Gerrit Cole is likely headed to the Yankees - Jeff Passan | MLB Winter Meetings | Baseball Tonight

Clinton Yates, Jeff Passan and guests Jessica Mendoza and Alden Gonzalez discuss the free agency market for starting pitcher Gerrit Cole and third baseman Anthony Rendon from the 2019 Major League Baseball Winter Meetings in San Diego, California. They also discuss the state of the Angels and Dodgers this offseason.
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  1. jayceh

    jaycehMåned siden

    Come on lawyers, get back that Ellsbury money

  2. ledsith

    ledsithMåned siden

    What's with yates ? Wearing his pajamas to the winter meetings ! Too cheap to buy a suit .

  3. G Force

    G ForceMåned siden

    Cole....Yankees.....DONE. Cole Severino Paxton Tanaka German


    GLENN CHENMåned siden

    So now, all the pressure is on them. If they don't win it all next year, Tanaka and Paxton will be free agents. I think they can keep one but not both.

  5. Hitman Agent 48

    Hitman Agent 48Måned siden

    He’s right. 9 yr $324 million deal with Yanks

  6. Ulises Diaz

    Ulises DiazMåned siden

    Let’s go we singed him

  7. Anthony Gomez

    Anthony GomezMåned siden

    Ulises Diaz FACTS MY BOY 🏁 🤟🏼

  8. Lukas Cage

    Lukas CageMåned siden

    Guy on the right is CLUELESS... you can count on Mike Trout for without question the next 5 years 🙄 and the fact he said adell and Tatis were the same talent. What an idiot.

  9. Lukas Cage

    Lukas CageMåned siden

    H Marks I think tatis is better, adell is good, tatis great.

  10. H Marks

    H MarksMåned siden

    Who do you think is better?

  11. El Principe

    El PrincipeMåned siden

    Forget Cole Yankee fans. $280/$300 million is too much even $245 was a steep price, they can find some cheaper options and fill the rotation nicely! Last thing Yankees need is to add this to the payroll and in 2 years dudes arm dies down and then everyone begins to say how stupid the Yankees were to sign him for that much money! Play it smart and safe cashman! Plus Cole hasn’t shown he’s worth that much, if this was verlander in his prime that would be a diff story! I know us yankee fans want to win badly but this is not the smart way, Hope cole chooses to go to the west coast so he can help the Yankees out!

  12. TJM

    TJMMåned siden

    Brian Schaffer 36 mil a year

  13. Spencer Hill

    Spencer HillMåned siden

    @El Principe Dude you have to be trolling. Starting pitching has been our achilles heel for years. We need Cole. He's the final piece. You roll the dice and go get a guy who can win you a World Series. Not fucking "play it safe." Who else is going to get us there? You realize Verlander, Greinke, and Scherzer are all guys in their mid 30s that are top flight aces. Be happy we have this kind of caliber player on the roster now.

  14. El Principe

    El PrincipeMåned siden

    Brian Schaffer they are crazy 🤦🏻‍♂️

  15. Brian Schaffer

    Brian SchafferMåned siden

    They did it anyways. 9 years $324 million. 27 mil per year.

  16. raymond rosa

    raymond rosaMåned siden

    Gerrit cole does not get the Angels to the playoffs Sorry !!!

  17. Platerpus7

    Platerpus7Måned siden

    And never will

  18. Pound4 Pound

    Pound4 PoundMåned siden

    Cole to,dodgers

  19. Platerpus7

    Platerpus7Måned siden

    Wrong. Nobody cares about LA

  20. mst3k54

    mst3k54Måned siden

    Hal doesn’t care about rings and loves his money way too much to pay ANY top free agents. Yanks will keep wasting their current talent while taking more and more money from their stupid clueless mook fans

  21. Platerpus7

    Platerpus7Måned siden

    mst3k54 wrong! Ha

  22. AG Systems120

    AG Systems120Måned siden

    mst3k54 How high would you go? Anything over 280 is insane

  23. sharkl11

    sharkl11Måned siden

    Nope. Cole going to Angels. Great weather and get to play with Ohtani/Trout. Also fans are nicer.

  24. GrimminatorX

    GrimminatorXMåned siden

    sharkl11 If Cole wants to WIN, he won’t go to the angels 😂. Also he grew up a Yankees fan so he’s definitely gonna go to NY if the price is right

  25. sharkl11

    sharkl11Måned siden

    @raymond rosa The comfort of home will

  26. raymond rosa

    raymond rosaMåned siden

    sharkl11 money is gonna get cole to the destination not players

  27. Derek Kaufusi

    Derek KaufusiMåned siden

    I think his deal is 7yrs $350Million.....

  28. David Ragosa

    David RagosaMåned siden


  29. David Ragosa

    David RagosaMåned siden

    Type this in

  30. Frank Graham

    Frank GrahamMåned siden

    He is going to the Tokyo Giants........ the new Mystery team

  31. Eric Kye

    Eric KyeMåned siden

    Nah he's teaming up with Adam Jones

  32. Eric D

    Eric DMåned siden

    CC was determined to sign with a west coast team in 2008. Not only did the Yanks convince him to sign with them, he moved his family to NJ. They had always lived in CA when he played in Cleveland. And he ended living playing in NY. As long as they offer him the most money, he will be a Yankee. He wants to win. That's not happening in Anaheim anytime soon.

  33. Jason Young

    Jason YoungMåned siden

    Gerrit Cole to the angels would guarantee the angels having perennial mvp and Cy young winners...and finishing in 3rd place

  34. Platerpus7

    Platerpus7Måned siden

    Jason Young no it would not. And never will. Cole wants to end up in monument park. He doesn’t want to waste his career like Mike Trout. Nobody cares about LA anymore. People are fleeing your shitty state

  35. Eric D

    Eric DMåned siden

    Exactly. If he wants rings he needs to go to NY

  36. Cameron McMaster

    Cameron McMasterMåned siden

    If the Yankees don’t win now they are a joke


    GLENN CHENMåned siden

    @Zach Kostoff We will see, I just don't think a team with that be strikeout number can win a world series. (By the way, Cole has signed with Yankees)


    ZINC-CROSSMåned siden

    They need to get rid of Sanchez that guy is useless if they want to win the World Series

  39. Zach Kostoff

    Zach KostoffMåned siden

    @GLENN CHEN nah mccullers will be completely rusty astros won't be that good again that team will start regressing especially since hinch might get suspended because of this


    GLENN CHENMåned siden

    They won't win, this team is still tend to be a home run hitting team, their strikeouts number is still high. If they don't figure it out, they will lose to Astros once again (I know the cheating news on Astros, but I still believe they are the best team even if they don't have Cole)

  41. John Eckler

    John EcklerMåned siden

    I hope he goes to the Yankees

  42. Custom Shade

    Custom ShadeMåned siden

    Jeter up that $$$!!! Ten years is too long to wait for 28!

  43. bkprimo1

    bkprimo1Måned siden

    Mr. Yates, if you are going to be a professional reporter representing ESPN at the Winter Meetings, how about you take the time to dress appropriately. You're not a member of the catering or janitorial staff, nor are you auditioning to be a ballboy. Come on brother! Dress the part!

  44. Danse Macabre

    Danse MacabreMåned siden

    Uhm, a suit and tie is needed to cover baseball?? Loosen up dude, it's not necessary.

  45. Mike C

    Mike CMåned siden

    I came here to make this comment. Thanks

  46. Donald Bateman

    Donald BatemanMåned siden

    cole will not go to the angels they are not going to the playoffs they are not ready. cole will be a yankee

  47. Donald Bateman

    Donald BatemanMåned siden

    its a good day to be a yankee fan

  48. Platerpus7

    Platerpus7Måned siden

    Jorden Risley because nobody cares about LA

  49. Eric D

    Eric DMåned siden

    @Jorden Risley Dodgers are a long shot

  50. Jorden Risley

    Jorden RisleyMåned siden

    Why is no one mentioning the dodgers

  51. Eric D

    Eric DMåned siden

    Precisely. He wants to win

  52. Book of shadows contributor Brian

    Book of shadows contributor BrianMåned siden

    24th comment stl

  53. Michael Caputo

    Michael CaputoMåned siden

    he's going to yankees

  54. BBQ Ntwk

    BBQ NtwkMåned siden

    Please cover other stories other than Tony and Cole

  55. Red Spades

    Red SpadesMåned siden

    We need to stop with the angels and cole he’ll be fool if he went to the angels they can’t win if they were spotted runs every game

  56. Jorden Risley

    Jorden RisleyMåned siden

    True dat it’s between the dodgers and Yankees .

  57. Dylan Spurlock

    Dylan SpurlockMåned siden

    Cole has made it clear he doesn’t care about anything but money. The Angels have the same money the Yankees do. This idea that the Yankees can just outbid everybody is ridiculous. Arte Moreno has more than enough money to sign the man

  58. Eric Rodriguez

    Eric RodriguezMåned siden

    good. he's coming to nyc

  59. Jose House

    Jose HouseMåned siden

    As an Angel fan I getting scared lol

  60. Eric Rodriguez

    Eric RodriguezMåned siden

    @Simon Kaminer you're sad and pathetic

  61. Simon Kaminer

    Simon KaminerMåned siden

    Jose House as a Yankee fan I’m scared too

  62. Eric Rodriguez

    Eric RodriguezMåned siden

    good. he's coming to nyc

  63. BBQ Ntwk

    BBQ NtwkMåned siden

    Cover other signings as well

  64. BBQ Ntwk

    BBQ NtwkMåned siden

    Break more news

  65. iJust

    iJustMåned siden

    Anyone hear that voice crack at 12:47

  66. Lukas Cage

    Lukas CageMåned siden

    That guys a str8 up idiot from what I just heard from him.

  67. Mike C

    Mike CMåned siden

    Puberty starting caught on tape.

  68. David R

    David RMåned siden

    Am ASTROS fan but if they r Cheating they should b stripped of all wins & Titles don't want them to b the CHEATRIOTS of Baseball


    GLENN CHENMåned siden

    I hope your Astros can win 2020 title to prove everyone that they are still the best without treating (If they really did in 2017)

  70. Mike Pizzarelli

    Mike PizzarelliMåned siden

    Houston Asterisks

  71. Rene Junior

    Rene JuniorMåned siden

    If? You haven’t seen the videos on NO-gos ? Lol it’s blatant.

  72. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty ShacklefordMåned siden

    Yankees suck

  73. Jorden Risley

    Jorden RisleyMåned siden

    The dodgers are front runners yet again if they get cold

  74. Platerpus7

    Platerpus7Måned siden

    Hah. Nobody cares about LA

  75. Alexander Sandoval

    Alexander SandovalMåned siden

    Dodgers aren't getting cole. They are getting rendon. But cole is way better

  76. iJust

    iJustMåned siden