Gerrit Cole makes the Yankees the best team in the MLB - Tim Kurkjian | Baseball Tonight

Tim Kurkjian reacts to the news that Gerrit Cole signed a 9-year, $324 million contract with the New York Yankees. Kurkjian declares that this signing makes the Yankees the top team in the MLB.
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  1. Luis Pacheco

    Luis PachecoDag siden

    Yes! Cole's, makes the Yankee's a better Team" because he's a Big Time, Cheater!

  2. Classic Galactica

    Classic Galactica16 dager siden

    If you only knew the power of the dark side. Go Yanks!

  3. inutero10

    inutero1018 dager siden

    This is making me so hot

  4. Herman Thomas III

    Herman Thomas III19 dager siden

    He’s trash

  5. D Me

    D MeMåned siden

    If they stay healthy, & they move Judge to 3rd or 4th in the order, where he should be, they could win....oh....143 games next year, and cruise to their 28th title.

  6. Herb Tan

    Herb TanMåned siden

    Let the Yankee haters begin in 3, 2, 1. . .

  7. yankeefan1281

    yankeefan1281Måned siden

    paxton is a left handed cole, you will see paxton unleashed now that they have an analytic minded pitching coach

  8. cortney poe

    cortney poeMåned siden

    Yankees just bought another World Series.

  9. Scott Taylor

    Scott TaylorMåned siden

    Ohtani is an ace? Really?

  10. Christopher Wilson

    Christopher WilsonMåned siden

    And espn get paid by the Yankees to prop them up. Even if the Yankees look good on paper they may be by depth the best team but they will still choke in the post season

  11. Bob Heck

    Bob Heck29 dager siden


  12. Bill Carrell

    Bill CarrellMåned siden

    They haven't won squat yet and just because you have Cole really is no guarantee of success. He doesn't have the pitching staff to correct his delivery when it starts to fail and it will. He's going to be trying so hard to please, he'll be his own worst enemy and the Yankees will not know how to fix him.

  13. Bill Carrell

    Bill CarrellMåned siden

    @No Name Time will tell. I watched every game he pitched in the last 2 years. He's good, but he needs constant approval and maintenance, something the stripes can't supply.

  14. No Name

    No NameMåned siden

    you mean you hope he doesn't have the ability to correct his delivery haha yankees best team in mlb

  15. dave hockey

    dave hockeyMåned siden


  16. Hector Mantilla

    Hector MantillaMåned siden

    Okay enough with the taking lets play ball

  17. Brad Kirsch

    Brad KirschMåned siden

    Fantastic. Now I can just skip the MLB season and just concentrate on the NFL. Thanx Yanks.

  18. No Name

    No NameMåned siden

    nfl is boring. expect patriots right back in the superbowl

  19. Roberto Cruz

    Roberto CruzMåned siden

    The Yankees will win the World Series next season

  20. CUMBICA1970

    CUMBICA1970Måned siden

    And yet they won't win the WS. Baseball is the unsurest sport in the world.

  21. Ramon Hernandez

    Ramon HernandezMåned siden

    I hope he never wins again... go astros!!!

  22. No Name

    No NameMåned siden

    he never won in the first place as a yankees fan lol no cy young or world series

  23. Troy Aldrich

    Troy AldrichMåned siden

    The YANKEES are not going to WIN Anything. O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D... EYESpn and Tim. Have their Lips PLANTED on Yankee A$$.

  24. Jon Wheeler

    Jon WheelerMåned siden

    "The" MLB...really? From a network? Smh

  25. ChildOfThe1970s

    ChildOfThe1970sMåned siden

    Can't envision a clean-shaven Gerrit Cole with short hair (per Yankee rules). Maybe he'll lose his strength just like Samson.

  26. Lou Caruso

    Lou CarusoMåned siden

    THANKYOU !!! FOR REAL, For Speaking On German !!! Finally...Thank U...Peace

  27. javier arreola

    javier arreolaMåned siden

    No, not at all. At least that he pitches every single game. This is a team game and games need to be played.

  28. Big Dino

    Big DinoMåned siden

    Who let's these guys speak on baseball..don't forget Washington won the world series and DeGrom is the Cy Young

  29. Will Zimmermann

    Will ZimmermannMåned siden


  30. Will Zimmermann

    Will ZimmermannMåned siden

    Get hader next maybe lindor or Josh Bell switch hitting is so crucial in a mostly eighty lineup

  31. Bidwellz9

    Bidwellz9Måned siden

    havent the yankees learned, dont sign contracts for that long....he could stink up the stadium for 9 years

  32. OfficialSlicked9778

    OfficialSlicked9778Måned siden

    I know, baseball and hockey, different sports and all but if it's anything like how hockey has been, Stacked teams don't automatically mean championships. Which sucks if you've got a lot of cash down for a lot of years... but it also means you get many shots at it in theory. Either way it's an interesting thing that as the Yanks get more "stacked" they still haven't won since 09. BUT as a sox fan them being stacked makes me happy because it's my favorite rivalry in all sports. Born into hating the yankees and grew up in a time where I was able to see the sox comeback, beat the yankees and win the world series through many late game nights and early school mornings.

  33. snake pliskin2.0

    snake pliskin2.0Måned siden

    Someone should remind Yankee fans celebrating being 2020 World Series champions that there are still 162 regular season games to be played yet.

  34. Bob Heck

    Bob Heck29 dager siden


  35. Jordan Delmont

    Jordan DelmontMåned siden

    Let's go Yankees

  36. Geraldo Estrada

    Geraldo EstradaMåned siden

    Well Yankees rules Cole has to shave and cut his hair lol

  37. Abel Cortez II

    Abel Cortez IIMåned siden

    I 100 percent disagree So basically the Yankees called the Astros out for “stealing signs”, and they get Gerrit Cole ( a pitcher ) from the Astros. How does that make them “the best team in the American League”? The Astros already know what he will throw because the pitching coach literally cut his era in half when he came to there team from Pittsburgh. And I don’t think the Astros are the only team that can beat Gerrit Cole, this is just what I think based off on how the Astros made him “unstoppable”..

  38. nelson bermudez

    nelson bermudezMåned siden

    MLB=NBA. All the good players on like 4 or 5 teams! Boring!!!!

  39. nelson bermudez

    nelson bermudezMåned siden

    Yankees trying to buy another world series ring

  40. Just Cruz

    Just CruzMåned siden

    Yankees: You cheated your way past us to the WS. Astros: Here, have Cole. Yankees: Congrats on the World Series run, beat us fair and square.

  41. Robert Yarzagaray

    Robert YarzagarayMåned siden

    Tim they are the best maybe on paper still has too prove on the field, i hope the Rays or Athletics beat them.

  42. angryjenkins

    angryjenkinsMåned siden

    If you're gonna go through the effort of photoshopping a yankee cap and uni on Cole, why not remove the beard? A trim on top couldn't hurt either ...

  43. Gerardo Esparza

    Gerardo EsparzaMåned siden

    Sorry, but no this doesn’t make the Yankees the best team. If history has taught us anything these big contracts always backfire on them.

  44. SavetheWater1

    SavetheWater1Måned siden

    This is what’s wrong with baseball, if you have the most money you can just buy a championship

  45. Eddie Ah

    Eddie AhMåned siden

    I’ll be back here in October whenever the Yankees choke again

  46. Bidwellz9

    Bidwellz9Måned siden


  47. Adam Morgan

    Adam MorganMåned siden

    2020 World Series champs NYY ⚾️

  48. William Wolfe

    William WolfeMåned siden

    The money won't be that catastrophic: CC, Didi, maybe Happ off the books. That's $35+ million right there. Now... work on dealing Stanton before 2023 so we can keep Judge and Gleyber. Eat 70% of the Stanton deal if you have to; keeping Judge into his 30s is paramount.

  49. snake pliskin2.0

    snake pliskin2.0Måned siden

    Just wait a few years till we start seeing buyers remorse from some of these signings. Prime example Red Sox pitching staff and a few others but can’t sign and trying to trade their best player in Betts.

  50. GrungyAssCinema

    GrungyAssCinemaMåned siden

    I just came to the realization that those monsters are going to make him shave that majestic beard of his, so naturally, he won't be as good. This is coming from a Yankees fan.

  51. John Haeselin

    John HaeselinMåned siden

    Chill Delilah

  52. Christian Ramirez

    Christian RamirezMåned siden


  53. Christian Ramirez

    Christian RamirezMåned siden


  54. rick hayden

    rick haydenMåned siden

    maybe so but the astros won a world series without cole but did not win one with him. he is the best pitcher there is so the yanks better win the prize.

  55. It’s time To react

    It’s time To reactMåned siden

    Yeah how bout them yanks

  56. Javier Sánchez

    Javier SánchezMåned siden

    Good pitching wins games! That's kinda hard to do when their hitters choke under pressure in the postseason. You still got a idiot for a manager😂

  57. Javier Sánchez

    Javier SánchezMåned siden

    @Bob Heck The Yankees can't hit in clutch situations! So it don't matter who they throw on the mound.

  58. Bob Heck

    Bob HeckMåned siden


  59. Raffertywentz11

    Raffertywentz11Måned siden

    Yankees Record 162-0

  60. Ben Casler

    Ben CaslerMåned siden

    Hung on to their money *Stanton*

  61. Tyler Durden

    Tyler DurdenMåned siden

    He already pitched in New York you dope, against us, and was unfazed. He will prosper

  62. Eloy Olivo

    Eloy OlivoMåned siden

    Still not good enough

  63. Bob Heck

    Bob HeckMåned siden


  64. Lark Macallan

    Lark MacallanMåned siden

    yankees are going to do to baseball what jerry sandusky would do to a boy scout troop

  65. Jesus Barrera

    Jesus BarreraMåned siden

    This team is no longer the empire, they’re the first order.

  66. Shane Musser

    Shane MusserMåned siden

    Best team in the MLB? I think you might need to look again, pretty sure Kansas City or San Francisco has that locked down,lol

  67. Richard Nelson

    Richard NelsonMåned siden

    Nice having the Evil Empire back.

  68. Sam

    SamMåned siden

    Last time the Yankee rotation was this good, it was Cone, Wells, El Duke and Pettitte with Irabu rounding it off. It was 1998 and they were among the best teams ever. I don't think they're quite at 98 levels, but with Cole, Sevy, Paxton and Tanaka, and German, Happ and Montgomery competing for #5, they're close. (Even better if they can trade Happ.)

  69. Greg Goldman

    Greg GoldmanMåned siden

    Baseball is a joke. Its needs a hard cap

  70. Greg Goldman

    Greg GoldmanMåned siden

    Can't wait for cole to blow his arm out first pich

  71. Bob Heck

    Bob HeckMåned siden

    You BLOW FOOL!

  72. Ralph Garcia

    Ralph GarciaMåned siden

    Almost 100 years ago, the Yankees bought Babe Ruth, making them a dynasty. History will repeat itself for the Yankees in the 21st century. I knew Cole wasn't going to sign with a California team. California is now the wildfire state due to global warming