here’s why i'm quitting youtube.

Next. Chapter.
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  1. Bella Potato

    Bella Potato17 minutter siden


  2. lennards

    lennards22 minutter siden

    Who is sick of his junk

  3. Brad Nerd

    Brad Nerd31 minutt siden

    Well its about fcking time

  4. blood 13

    blood 1340 minutter siden

    my cousin is friends with Canelo :)

  5. 0blivion207

    0blivion207Time siden

    but... do we care

  6. Yoongi's Babygirl

    Yoongi's BabygirlTime siden

    Nobody: Everyone in this comment section: *says the same thing over and over again*

  7. Jacob Adcock

    Jacob Adcock2 timer siden

    You call that four wheel driving

  8. Triple 666

    Triple 6662 timer siden

    I feel sorry for Jake! When he said bye to his so called friends or associates, they seemed so awkward like they were happy. Jake you have a sad life! Clout is gone and friends are gone!

  9. ObsidianXD

    ObsidianXD2 timer siden

    If your happy he is quitting prove it. ⬇️⬇️


    XMANYOLO2 timer siden

    *F I N A L L Y*

  11. Random Garfield

    Random Garfield3 timer siden

    Nobody cares but thx

  12. Rebecca Pope

    Rebecca Pope4 timer siden

    Your awesome Jake

  13. Elias killer

    Elias killer4 timer siden

    Cccccc $%$%

  14. Official Glitching_

    Official Glitching_4 timer siden


  15. MR. BEAT

    MR. BEAT4 timer siden

    Jake: stop buying gas also Jake: also buys gas

  16. lynx ts

    lynx ts5 timer siden

    Jakes head is like twice the size of ryans

  17. Pug Master

    Pug Master5 timer siden

    Thank goooooöooooooooood yes

  18. kevvale Stowe

    kevvale Stowe5 timer siden

    I guit NO-gos I dream about God

  19. kevvale Stowe

    kevvale Stowe5 timer siden

    Jake Paul can’t quit to do NO-gos it very hard to guilt NO-gos

  20. Anthony TV

    Anthony TV5 timer siden

    literally none cares that you're quitting

  21. Geovana Pandinea

    Geovana Pandinea6 timer siden

    hi human trash

  22. Nick Wagenborg

    Nick Wagenborg6 timer siden

    "Its everyday bro" dont think so buddy

  23. Ghost

    Ghost6 timer siden

    bruh this channel is so dead lmao

  24. FonsoOfTheKraken

    FonsoOfTheKraken6 timer siden


  25. Faatimah Khan

    Faatimah Khan6 timer siden

    He won't quite you tube just watch

  26. zane monster

    zane monster6 timer siden

    *sees video name* YAY HE'S QUITING NO-gos!

  27. xqxr0p

    xqxr0p6 timer siden

    U stop

  28. New and Natural Mom - Farrah

    New and Natural Mom - Farrah6 timer siden

    Nooo 😭😭😭

  29. New and Natural Mom - Farrah

    New and Natural Mom - Farrah7 timer siden

    Jake you're good

  30. Anne Rodriguez

    Anne Rodriguez7 timer siden

    I’m so happy your quitting NO-gos hope to never see you again ✌🏼 how many times is he gonna say he was gonna be a navy seal 🙄 you didn’t become it so STFU about it

  31. PKbitz

    PKbitz7 timer siden

    Thank god

  32. Hello There

    Hello There7 timer siden

    now thats something i like

  33. Goose Septiceye

    Goose Septiceye7 timer siden


  34. ishan deb

    ishan deb7 timer siden

    Logan's done, now jakes turn, then both the Paul's in the grave

  35. Lim Xuan

    Lim Xuan7 timer siden

    OK just quit lol jk

  36. ATFO-mtsgenovese

    ATFO-mtsgenovese8 timer siden

    Jake Paul: I’m quitting Me: Dude no one cares about you

  37. Wierd kid Ass

    Wierd kid Ass8 timer siden

    Yay your quting NO-gos you cringy

  38. Kelvin Hardy

    Kelvin Hardy8 timer siden

    Gucci gan

  39. Kelvin Hardy

    Kelvin Hardy8 timer siden

    Every day bro

  40. Kelvin Hardy

    Kelvin Hardy8 timer siden

    You do funny

  41. Kelvin Hardy

    Kelvin Hardy8 timer siden

    You are bro