Explaining Why Kenzie & I Broke Up...

Today I explain why Kenz & I broke up...
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  1. maddie burns

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    amos -maddieburns2005

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    follow my tik tok maddie5831

  3. It’s Alex

    It’s Alex7 timer siden

    That is so wrong for people to tell you to kill yourself, they are going to be the reason you died and they have no right saying that bc rumors are rumors and they aren't always true

  4. Tory Ivy

    Tory Ivy8 timer siden


  5. Zainab Siddiqui

    Zainab Siddiqui10 timer siden

    I have so much respect for this man now. I’m literally sobbing. I hope he heals and lives his best possible life

  6. Itsme._. Madi

    Itsme._. Madi10 timer siden

    I’m 99

  7. Scarlett Bowmer

    Scarlett Bowmer11 timer siden

    Did u cheat on her???

  8. kianna Dae

    kianna Dae11 timer siden

    he didnt

  9. Shanti Bowers

    Shanti Bowers12 timer siden

    You couldn’t balance a relationship and work with is understanding

  10. Shanti Bowers

    Shanti Bowers12 timer siden

    Bless his heart and I hope you and kenz feel better and hopefully can work out in the feature !!💪🏽💯

  11. Molly

    Molly14 timer siden

    Does anybody else find it weird that a 16yr old kid is financially supporting his family. He is still a kid even if he is an actor he is a kid he shouldn’t have that much pressure on him

  12. Anna E

    Anna E14 timer siden

    is he that guy in fuller house

  13. Lina Jordan

    Lina Jordan15 timer siden

    It’s okay because she deserves better than him.

  14. Katylyn Williams

    Katylyn Williams16 timer siden

    Hot sauce

  15. Elxna V

    Elxna V16 timer siden

    Didn't he cheat? Lol

  16. Emanuela Ibasfalean

    Emanuela Ibasfalean16 timer siden

    To many commercials, I do not want you to gain money so because of that byeeee

  17. Jovana Slijepcevic

    Jovana Slijepcevic16 timer siden

    I knew it

  18. Alvina Cenac

    Alvina Cenac16 timer siden

    I feel like I cant stand him now thats his not with kenzie🤷🏽‍♀️

  19. Kyla Abramson

    Kyla Abramson16 timer siden

    I still think he cheated

  20. Jayvah Leah

    Jayvah Leah17 timer siden

    guys a relationship isn’t a group project.

  21. Alvaro Gomes

    Alvaro Gomes19 timer siden

    I didn't want you guys to broke up but it's like you guys are such a cute couples guys are probably one of my favorite couples ever

  22. Alvaro Gomes

    Alvaro Gomes19 timer siden

    I am so sorry that you guys broke up

  23. Zoe is the best ever Ever

    Zoe is the best ever Ever19 timer siden

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love youuuu

  24. Andrew gaona

    Andrew gaona20 timer siden

    😭💔 still calls her kenz

  25. KaylaKToday

    KaylaKToday20 timer siden

    This took heart. Great video

  26. annie_ iwankowicz

    annie_ iwankowicz20 timer siden

    So time to Jenzie ...

  27. Chelsea

    Chelsea20 timer siden

    Very mature! I give you a lot of props! Make sure to always put yourself first, before your family. Xo

  28. Tiffany Kamanda

    Tiffany Kamanda21 time siden

    he has so much to deal with and he's so young and I believe that everyone deserves to be happy and not just fake being happy and to everyone who said all those horrible things to him and spread rumours about the break up that's just so wrong u should feel horrible and maybe next time wait to know the reasons for people's decisions before u judge cause it might be just more than words to the people your telling these horrible things.

  29. Zdogbeast22

    Zdogbeast2222 timer siden

    Imagine being a famous actor and only having half a million subs. Just delete your channel cause Kenz is a dancer and has 3 mil.

  30. Trinyti Sass

    Trinyti Sass23 timer siden

    Hope you get back together

  31. Trinyti Sass

    Trinyti Sass23 timer siden

    You made me cry hope you get back together love you

  32. Trinyti Sass

    Trinyti Sass23 timer siden

    Love you to kenz

  33. Kynlee Murphy

    Kynlee MurphyDag siden

    Bruh 2020 is horrible. 1. Kobe & Gigi died 😢 2. Covid-19 shut everything down 3. Many famous people have died (can’t name them all) from covid 4. My principle passed away from a heart attack 5. Lorie loughlin is going to/is in jail 6. Asher and Annie break up 7. Charli and Chase break up 8. Isaak and Kenzie break up 9. Mads and jaden break up Bruh what else is gonna happen??

  34. soinhu foitu

    soinhu foituDag siden

    addressed more clearly.

  35. Logan Herda

    Logan HerdaDag siden

    You are such a jerk! Kenzie is one of the most nicest people ever.

  36. Caroline Bush

    Caroline BushDag siden

    U just want views

  37. Emana Sophia Blas

    Emana Sophia BlasDag siden

    Why did you guys break up the same time as Asher and Annie?

  38. jessica hoihte

    jessica hoihteDag siden

    Hi isaak if u love kenzie why did you cheat on her you really break her heart and I wish Johnny and Kenzie will be together

  39. soinhu foitu

    soinhu foituDag siden

    Leave a like if I enjoyed the video? duh, she's better off without him!

  40. Neha Kulkarni

    Neha KulkarniDag siden

    Influencers are humans too

  41. gia oliff

    gia oliffDag siden

    i'm not one to comment on videos but this broke my heart. be you, find love and run with it. you can get through it, a new day everyday to strive to be a better person

  42. Ellen Macrae

    Ellen MacraeDag siden

    Why did I just find this

  43. Ale Alexutza

    Ale AlexutzaDag siden

    Why... Noooo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  44. Cami Gahon

    Cami GahonDag siden

    I just wanna give you and kenzie a big hug rn!!!❤️❤️❤️

  45. Cami Gahon

    Cami GahonDag siden

    Omg,😟😞I hope you and Kenzie are okay, or that you guys get better🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 you guys were such a real couple that gave such great advice, advice I low-key I wish I could've known before I actually experienced it. But I can see what you're saying and I understand.... Hopefully when you guys are ready mentally and emotionally as an individual that you guys will end up back tg soon in the future... But for now, hope you're both staying strong!!!❤️❤️❤️

  46. Live life just a little

    Live life just a littleDag siden

    Who’s here from TikTok 😂

  47. Leticia Zec

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  48. Avie Bear

    Avie BearDag siden

    Not to be rude but who remembers popko from fuller house😂

  49. Darah Jaylenexo

    Darah JaylenexoDag siden

    That’s so sad that you have to support your family especially since u started at such a young age, I’m sorry

  50. DEZ

    DEZDag siden

    Why did y'all do this to me I wanna cry ): y'all were so cute and didn't have much problems like most people but if y'all talk about it and ignore these hates y'all should maybe get back together cause I literally miss all the videos y'all made together and it was so cuteeee

  51. kaykaybeauty37

    kaykaybeauty37Dag siden

    why are there barely any hate comments lol this man cheated on kenzie. no one deserves that shit. if you cant commit to someone dont be in a relationship

  52. amanda ayon

    amanda ayonDag siden

    Awwwe I'm sorry you're getting so much hate ♡

  53. Nandini Balasubramanian

    Nandini BalasubramanianDag siden

    Leave a like if I enjoyed the video? duh, she's better off without him!

  54. Nathaly Araujo

    Nathaly AraujoDag siden

    Your so mature

  55. Nathaly Araujo

    Nathaly AraujoDag siden

    I really feel I’m watching a grown up adult

  56. Nathaly Araujo

    Nathaly AraujoDag siden

    I really hope you became a really famous actor and support all your family (that’s my dream but your closer to it)

  57. Nathaly Araujo

    Nathaly AraujoDag siden

    The problem of your relationship is that you became an adult at a really young age

  58. Nathaly Araujo

    Nathaly AraujoDag siden

    My dream is supporting my family economically

  59. Nathaly Araujo

    Nathaly AraujoDag siden

    “I have to take care of my family” your gonna be a good father one day

  60. Nathaly Araujo

    Nathaly AraujoDag siden

    I can relate with you so hard

  61. Nathaly Araujo

    Nathaly AraujoDag siden

    I gained you so much respect because of this video

  62. Samara SAKHRANI

    Samara SAKHRANIDag siden

    i feel so bad and i know its hard but you will get through this !!

  63. Eliana Valenzuela

    Eliana ValenzuelaDag siden

    so mature!! both of y’all!! love y’all!!💕💕

  64. シChxrish_Chxrry

    シChxrish_ChxrryDag siden

    *Not a fan of neither of them just came here for ☕️✌️*

  65. Marni Kramer

    Marni KramerDag siden

    His words are very mature... as well as the vibe he gives off. It’s okay, breakups happen. I didn’t really know their relationship very well... nor did I know issac really well, but when somebody (in this case issac) is going through something mentally, it’s hard to keep a relationship going when people feel that way. I love Kenzie and I am glad there’s no bad blood here :))

  66. hen ko

    hen koDag siden

    addressed more clearly.

  67. luv 123

    luv 123Dag siden

    But yet he cheated 😂

  68. Skye Squire

    Skye SquireDag siden

    So sorry about what happened

  69. why Not

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  70. sarah says hey

    sarah says heyDag siden

    Ok it is really sad that they broke up and all but can we just get to the point and say that someone telling u to kill urself is NOT ok they are at such a low level that they have to bring other people down for them to feal better about themselves and when u see those comments as hard as it is to do u should feal sorry for the person who had to bring u down to make them feal better about themselves Live ur best life for as long as u can and do let anyone bring u down thanks if u read all the way down to here xxx

  71. hen ko

    hen koDag siden

    Please try Jesus He gives peace without all understanding😌 He loves u and died for every pain and strugglesss!

  72. Yara’sLifeOfficial

    Yara’sLifeOfficialDag siden

    This is sad I’m supporting both of them and I hope and wish the best for them Also quick reminder I’m not asking for likes or clout I’m only saying that they both are amazing and it’s sad that this had to happen but it was for the best I have hope and faith in both of you love you Isaac and Kenzie 🤗 Edit: I spelt Isaak wrong I spelt it with a C anyway’s

  73. Addie Koltz

    Addie KoltzDag siden

    He seems so mature. Like he knows what he needs to do and he’s willing to do whatever it takes

  74. Addy L

    Addy LDag siden

    I knew it would happen

  75. amourkennedy

    amourkennedyDag siden

    Issak cheating on Kenzie he didn’t care then but when she confronted him he started caring what a simp

  76. Kayde Bathgate

    Kayde BathgateDag siden

    Awe, I really miss them. But huge respect and o both I think they took it very well.🥺❤️💖

  77. Lynn Jones

    Lynn JonesDag siden

    Don’t listen to anyone that tells you to kill your self cos your a great guy and your the best actor. Your cute, your funny and your kind. ❤️😂🥺

  78. Melissa Thompson

    Melissa ThompsonDag siden

    why i love you guy together you guy nonononno i am cry did she cry when you guys broke up

  79. Chiara Markus

    Chiara MarkusDag siden

    You didn't love her, you don't deserve her😡😡😡 I'm so sorry for her.

  80. Zakyra’s Awesome World

    Zakyra’s Awesome WorldDag siden

    This is his business and he should have to explain to people why they broke up because it isn’t even anyone’s business

  81. Amelia Schuman

    Amelia SchumanDag siden

    The difference between this video and Kenzie’s tho

  82. Kincee’s Life

    Kincee’s LifeDag siden

    I have literally never clicked on something so fast except the lil huddy and Charli incident.

  83. Grace Russini

    Grace Russini2 dager siden

    he stills calls her kenz 🥺

  84. Tumilara Olarinde

    Tumilara Olarinde2 dager siden

    Please try Jesus He gives peace without all understanding😌 He loves u and died for every pain and strugglesss!

  85. Jessica Baskin

    Jessica Baskin2 dager siden

    i just gained so much more respect for this kid