Film Theory: Did Mulan REALLY Save China? (Disney Mulan Trailer)

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Mulan is an AMAZING movie - the songs, the characters, the redefining of roles in society! During my previous Disney series of videos where I figured out the most deadly of Disney movies, Mulan peaked my interest for another reason. While researching the avalanche scene where the majority of the Huns were taken out, I learned a bit more about how the science of avalanches work. It posed the question, did Mulan's rocket attack REALLY defeat the Huns or did the Huns ACCIDENTALLY defeat themselves? You are about to find out!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Forrest Lee and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Mads Storm

    Mads Storm3 timer siden

    Is "Calvary" just the american version of cavalry? Like "Aluminum" and aluminium? I'm extremely linguistically confused.

  2. ace24817

    ace248176 timer siden

    We relate Mat Pat

  3. Brendan Welchman

    Brendan Welchman18 timer siden

    Man I feel so old I remember when he was mad young

  4. Joshua Gatica

    Joshua Gatica19 timer siden

    Hahaha Yes! That is so Awesome! I can relate 👍

  5. Riley M

    Riley M21 time siden

    I like how he calls them the not huns its hilarious

  6. MisterAMC 117

    MisterAMC 117Dag siden

    Mulan is my favorite disney film. Just don't watch the second one.

  7. kylie jame

    kylie jameDag siden

    I DIED when Mulan was dressed as Carman Santiago

  8. Soggy Waffles

    Soggy WafflesDag siden

    #bringbackthesauce YES PLEASE

  9. sofia muller

    sofia muller2 dager siden

    please do something with alice in wonderland🙏🏼 I always analyze it

  10. Ryan Anson

    Ryan Anson2 dager siden

    It’s 火龙出水

  11. Kate Weed

    Kate Weed2 dager siden

    I really hate to be this person and if someone else has said it, then I'm sorry but my nerd brain wouldn't let me rest until I pointed out that Matpat used the word "calvary" which is actually a site from religious texts when he probably meant "cavalry" which refers to soldiers on horseback. Huge apologies from this grammar nerd for subjecting you to my corrections.

  12. Lukas Lee

    Lukas Lee2 dager siden

    I don't get how he doesn't have 10 mil without his awesome content

  13. {E v e l y n}

    {E v e l y n}2 dager siden

    I still really love be Milan either way.

  14. Captain Sparky 3.0

    Captain Sparky 3.03 dager siden

    If Mulan is the forgotten child then who Tarzan in all of this cause no one even Dinsey cares about Tarzan

  15. Active Hiest

    Active Hiest3 dager siden

    No you're not alone Matpat.

  16. Ninja 247 Paradise 1999

    Ninja 247 Paradise 19993 dager siden

    Btw Martin Lawrence voiced donkey

  17. Daily K

    Daily K4 dager siden


  18. Chad Peterson

    Chad Peterson4 dager siden

    Maybe I'm just being dumb here, but isn't "cavalry" a mounted military force and "calvary" the hill where Jesus died?

  19. Tiger Roar37

    Tiger Roar374 dager siden

    They should have used the mongols instead of the Huns. The Huns never invaded China while the mongols actually did. Gunpowder wasn’t around when Huns were around but they have fireworks in Mulan. But gunpowder was around when the mongols invaded China

  20. Sdude

    Sdude5 dager siden



    THATMURKYGUY5 dager siden

    FYI: IRL the Mongolians won, like legit, like total domination

  22. David Akinafemwa

    David Akinafemwa5 dager siden

    In the Simpsons movie, clapping can start an avalanche so why can't screaming?

  23. Gravity Falls

    Gravity Falls5 dager siden

    I have those earbuds!! I have the rose gold one. It always falls out of my ear. They are waaaaaaaaay too small. But they work so well that I don't even care

  24. Spring Bunny

    Spring Bunny5 dager siden

    Mulan: aight ima save china Coronavirus: exists Mulan: aight ima head out

  25. Jaydin Hough

    Jaydin Hough5 dager siden

    the Hungarian army got covered by the avalanche two years after my Hungarian great great grandparents came to america. wow

  26. Corey Logsdon

    Corey Logsdon5 dager siden

    i got two mcd's bags full of szchuan sauce last time. they better do it again it was amazing. my kids loved it too

  27. komason lover 999

    komason lover 9995 dager siden

    you not alone

  28. charley :P

    charley :P5 dager siden

    “Please tell me someone can relate to this” You know what, as a 14 year old summer camp counselor I can, I truly can. It was fun the first week but I’m sorry if I’m starting to grow a little hatred for old town road and all the remixes. We have an entire playlist for this bus but we play the same song multiple times a day. It is two bus rides a day for half of the summer and I have heard this song so many times I know all the lyrics to more than one of the remixes. This is more than a rant this is a cry for help (even though I haven’t been to camp since august and because of rona I can’t go back this summer but still. It’s tiring man)

  29. lorcan hayes

    lorcan hayes6 dager siden

    I know this is off topic but you should do another collab with RE(Random Encounters) I liked you as Afton you play the role of a killer quite well

  30. Krinias

    Krinias6 dager siden

    Hate to be that guy, but it's actually "cavalry". "Calvary" is the hill where jesus got crucified and if that thing is ever charging at anyone, consider me highly impressed and terrified.

  31. UltimateMustacheX

    UltimateMustacheX6 dager siden

    Tung Shao Pass, but you shall not.

  32. æ space Traveler the amazing

    æ space Traveler the amazing6 dager siden

    You are not a alone

  33. Ruby Villagomez

    Ruby Villagomez6 dager siden

    i swear he teaches me more than the school system

  34. iAmUmbrella

    iAmUmbrella6 dager siden

    I’m using this video for a report on avalanches, thanks mat pat

  35. Ryae on

    Ryae on7 dager siden

    what cause avalanche?? its the squirell and his nuts..!

  36. Essy Chilcutte

    Essy Chilcutte7 dager siden

    Real question would Mulan like the sauce.

  37. YourFandomRandomPotado ;-;

    YourFandomRandomPotado ;-;7 dager siden

    Even though I sadly never tried the sauce (is it actually real though??) #BRINGBACKTHESAUCE

  38. Haley Kuehn

    Haley Kuehn7 dager siden

    I learned more about history and science from this video then I did in my real life history or science classes

  39. the bros 1

    the bros 18 dager siden

    My baby cousin

  40. Baggy Trousers

    Baggy Trousers8 dager siden

    Calvary charge?Cavalry dear matpat. Cavalry.

  41. Ryan the nightguard

    Ryan the nightguard8 dager siden


  42. Diya Rao Drona

    Diya Rao Drona8 dager siden

    You want sze chuan sauce? Here you go!

  43. Lucy Vlog and Art

    Lucy Vlog and Art9 dager siden

    The tung shao pass exists


    PLASMA GAMER9 dager siden

    You didnt take the coriolis effect into account and possible wind speed on if the rocket would hit from that distance but since its a movie I wont judge about that.

  45. Digitalhunny

    Digitalhunny9 dager siden

    In Canada we have people that set charges to _cause_ 'controlled avalanche' If there controlled no one dies driving down the highways. If it did happen 'naturally', well it'd go right onto the highways with you know all the moving cars, trucks & semi's driving!! Crazy business. Thank you Lands & Forests workers Along with Highway safety peoples! 🤗🍁👏👏👏

  46. SporeRose

    SporeRose9 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="117">1:57</a> The single largest gathering of Kingdom Hearts assets I've ever seen on this channel....

  47. Tobias Sanders

    Tobias Sanders9 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="421">7:01</a> what does Calvary have to do with this?

  48. s p i c y l a d y

    s p i c y l a d y9 dager siden

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm smexy wireless earbuds

  49. Timothius The Great

    Timothius The Great10 dager siden

    Cavalry*. Calvary is where Jesus was crucified :D

  50. Pokemon full ep 12345678

    Pokemon full ep 1234567810 dager siden

    Mat pat your smart. Don’t you know that you’ve basically putting radiation right next to your fricking brain you post to be smart

  51. Nanny Fett

    Nanny Fett10 dager siden

    What about Cinderella

  52. Debbie Chan

    Debbie Chan10 dager siden

    Even though you butchered them, I appreciate your effort for pronouncing the Chinese names, MatPat. And you're right, Mulan is Waaay underrated.

  53. Jose Roldan Colon

    Jose Roldan Colon10 dager siden

    Is a fire bird witch lady anymore realistic than a dragon?

  54. ᐕ

    10 dager siden

    Ill be honest, those earbuds sound amazing and i would definitely choose them over airpods, buuut i already have airpods and dont want to feel like I wasted my money. So yeah

  55. Crabs Eat Nachos

    Crabs Eat Nachos10 dager siden

    guy from the future here.... i dont think szechwan sauce came back :(

  56. Quickz :D

    Quickz :D10 dager siden


  57. KaiCee Unicorn

    KaiCee Unicorn10 dager siden

    What is up with Disney and accuracy? Milan is realistic yet the quote on quote “live action” movies are terrible. (So far)

  58. E2B2

    E2B210 dager siden

    This time, the Asian child is the underachiever

  59. Cupcake Randomness

    Cupcake Randomness10 dager siden

    Milan and Bell are my favorite princess 👸🏻

  60. Cellary_GameingYT

    Cellary_GameingYT10 dager siden

    So the Mulan movie is just a meg

  61. Enkelejda Koka

    Enkelejda Koka10 dager siden

    You are not alone and I’m saying that from experience to so don’t feel sad because I am actually commenting on my own phone and I am also 10 years old I have a baby sister which is a toddler that I can relate to.

  62. Susannah Rinker

    Susannah Rinker10 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a> was that the mirror from FNaF Sister Location?

  63. Who Shot Ya

    Who Shot Ya10 dager siden


  64. tamás egervári

    tamás egervári11 dager siden

    I am hugaryan and stil whatcing

  65. JunkyardBash Steve

    JunkyardBash Steve11 dager siden

    Matpat, you were saying a very different word in the vid: It's Cavalry, not calvary. Cavalry means horseback troops. Calvary means large crucifix.

  66. Nether lord

    Nether lord11 dager siden

    I have a Disney theory for you. Does Disney have its own Pixar theoryand what leads me to ask this is the three Descendants movies. Just a thought

  67. Matthew O'Donnell

    Matthew O'Donnell11 dager siden

    I hate to be pedantic but.... Cavalry= horse mounted troops Calvary= the hill where Christians believe Jesus was crucified

  68. Matei Olteanu

    Matei Olteanu11 dager siden

    The most important Question:Is Mulan dead from The co**navirus

  69. Richard Martin

    Richard Martin11 dager siden

    The real question is, Will the live action Mulan be worth watching without Mushu? I submit... No.

  70. Brandi Batten

    Brandi Batten11 dager siden

    Soooo. Donkey WAS with dragon if you think about it. Soooo mushu's parents....... O.o

  71. Immortal Camera

    Immortal Camera12 dager siden

    Theory: you guys remember when donkey and that dragon got frisky in the first shrek. Maybe mushoo is there offspring?

  72. Pedro Matos

    Pedro Matos6 timer siden

    just .... why?

  73. LXTH Trzboi

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  74. Wind clip Out mini tv

    Wind clip Out mini tv13 dager siden

    What's up with you and myth busters?

  75. Lucas Because why not

    Lucas Because why not13 dager siden

    i think i still have some sauce

  76. DaveyDAKFAE

    DaveyDAKFAE13 dager siden

    Physicist here: the reason that it doesn't take much explosive force to cause an avalanche is actually the same reason the stampede of horses would be insufficient. Both are results of the properties granular packing. When you slap a tree, it stays still (citation needed), but when you slap a snowbank that weighs far more, some snow goes a lot farther. This is because snow grains, like all granular solids, are terrible at communicating force across distance. Basically if you hit snow hard enough in the right spot, it has no way to communicate that force to a stable object like a tree can communicate it to the ground with its trunk and roots. So it just ups and leaves, F=ma style. And there's your avalanche. But that also means that if the sweet spot is at the top of the mountain, any amount of force hitting snow a kilometer away or even 10 meters away doesn't even reach the sweet spot. So no, MatPat, we can conclude that the stampeding horses wouldn't have caused that particular avalanche. There is still an unrelated chance they could be close enough to another sweet spot, but there is nothing in the film to suggest a second avalanche spot.

  77. Adele Aslan

    Adele Aslan14 dager siden

    Still waiting if he might do a coralline theory

  78. Michel Potter

    Michel Potter14 dager siden


  79. Jiahao Wen

    Jiahao Wen15 dager siden

    What is sze chuan sauce

  80. SoulReaper

    SoulReaper15 dager siden

    Austin sings better

  81. Jiamin Zhu

    Jiamin Zhu15 dager siden

    Would you also please talk about the Avalanche in Detective Conan's movie?

  82. Douglas Jackson

    Douglas Jackson15 dager siden

    As someone who has lived in a snowy mountainous region it is totally feasible that it could cause avalanche. If you throw a rock at the wrong bit of snow you could theoretically cause one.

  83. Douglas Jackson

    Douglas Jackson15 dager siden

    you can clearly see that though this is a dragon headed rocket it is a completely different style as opposed to the form of artillery. Better idea would’ve been to actually take the aerodynamics of that particular form of artillery shown in the movie to see whether it would be feasible.