Kisha T TØP

    Kisha T TØP11 timer siden

    *COUGH COUGH ace family COUGH COUGH*

  3. anu ii

    anu ii2 dager siden

    im- this is spot on holy shit

  4. вlυflυ ༄

    вlυflυ ༄4 dager siden

    I hate traffic and red lights too 👿

  5. Ashley D

    Ashley D5 dager siden

    What why are people destroying iPhones???

  6. Tina Christina

    Tina Christina5 dager siden

    I also hate red lights, and traffic.

  7. Abdullah nadeem

    Abdullah nadeem6 dager siden

    You are kind of like the modern Fred

  8. Gaby Skye

    Gaby Skye8 dager siden

    Amanda is so beautiful

  9. Hatsumomo Murakami

    Hatsumomo Murakami8 dager siden

    You can tell it’s a parody because the video isn’t 10 minutes long.

  10. Ellie

    Ellie9 dager siden

    Bra and nothing else No Pay the clicks No I want the views No I want the money No

  11. lilhyped_fan_boi

    lilhyped_fan_boi9 dager siden

    I like how in the thumb nail you can tell Amanda is wearing clothes and the censored blank is on her neck (over anilization)

  12. Makenzie Despain

    Makenzie Despain10 dager siden

    This is definitely on point. Love it!!

  13. Syphonix3

    Syphonix311 dager siden

    Really good video

  14. Sunday Jean

    Sunday Jean11 dager siden

    Drew: not every day is going to be exciting David dobrik: hold my 15 free cars for this random person I just met on the street and also my flamethrower

  15. Rayna Falch

    Rayna Falch12 dager siden

    I also hate red lights and traffic

  16. Shannon & Darek - Namaste Healthy

    Shannon & Darek - Namaste Healthy12 dager siden

    Our dog just farted.

  17. Minseo Choi

    Minseo Choi15 dager siden

    The video started buffering when he said “it’s finally time”

  18. Josh Bellamy

    Josh Bellamy16 dager siden

    Drew just seems like Amanda's gay best friend... But they're married and I love that lmao

  19. Emmanuel Odonkor

    Emmanuel Odonkor20 dager siden

    For phone users: 2:47 to skip intro

  20. Paul Kelly

    Paul Kelly21 dag siden

    Oooh, I wonder if that hurt my speakers.

  21. Abby Burke

    Abby Burke22 dager siden

    He never blinks

  22. Cager Carter

    Cager Carter22 dager siden

    *Fucking* thank you.

  23. Weezer Official

    Weezer Official23 dager siden

    Where sex

  24. Kira Dellinger

    Kira Dellinger23 dager siden

    😂 “I need the clicks”! Lol you two are cute and that was hilarious

  25. venusstardustkyojin

    venusstardustkyojin24 dager siden

    omg youre literally the only content creator that makes me laugh out loud. literally howling!!

  26. Schnemley

    Schnemley24 dager siden

    I actually love traffic. Is it still cool if I comment?

  27. Misshowzat

    Misshowzat25 dager siden

    Video starts at 2:47

  28. mia c-d

    mia c-d25 dager siden

    i love wh rhe aminda is in

  29. WriteHookTV

    WriteHookTV26 dager siden

    I don't know how I'm only just now finding the shitty dubstep is gold.

  30. Vlk Etto

    Vlk Etto27 dager siden

    now you just need three kids named Colby, Evan and Emma and use them for clicks and fame filming their crying and fights and their most embarrassing moments.

  31. Steven Perez

    Steven Perez28 dager siden

    My Favorite thing about this is the cast of “Martin” on his shirt

  32. Cameron Partlo

    Cameron PartloMåned siden

    "I don't know how to be funny" -drew gooden 2019 Makes me laugh right after

  33. Chris CZE

    Chris CZEMåned siden

    shitty dubstep intro makes me die every time, I love it

  34. BradlesMcgee

    BradlesMcgeeMåned siden

    i hate red light

  35. Kepsin

    KepsinMåned siden

    What’s under the censor bar?

  36. Weronika W

    Weronika WMåned siden

    this is pure genius

  37. Sälis Sälis

    Sälis SälisMåned siden

    of course we clicked on this video IT'S THE ONLY VIDEO ON NO-gos can someone PLEASE make another channel (and/or website) (and/or internet) (and/or other media) (and/or something else) (and/or this same video again but a ripoff)

  38. Cassy Higgins

    Cassy HigginsMåned siden

    I HATE traffic

  39. Cassy Higgins

    Cassy HigginsMåned siden

    I HATE red lights

  40. Envy919

    Envy919Måned siden

    Some of this is dragging me😂

  41. mohammed alssaraj

    mohammed alssarajMåned siden

    Thank you for stating that this is a parody in the title. If you hadn’t I’d’ve believed’t it’d be all vlogs ever

  42. Rarzwon

    RarzwonMåned siden

    Commenting down below because I was repeatedly told to comment down below because if I'm dumb enough to fall for click bait more than once I'll basically do whatever I'm told Like this comment if you do that too

  43. Outlaw97

    Outlaw97Måned siden

    Omg i vlog on Snapchat this is so damn true 😂

  44. The Dumpster Behind A Chili’s

    The Dumpster Behind A Chili’sMåned siden

    so many creative people? am i missing something? did other people start posting on NO-gos?

  45. Micah Wright

    Micah WrightMåned siden

    Not sure if the "Is clickbait destroying NO-gos" recommendation at 0:58 was supposed to be ironic or not.

  46. trayaurus

    trayaurusMåned siden

    If drew is the only channel on NO-gos then that means every other channel is his second channel

  47. KentucyFried Pancakes

    KentucyFried PancakesMåned siden

    I can never tell if Amanda is sick of Drews shit or a phenomenal actress

  48. Jake Moretti

    Jake MorettiMåned siden

    Your intro is a really important message, Drew. The overall quality of videos has declined greatly, and the quantity has soared with mediocrity. I find your channel to be a silver lining, hence I’m subscribed :)

  49. madeline welsh

    madeline welshMåned siden

    this is still funny

  50. Alberto Guadalupe

    Alberto GuadalupeMåned siden


  51. Suq Madiq

    Suq MadiqMåned siden

    If I saw a video called “I got herpes”, I wouldn’t click on it

  52. Владимир Антоноски

    Владимир АнтоноскиMåned siden


  53. Maddy Alger

    Maddy AlgerMåned siden

    Soooooo accurate.

  54. hugathug8

    hugathug8Måned siden


  55. Michelle Ospina P

    Michelle Ospina PMåned siden

    Drew's stuffed nose in the beginning represents me

  56. El sa

    El saMåned siden

    ok but i thought you and danny were gay

  57. Minerva A

    Minerva AMåned siden

    Sorry to say it, but, I love you but your vlogs are not energized and it's kinda boring... Not hating ✌️

  58. Saylerjesse

    SaylerjesseMåned siden

    im proud that your wife uses a canon 50mm 1.2. I SEE IT AND I LOVE IT

  59. Jam

    JamMåned siden

    My favorites colliding; Drew wearing a Martin shirt

  60. Emma Nakos

    Emma NakosMåned siden

    You got married on my birthday!!!! omg (p.s. Amanda is so pretty!)