Hairdresser Reacts: Blonde To Green Hair Transformations

Hi Beautiful! Today we dive into the beautiful world of green hair. Few are brave enough to rock the green hair but when they do it definitely pays off!

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  1. Brad Mondo

    Brad Mondo5 dager siden

    I think green is gonna be the hair color of 2020

  2. Frida Josefin

    Frida Josefin12 timer siden

    You should definitely check out me trying to get rid of my bright green hair colour 😂 that was a disaster 🤣💚

  3. Vegas Polosky

    Vegas Polosky16 timer siden

    now im sad cuz i promised myself i would never go back to green after having it for like a year its so hard to get out its purple now

  4. allyson marie

    allyson marie18 timer siden

    I've had my hair green for about a year now. I love it

  5. tuka 2006

    tuka 200620 timer siden

    No pls

  6. R McClafferty

    R McClafferty23 timer siden

    After watching this i'm tempted by green. Even though i'm trying to get back to my natural colour. I'm 30 and haven't seen my natural colour since I was about 15. lol


    BANGTAN SONYEONDAN11 timer siden

    brad: "you look ssstunning" me: *sitting on my bed wearing my pjs half asleep with my hair not done* thanks Brad :")

  8. Honeymoon Avenue

    Honeymoon Avenue12 timer siden

    everyone: dying their hair me: im just trying to grow my hair out lol

  9. xviciouso

    xviciouso12 timer siden

    Honestly that first damn video...I'm a home grown colorist with a brain and I would not have left that chick looking so ratchet. She probably paid $200 for that mess. Poor thing. Ew.

  10. RosiYa 1

    RosiYa 112 timer siden

    I love Stella Cini, I’ve been watching her videos for a few years now

  11. taylor-rose roberts

    taylor-rose roberts12 timer siden

    “You look 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍tunninnngggg”

  12. cherrycolIa i-

    cherrycolIa i-13 timer siden

    This video gave me Oompa Loompa vibes 👀

  13. Esmeralda Cisneros

    Esmeralda Cisneros13 timer siden

    Green hair color of the year, thats great I'm ahead of the game. I've had green hair for 9 months now.

  14. AJ CrazyGurl

    AJ CrazyGurl13 timer siden

    Should I try to convince my mom to let me dye a small section to half of my hair black or not? I have curly hair that is naturally red but looks kind of strawberry blonde ish kinda brown. I have virgin hair, never dyed or bleached or lightened or anything. I have used heat on my hair but not very much. I would like your opinion because I know you love to just go for it with hair but you are intelligent enough not to ruin hair.

  15. AJ CrazyGurl

    AJ CrazyGurl13 timer siden

    Pfft all I paid attention to was the midoriya part and YES ANOTHER ANIME LOVER!!! 2020 SHALL BE THE YEAR OF OTAKUS

  16. Anastasia Kuzoro

    Anastasia Kuzoro13 timer siden

    Same here! My hair is white (bleached to death) wanted to dye it emerald green and it turned blue....i think b ecause the white hair is so empty and theres no yellow in the hair the blue covers it up. Second r ound we put yellow on Top and it went green👍

  17. Brittany Bailey

    Brittany Bailey14 timer siden

    I've had green hair for the last 3 years and I'm obsessed. I'll probably die with green hair!

  18. shantavia jean

    shantavia jean14 timer siden

    I loved your platinum blonde hair😩😩

  19. karen ritz

    karen ritz15 timer siden

    I am not a hair stylist, however my bother is. My hair have a little bit of yellow in my hair, but not much. He used the green Artic Fox and my hair and it turned out very pretty. After a few washed, the color started to fade very blue. Neither of us understand why, other than the fact that Artic Fox may just fade weird. Anyways, maybe this helps.

  20. CraZeeStarxX Gacha

    CraZeeStarxX Gacha15 timer siden

    I got the birds of prey movie ad and this has nothing to do with the video but I really want to watch it and my mom asked if I wanted to but it Just said ‘rated R’ fml

  21. Denise Pratt

    Denise Pratt16 timer siden

    Honestly, I miss the platinum blond Brad. But this look is really nice, too. I'm just used to seeing him with platinum hair.

  22. Miles Shirar

    Miles Shirar16 timer siden


  23. Lauren Chaffin

    Lauren Chaffin16 timer siden

    Not a hair stylist but maybe the dye was just very blue but when she put it on the yellow it turned green

  24. WiCkEdWaLkEr89

    WiCkEdWaLkEr8917 timer siden

    So glad I understand how my phantom green and black mix turned so blue this time! I've been trying to find the right mix for a really dark green for a while now

  25. Chelsea Boesenberg

    Chelsea Boesenberg17 timer siden

    The first girls hair looked like that because the color she put on was actually more of a blue color. So, when she put it on the white ends it showed true to tone, but mixed with the yellow roots the blue+yellow=green

  26. Tori Kern

    Tori Kern17 timer siden

    Finally, I found someone who loves green hair just as much as I do!!!

  27. seraivenclaw

    seraivenclaw17 timer siden

    I dyed my hair with phantom green and it had blue undertones. So, when it fades it just turns blue

  28. Don't read My bio

    Don't read My bio17 timer siden

    I think the color all ready had a blue tint and she had yellowy roots and a bit farther down so the dye mixed with yellow turned the right green but the rest stayed the actual color of the dye

  29. Taylor Jade

    Taylor Jade17 timer siden


  30. Iris Rivera Gomez

    Iris Rivera Gomez17 timer siden

    Omg I don’t like green and now I want it😂😍I loved the second oneeee omg. I went from royal blue, to purple

  31. The real Obama

    The real Obama18 timer siden

    The way he got so excited at the blue to green hair I love it so much

  32. Susie Campbell

    Susie Campbell18 timer siden

    Lmao “I just wanted to be midoriya” SAMEE

  33. Rhiannon F

    Rhiannon F19 timer siden

    I have green hair!

  34. Renee Sweet

    Renee Sweet19 timer siden

    I love having green hair

  35. Soka

    Soka19 timer siden

    I dyed my hair green at the beginning of 2019. It did not want to come out, but I looked awesome.

  36. Deema

    Deema19 timer siden

    do more rec for steala she has crazy hair colors

  37. TheHarlequin801

    TheHarlequin80120 timer siden

    Brad. Stains are Semi permanent, not Demi. A Demi uses developer. The way I remember is Semi/Stain, Demi/Developer.

  38. Wow It’s Jordan

    Wow It’s Jordan20 timer siden

    I had green hair last year and I wasn’t trying for green. It was supposed to be blue 😂 I miss it thought

  39. Sarah Miles

    Sarah Miles20 timer siden

    I wanted to dye my hair green... Hair stylist recommended against it because of my skin tone. I've had bits of it in my hair, but never as the main color.

  40. Dany Smith

    Dany Smith20 timer siden

    With Phantom Green they put a lot of blue pigment in it to make it, and when it fades it goes strait to blue, I have used it several times because when it fades its gorgeous " with a clean slate anyway.

  41. Dipper Kat

    Dipper Kat20 timer siden

    I actually dyed my hair green about 2 weeks ago !! I love it a lot more than I though I would

  42. cassidy duggan

    cassidy duggan20 timer siden

    I love your vibes

  43. Elizabeth Schaaf

    Elizabeth Schaaf21 time siden

    OMG that green Stella achieved is amazing 😍

  44. Betsy Schildt

    Betsy Schildt21 time siden

    I have (was) Blonde natural biig bold blonde blonde hair and it was short then I dyed it TEAL! 😄💇💚💙

  45. Cloe Murray

    Cloe Murray21 time siden

    Gets tik tok Brad:and I oop

  46. lex kaplan

    lex kaplan21 time siden

    green is my favorite color my nails are bright green

  47. dobbio

    dobbio21 time siden

    Can't tell you exactly why first person's hair turned blue at the ends, but I can tell you green is a fickle bitch and that same thing's happened to me like 3 times

  48. luna luna

    luna luna22 timer siden

    I recently did my hair from black to emerald green and I will never change it XD

  49. No one Important

    No one Important22 timer siden

    Everyone is dying their hair green because Billie eilish lmao

  50. De'Angela Alexander

    De'Angela Alexander22 timer siden

    The 2nd girl turned brad straight for a min 😂

  51. Amanda Haughton

    Amanda Haughton22 timer siden

    I have Phantom Green by Arctic Fox waiting to go in my hair this weekend! I had already planned on mixing some yellow into it, and now I definitely will be!! I want it more green than blue, which is what I am going over, so hoping that helps balance those undertones some.

  52. ιм.α.вιαѕ wreck

    ιм.α.вιαѕ wreck22 timer siden


  53. Jyothika Nair

    Jyothika Nair22 timer siden

    I feel like brad is like the type of personal thats insanely nice and you wish was your best friend. Brad, your videos make me smile everytime, keep on making videos!

  54. mia hatcher

    mia hatcher22 timer siden

    9:14 that had dying it reminded me if spongebob when they were under that heat lamp🤣🤣💀😅💀💀💀

  55. Abbey Delaney

    Abbey Delaney22 timer siden

    Why do I feel like the second woman filmed herself coloring her hair but went to a salon anyway? I feel like a few of the people you've reacted to in your videos film themselves fucking around with their hair, switch the camera off, head to a salon, get it right, and then come back and film the reveal??

  56. Marian Baker

    Marian Baker22 timer siden

    BRAD WHEN ARE YOU MAKING HAIR DYE??? like if u agree! 😁

  57. S.E. Mosley

    S.E. Mosley23 timer siden

    Also... Use pH balancing spray pre color. It gives you a consistent color. Its kinda where the 1st & 3rd girl went wrong.

  58. S.E. Mosley

    S.E. Mosley23 timer siden

    PEOPLE!!!! DO. A. STRAND. TEST. !!!!! DOWNLOAD A COLOR WHEEL !!!! Strand tests in small areas of the hair gives you room to back out! & .... Think about your color wheel. Everyone's curious why the gloves turn blue---- HOW DO YOU MAKE GREEN? 🧐

  59. Isa x3

    Isa x323 timer siden

    I had my hair purple for the last few months.. And because of the blue in it, it washed out into an (kinda spotty) mint. Kept it over the holidays because I wanted it to wash out as much as possible before I dye it again but nu-uh. Green is not for me. Even though I really liked the mint (sadly there's no good picture of it, because my phone color "corrected" it into a more white platinum blonde), but darker green tones look horrible on me (I'm already really pale and sick looking enough lol). Everyone kept complaining that it's green. Every single person. Yea? I KNOW ITS GREEN. Why not? Can't I live in peace for a few weeks with minty green hair? It's not like I don't have a mirror and a pair of functioning eyes and see what colors are going on on my head, Captain Obvious. But for now (since 2 days, yay) I'm having a flashy red and orange ombre going on (love it, even if it's way more orange than I first wanted it to be). xD Kinda jealous they're looking so good in those darker greens (especially the second girl, that color is absolutely gorgeous!!) ♥

  60. kenzie

    kenzie23 timer siden

    I mean, you would think her ends should have grabbed dark af green and the mids/spots should have been a lighter green due to the yellow but that's just me... arctic fox has been hit or miss for me on clients (they asked for that brand) that's why I prefer pravana

  61. S.E. Mosley

    S.E. Mosley23 timer siden

    I did my hair green last week :) I did a soap cap just to open the hair strands a bit, but I didnt pre lighten. I have a medium brown hair color that pulls red naturally.... So I used Joico color intensity peacock green, Kelly green, & Sapphire blue. So its sort of a witchy forest green ♡ Im never going back! ...

  62. Emma-Jane Firlotte

    Emma-Jane Firlotte23 timer siden

    Blue pigment is so strong, in any form you try to use it, (paint, food due) and with a lot of products porous hair ends up being stained further when the formula is rinsed out, along with every other porous surface it touches. I did this color myself and for the entire time I rocked it, it would bleed blue everytime I showered, I looked ill😬 A friend of mine combatted this with adding a quarter portion of yellow, seemed to help a lot.

  63. Ramisa Raihana

    Ramisa RaihanaDag siden

    he sounds like hes having a orgasm every time he sees the results, I stan

  64. Annaliesa Gonzalez

    Annaliesa GonzalezDag siden

    So I did the same arctic fox green. And yeah it doesnt cover ANY sins. It's also blue based so where your hair is more damaged its very blue and then it turns green but it's not consistent and it doesnt cover ANY banding

  65. Crown Andrea

    Crown AndreaDag siden

    Stella! I love her lol. I've been really wanting to dye my hair green....I guess this view is my sign to do it