Extended Cut: Stars Freak Out Meeting 'Cheer’s' Jerry Harris at the Oscars

Ellen sent "Cheer" star Jerry Harris to the 2020 Oscars to be her red carpet correspondent and chat with stars, including Brad Pitt and Billie Eilish. While he gave some encouraging “Mat Talk” to Idina Menzel, many actors like Laura Dern, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Kathy Bates lost it over meeting the breakout cheerleader. Plus, Ellen and her friends at Shutterfly had a gift for the college student.

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  1. Travel Dee

    Travel Dee3 timer siden

    hand shake with brad pitt! hahaha! jerry i love you!!!

  2. Amanada Nunez

    Amanada Nunez8 timer siden

    Ellen never fails to let me cry

  3. Cds Dior

    Cds Dior11 timer siden

    He was my favourite!!!

  4. Food Enthusiast

    Food Enthusiast12 timer siden

    I love Jerry!

  5. Coll 44

    Coll 4413 timer siden

    I'm crying! Cheerleading has officially made it!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Kathylene Graves

    Kathylene Graves15 timer siden

    I love jerry's spirit. In a world of nastiness and despair we need someone with his kind of soul. I hope he is blessed with many more good that comes his way

  7. Mellissa Garcia

    Mellissa Garcia16 timer siden

    Never subscribed to Netflix but I will now! Will be watching Cheer !!!!

  8. Ooo Chileee

    Ooo Chileee21 time siden

    Love you jerrrry!!!💕💕💕

  9. Rivviera Williams

    Rivviera WilliamsDag siden

    I love him!!!

  10. jordaine davidson

    jordaine davidsonDag siden

    Aww I’ve never watched Cheer and I already love Jerry! Definitely gonna binge tonight

  11. mail4dodi

    mail4dodiDag siden




    He deserves it!!!❤❤❤👍🏾

  13. Beautywithconfidence

    BeautywithconfidenceDag siden

    This video had me smiling from ear to ear I love jerry! he deserves the world!

  14. Amanda Kate

    Amanda Kate2 dager siden

    There should be a 'Jerry's positive affirmations' app.... one for motivation at the gym ''Girl you got this! You're doing it! You're killing it, you look gorgeous'' and a self esteem boost morning routine ''You've got this! Look at you, you're smart and brave and you're gonna do good today. You gotta smile, look at the beautiful smile! Let people see how happy you are.''

  15. Hannah Corcoran

    Hannah Corcoran2 dager siden

    Well I’m crying

  16. Anna Grace

    Anna Grace2 dager siden

    Jerry is a national treasure

  17. Surviving Adulthood

    Surviving Adulthood2 dager siden

    Somebody got him lol Powder all on the side of his face! 😂❤️

  18. Lois Cath

    Lois Cath2 dager siden


  19. Rachael Zabel

    Rachael Zabel2 dager siden

    Hes such a cutie

  20. Jay Squared

    Jay Squared3 dager siden

    Jerry is a blessing from God!

  21. Jōjia Momo

    Jōjia Momo3 dager siden

    Laura Dern, that is all.

  22. Christopher Devereaux

    Christopher Devereaux3 dager siden


  23. B Mo

    B Mo4 dager siden

    Omg!!! Yyyeesssss Jerry!!!! This is such a blessing that’s well deserved!!! This is what happens when u give positive energy

  24. Amelia Louisa

    Amelia Louisa4 dager siden

    Watch out Kalen, Jerry is coming for your gig honey.

  25. Blacbarbie37

    Blacbarbie374 dager siden

    I love jerry!!

  26. Scarlet Scorpio

    Scarlet Scorpio5 dager siden

    Can we all agree each of us need Jerry in our lives daily. Omg I love him so much!

  27. Melisa

    Melisa5 dager siden

    So glad that he’s come this far! Keep it going Jerryyy 🤩

  28. Julian H

    Julian H5 dager siden

    I LOVE JERRY!💗💗 he’s the best!

  29. Jess J

    Jess J5 dager siden

    Jerry reminds me of Kid President. Tehe

  30. Sabryna Smith

    Sabryna Smith5 dager siden

    AHHHHHHH JERRY!!!!!!!!

  31. Tatum

    Tatum5 dager siden

    In a world where you can be anything... be JERRY!!!!!

  32. Kim Shelton

    Kim Shelton5 dager siden

    Jerry is such a light. I fell in love with him watching the show. His positivity is such an inspiration. He is going to do great things.

  33. Denis A.

    Denis A.5 dager siden

    This dude is soo cool. I'm from europe and didn't hear about him.

  34. Sarah Ivey

    Sarah Ivey6 dager siden

    seeing jerry from winning worlds to getting his on tv and going to the oscars, its amazing

  35. Payton Robles

    Payton Robles6 dager siden

    Most of us girls from Texas were a cheerleader at some point in life. Lol

  36. Fall_Vapor_KnJ

    Fall_Vapor_KnJ6 dager siden

    Jerry deserves the whole world and more

  37. Katie B

    Katie B6 dager siden

    Jerry is the best. Honestly.

  38. Don Leed

    Don Leed6 dager siden

    this whole thing just made me SO HAPPY!!!

  39. cedes _ Benz

    cedes _ Benz6 dager siden

    Ellen: CEO of making dreams come true

  40. Ashleigh Pettit

    Ashleigh Pettit6 dager siden

    I feel so genuinely happy when I see the recognition, love and admiration that Jerry receives. He is truly a good person. He has a heart of gold, he’s selfless and caring, hard-working and his positive mindset is contagious.

  41. Abstar’s Life - Abbie Draper

    Abstar’s Life - Abbie Draper6 dager siden

    He is the best ! Ellen give him a job please

  42. Sue

    Sue7 dager siden

    Kalen better watch out! Here comes Jerry ❤️😍🥰🙌🏼💪🏼👏🏼✊🏼

  43. Jordan Bartman

    Jordan Bartman7 dager siden

    YAA JERRY!!!

  44. misskit123

    misskit1237 dager siden

    This video has put me in such a good mood. Today will be a good day!

  45. pensamiento emprendedor enamorarse del problema

    pensamiento emprendedor enamorarse del problema7 dager siden

    Jerry 🙌💐

  46. Kara Kent

    Kara Kent7 dager siden

    Ellen, PLEASE have Jerry do ALL the award shows!!! He’s so incredible, and amazing, and positive, and precious!! Love him ♥️♥️♥️

  47. Rhyan Madden

    Rhyan Madden7 dager siden

    Lin-Manuel Miranda had me too weak. I love Jerry 😭 he deserves everything that come to him.

  48. cassy b

    cassy b7 dager siden

    Please have Jerry back! We need more of him!

  49. Hailey Bea

    Hailey Bea7 dager siden

    jerry is so postitive !!!! I’m so happy for him, he deserves all of this 😭

  50. Christa M

    Christa M8 dager siden

    Aw I love him x

  51. Ellen tv TV

    Ellen tv TV8 dager siden

    Who just came to check the views?

  52. CrLazymInTx

    CrLazymInTx8 dager siden

    If they picked anyone else besides Jerry for this I would’ve been bent!!!

  53. CrLazymInTx

    CrLazymInTx8 dager siden


  54. Santana Clark

    Santana Clark8 dager siden

    This made me cry. I am so happy for him! Look at what God will do man!! Amazing!! 🙌🏾

  55. TaySimone

    TaySimone8 dager siden

    I love Jerryyyyyyy

  56. Jessica Henny

    Jessica Henny8 dager siden

    Jerry ❤️

  57. Robyn P

    Robyn P8 dager siden

    Tears of JOY 😂😅

  58. Insanitys Ninja

    Insanitys Ninja9 dager siden

    Kathy Bates: I aM sUppOse To HoLD thIs MySelF?

  59. sonidos relajantes de la naturaleza

    sonidos relajantes de la naturaleza9 dager siden

    Buen video👍

  60. Brittni Johnson

    Brittni Johnson9 dager siden

    This made my whole week!! Love his spirit and Ellen's generous heart!