Exploring Facebook Marketplace with Danny Gonzalez

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The boys are back in town! Specifically, the town of Anaheim, California. In this episode of Drew & Danny Take Over NO-gos, we look at some of the weirdest shit that people have tried to sell on the world's worst social media website, Facebook. We also laugh a lot. Enjoy.
If you're wondering why I sound so dead in this it's because this video was recorded on the last day of the most exhausting week of my life. I'm gonna go take a nap now.
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  1. FanFicnic

    FanFicnic9 timer siden

    “No thank you. My tummy’s full.”

  2. peppermint pug.

    peppermint pug.14 timer siden

    dude i got a kurtis conner ad before this-

  3. Makoimonno

    Makoimonno22 timer siden

    Trixie and Kayta out of drag

  4. Jo J

    Jo JDag siden

    Yall should re act to word villas ads its really weird

  5. JamesonWilde

    JamesonWildeDag siden

    Sound about right for Myakka

  6. Crystal Link

    Crystal LinkDag siden

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7-- 97 98 99 100 alright 1 dollar so far

  7. Emily K

    Emily KDag siden

    Idk why, but Drew gives me John Mulaney vibes and I love it

  8. Noah Smith

    Noah SmithDag siden

    why is this so awkward

  9. chihuahua bently

    chihuahua bentlyDag siden

    11:12 They should use that $5.00 to buy some damn sheets lol

  10. leah anderson

    leah andersonDag siden

    drew’s reflection in the door in the beginning is so funny

  11. Yuli Fireman

    Yuli FiremanDag siden

    tfw ur mom manages part of Facebook marketplace 😳😳

  12. Firstname Lastname

    Firstname LastnameDag siden

    For sale Juicy pacis Never used

  13. Zelda Boss21

    Zelda Boss212 dager siden

    Nobody: Danny’s wrist:🟣🟣🟣🟣🟠🟣🟣🟣🟣🟠

  14. Mikhaila Cootware

    Mikhaila Cootware2 dager siden

    Imagine if Danny and Drew mad a cologne line... it would just be the smell of feces and urine

  15. Epiknis 303

    Epiknis 3032 dager siden

    Ngl that 240sx is actually a good deal

  16. Ocelot Tamer

    Ocelot Tamer2 dager siden

    I love that the “this guy is either drunk or on his damn phone” guy used his phone to take the photo.

  17. amy joy

    amy joy2 dager siden

    i went to dollars have club dot com...they also have dollars, and so they invited me to join the club. five of my dollars became five of their dollars and one of their kits became one of my kits. math exchange.

  18. Navy Ninja Gaming

    Navy Ninja Gaming2 dager siden

    Hate to break it to you but those juicy pacifiers are not used in the way that conventional pacifiers are used... *shudders* I had a few girlfriends that were into that shit...

  19. dildonius

    dildonius3 dager siden

    Please call us Kevin because I'm Kevin. Hi, Drew.

  20. Idaho Krueger

    Idaho Krueger3 dager siden

    That’s not a bad price for a 240 body

  21. Tubes

    Tubes3 dager siden

    poop in my mouth

  22. BubblePop MSP

    BubblePop MSP4 dager siden

    Comment for Drew Like for Danny

  23. Charlie White

    Charlie White4 dager siden

    I'd watch those two do gay scat porn tbh

  24. Harry Steels

    Harry Steels5 dager siden

    OK but Danny is really cute

  25. David Osher

    David Osher5 dager siden

    kevin *and* greg or grevin/keg

  26. Samantha Curtis

    Samantha Curtis5 dager siden

    drew hiding his love for danny for 15 minutes straight

  27. Ace Angel

    Ace Angel6 dager siden

    I love that you can see Drew holding the camera in the beginning at 00:45 XD great video guys (not sarcasm love you two)

  28. Avah Torres

    Avah Torres6 dager siden

    Danny I totally caught u looking at the camera in the intro

  29. dragonslibrary

    dragonslibrary7 dager siden

    you should've worn name tags i couldn't tell you guys apart!

  30. nlrjk nicki

    nlrjk nicki7 dager siden

    I saw a marketplace couch and the person selling it named it "Oversized Cough"

  31. Ramez Dr

    Ramez Dr9 dager siden

    "They got hair gel ,for your teeth"

  32. dumb bitch

    dumb bitch9 dager siden

    0:54 can't stop staring at the reflection of Drew in the door... Idk why but it just seems surreal to me. like it's trapped in there. not sure if that's because I haven't slept in 24 hours or because I am drunk right now... we may never know.

  33. Lily Siebert

    Lily Siebert10 dager siden

    all of these were from Florida

  34. Moon Starful

    Moon Starful10 dager siden

    This guy is either drunk or on the damn phone for $8

  35. Kate Funnekotter

    Kate Funnekotter10 dager siden

    0:52 look in the background, and you can see Drew filming in the reflection of the door. I knew that he was probably filming, but I found it really funny.

  36. Delaney Mckinley

    Delaney Mckinley11 dager siden

    Plot twist: the doll’s box was broken cause it was trying to escape

  37. Don't check out this channel Please

    Don't check out this channel Please12 dager siden

    Big missed opportunity. Could have named us “Craig”

  38. Titanus Rodan

    Titanus Rodan12 dager siden


  39. Crim Jax

    Crim Jax14 dager siden

    That 240sx would make a nice cheap project though

  40. 970.stock.z33 on instagram

    970.stock.z33 on instagram14 dager siden

    @8:21 that's a super cheap 240 with a straight frame and a clean body, put some respect on my man's. Ps sorry I'm so late just stumbled upon this video

  41. Savannah Gilinsky

    Savannah Gilinsky14 dager siden

    i lost it when drew said “mouth full of poop please”

  42. Lafayeete Large Baguette

    Lafayeete Large Baguette15 dager siden

    *Mouth full of poop, p l e a s e*

  43. Marzi

    Marzi15 dager siden

    Drew: Craigslist Danny: anger

  44. TheWildBranco

    TheWildBranco15 dager siden

    The table IS the third chair

  45. Sharky

    Sharky16 dager siden

    I have the same fucking mic as you

  46. Elite XBOX

    Elite XBOX16 dager siden

    2:02 so many bracelets

  47. madeline waddell

    madeline waddell17 dager siden

    PLZ to a part 2 omfg

  48. 0 0

    0 018 dager siden

    I am facebook

  49. Louisa Capell

    Louisa Capell18 dager siden

    Cloth diapers last for years and are machine washable. Guys, some perspective.

  50. David Willis

    David Willis18 dager siden

    Why are all of the posts from Florida lmaoo

  51. Ice Turtle

    Ice Turtle18 dager siden

    My mom told me she’s gonna start selling knitted plushies on the market place for only like £2, I honestly think she should charge more

  52. Lilly Patterson

    Lilly Patterson19 dager siden

    is there a reason they're all from florida?

  53. Cameron Rundle

    Cameron Rundle19 dager siden

    Danny looks 15 years old

  54. Naveed Near-Ansari

    Naveed Near-Ansari19 dager siden

    10:45 ohh yes Florida, that’s where heaven is!

  55. Honour Mcenroe

    Honour Mcenroe20 dager siden

    The dorito bag is an old t vine "In a bag a doritos"

  56. _Wth_Elle_

    _Wth_Elle_20 dager siden

    I saw "Drew" recording Danny in the reflection of the door. You can't hide your clone forever Drew Gooden.

  57. grace dettwyler

    grace dettwyler20 dager siden

    10:08 Danny feeling uncomfortable for 30 seconds straight

  58. Rudolf Navidad

    Rudolf Navidad21 dag siden

    nice shirt

  59. Pastel Gore ASMR

    Pastel Gore ASMR21 dag siden

    Drew begging Danny to poop on him for 15 minutes

  60. Kevin Luper

    Kevin Luper21 dag siden

    What's up bruh