It is finally happening! I’ve been begging my fiancé Dylan to come on my channel and do my makeup for months now!!! He’s finally stepping in front of the camera. Meet my fiancé Dylan! Today he’s trying his hardest to do my makeup, and I must say he’s full of surprises. How do you think he did? Enjoy!
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  1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorials22 dager siden


  2. Nanine

    Nanine17 dager siden

    Hij doet het beter dan ik!

  3. Debbie Di

    Debbie Di17 dager siden

    He did amazing !!!

  4. Cindy Deuell

    Cindy Deuell17 dager siden

    He did a lot better than I expected. Good job, Dylan!

  5. Crystal Odiri

    Crystal Odiri17 dager siden

    Thank you for the english closed captioning!! 😍

  6. cloud8

    cloud817 dager siden

    I pray you both get married soon and be happy together forever ❣🥳

  7. aya girl

    aya girl8 timer siden

    Love jou nikki

  8. vip army

    vip army10 timer siden

    he failed about eyelashes and eyebrows but He is pretty good for the first try, I think.

  9. stxrfish

    stxrfish10 timer siden

    Dutch is such a happy and cute language aww

  10. Mahina Sahetapy

    Mahina Sahetapy10 timer siden

    I am dutch so i understand! 😂

  11. Alisa Waninge

    Alisa Waninge11 timer siden

    I’m half Dutch but I can’t speak much. I did however understand that Nikkie’s humour is just as, if not more, prominent in Dutch and I LOVE IT!

  12. Roosje Smit

    Roosje Smit11 timer siden

    Hoe oud ben je en ik heb echt respect voor je met het uit de kast komen ❤❤

  13. Justine van der Weijden

    Justine van der Weijden11 timer siden

    Nikkie wil je alsjeblieft een tutorial in de trein opnemen. Heel veel mensen (waaronder ikzelf) maken zich sochtends op in de trein (efficiënt). Maar het lijkt me geweldig als jij je hele ding gaat doen in de trein😂 Wel een lange rit nemen denk😂👌🏻

  14. Aiden HD

    Aiden HD12 timer siden

    8:00 And I oop-

  15. xEmpty.Abyssx

    xEmpty.Abyssx12 timer siden

    Ugh you guys are so cute together!!! He seems soo kind too!!! Wish you both a great wedding!!!

  16. Nichole Bruley

    Nichole Bruley14 timer siden


  17. Carla Oleana

    Carla Oleana14 timer siden

    Erg mooi!

  18. Cassidy Ann

    Cassidy Ann14 timer siden


  19. Ashleigh Burgundy

    Ashleigh Burgundy14 timer siden

    I would watch any video of them just having normal everyday conversations in Dutch lol

  20. Karen Nevins

    Karen Nevins15 timer siden

    Your relationship is beautiful and real!! You can see how much you love each other! Best wishes always love karen

  21. Jocelynn Mae

    Jocelynn Mae16 timer siden

    I only knew 2 words (oma, opa) cause I use them for my grandparents, but I’m very proud I recognized those 2 words😂

  22. Nicee Moore

    Nicee Moore16 timer siden

    Damn bro you got a big ass Adam's apple

  23. Bojo777

    Bojo77717 timer siden

    Echt geweldig hoe de kinderen van tegenwoordig hier naar opkijken.. Over een paar jaar zijn er geen mannen meer over.

  24. Kat Hangori

    Kat Hangori17 timer siden

    bruder er war so stolz xDDD

  25. MaKayla Spring

    MaKayla Spring18 timer siden

    I wish languages were easier to learn its just so fun

  26. Kat Kirby

    Kat Kirby18 timer siden

    so sweet ♥️

  27. Rachel ___________

    Rachel ___________18 timer siden

    I love your language. Its unique af imo

  28. MusicRecordsChannel

    MusicRecordsChannel18 timer siden

    Nikkie is a biological male

  29. ALM

    ALM19 timer siden

    Awww you two are so sweet 💖

  30. kiran karia

    kiran karia19 timer siden

    No one: Me: *rewinding so i can hear dylan say "of da ik haar effe vol op dr pek pof" again

  31. zin mar phyu

    zin mar phyu20 timer siden

    Ik kan ook nerderland spreken want ik ben nerdelander

  32. Sophie

    Sophie20 timer siden

    Best word: DOCH Ah I love being German and understanding some words xD

  33. Nathalie H.

    Nathalie H.21 time siden

    wait shes dutch

  34. Ice Quee

    Ice Quee21 time siden

    Echt? Je hoort het niet eens, heb uw videos gevolg, Ik zou nooit denken dat u Nederlands spreek je hoor het helemaal niet als u Engels spreekt.

  35. selima gaatjeniksaan

    selima gaatjeniksaan22 timer siden

    Ik praat nl

  36. Shlug life

    Shlug life22 timer siden

    Wonder how long he knows

  37. Kim Lapensée

    Kim Lapensée22 timer siden

    You guys are sooooo cute together 😁😁😁😁

  38. Brad Etter

    Brad Etter22 timer siden

    You two are literally the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  39. Mariska Kok

    Mariska Kok23 timer siden

    Dutch sounds alot like Afrikaans in South-Africa

  40. Arianaアリアナ

    Arianaアリアナ23 timer siden

    He did well British make-up

  41. Amanda Christian

    Amanda Christian23 timer siden

    Dylan did awesome!!

  42. Virginia Vestigo

    Virginia VestigoDag siden

    Well that was adorable.

  43. Sammy Lou

    Sammy LouDag siden

    Girlll do a wedding look!

  44. Jennifer Kisten Miss Fauxy

    Jennifer Kisten Miss FauxyDag siden

    Yessssss. Dylan is cute omg. But im too old to say this but doesnt matter its about him & her. Love them. Chapeau And Fatun A we watch it more now yes!! xx

  45. Kimberly Torres

    Kimberly TorresDag siden

    He actually did pretty good!!

  46. Ayyüce Baştürk

    Ayyüce BaştürkDag siden

    Martin Garrix + Tom Holland = Dylan

  47. Sarah Wishh

    Sarah WishhDag siden

    He is cute Dylan. Nikkie is like his mother haha

  48. Raymond Koenen

    Raymond KoenenDag siden

    Haha ik ben ook nederlands

  49. JD Cass

    JD CassDag siden

    This is so cute, I love you two.

  50. Christin S.

    Christin S.Dag siden

    This is the funniest, cutest, hilarious, most adorable video every 😂😂

  51. Big Smoke

    Big SmokeDag siden

    I'm Dutch and i understand everything

  52. Donna Cruz

    Donna CruzDag siden

    OMG I just got to watch this. So funny! He did pretty good!

  53. S. Kenzig

    S. KenzigDag siden

    Curious does anyone know what they typically speak at home to each other? dutch or english or combo

  54. Michael Scott

    Michael ScottDag siden

    They're both Dutch, why would they speak English at home? Lol

  55. Twinkelbell Yell

    Twinkelbell YellDag siden

    When u understand everything.😂

  56. Kira learns Norwegian

    Kira learns NorwegianDag siden

    Nikkie is so pretty, it's impossible to mess up her face.

  57. TB

    TBDag siden

    HAHa mislukt stripfiguur

  58. Lucifer's Devoted

    Lucifer's DevotedDag siden

    Is this the guy that you lied to by omission, lol? He's cute. I wish you both the best in seeking happiness together.

  59. Flávia Garcia de Carvalho

    Flávia Garcia de CarvalhoDag siden

    I just realised that she is dutch! So beautiful!

  60. Indya-Rachelle van Oudheusden Ferreira

    Indya-Rachelle van Oudheusden FerreiraDag siden

    You look like Naruto in Sage mode

  61. Ronelle Faith Lukas

    Ronelle Faith LukasDag siden

    Lmao, Dutch sounds like Afrikaans.. I could understand without subtitles. Where my South Africans at?

  62. Lvnae

    LvnaeDag siden

    Dutch is extremely similar to Afrikaans! The word "Afrikaans" actually just means "African" in Dutch.

  63. Chester C

    Chester CDag siden

    Omg poor dylan would never have a real son

  64. Michael Scott

    Michael ScottDag siden

    bold to assume that everyone wants to have kids

  65. funnugget56

    funnugget56Dag siden

    and why is that any of your business or concern?

  66. Gunsu van der Avoird

    Gunsu van der AvoirdDag siden

    helemaal top 😍😍😍

  67. Terry Dominguez

    Terry DominguezDag siden

    He did a Wonderful job ♥️♥️

  68. Melissa Lauterslager

    Melissa LauterslagerDag siden

    Ik doe het m nie na

  69. Hunlover123601

    Hunlover123601Dag siden

    this stuff here is so cute