Goals of the Week! | The BEST Premier League goals of MD16!

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Harry Kane, Nicolas Pepe and a certain goal from Heung-min Son all feature in our round up of the best goals from this weekend's Premier League games! Which was the greatest goal of the weekend? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Thomski MB

    Thomski MBMåned siden

    Where is Tetteys goal?!

  2. Benji Winger

    Benji WingerMåned siden


  3. Caesar The Spicy

    Caesar The SpicyMåned siden

    Sons is the best but if messi had scored the exact same goal every pundit on the planet would have an erection the size of a lamppost.

  4. Ajay

    AjayMåned siden

    Sonaldo goal by far the best

  5. hopsfly

    hopsflyMåned siden

    Isit just menor was sons goal pretty average.

  6. Aidan Magill

    Aidan MagillMåned siden

    I still prefer Saeed Al Owairan's against Belgium.

  7. Alan Wild

    Alan WildMåned siden


  8. Alan Wild

    Alan WildMåned siden


  9. 32ways

    32waysMåned siden

    *Take a bow son*

  10. 복숭아나숭이

    복숭아나숭이Måned siden


  11. happy gekko

    happy gekkoMåned siden

    Son's is the goal of the decade no doubt

  12. Adonis Blake

    Adonis BlakeMåned siden

    Probably Son, but honourable mention to Naby Keita

  13. Adam Phillip

    Adam PhillipMåned siden

    Keitas was all about the assist from Salah rather than the goal.

  14. Manchester United

    Manchester UnitedMåned siden

    Where is martial’s goal it was class

  15. Awry

    AwryMåned siden

    What about aubameyang goap

  16. unknown unknown

    unknown unknownMåned siden

    Son is just masterclass. 3 goals by spurs here.

  17. Adam Phillip

    Adam PhillipMåned siden

    Sissoko's should have been here too.

  18. Phatripp 27

    Phatripp 27Måned siden

    We all know Sonny has won by a margin further than the distance he ran

  19. Carson Cunningham

    Carson CunninghamMåned siden

    Son goal wasn’t that good it was the dribbling that was superb and I have to give credit for that

  20. Josh Barker

    Josh BarkerMåned siden

    Sons goal was just like a casual Messi goal (I’m a Tottenham fan btw)

  21. 나민우

    나민우Måned siden

    SONALDO (손흥민)

  22. Iftikar Sahil

    Iftikar SahilMåned siden

    Have to admit, Pepe truly showed his quality with that beautiful goal. Should’ve joined a better team as top clubs were in for him, but I guess he had no choice but to join that Banter club as no one else was willing to pay £72m😂😂 decent player, very skilful.

  23. Short Tom

    Short Tom24 dager siden

    @Iftikar Sahil you were saying?

  24. Iftikar Sahil

    Iftikar SahilMåned siden

    Short Tom You’re seriously bragging about beating West Ham? Grow up lol😂. I mean, applying your own logic, we beat Brighton at home which you failed to do, and beat Spurs too, which again you didn’t😉😂.

  25. Short Tom

    Short TomMåned siden

    @Iftikar Sahil yeah we're embarrassing. But something even more embarrasing is losing to a team that even we could beat (WHU ring any bells?)

  26. Mike the Moocher

    Mike the MoocherMåned siden

    As an arsenal fan its mad to say but sons goal was one if he best I've seen in a while

  27. ChubbyChecker182

    ChubbyChecker182Måned siden

    Son's goal reminds me of the great Charles Charlie Charles

  28. Nicola watson

    Nicola watsonMåned siden

    They just gotta do Henderson’s pass like that

  29. Pauly Smith

    Pauly SmithMåned siden

    Was Sons goal better than Giggs in 99? Too hard to compare?

  30. Foot Long

    Foot LongMåned siden

    Spurs are the best Kane and son goals were amazing 😉

  31. Whinger04

    Whinger04Måned siden

    Maupay, OH MAUPAY!!!🔵⚪️🔵⚪️


    OLLIE CLARKE02Måned siden


  33. Paul Neale

    Paul NealeMåned siden

    Gotta be *son* he left his shadow in the other side of the pitch when he scored.

  34. Luke De Col

    Luke De ColMåned siden

    Shelvey's header?

  35. mmm nnn

    mmm nnnMåned siden


  36. Duck Lover

    Duck LoverMåned siden

    Son of a gun 💥

  37. S.diligent 1

    S.diligent 1Måned siden

    Son is on another level and then u have Tottenham🤣

  38. Joe S

    Joe SMåned siden

    Son took it passed more people for his goal than Henry did for that 'wonder' goal against spurs at highbury....

  39. Joe S

    Joe SMåned siden

    @Gabriel Martinelli Not a Spurs fan, im also not wrong lol

  40. Gabriel Martinelli

    Gabriel MartinelliMåned siden

    deluded spurs fan

  41. Shadow Gamer

    Shadow GamerMåned siden

    I definitely have totally absolutely no idea who’s goal is the best in this vid. I have an odd suspicion it’s son’s goal. Hmm

  42. Jamess UK

    Jamess UKMåned siden

    Son is class love to have him

  43. Jurgen Klopp

    Jurgen KloppMåned siden

    Nah he's a kpop merchant

  44. Bandana God

    Bandana GodMåned siden

    Pepe goal is the best

  45. Anthony Gonzalez

    Anthony GonzalezMåned siden

    Son alday

  46. Ronan Kenny

    Ronan KennyMåned siden

    Son goal is insane but can the defence defend

  47. Denuca

    DenucaMåned siden

    amazing goals and love them all but no doubt son for this round

  48. Eddie Hogg

    Eddie HoggMåned siden

    2:33 when you try to stop a counterattack on FIFA

  49. Wide Lens

    Wide LensMåned siden

    SONALDO (손나우두)!!! Respect ✊!

  50. Wide Lens

    Wide LensMåned siden

    Got to be my Sonny

  51. Jack Massie

    Jack MassieMåned siden

    Martial Vs City?

  52. Iftikar Sahil

    Iftikar SahilMåned siden

    Jurgen Klopp SHOULD’VE, COULD’VE, WOULD’VE.😂😂 No one gives two f u c k s mate.

  53. Dawid Bakula

    Dawid BakulaMåned siden

    @Jurgen Klopp shut your mouth

  54. Jurgen Klopp

    Jurgen KloppMåned siden

    Keeper should've saved

  55. Dawid Bakula

    Dawid BakulaMåned siden

    Should be mate

  56. Ian Fidoe

    Ian FidoeMåned siden

    son for goal of the century

  57. Makka Pakka

    Makka PakkaMåned siden

    What about Origi, oh no that was last weeks 😆

  58. Rob letchworth

    Rob letchworthMåned siden

    Gotta be son inside his own half

  59. Paul Charles

    Paul CharlesMåned siden

    It'll be a very long time before we see another goal like Son's in professional football!

  60. Paul Charles

    Paul CharlesMåned siden

    @poola169 Yep I remember that one!

  61. Ice

    IceMåned siden

    @Ben Chowdhiry lmao how many times has he commented this

  62. Morphius the Toaster

    Morphius the ToasterMåned siden

    He scored a similar goal last year

  63. Ben Chowdhiry

    Ben ChowdhiryMåned siden

    @LucasTorreiraisthegoat you really don't have much to do with your free time, do you?

  64. Lucas

    LucasMåned siden

    J P No he doesn’t.

  65. Freerange meggs

    Freerange meggsMåned siden

    Andy carroll the best assist of the season

  66. Luke De Col

    Luke De ColMåned siden

    @LucasTorreiraisthegoat hows that? He completely changed the game when he came on.

  67. LucasTorreiraisthegoat

    LucasTorreiraisthegoatMåned siden

    Freerange meggs andy carroll is trash

  68. Joe Mama

    Joe MamaMåned siden

    Son and pepe's were by far the best of the lot

  69. Adam Phillip

    Adam PhillipMåned siden

    Baldocks was better than Pepes.

  70. Fin fn

    Fin fnMåned siden

    Kane’s first was better than Pepes goal

  71. LucasTorreiraisthegoat

    LucasTorreiraisthegoatMåned siden

    Joe Mama son should go back being a kpop star

  72. Blanka

    BlankaMåned siden

    Where tf is KDB's volley?

  73. Blanka

    BlankaMåned siden

    @Adeel488 so it was, my bad

  74. Adeel488

    Adeel488Måned siden

    Captain Bob that was last weeks game

  75. Ben 0807

    Ben 0807Måned siden

    Son is too good

  76. Dan A1

    Dan A1Måned siden

    LucasTorreiraisthegoat 😂🤣🤣

  77. LucasTorreiraisthegoat

    LucasTorreiraisthegoatMåned siden

    Ben 0807 ya you’re right

  78. Ben 0807

    Ben 0807Måned siden

    @LucasTorreiraisthegoat yh ur right torreira is the goat after all

  79. LucasTorreiraisthegoat

    LucasTorreiraisthegoatMåned siden

    Ben 0807 hes trash

  80. Mike Ashley is a fat twat

    Mike Ashley is a fat twatMåned siden

    son's goal and pepe's are definitely the best

  81. Mike Ashley is a fat twat

    Mike Ashley is a fat twatMåned siden

    @David Webb how

  82. David Webb

    David WebbMåned siden

    Pepe’s was pretty bog standard

  83. Adam Phillip

    Adam PhillipMåned siden

    Son, Kanes first and Baldock top 3.

  84. Tomas Durcan

    Tomas DurcanMåned siden

    I'd love Pepe to win (as an arsenal fan), but clearly son's goal is better than everyone's here by a mile

  85. Didongo Gaming

    Didongo GamingMåned siden

    LucasTorreiraisthegoat no

  86. Jake T

    Jake TMåned siden

    Same Pepe whom has scored the same amount of goals as Sissoko 😁

  87. MSN FIFA

    MSN FIFAMåned siden

    Connor Garcia and your an ass

  88. Connor Garcia

    Connor GarciaMåned siden

    @MSN FIFA you're a mug

  89. Hannah Elisabeth

    Hannah ElisabethMåned siden

    How is this not three minutes of replays of Son's goal?

  90. XZ Electro

    XZ ElectroMåned siden


  91. miguel caeiro

    miguel caeiroMåned siden

    LucasTorreiraisthegoat you’re a deluded Arsenal fan

  92. LucasTorreiraisthegoat

    LucasTorreiraisthegoatMåned siden

    Hannah Elisabeth because its not a good goal

  93. Hawwaa

    HawwaaMåned siden

    It’s got to be something special for someone to beat Son for Goal of the season.

  94. unknown person

    unknown personMåned siden

    @LucasTorreiraisthegoat not really 2 year old

  95. unknown person

    unknown personMåned siden

    @Noah.R yeah same hahaha

  96. unknown person

    unknown personMåned siden

    @Kilgore Trout hahaha

  97. unknown person

    unknown personMåned siden

    @BlueSpeed hahaha

  98. unknown person

    unknown personMåned siden

    @LucasTorreiraisthegoat salty arsenal fan SMH 🙄

  99. the fish tank

    the fish tankMåned siden

    Sorry de bruyne, son welcome to my fpl

  100. Victoria Parker

    Victoria ParkerMåned siden


  101. WHY

    WHYMåned siden

    Chelsea fan but Pepe's goal tops the lot

  102. WHY

    WHYMåned siden

    @Jot Grewal yep thanks I'm an u17 coach for London tigers FC brother

  103. Jot Grewal

    Jot GrewalMåned siden

    @WHY lol you must really know your stuff

  104. Sirdidymus

    SirdidymusMåned siden

    @WHY harder to execute? like 90% of top level players can execute that seen it time and time again when was the last time somebody ran almost the entire pitch to score?

  105. WHY

    WHYMåned siden

    @Jot Grewal London tigers FC brother


    RUAIRIPLAYZMåned siden


  107. Matthew Bright

    Matthew BrightMåned siden

    S Savv stfu, you got Zara Larsson lush life in your playlist you complete prick

  108. SY H

    SY HMåned siden

    S Savv I’m not a fan of Tottenham but Manchester pricks can’t discuss about level of football tho...😉


    RUAIRIPLAYZMåned siden

    @Szymon the glove guru 😑

  110. Szymon the glove guru

    Szymon the glove guruMåned siden

    The Burnley players should of hacked him down and rashford is better than son u Tottenham pricks😂