Giannis Antetokounmpo: The crowd made this birthday feel very special | NBA Sound

After picking up a convincing win against the Los Angeles Clippers on his birthday, Giannis Antetokounmpo thanks the crowd for making him feel special with their happy birthday chants during the game. Giannis also comments on how he has dialed up his aggressiveness to a level it's never been at before, and how the Milwaukee Bucks as a team are even more locked in than last season.
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  1. Grammar Police -

    Grammar Police -Måned siden

    I have not seen a game where Le Bron's team has won playing against Giannis and it's NOT going to happen this year

  2. Stylianos Gelis

    Stylianos GelisMåned siden

    It will be funny to see what the media will say about the Bucks totally demolishing the Clippers and Giannis throwing a birthday party on the Coward😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Manuela Da Silva

    Manuela Da SilvaMåned siden

    Forget the stats or dunks. The man is humble. All praise to the most high

  4. KinG_ Mark

    KinG_ MarkMåned siden

    Happy birthday Giannis!

  5. Marcelles Brown

    Marcelles BrownMåned siden

    My mans said it’s BETTER when Kawaii guard em lol

  6. HELLAS59

    HELLAS59Måned siden

    Marcelles Brown Its true! BBQ Chicken EVERYTIME without Siakam Gasol & Ibaka collapsing everytime! 🤓

  7. John Truth

    John TruthMåned siden

    Happy B day bro. May God bless you with good health and good success.

  8. FH

    FHMåned siden

    giannis always breathes heavy like he is digesting food he just ate every video

  9. 907 gonefishin

    907 gonefishinMåned siden

    I hope you win a chip kid!!!

  10. Rosemarie Wellesley

    Rosemarie WellesleyMåned siden

    Happy birthday giannis

  11. Jaden Connor

    Jaden ConnorMåned siden

    Clippers : bring your MVP I’m not scared. Bucks coach: BET

  12. specialparadise

    specialparadiseMåned siden

    Back to back MVP. The question is, will he get it a third time in a row and break the record?

  13. specialparadise

    specialparadiseMåned siden

    @Jason Barnes fair enough

  14. Jason Barnes

    Jason BarnesMåned siden

    There's no record... Bill Russell and Larry Bird definitely three-peated MVPs... I'm not sure but I think Wilt did as well... Or Moses Malone... But it's rare and GOATlike to just three-peat... Plus 🔙2🔙 MVPs means he will have more than Kobe, Garnett, Shaq and Durant... That alone makes him great...

  15. Philadelphia eagles Brian Dawkins

    Philadelphia eagles Brian DawkinsMåned siden

    Happy birthday


    KING POSEIDONMåned siden

    Now all of y’all Bucks fans 😂 y’all pathetic and no I’m not a clippers fan I’m actually astatic they beat them.

  17. Xraided 559

    Xraided 559Måned siden

    The greek freak is hella humble guy

  18. The Fit Gamer

    The Fit GamerMåned siden

    Eff the basketball I'm glad the fans gave him love on his bday you could see how happy he was when they asked him about the chants

  19. Gseric47

    Gseric47Måned siden

    I wish him a happy birthday. Lots of moves made in the offseason but they're still looking good and running strong.

  20. antonio young

    antonio youngMåned siden

    He playing 31.6 mins averaging 31ppg 13Rpg 6APG 1.5S&B imagine if he stat padded and played 38 mins most nights like others

  21. antonio young

    antonio youngMåned siden

    @manolis gakis because there coach understands that playing time helps your bench get better

  22. manolis gakis

    manolis gakisMåned siden

    Exactly. He is playing to win, not to get the MVP, yet he is still the favourite. His coach doesn't hesitate to take him out when they have a big lead and giannis doesn't mind stepping out to give the bench some playing time.

  23. michelinejb34

    michelinejb34Måned siden

    Now that is what u call a birthday present. ( MVP back 2 back )

  24. Jonny Era

    Jonny EraMåned siden

    Bucks vs Lakers is a game you DONT wanna miss. The way Giannis and the bucks are rolling and the way LBJ and AD are playing... I can’t wait.

  25. manolis gakis

    manolis gakisMåned siden

    I hope they meet in the finals (I know it's too early for that but I cannot wait to see them in a 7game series)

  26. Geralt

    GeraltMåned siden

    dudes got skills

  27. IZ7Y

    IZ7YMåned siden

    and y’all still think he gone leave mke? he love us

  28. Sebastian Tapugao-Chadwick

    Sebastian Tapugao-ChadwickMåned siden

    IZ7Y nek minute 🤣

  29. Hugh Geraghty

    Hugh GeraghtyMåned siden

    can't wait for them to explain how the clippers are the superior team to the bucks on first take next week

  30. Franklin Brodhagen

    Franklin BrodhagenMåned siden

    Devorantem what do the Clippers lead the Bucks in?

  31. Devorantem

    DevorantemMåned siden

    By most metrics they are though? It's not even particularly close... Making judgments based off of the results of a singular game in the regular season is something casuals do my man... Don't be like that.

  32. Elijah Guerrero

    Elijah GuerreroMåned siden

    Especially Stephen A, constantly looking for little things to critique on Giannis

  33. D. D.

    D. D.Måned siden

    He's a Sag!!! Yessir ♐♐♐♐✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ Take off Lil Bro!!

  34. Real Talk with Jordan

    Real Talk with JordanMåned siden

    Also I GUARANTEE you the narrative now will be Bucks vs Lakers for NBA championship, and comparing LeBron and Giannis and comparing Lakers and bucks.

  35. Real Talk with Jordan

    Real Talk with JordanMåned siden

    It's beyond clear that this guy is the best in the league. He does it all on both ends, puts up gawdy stats, tied for best NBA record in the league, and just led his team to a massacre of many of people's pick for NBA championship.

  36. Go Bucks

    Go BucksMåned siden

    Joseph Silva “boys”? The only one on Lakers worth a dang with playoff experience is Lebron. When was the last time AD even saw the first round? Please dude, stop. Clowns like you said the same thing about MJ before he finally got through the Pistons. I know, I heard it, little boy. You’re talking to a grown man son who saw the greatest play. Bucks are a waaaay deeper team then the two man Lakers. They just made the Clippers look like the Knicks, and I’m pretty sure that’s the team going to the Finals...

  37. Joseph Silva

    Joseph SilvaMåned siden

    @Go Bucks big boys with playoff experience, little boy. I see you like bucks, but im a neutral and I promise you. If you dare to msg back when finals come, that LeBron or Kawhi will have another title.

  38. Caleb The Baker

    Caleb The BakerMåned siden

    @Joseph Silva autism speaks

  39. Joseph Silva

    Joseph SilvaMåned siden

    @Go Bucks they can, trust me. Davis is playing like DPOY . I'll give Giannis within 3 years to win his first title. This year though, that trophy is going to LA

  40. Go Bucks

    Go BucksMåned siden

    Joseph Silva read above... And what “big boys”? he is the big boy. Please don’t say AD and Lebron, they won’t stop him either.



    Giannis always giving his teamates credits Respect

  42. Helping Shen

    Helping ShenMåned siden

    And his teammates love him, great chemistry

  43. Dimitris Dim

    Dimitris DimMåned siden


  44. MUI 13

    MUI 13Måned siden

    How can you hate this guy

  45. BiggestBullsFan

    BiggestBullsFanMåned siden

    @HELLAS59 i hate his ft. that's his kryptonite

  46. HELLAS59

    HELLAS59Måned siden

    MUI 13 You have to be a special kind of imbecile to Hate on this man

  47. Ona Ebodaghe

    Ona EbodagheMåned siden

    He’s starting to see the game different now, if bro’s jumper is consistent... SAY GOODBYE🇬🇷🦌

  48. Conrad Gray

    Conrad GrayMåned siden


  49. black black

    black blackMåned siden

    he shooting 35 in comparison to shooting 27 last year

  50. cu gremu

    cu gremuMåned siden

    this guy is inarrestable

  51. Young Legend

    Young LegendMåned siden

    I remember when kd said he can become the goat and it might be true one day

  52. WILT CHAMBERLAIN God Bombaata 2K 20K

    WILT CHAMBERLAIN God Bombaata 2K 20KMåned siden


  53. Βασιλης μπουμουκος

    Βασιλης μπουμουκοςMåned siden

    You know ,I could see Kd playing with Giannis... both share great respect for each the fact Both are really mature to set clear lines in a team!Big respect for Kd that had the @@ to talk about Giannis talent in the start of 2019....

  54. DDG Fan

    DDG FanMåned siden

    Lakers in 4 we beating who ever come out the east.

  55. Eagleye17 18

    Eagleye17 18Måned siden

    @JT Hibb The west is overrated. East getting the chip again.

  56. Pellon Joiner

    Pellon JoinerMåned siden

    You smoking that shyt,....share😂😂

  57. Go Bucks

    Go BucksMåned siden

    JT Hibb “rougher Conference” Bucks 7-1 against the West my man, and 5 wins against top 10 teams.

  58. Andre Johnson

    Andre JohnsonMåned siden

    Ryan Olivier the Clippers have played the most home games of any team in the league and keep losing to teams the lakers already waxed. Let’s not mention the fact the lakers just went on the road and smacked 3 western conference playoff teams in a row 🤫

  59. Ryan smith

    Ryan smithMåned siden

    JT Hibb lakers have had an easier schedule though

  60. Torunara Jutora

    Torunara JutoraMåned siden

    Hes become so fluent even though it is cookie cutter answers most of the time. Giannis is becoming a great role model and player respect to him

  61. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayMåned siden

    Giannis is currently the MVP!!!😤

  62. Nick

    NickMåned siden

    He's doing a lot of this with short minutes cuz they are killing teams

  63. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius MckayMåned siden

    Giannis reminds me of shaq and kobe because he has the strength and power like shaq and the mentality like kobe

  64. Ryan B

    Ryan BMåned siden

    Love this comparison

  65. Bong Shapiro

    Bong ShapiroMåned siden

    I don't trust NBA players anymore. NBA is asshoe!

  66. PULLUP J

    PULLUP JMåned siden

    Crazy he is my age 👏🏽🔥🐐 English is getting better 🤛🏾

  67. Harrison Williams

    Harrison WilliamsMåned siden

    Too much load managing for the clippers.

  68. Keeks414

    Keeks414Måned siden

    Real bucks fans from Brew City knew this would happen 💪💯

  69. Le Negro

    Le NegroMåned siden

    Curry x Giannis is the duo we need, the west team has so many duo that crazy

  70. Andre Johnson

    Andre JohnsonMåned siden

    Bill West you do know the warriors are going to be good again next year right? Lol let’s see go play in the bay with curry and klay or stay in Milwaukee, never win a chip because your second best player is Khris Middleton hmm 🤔. Don’t cry when he leaves y’all at the alter 😭

  71. Bill West

    Bill WestMåned siden

    Andre Johnson nope. Why would Giannis leave Milwaukee to go to a team that’s trash? Curry is getting older and they have no depth.

  72. DN2K

    DN2KMåned siden


  73. Andre Johnson

    Andre JohnsonMåned siden

    Curry is never going to Milwaukee lol stop it 😂. Giannis is 1000x more likely to go to Golden State than the other way around.

  74. shiro dgaf

    shiro dgafMåned siden

    Curry to the bucks

  75. RJTeamm

    RJTeammMåned siden

    Hope He Stays in Milwaukee. If He Leaves I Can See Miami As Suitors

  76. PopItUp

    PopItUpMåned siden

    when you name your son allahu akbar and you lost him in the mall

  77. TheDCGuitar13

    TheDCGuitar13Måned siden

    He’s as talented as shaq but works as hard as Kobe. That’s something I thought I’d never see

  78. WILT CHAMBERLAIN God Bombaata 2K 20K

    WILT CHAMBERLAIN God Bombaata 2K 20KMåned siden


  79. Ryan Farello

    Ryan FarelloMåned siden

    Raj Sidhu bruh saying shaq wasn’t talented is just disrespectful u obviously never watched him play

  80. michael lee

    michael leeMåned siden

    I was always a Shaq fan nonetheless Giannis has far more skills than Shaq. Shaq has 100+ lbs on Giannis. Shaq could freight train anyone. Shaq got his body on anyone it`s over, he unguardable in the paint except free throws. Shaq could not defend Giannis in the open court. Giannis could not defend Shaq down low. ** A few years ago on Inside The NBA Charles & Shaq had a shirt off contest. Charles was 303 lbs with huge man boobs. Shaq was 374 lbs with a six pack.

  81. spikeball pro8

    spikeball pro8Måned siden

    Raj is right guys Shaq wasn’t talented. Talent involves shooting, handling the ball, passing the ball. He was good because had Size, athleticism, and basketball IQ.

  82. black black

    black blackMåned siden

    @bigheadkulaff so what about his orlando days. hes the only superstar to beat michael in the playoffs with 3 years in the league. He putup 24 28 and 15 in his rookie year. and 15 blocks is the 2nd or third highest in a regular game

  83. I Sahil I

    I Sahil IMåned siden

    8-74 people here backwards is how much games the Bucks will win 74-8

  84. WILT CHAMBERLAIN God Bombaata 2K 20K

    WILT CHAMBERLAIN God Bombaata 2K 20KMåned siden


  85. I Sahil I

    I Sahil IMåned siden

    Thanks for pointing out 74-9 and Happy Birthday!

  86. OGGOAT_ _

    OGGOAT_ _Måned siden

    Mirza Teletovic

  87. Giannis Antetokounmpo

    Giannis AntetokounmpoMåned siden

    King Mirza 65-17 I think hopefully better tho


    BRADY FERGMåned siden

    King Mirza ima go with 74-8 lol

  89. yourboykingwill

    yourboykingwillMåned siden

    Giannis is back to back mvp

  90. Wyatt Long

    Wyatt LongMåned siden

    He’ll be the goat by the time he retires

  91. 2pac

    2pacMåned siden

    Peter Smith bronsexual spotted

  92. Young Legend

    Young LegendMåned siden

    Peter Smith he really could tho even Kevin Durant said he can😂😂 this dude is fr

  93. Peter Smith

    Peter SmithMåned siden

    Brandon Did you just say that Giannis is a way better shooter than MJ? You are delusional

  94. kev j

    kev jMåned siden


  95. Marx 1684

    Marx 1684Måned siden

    If he keeps playing the way he's playing & continues to work on his shot he will be.

  96. Slender

    SlenderMåned siden

    Also Giannis: I’m announcing my move to the Golden State Warriors

  97. 69 Subscribers 0 Videos

    69 Subscribers 0 VideosMåned siden

    Michael Zidek It’s a joke

  98. Michael Zidek

    Michael ZidekMåned siden

    :Slender stupid

  99. If it ain't creamy you need me

    If it ain't creamy you need meMåned siden

    Edit : Curry requests a trade to bucks.

  100. Hashi Mahad

    Hashi MahadMåned siden

    Giannis currently in the lead for MVP! Absolute beast

  101. 69 Subscribers 0 Videos

    69 Subscribers 0 VideosMåned siden

    2pac Just yes. Luka brought Dallas to the 2nd seed and has way better stats than LeBron.

  102. 2pac

    2pacMåned siden

    Shane Robinson just no

  103. George Polychronopoulos

    George PolychronopoulosMåned siden

    Jonny Era it’s gonna be crazy. But giannis knows better than to try and go 1v1 all game, he’s gonna attack the rim draw double teams and get his teammates involved

  104. Jonny Era

    Jonny EraMåned siden

    Oooof I can’t wait for that AD Giannis match up tho

  105. Shane Robinson

    Shane RobinsonMåned siden

    facts its not a question after him I have to go bron then luka but luka is closing in on that 2nd spot for sure!

  106. Taysowavy

    TaysowavyMåned siden

    🤣🤣 so did the clippers

  107. jack schumaker

    jack schumakerMåned siden


  108. Patrick Gallagher 2016

    Patrick Gallagher 2016Måned siden