FaZe Clan Reacts To Magic Tricks

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  1. FaZe Clan

    FaZe Clan10 dager siden

    Johnny Wu is INSANE 🤯🔥

  2. Oran JudgeSherry

    Oran JudgeSherry2 dager siden

    My dream is to be in FaZe clan, i am very good at fortnite and especially trickshotting

  3. ••••••••••••

    ••••••••••••5 dager siden

    Can we get a part 2???

  4. Ivan Vargas

    Ivan Vargas5 dager siden


  5. Angelo McCullom

    Angelo McCullom6 dager siden

    Stop the cappin faze 3:03 u can see the x on the big fellas arm

  6. Zarvin Btw

    Zarvin Btw6 dager siden

    stargazing lmao 😂

  7. Jesal Patel

    Jesal Patel12 timer siden

    remember kids, whenever you think your good at something just remember their is a Asian better than you.

  8. Hello I’m Patrick

    Hello I’m Patrick13 timer siden

    I think he did a double lift

  9. Carlos Sanchez

    Carlos Sanchez15 timer siden

    His best magic trick is giving corona virus

  10. I’m high

    I’m high21 time siden

    999k views right when I watch it lmao

  11. Moey g

    Moey gDag siden

    It's set up

  12. I-preach Leader

    I-preach LeaderDag siden

    Who is better like John wu Comment zhack king

  13. Mad Butters

    Mad ButtersDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="182">3:02</a> look at nikan elbow

  14. Husein Official

    Husein OfficialDag siden

    No one got bums with the first card trick you can see how he forced the card from start of the trick.

  15. VecxiiiFN

    VecxiiiFNDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="595">9:55</a> COPYRIGHTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!

  16. Peter Refsgaard

    Peter RefsgaardDag siden

    Hilarious its like watching the teenage girl from your elementary school, watching magic tricks.

  17. IItsACronical

    IItsACronicalDag siden

    hahaha at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="236">3:56</a> you can see a guy that grabs the elbow as a marker in his hand so that was definitely set up


    DA SUNTRA2 dager siden

    Johny Wu is a hacker

  19. Orbix

    Orbix2 dager siden

    more videos like this

  20. Who is this :

    Who is this :2 dager siden

    Why is it so grey 🤦🏾‍♂️

  21. AceOfGames

    AceOfGames2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="627">10:27</a> i also can move my ear and i'm 10 yrs old lol

  22. haikid11 1

    haikid11 12 dager siden

    Your parents will never die Because legends never die 🔥 🔥

  23. Hamoodi Fujaravi

    Hamoodi Fujaravi2 dager siden

    Who dafuck is the camera man

  24. Pranav Bladson

    Pranav Bladson2 dager siden


  25. Musa

    Musa2 dager siden

    Clearly rigged

  26. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt3 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="196">3:16</a> "He's accessing the fourth dimension for sure for sure." lmao I missed Rain so much

  27. AGXNY

    AGXNYDag siden

    you literally just stole this comment

  28. Jj Louis

    Jj Louis3 dager siden

    I’ll be the richest person in the states if I got paid for every time of them said *NO WAY*

  29. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt3 dager siden

    Did the x sorta float or am I trippin? Edit: @ 3:14

  30. Muhammad Rafay

    Muhammad Rafay3 dager siden

    He’s a alien

  31. Gary The snail

    Gary The snail3 dager siden

    That is mind crap

  32. Will Stokes

    Will Stokes3 dager siden

    Do Faze trick shots/horse at newFaze house backyard

  33. VG Savage

    VG Savage3 dager siden

    Only people under 7 feet can like this

  34. Parkour Bro’s

    Parkour Bro’s3 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="206">3:26</a> Jarvis aimbot

  35. Norbu

    Norbu3 dager siden

    You guys need better camera men, and higher quality.

  36. L2 Rainyy

    L2 Rainyy3 dager siden

    Has Apex gotten bigger no dis I’m jw

  37. Snow Bear

    Snow Bear3 dager siden

    Migician: *Dose Magic Kay: * Ur insiane Bro

  38. Yonusisthebest Gaming

    Yonusisthebest Gaming3 dager siden

    Look at the floor their is a card ripped in half

  39. woiour loin

    woiour loin3 dager siden

    Apex puppet

  40. Razor

    Razor3 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="531">8:51</a> that nose tho

  41. woiour loin

    woiour loin3 dager siden

    My guess is he stamped the x on them before the show without them knowing

  42. big gump

    big gump4 dager siden

    The first trick adapt looked scared

  43. Babatunde

    Babatunde4 dager siden

    Jonhy wu was using aimbot

  44. Abubaker Muhammed

    Abubaker Muhammed4 dager siden

    They've staged it you can see at 5mins 31 secs my man moves like he's fukin flash

  45. remy taylor

    remy taylor4 dager siden

    i salle when he rubes his fingers and droped the stapel

  46. Chris Guevara

    Chris Guevara4 dager siden

    Im shooook

  47. dutoiu hour

    dutoiu hour4 dager siden

    this little asian is out here screen recording

  48. YDDKingSammY

    YDDKingSammY4 dager siden

    Did the x sorta float or am I trippin? Edit: @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="194">3:14</a>

  49. Enrique Salas

    Enrique Salas4 dager siden

    Bro the telepathy ONE IS SCARYYY

  50. Zokahh_ YT

    Zokahh_ YT4 dager siden

    This man a robot doe

  51. Tehillim Rain

    Tehillim Rain4 dager siden

    “I see what he’s doing hes trolling” 😂😂

  52. itz Crypt

    itz Crypt4 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a> there’s a cut in the video i think he swapped the card and then just placed the clip together. smh

  53. Brennan Gibb

    Brennan Gibb4 dager siden

    Imagine jevs dumb ass in this video🤣🤣jev is my favorite Faze clan member btw❤️!

  54. Jose Moreno

    Jose Moreno4 dager siden

    I had that song stuck in my head too 😭😭

  55. Emi Gali

    Emi Gali4 dager siden

    The camera man sucked!!

  56. Chazington

    Chazington4 dager siden

    The camera work was AWFUL

  57. Chazington

    Chazington4 dager siden

    My guess is he stamped the x on them before the show without them knowing

  58. EZARUS

    EZARUS4 dager siden

    Apex puppet

  59. woiour loin

    woiour loin4 dager siden

    how come the word “universal” was the same as logan paul and them? 🤔

  60. ibkillnu- 24_7

    ibkillnu- 24_74 dager siden


  61. woiour loin

    woiour loin4 dager siden

    I’m scared

  62. Erin Greene

    Erin Greene4 dager siden

    That was fricking creepy

  63. Ganesh 115

    Ganesh 1154 dager siden

    There is sec cut <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="956">15:56</a>

  64. Michael Richards

    Michael Richards4 dager siden

    this little asian is out here screen recording

  65. Jack Holtom

    Jack Holtom4 dager siden

    The perfect eraser

  66. DivaisCute

    DivaisCute4 dager siden

    U can see the x on his elbow before the magic trick even starts

  67. staxzy_1

    staxzy_15 dager siden

    not even johnny wu can make apex taller

  68. DA11 11

    DA11 115 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="535">8:55</a> why is adapt jamming to nikans music ;)

  69. Eli Tranos

    Eli Tranos5 dager siden

    bro rye is literally the dopest fucking prk

  70. Slick Shadow

    Slick Shadow5 dager siden

    Can I join FaZe

  71. Slick Shadow

    Slick Shadow5 dager siden

    Can I join FaZe

  72. Slick Shadow

    Slick Shadow4 dager siden


  73. rag Root

    rag Root4 dager siden

    Slick Shadow bruh u stupid

  74. Slick Shadow

    Slick Shadow5 dager siden

    Can I join FaZe

  75. Slick Shadow

    Slick Shadow5 dager siden

    Can I join FaZe

  76. Ahmed Mohamed

    Ahmed Mohamed5 dager siden

    Magician: Abra Kadabra Me: what happened Asian magician: "u have corona"

  77. f i z z

    f i z z5 dager siden

    He gave away his number lmao

  78. senni bgon

    senni bgon5 dager siden

    Googled Johnny Wu's height, he's 5'11" Just so I can see how tall the FaZe members are x)

  79. NBA2k Mobile is life

    NBA2k Mobile is life5 dager siden

    I’m scared

  80. senni bgon

    senni bgon5 dager siden

    This is some voodoo magic

  81. Grace Litherland

    Grace Litherland5 dager siden

    This is hilarious

  82. Saifan Lais

    Saifan Lais5 dager siden

    News for coronavirus:DON'T TOUCH ANYBODY Johnny wu: *touches faze members*

  83. NBA Basketball

    NBA Basketball5 dager siden

    Apex looking kinda chubby not gonna lie

  84. Psychoticツ

    Psychoticツ5 dager siden

    What Is your outro music

  85. Danniel Alejo

    Danniel Alejo5 dager siden

    Do more plz this is interesting and I’m not bored since I’m watching this

  86. Trent Emery

    Trent Emery5 dager siden

    Magician: *breathes* Everyone: THERES NOO WAY!

  87. Trent Emery

    Trent Emery5 dager siden

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Jarvis: he’s trolling us

  88. ayesha tape

    ayesha tape5 dager siden

    A public bathroom in South Africa🌍

  89. Damion Hekman

    Damion Hekman5 dager siden

    With the phone tricks, why was there a cut everytime before the answer?

  90. Stefan Poposki

    Stefan Poposki5 dager siden

    I swear when he said to adapt: think of a word" ithought of telephaty

  91. Burodi Uchiha

    Burodi Uchiha16 timer siden

    Stefan Poposki 1. Adapts word wasnt telepathy so what’s your point? And 2. Telepathy is literally reading minds so it’s probably THE first word that comes to anyone’s mind who knows what it means when someone is asked by a magician to think of a word...YoU tHoUgHt Of TeLaPAtHy ThAtS CrAzY.....

  92. Arni Ftw

    Arni Ftw5 dager siden

    And for the last magic trick im gonna make apapt smarter

  93. siZzy

    siZzy5 dager siden

    maybe he can make apex tall

  94. XxjessegoatXX 123

    XxjessegoatXX 1235 dager siden

    K were tf is rug

  95. Frostx

    Frostx5 dager siden

    Can I just say the camera man was the worst