Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Going Red To Blonde At Home

Hi Beautiful! Today we watch 3 girls go from bright red hair to blonde with the help of bleach and color remover.
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  1. Brad Mondo

    Brad Mondo6 dager siden

    Hope you’re all well 💙

  2. Kary Askew

    Kary Askew10 timer siden

    This was posted on my birthday! Loved it :)


    ELIZABETH BOONE10 timer siden

    Great luv u💗

  4. Smokii K

    Smokii K11 timer siden

    Anyone else’s week felt like a year? Im so over 2020 already 😂😂

  5. B. O.

    B. O.11 timer siden

    What I read: "hope you're all wet 💙" ..... well then.

  6. Flower Fairy2003

    Flower Fairy200319 timer siden

    Bored as heck thank u sooo much Like if u agree

  7. Duckie Power

    Duckie Power10 timer siden


  8. Nicolle Ramos

    Nicolle Ramos10 timer siden

    Brad, please react to Nilda Santiago, video DO PRETO AO RUIVO, she's a brazilian youtuber, it was a disaster sequence

  9. Giana Grace

    Giana Grace10 timer siden

    Im a cosmo student, will i watch these and judge people for doing this at home?... yes. will that stop me from doing it at home?... no. But i absolutely love your videos and your commentaries ❤️❤️

  10. Debbie

    Debbie11 timer siden

    Everyone is worried about her hair. ( female #2) I’m worried about how she let go the wheel and the car is still going 🥴😭

  11. Jocelyn Kies

    Jocelyn Kies12 timer siden

    Soooo, this is so random, but I need advice. I am a girl with very thick brown/dirty blonde hair, and right now I have hair that is relatively long, but I have wanted a pixie cut for a few years now, and I finally have the chance to get one, but I’m not sure what to do with my hair. Do I go super short, at kinda long but kinda short? If there is anyone out there with experience with long hair, or pixie cuts or anything, I would really appreciate some advice!

  12. Vaans

    Vaans12 timer siden

    The longer I'm self isolating the more I want to something to my hair. I need people to tell me not to.

  13. Morgana Cannon

    Morgana Cannon12 timer siden

    I just feel like im watching teenaged Jennifer Lawrence

  14. Tori

    Tori12 timer siden

    brad, i would literally let you do ANYTHING to want to my hair. i’m so bored with it and idk what to do.

  15. Cristina Pappaterra

    Cristina Pappaterra12 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="898">14:58</a> CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE DRIVING?!?!

  16. Emilia Coffman

    Emilia Coffman12 timer siden

    My understanding was that it was the volume of developer used that affected how light the hair would get when bleached?? At least that is what I was taught at school.

  17. Maria

    Maria13 timer siden

    Hi Beautiful 💞

  18. Suloisin B

    Suloisin B13 timer siden

    Did anyone else want <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="910">15:10</a> girl to hold onto the steering wheel.

  19. Tanisha Joseph

    Tanisha Joseph13 timer siden

    lmao i did this once, my hair turned out pink xd wasn’t a big deal for me i wanted my hair pink anyways

  20. Rhu Riv

    Rhu Riv13 timer siden

    Please take care Brad :)

  21. Aire Vax

    Aire Vax13 timer siden

    Funny thing is that, I grew up literally right next door to the last chick, I wonder how she is doing these days.

  22. Shaii Atkins

    Shaii Atkins13 timer siden

    I honestly love you 😂😂😂

  23. Lisa Levesque

    Lisa Levesque13 timer siden

    I love her results!

  24. tempy everclear

    tempy everclear14 timer siden

    What would happen if you put toner on a ginger copper orange/red directly before bleaching?

  25. LizaLovesYou

    LizaLovesYou14 timer siden

    Ok but real talk, the girl with the undercut is BEAUTIFUL OMG

  26. taylor futch

    taylor futch14 timer siden

    i had gorgeous blonde hair and i went red with box dye. bleached it 4 times in one day and fried all my hair off. now im stuck rocking a bob with bangs and back red 😭😂😂

  27. Deandra Johnson

    Deandra Johnson14 timer siden

    How have I just found this dude?!

  28. D G

    D G14 timer siden

    My hair is still crying from my blonde moment

  29. Annie Fordham

    Annie Fordham14 timer siden

    Can we talk about how the second girl literally drove her car without her hands for a solid 20sec like how did she not die wtf 😂😂😂

  30. D's World

    D's World14 timer siden

    How can you tell if someones hair is compromised?

  31. Tricia Perez

    Tricia Perez14 timer siden

    Honestly I wanna thank Brad Mondo for his videos, watching your videos has taught me so much about doing hair that I thankfully havent had to go through any horrible hair fails. Thank you Brad!!!❤❤❤

  32. Cassy Surrette

    Cassy Surrette14 timer siden

    Li Li is that you?

  33. Cassy Surrette

    Cassy Surrette14 timer siden

    your voice is relaxing

  34. Alya Talal

    Alya Talal15 timer siden

    Joana plz !!!!!

  35. That1CatLoverGirl

    That1CatLoverGirl15 timer siden

    this is what I heard... a lot- *skip* of toe- *skip* naaaaaaaaaaaa *skip* Nulllllll I laughed so hard.. ~~Yes I liked my own comment... whatever... (ALSO: BRAD IF YOU ARE SEEING THIS I LOVE YOU!!!)~~

  36. Sarah Wood

    Sarah Wood15 timer siden

    Brittany Lowkey killed it ...👀

  37. Leigh Mishamigo

    Leigh Mishamigo15 timer siden

    The ring on his shirt gives me Tiger King PTSD 😳👀

  38. Dreary Lane

    Dreary Lane15 timer siden

    The Color Fix processing lotion is just peroxide which will bring that colour right back when the molecules that are shrunken swell back up, she's correct in not using it especially before the 4th or 5th wash

  39. Char Retkowski

    Char Retkowski16 timer siden

    The 1st girl looks like Leeloo from "The Fifth Element"! LOL

  40. London Aaliyah

    London Aaliyah16 timer siden

    Like my hair is strawberry blond😂

  41. London Aaliyah

    London Aaliyah16 timer siden

    The first girls hair is what mine is naturally but a little more yellow😂

  42. Tatyannah Smith

    Tatyannah Smith16 timer siden

    e-boy who?? xD

  43. Courtney Glidden

    Courtney Glidden16 timer siden

    t18 sounds like guillotine for a reason

  44. Lily Val

    Lily Val16 timer siden

    All that money could have paid good salon professional. Omg. Pretty blonde straight blunt short bob. She looks like an Disney Ariel type why ruin it. Pretty long hair. Such pretty girl. No kirchen wisk omg. Best just a brush stuff at Sally. Ugly shaved side. Lol Your reaction on the last gal. Good stuff.

  45. Kennedy Kline

    Kennedy Kline16 timer siden


  46. Mariel Spencer

    Mariel Spencer16 timer siden

    Going from red to blonde is really difficult... I had friends tell me if wasn't gunna be possible including a hair dresser friend. They were all shocked by how nicely it turned out. I used the scwartzkopf (however it's spelled) professionals brand of bondme products and their version of olaplex. There was some hiccups like I forgot I put red to cover purple so when I stripped it the first time it turned green like the Grinch lol but thankfully loreals color eraser fixed that before I bleached. It was such a long and frustrating process made me never want to go red again 😂

  47. Gabriella Root

    Gabriella Root17 timer siden

    Thank you for posting, I'm having a difficult time 😭 sick with probable COVID-19 😭feeling terrible physically and my 4 month old was in the NICU with respiratory distress when he was born so I can't be around him too much and when I am I have to be super super careful. The silliest thing that I'm so sad about is that I got my hair done a red/orange copper-y color a week before I got sick and have to keep taking hot showers and washing my hair to disinfect myself before I hold him and now the color is totally coming out I'm so sad lol. 😂 Thank you for the distraction it totally cheered me up ❣️

  48. Kelly Kemp

    Kelly Kemp17 timer siden

    So I have my cosmos license and I also used to work at sally beauty supply lol. And 100% agree with you use 10 vol with a toner. But on the back of the T18 box it actually says to use 20 vol. Wella is setting them up for failure lol

  49. Kelly Kemp

    Kelly Kemp17 timer siden


  50. Nook inc.

    Nook inc.17 timer siden

    i really wanna get light pink/peachy hair color for my birthday in may and i have dirty blonde hair so should i do it? ( also it’s really long and thick)

  51. Cinzabeary

    Cinzabeary17 timer siden

    My experience every time I've gone into Sally's is if you're not obviously a professional, knowing what you're looking for, not asking amature questions and not browsing for half an hour, the staff will not show you proper products and may try to sell you the cheapest ones that won't work as well.

  52. Clara Elizabeth

    Clara Elizabeth17 timer siden

    Since my sister and I are really bored because we don’t have school, I might be using Arctic Fox to dye her hair pink.

  53. Ray Daly

    Ray Daly17 timer siden

    I just wish I recorded me going red to blonde. Was a blast and a half

  54. Bloom Hair Studio

    Bloom Hair Studio17 timer siden

    Brad I know you're trying to be nice but none of them look good.

  55. Family Of Shepherds

    Family Of Shepherds17 timer siden

    I did the reverse I went from blonde to red

  56. A.B. Miller

    A.B. Miller18 timer siden

    all that money in her hair and she prob cant pay rent, wants free college, and mandatory $15 hour minimum wage at her next job with her free 4 year degree

  57. Dakota

    Dakota18 timer siden

    That 3rd girl. Everything you thought. The opposite appeared 😂😂😂

  58. Jacqueline Cool

    Jacqueline Cool18 timer siden

    I can’t believe Brandy is driving while doing a video about her freakin hair.

  59. Gretchen Ludwig

    Gretchen Ludwig18 timer siden

    I can’t find any words to describe how much I love your intros

  60. Allie

    Allie18 timer siden

    Mondo just @-ed me, first few words outta his mouth. Yes brad, i am passing time and killing my boredom, love quarantine :)))))))) lmao

  61. Charlisha Manning

    Charlisha Manning18 timer siden

    Brad Mondo: Hi beautiful! ☺️ Me *in a bonnet, robe & facemask*: aww hiii 🥰

  62. Dakota

    Dakota18 timer siden

    I love you. I love your videos. This is my first time watching your content. Hidden treasure. Stay safe & sanitized

  63. saturnpurpxse

    saturnpurpxse19 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="900">15:00</a> am I the only one whose wondering why she’s driving without her hands on the steering wheel

  64. kirsten davies

    kirsten davies19 timer siden

    Please can you do a how to bleach your hair tutorial please! Stuck in quarantines got me wanting to be a blondie! Thankyou love you so much💖💖💖

  65. saturnpurpxse

    saturnpurpxse19 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="900">15:00</a> am I the only one whose wondering why she’s driving without her hands on the steering wheel

  66. saturnpurpxse

    saturnpurpxse19 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="900">15:00</a> am I the only one whose wondering why she’s driving without her hands on the steering wheel

  67. saturnpurpxse

    saturnpurpxse19 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="900">15:00</a> am I the only one whose wondering why she’s driving without her hands on the steering wheel

  68. Presley Helmstetter

    Presley Helmstetter19 timer siden

    is anyone else LIVING for his look and overall vibe of the set?

  69. _Zoey_Redbird_

    _Zoey_Redbird_20 timer siden

    I feel like going from red to blonde is way worse than from black to blonde, you know? It's like, hey you wildly, freakish devil-child, it's just gonna cost you 100 dollars and two and a half quarters of your soul :)

  70. Taylor

    Taylor20 timer siden

    How do you feel about overtone? I've been considering pink. But I'm scared it won't work, or it will be super hard to get out. My hairdresser ( and best friend) has never used it so doesn't have an opinion.

  71. Anchal Shaw

    Anchal Shaw21 time siden

    Brad I love you. I'm so in love with your vibe. Also which software do you use to edit your videos?. It's so creative.

  72. Robin Chambers

    Robin Chambers21 time siden

    Day 2 of 14 in a hotel so my parents can quarantine at my place. So, thank you for these videos! They are helping (and tons of weed, god bless Canada!) pass the time by :)

  73. Jasmine Nightmare

    Jasmine Nightmare21 time siden

    Brad you should make a video of people stripping dye out their hair at home to go back natural.

  74. Kayla A

    Kayla A22 timer siden

  75. Haley Ceschin

    Haley Ceschin23 timer siden

    Pls react to splat hair fails

  76. Anne Hellwig

    Anne Hellwig23 timer siden

    Ok but where do you shop? Always on 🔥

  77. Jasmine Be

    Jasmine Be23 timer siden

    I love you Brad! I went from red to blonde with minimal damage thanks to watching your educational videos on how to safety do your hair at home!

  78. Sonya Kane

    Sonya Kane23 timer siden

    I just have to say, you have a damn pretty face lol Love the videos thanks for the laughs!

  79. Aamragus

    AamragusDag siden

    I watched so many Brad reacting to "diy blond " videos, so now I am ready to do it by myself. Lol

  80. artist studio

    artist studioDag siden

    Can you please make more videos about girls with curly hair. Because there are barley any so I don't know what to do with my hair!

  81. Jaleesa Smith

    Jaleesa SmithDag siden

    Help how Do I tone down my bright red


    FLOG GNAWDag siden

    this quarantine got me wanna dye my hair so bad and these videos not helping lmfao

  83. Trinity the x

    Trinity the xDag siden

    u awesome brad. u awesome

  84. Adrianna Lynch

    Adrianna LynchDag siden

    What volume developer do you recommend for toner??

  85. Brooke Gilkison

    Brooke GilkisonDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="912">15:12</a> stop talking about her root and talk about how she is driving with NO hands I mean it is kinda funny that he is talking about her hair when she has no hand on the wheel

  86. Chloe

    ChloeDag siden

    Brad before T18 is mentioned: 🙂 Brad after T18 is mentioned: 🥴