Getting Sent to the Principal's Office with Danny Gonzalez

we got in trouble 😔
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  1. taehyung café

    taehyung café9 timer siden

    can we talk about dannys biceps at 9:58 for a second

  2. abdulmalik AQ

    abdulmalik AQ13 timer siden

    They were about to makeout 7:46

  3. killjoy cola

    killjoy cola13 timer siden

    You should have done the John Marshall one... that was my high school back in the day and I was there when they filmed the episode

  4. killjoy cola

    killjoy cola13 timer siden

    My high school was on this show!!! I was on the TV show!! But they cut my parts because my father was a teacher there and they didnt want a teachers son in the office causing shit

  5. Kemp Rowland

    Kemp Rowland14 timer siden

    I remember that clip about the school dance when it came out. It's funny seeing the next generation discover it lol

  6. Crackers about Cheese

    Crackers about Cheese15 timer siden

    After this I ship these two

  7. ishybeats

    ishybeats16 timer siden

    My Highschool re-enacted the whole principle thing at our variety show. The principle was actually part of it. It was hilarious.

  8. devilluv_

    devilluv_17 timer siden

    The only thing I know is that the Principal is hella homophobic

  9. Autumn Bennett-O'Farrell

    Autumn Bennett-O'FarrellDag siden

    I was laughing the entire time

  10. Bon Jovi

    Bon JoviDag siden

    I hug my friends and I had a teacher who would hover over us chanting "catch and release, catch and release". So obnoxious

  11. TheLatinBat

    TheLatinBatDag siden


  12. Xogb402

    Xogb402Dag siden

    I am still not convinced that they have wives

  13. Tay G

    Tay GDag siden

    I was just thinking about this video and it was recommended to me again. Best thing that has happened in 2020 yet.

  14. James.s

    James.sDag siden

    these two have to be the most boring unenthusiastic youtubers, how do people watch this?

  15. Blue Collar Men Productions

    Blue Collar Men Productions2 dager siden

    They weren’t allowing hugs? Stupid

  16. Yeet Dominic is fookin beautiful

    Yeet Dominic is fookin beautiful2 dager siden

    ‘Marker face’ kinda looks like Ryan Ross

  17. LaughingSadness YT

    LaughingSadness YT2 dager siden

    mans just wants to massage his gf if she’s having a rough day 😔

  18. nina wallen

    nina wallen3 dager siden

    Kids at my school: getting stabbed to death and smoking crack in the bathroom Kids at this school: no hugs

  19. katherine is uwu

    katherine is uwu3 dager siden

    5:05 Lmao Danny is low-key hard

  20. Lol Ramdom

    Lol Ramdom3 dager siden

    7:07 You think you have a weird pda rule well my school won't allow. -high fives - fist bumps - hugs - Holding hands -or any touching But the teachers are aloud to touch you wherever.

  21. BigOof Sushi

    BigOof Sushi2 dager siden

    Wait, w a i t, w h a t

  22. Coco Pops

    Coco Pops3 dager siden

    Wait why is Drew grinding himself?

  23. noodle nugget

    noodle nugget4 dager siden

    Drew seems way to happy about this

  24. E. R. H.

    E. R. H.4 dager siden

    I enjoyed segments of this video - that is all

  25. Dell12 16

    Dell12 164 dager siden

    Those 2 kids at the beginning were fucking legends

  26. Sxlphi

    Sxlphi4 dager siden

    This is so gay perfection

  27. MAD FinnaWoke

    MAD FinnaWoke4 dager siden

    I got a kurtis Conner ad wth

  28. Otaku shinaneginz

    Otaku shinaneginz4 dager siden

    Tbh if I were that kid I would've kept my room that way and whenever anyone comes over I'd say my cruel parents did this, and then see if Karma gets me or them

  29. Blaze Vieyra

    Blaze Vieyra4 dager siden

    Dog + marbles = dead dog

  30. Epic Gamer Man

    Epic Gamer Man4 dager siden

    The first 2 kids are literally the funniest kids and in the full version they walk out holding hands

  31. Sean Cullen

    Sean Cullen5 dager siden

    5:11 your welcome 🥴

  32. Julianna H5782

    Julianna H57825 dager siden

    5:11 the absolute giggles of Danny and surprising breadth of Drew's hip swing? Such. A. Treat.

  33. natalie grace

    natalie grace5 dager siden

    "I love you" "I like your tie" I FUCKING LOVE THESE KIDS

  34. art-is-awen

    art-is-awen5 dager siden

    Why did yall cut out the part where the boys walk away holding hands? That's the punchline!!

  35. Liana H

    Liana H5 dager siden

    Danny pretends to flex for a hot sec with "my other rooms"

  36. Jai K •18 years ago

    Jai K •18 years ago6 dager siden

    Thumbnail looks like a gay porno

  37. furby slinckie123456

    furby slinckie1234566 dager siden

    that kids room was poppin jesus crist im jelus

  38. Buster988

    Buster9886 dager siden

    Dude if i was that little kid i would just fucking leave my room like that and never clean it

  39. ur mom lol

    ur mom lol6 dager siden


  40. plastiqbeach

    plastiqbeach6 dager siden

    The guys at the start walked so the slightly gay guys who slap each others asses and moan in P.E. could run

  41. Neha Badvel

    Neha Badvel6 dager siden

    oml.. as soon as they "posed together" the cousins gay trailer came im actually weak

  42. AxeL EpinozA

    AxeL EpinozA6 dager siden

    Same house same bed? 🤔😏

  43. Ferb Fletcher

    Ferb Fletcher6 dager siden

    Nah Danny gets the couch

  44. KnightTime Stories

    KnightTime Stories7 dager siden

    Shit who's danny and who's drew they look the same

  45. Scyon13

    Scyon137 dager siden

    I knew drew was the bottom lmao

  46. kurtboy

    kurtboy7 dager siden

    the first two guys are just male versions of me and my best friend 💀💀💀

  47. Stella K

    Stella K7 dager siden

    What kid has such a blank bedroom???

  48. The Official ARNL

    The Official ARNL7 dager siden

    10:27 my room be looking like that all the time

  49. Paul Blueneck

    Paul Blueneck7 dager siden

    My prom was in ‘10 aaaaaand it was a grind fest.

  50. Statitude

    Statitude7 dager siden

    Harder daddy

  51. Webster

    Webster8 dager siden

    i forgot how funny this video was

  52. Letsalltakeawalk

    Letsalltakeawalk8 dager siden

    When I used to watch that Principal's Office show, or one like it idk, there were schools where if a kid got into trouble they could either do a Saturday detention of agree to be spanked a certain amount of times with a wooden paddle. I distinctly remember seeing teenagers bring interviewed after their spankings and crying and I was so confused

  53. some random person on the internet

    some random person on the internet7 dager siden


  54. Letsalltakeawalk

    Letsalltakeawalk8 dager siden

    "are you okay with us talking about this on camera? Are you sure?" Is how all family videos should start tbh

  55. Jt & Guy

    Jt & Guy8 dager siden

    Those first kids seem like they were trolling hardcore

  56. bewust wurde iepen dyn eagen

    bewust wurde iepen dyn eagen8 dager siden

    Jesus christ did anyone else notice how huge Danny's arms are?

  57. American Pooh

    American Pooh8 dager siden


  58. Barack C Obama

    Barack C Obama9 dager siden

    Your welcome for watching

  59. The Ghost

    The Ghost9 dager siden

    It would be really funny if that kid just didn't clean his room

  60. Senselless

    Senselless9 dager siden

    I love this video

  61. BethAnn Mayberry

    BethAnn Mayberry10 dager siden

    The first boys are just so adorably confident trolls. I love them. I feel like they may just be the Danny & Drew of their generation. The last kid, with the crappy FamVlog parents, it's so odd. Like his room doesn't even look like a child's room. His bed is bigger than mine, there are NO toys other than a pillow plushie thing on his bed (except, I guess, marbles?), nothing fun on the wall. Does he even actually live there? Is it like an Airbnb? Like the Influencers that rent mansions and sports cars to flex, except this flex is like "check out our very uncluttered crib! We are devoid of any personality but at least our child has a king-size bed!"?

  62. The Beaked Doctor

    The Beaked Doctor10 dager siden

    Okay, but that like, nine year old boys room looks like a guest room. It has as much personality as a piece of wonder bread.

  63. Madeline Shaw

    Madeline Shaw11 dager siden

    3:55 this is uhh 😬