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00:00 Intro
00:20 Iron Man Project Recap
01:24 James Talks About Designing The Gauntlet
02:48 Bogdan Designs and Builds A Prototype
04:49 Building Begins
05:34 Father And Son Bonding Time
06:00 The Worst Puzzle Ever!
06:48 James Builds The First Finger
08:28 Bogdan Builds The Palm
10:00 James Figures Out How To Assemble The Gauntlet
10:46 Samurai Attack
11:06 Welding Fingers To Chain Mail
12:04 Building The Final Pieces
12:56 Final Assembly Begins
13:51 James Talks About Future Gadgets!
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Full metal iron man gauntlet diy iron man suit in real life metal armour
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