Gwyneth Paltrow Is Insane and Goop Is Hurting Everyone

This is the greatest pseudoscience silliness of All Time


  1. Jebaited{{

    Jebaited{{13 timer siden

    Hot dog water

  2. chding zuure

    chding zuure13 timer siden

    That sounds like something white people with dreads would do

  3. MasterEth

    MasterEth13 timer siden

    jon tron did it first lel

  4. Duyas

    Duyas13 timer siden

    Only reason this shit is exploding like it is, is because women control must of the purchasing power ( they make up the majority of the consumer base). Why they buy into this shit I have no idea.

  5. Crazy Pelican

    Crazy Pelican14 timer siden

    Doe a Charlie ever actually wear shirts that aren’t white?

  6. chding zuure

    chding zuure13 timer siden

    Goop is actually smart because they sell dumb products to dumb people

  7. Crazy Pelican

    Crazy Pelican14 timer siden

    Conspiracy theories and pseudoscience are back baby! Except this time: on Netflix (the subscription you PAY for)

  8. CR Eng

    CR Eng15 timer siden


  9. CR Eng

    CR Eng15 timer siden

    ya doooooooooofus🤣😘🙄😐

  10. CR Eng

    CR Eng15 timer siden

    hey...less 'Emotions when u talk.

  11. Steve Fischer

    Steve Fischer15 timer siden

    I say live and live.... if you don't like her then don't pay her attention

  12. angel daza

    angel daza15 timer siden

    So like 1820 and 1920, we are gonna have a plague because of this bitch. Classical Humans 😂

  13. kat T

    kat T15 timer siden

    Preach, man! Preach!❤️

  14. Daniel GOODWIN

    Daniel GOODWIN16 timer siden

    I bet the candle has the scent of fragrance soap. Gwyneth is probably clean

  15. TheOtherWhiteBread0

    TheOtherWhiteBread016 timer siden

    That's a cheaaaap candle. Black jar, cheapest color to make. Has a paper stick on label. What a joke.

  16. Burger Deluxe

    Burger Deluxe16 timer siden

    I think Tony oversnapped the universe....

  17. sleppy Naruto

    sleppy Naruto16 timer siden

    smelling gwyneth paltrow vagina, give you power level over 9000.

  18. caroline e

    caroline e17 timer siden

    I do 'not give a fuck'...about "How u feel man". Facts only....... .

  19. caroline e

    caroline e17 timer siden


  20. Google Poodle

    Google Poodle18 timer siden

    This smells like my sweaty asshole car freshener

  21. Floris Bordewijk

    Floris Bordewijk18 timer siden

    Oof, Chris Martin definitely jumped that ship in time

  22. Riven Anneslay

    Riven Anneslay18 timer siden

    Goop is actually smart because they sell dumb products to dumb people

  23. Lisa Drijver

    Lisa Drijver19 timer siden

    Agree w everything said except the comment on flat earth/lizard people type conspiracies being harmless as they’re rooted in antisemitism

  24. voigto

    voigto19 timer siden

    Paltrow was fucking cooked from the start. Named her kid Apple, and when she divorced Chris Martin from Coldplay, they called it a "conscious uncoupling". Her target demographic for this goop shit is basically antivax full time mommys with too much time and disposable income. Also funny Charlie says she's from Iron Man, in interviews she's admitted she doesn't watch or know anything about the Marvel movies.

  25. moonbyuli

    moonbyuli20 timer siden

    My money I put towards Netflix gets put into shit like this. Can we boycott? Should we boycott?

  26. Gojifan76 CR1MS0N

    Gojifan76 CR1MS0N20 timer siden

    Next thing your gonna know that shes making a fucking test tube subject of a human with king kong tiddies who smells like her ugly ass harbor pussy scent

  27. James Ouyang

    James Ouyang20 timer siden

    Dude this is literally me arguing with my grandma

  28. monster2121 Jacobs

    monster2121 Jacobs20 timer siden

    Paltrow is batshit crazy

  29. Q

    Q20 timer siden

    1.4k soccer moms disliked this

  30. JustBarley

    JustBarley20 timer siden

    The thumbnail makes it looks like shes squeezing out play-do poo

  31. TravaZZZik

    TravaZZZik21 time siden

    Charlie, not only an entertainer, but a guardian of critical thinking as well.

  32. Big Weed Man

    Big Weed Man21 time siden

    Charlie only makes brave statements on this channel

  33. huttio srreu

    huttio srreu21 time siden

    This is just the boomer version of belle delphine's bathwater

  34. Callum McBigWilly

    Callum McBigWilly21 time siden


  35. PeachDoesArtYT

    PeachDoesArtYT21 time siden

    3:09 tell me she doesnt look like a rat here

  36. Clara Hesse

    Clara Hesse21 time siden

    I’ve been walking around bearfood for 2 weeks. Still got depression, but now I also have a cold, so it did something.

  37. huttio srreu

    huttio srreu21 time siden

    How does anyone believe this garbage?

  38. ShadowHunter120

    ShadowHunter12022 timer siden

    Sky captain was a cool movie

  39. Pelican74

    Pelican7422 timer siden

    Penguin do a video on redbar. He sucks and is click bait

  40. Ali Nader S Abdulla S Shbar Al Mousawi

    Ali Nader S Abdulla S Shbar Al Mousawi23 timer siden

    1:49 😂😂😂😂

  41. PowerHitter 427

    PowerHitter 42723 timer siden

    There are some fucked vaccines that don’t do anything but keep us sick (not saying I’m an anti vax these are just facts)

  42. Sinister Sweet

    Sinister Sweet23 timer siden


  43. Mercury

    Mercury23 timer siden

    Thought he was going to shit on Carson and his gaggle of goons for a second.

  44. sven9able

    sven9ableDag siden

    Sky Captain... such an underrated fucking movie

  45. Jumpin’ Jack Clash

    Jumpin’ Jack ClashDag siden

    3:13 Why does it look like her hair textures have loaded completely but her face and teeth textures haven’t popped in yet?

  46. Rafael Cruz Jr.

    Rafael Cruz Jr.Dag siden

    Gwyneth is giving E-girls another idea for a product to sell with that candle

  47. Theanthropic Eyedolatry

    Theanthropic EyedolatryDag siden

    You should do a segment where you get all sorts of unnecessary vaccines just to prove how they can't make you sick, that will show those anti-vaxers.

  48. Rebecca

    RebeccaDag siden

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  49. distill

    distillDag siden

    Vice has been doing this shit since it became a network. Other than King of the Road their shows are borderline Goop-like propaganda.

  50. lizzy smira

    lizzy smiraDag siden

    Honestly you are an excellent speaker. Well-thought-out responses and original analysis. -from your friendly, neighborhood English teacher!

  51. khfan4life365

    khfan4life365Dag siden

    I will never a stick a rock up my hoohah.

  52. dannooooooo

    dannoooooooDag siden

    I periodically watch this channel and its always shocking to me how much more Charlie looks like a 2000's emo band front man

  53. Natt Majick

    Natt MajickDag siden

    How does anyone believe this garbage?

  54. Brain-washed

    Brain-washedDag siden

    i hope she gets thrown in jail tbh

  55. Ro Ur

    Ro UrDag siden

    This shit should be illegal. Fuck this retarded crap

  56. Yung Giorno

    Yung GiornoDag siden

    guaranteed that 90% of gwyneth's vagina candle sales are soyboys that wanna know what vagina smells like

  57. vizualnoizz

    vizualnoizzDag siden

    this reminds me of the crazy aunt character from GTA only it's not satire lmao

  58. bonob0123

    bonob0123Dag siden

    this guy gets it. bravo

  59. ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ

    ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄDag siden

    You know the government shoves mind control fuckery in the injections instead of actual vaccines, right? Either it's happening now or it will happen in the future. Guarentee ya

  60. Robert Matheus

    Robert MatheusDag siden

    Are we living in a spinoff of the Dark Ages?

  61. Devan Hale

    Devan HaleDag siden

    2:29 black shirt Charlie has taken control over white shirt Charlie... will grey shirt Charlie be born soon..?

  62. OpinionDay007

    OpinionDay007Dag siden

    whats really frightening is the large amount of people (mainly women, I would guess) that buy into this rubbish.the level of education in the western world is sinking and sinking and generations of people, not just the young, are unable to rationalize, the world is nearly ripe for an absolute new age lunatic to take over.

  63. constantdoodle

    constantdoodleDag siden

    Gwyneth Paltrow: here's a candle that smells like my vagina. Wayne: wish you weren't so fuckin awkward bud.

  64. T 2k

    T 2kDag siden

    The Caucasitty