Fletcher double downs Charlton | Charlton 1-3 Sheff Wed | Sky Bet Championship Highlights

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Steven Fletcher scored twice as Sheffield Wednesday beat Charlton at The Valley in the Sky Bet Championship.
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  1. Millwall Harry

    Millwall HarryMåned siden

    1:42 Dillon Phillips said “Your gonna miss” and at 1:47 and Steven Fletcher said something to his face 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. ItsFrusciantesGhost

    ItsFrusciantesGhostMåned siden

    I do love this commentator, so much passion for whoever's he's commentating on.

  3. Chun Lau

    Chun LauMåned siden

    Sky, please get on BT's level


    FIVE STAR GAMINGMåned siden


  5. L O L

    L O LMåned siden

    Up The Owls 🦉

  6. comley

    comleyMåned siden

    1:03 Nobheaddddd what was final score pal

  7. astraldotjamie

    astraldotjamieMåned siden


  8. Danny Ahmed

    Danny AhmedMåned siden

    1:42 you're gonna miss

  9. Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeahMåned siden

    Danny Ahmed good spot ah kid hahahahha bet fletch loved rubbing it in his face when he scored

  10. Petr Dufek

    Petr DufekMåned siden

    Penalty f my ass. The guy was diving well before any contact whatsoever.

  11. Petr Dufek

    Petr DufekMåned siden

    @fart poo wee bumfluff bogey earwax Nice fart

  12. David B

    David BMåned siden

    Charlton are playing a virtual reserve team with 12 players on the injury list.

  13. Fezziwig18

    Fezziwig18Måned siden

    @Paul-T- Geist anything is better than the Belgian prat we had before

  14. Paul-T- Geist

    Paul-T- GeistMåned siden

    @David B beware FFP, doesn't matter if your chairman is a Trillion aire, you have a limit.

  15. David B

    David BMåned siden

    Not worried in the slightest we are on the up.We’ve waited five years for this good news.We couldn’t care less about today’s result as we will buy big in January.

  16. Adrian Denton

    Adrian DentonMåned siden

    @David B You still have ffp to worry about as we found out..doubt you'll be the next Man City...enjoy not spending his money.

  17. David B

    David BMåned siden

    We’ve just got a new owner worth 18 billion so I think we will be alright.

  18. John Moore

    John MooreMåned siden

    The Charlton defence is woeful.

  19. errol1234

    errol1234Måned siden

    i dont believe Nando is trying for the club, get rid of him, Palmer, and Fox, if we dont get points deduction, we have a chance for playoffs, but the three i mentioned have to go.

  20. MattGibbs69

    MattGibbs69Måned siden

    Fox has been absolutely class this season , palmers just had a slightly bad run and Nando’s only mistake was that miss in the first half( he was ripping Birmingham apart the game before) you talking waffle pal

  21. HBilston

    HBilstonMåned siden

    Fox had a Reyt game.

  22. Stuart Brown

    Stuart BrownMåned siden

    Fox and Palmer have been great this season?

  23. Daniel Wilkins

    Daniel WilkinsMåned siden

    Much needed win but play offs beyond us

  24. Daniel Wilkins

    Daniel WilkinsMåned siden

    @Hi There I only look below in the table, unfortunately not above

  25. Adrian Denton

    Adrian DentonMåned siden

    3 points in november...yea haha

  26. Craig Toonz

    Craig ToonzMåned siden

    Big Dave 🐐

  27. ShinobeNinjaMonk

    ShinobeNinjaMonkMåned siden

    Would love to know what the keeper said to Fletcher before the Pen for that celebration after scoring it :D

  28. Will Rae

    Will RaeMåned siden

    He followed him around before the penalty then shouted your gonna miss

  29. ShinobeNinjaMonk

    ShinobeNinjaMonkMåned siden

    @Stuart Brown Yeah i heard that, keeper said something to him while he was taking the ball to the spot, still funny as :D

  30. Charlie Hickey

    Charlie HickeyMåned siden

    @Petr Dufek he did get booked

  31. Petr Dufek

    Petr DufekMåned siden

    Should have been booked

  32. Elemon

    ElemonMåned siden

    Would love to see Sheffield Wednesday Promoted.

  33. Ho Lee Sheet

    Ho Lee SheetMåned siden

    Elemon nah we’re shite



    @Alfis you spelt relegated wrong pal, they have more losses than wins

  35. Daniel Wilkins

    Daniel WilkinsMåned siden

    @Alfis Yes

  36. Alfis

    AlfisMåned siden

    Charlton will have have abetter chance of getting promoted in a couple of weeks than sheffield wednesday

  37. Jazzas Corner

    Jazzas CornerMåned siden

    I thought the thumbnail was a random sheff wed fan

  38. Ben Ramsay

    Ben RamsayMåned siden

    Disgusting from SW. A dive and the celebration. Disgraceful. Stop ruining football

  39. CONR

    CONRMåned siden

    Bet that Charlton player feels like s numpty now

  40. Dylan

    DylanMåned siden

    Where Is Palmer

  41. Jack Attrill

    Jack AttrillMåned siden

    Red card 3 match ban

  42. Liam H

    Liam HMåned siden

    Forestieri frustrates me so much. How did he miss an open goal? This is the same player who scored an absolute rocket against Norwich last season. He's so hit and miss. Still, that aside. Good win! Love Fletcher's celebration, getting in the keeper face like that.

  43. Stephen James

    Stephen JamesMåned siden

    Looks really rusty. Hopefully not too serious a knee injury for him - we could really use his pace and trickery in the second half of the season.

  44. Rahat Mohammed

    Rahat MohammedMåned siden

    Subscribe if you are apart of the NDL (Niko Omilana

  45. Gary R...

    Gary R...Måned siden

    Lmao fletchers celebration 🤣

  46. Stephen James

    Stephen JamesMåned siden

    Damn right!

  47. Zach Dalton

    Zach DaltonMåned siden

    Wednesday most overrated fan base in the Championship, don’t @ me

  48. Zach Dalton

    Zach Dalton27 dager siden

    Adrian Denton Hillsbrough half full every week HAHAHAHA

  49. MattGibbs69

    MattGibbs69Måned siden

    Funny how he leaves no indication of his team , probably some Wigan fan bringing 33 to Millwall

  50. L O L

    L O LMåned siden


  51. Adrian Denton

    Adrian DentonMåned siden

    haha funny guy..3 to 4 thousand travelling to london on a saturday morning..ok then

  52. James Dunning SWFC

    James Dunning SWFCMåned siden

    Dare. To. Nuhiu

  53. Tosspot

    TosspotMåned siden

    Loved how fletcher celebrated in keepers face he deserved it💀

  54. OfficialNoorUlHassan

    OfficialNoorUlHassanMåned siden

    I don't know what to comment Have a nice day

  55. Joe Fairhurst

    Joe FairhurstMåned siden

    Fletch is a god

  56. TITUS 3V5

    TITUS 3V5Måned siden

    No, He's gr8 tho

  57. ツVortX_Chezzy

    ツVortX_ChezzyMåned siden


  58. Ronan Hanly

    Ronan HanlyMåned siden