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For today’s episode of War Stories, Ars Technica sat down with Naughty Dog Co-founder Andy Gavin to talk about the hurdles in bringing the original Crash Bandicoot to gamers around the world. When Andy and his partner Jason Rubin made the decision to bring the action platforming genre into three dimensions, it required living up to their company ethos of “leaving no stone unturned” in the search for memory - even if it meant hacking Sony’s library code.

Directed and Produced by Sean Dacanay
Edited and Graphics Animated by Jeremy Smolik

Footage used in the video:
LGR - SGI Indigo2 Computer System Review.mp4
Way Of The Warrior Classic 3DO gameplay.mp4
Super Mario World Video Walkthrough.mp4
Donkey Kong Country Video Walkthrough.mp4
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Atari 2600 Longplay Pitfall! (old).mp4
Sonic The Hedgehog - Full Playthrough No Commentary.mp4
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Galaga - Gameplay Arcade 1981.mp4
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SONY PlayStation (1995).mp4
Arcade Game I, Robot (1983 Atari) (1 5).mp4
Inside NaughtyDog - Crash Warped [Playstation Underground].mp4
History of 3D in Video Games 1974-1994.mp4
Jurassic Park Before and After.mp4
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Special Stage 7.mp4
PSX Longplay [049] Tekken.mp4
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How Crash Bandicoot Hacked The Original Playstation | War Stories | Ars Technica


  1. JustWasted3HoursHere

    JustWasted3HoursHere16 timer siden

    By the way, the 3D program they use to demonstrate the bone system is called Blender 3D and it is free and open source for Windows, Linux and Mac. It is quite powerful too! Search NO-gos for some demo reels of what it can do. The current version is 2.9

  2. JustWasted3HoursHere

    JustWasted3HoursHere17 timer siden

    'There was the Atari Jaguar...which we took as a bit of a joke.." Ouch!

  3. Darren Wendell

    Darren WendellDag siden

    Who came up with that stupid name?

  4. Prince Sharma

    Prince SharmaDag siden

    Thank you. Loved this game.

  5. Sanjok Gurung

    Sanjok GurungDag siden

    What amazes me about that era is , how did people get help when stuck. We have stackoverflow now. Lots of respect to early programmers.

  6. zawarudo

    zawarudoDag siden

    I wonder how he feels about the pretentious shlock his studio puts out now.

  7. It's legal to think

    It's legal to thinkDag siden

    This guy is responsible for some of the greatest experiences I had as a child

  8. Raem

    Raem2 dager siden

    Andy Gavin is a wizard of programming

  9. Raem

    Raem2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="744">12:24</a> Crash 64

  10. SEYMOUR Love

    SEYMOUR Love2 dager siden

    His word choice and logic behind explanation is impressive He's smart

  11. Arjun Kelaiya

    Arjun Kelaiya3 dager siden

    I truly admire the guy who is so into it and passionate about games. I really enjoyed listening to him!

  12. Humberto da Silva Jr

    Humberto da Silva Jr4 dager siden

    Wow, such a wonderful interview!

  13. Jaime Humberto Diaz

    Jaime Humberto Diaz5 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1767">29:27</a> - Polygon Man hahahahaha

  14. g

    g5 dager siden

    This video is incredibly well produced. props

  15. aussie battler

    aussie battler5 dager siden

    I get bandicoots in my backyard...Perth western Australia boii

  16. Chris

    Chris5 dager siden

    I really enjoy these mini-documentaries. Tech, history, eccentric high-energy developer (who would probably be a nightmare to work with) and just enough devdetails to keep it interesting.

  17. foxgloves321

    foxgloves3216 dager siden

    Ah, how far you've fallen ND.

  18. TidusDX

    TidusDX7 dager siden

    Crash is the PS1 mascot, I dont care what Sony says. I can't believe my favourite childhood game was such a technical and coding breakthrough. This is fascinating now that I'm studying Computer Science.

  19. Emotion Graphics

    Emotion Graphics7 dager siden


  20. Gummiphone Instagram

    Gummiphone Instagram7 dager siden

    After seeing this video... I think Crash really deserves it to join SmashBros.

  21. Jonny Boy

    Jonny Boy7 dager siden

    Saw vid was over 30 mins and said I'm not watching all this... Then watched all of it...

  22. 148 03

    148 038 dager siden

    Crash Bandicoot is naughty dog's one hit wonder, they never made a good game again

  23. Lee Oswald

    Lee Oswald10 dager siden

    Respect this guy Thanks for the great games that he gave us


    PATWIST10 dager siden

    Hello, I was watching Crash Bandicoot 2: Behind the Scenes at Naughty Dog - Electric Playground Classic and I found link to this awesome video. Very good telling and video editing. Big thanks for this video. Watch too: Crash Team Racing - Behind the Scenes [Making Of] [PlayStation Underground] Making of Crash Bandicoot 3 [PlayStation Underground] Making of - Crash Bandicoot Original Trilogy (1996-1998) The Naughty Dog Story, Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter & more Crash Bandicoot Scrapbook by Naughty Dog 1994-1999

  25. Nytron

    Nytron11 dager siden

    Crazy to think how far we've come. Look at what the PS5 is capable of now with it's SSD with RAM-like speeds.

  26. Mighty Hadi

    Mighty Hadi8 dager siden

    Cerny's were in Naughty Dog before , So i think he already been did a long research on IO back in the 90's

  27. Girl IN Game

    Girl IN Game11 dager siden

    crash bandicoot is a really masterpiece

  28. Dman9fp

    Dman9fp8 dager siden

    yes especially 2 and 3, and perhaps crash team racing- number one was definitely revolutionary however if ever tried beating you know what I'm talkin about.. it is something else and I didn't beat the whole game until I was twenty something with really high focus (definitely broken by modern standards, for example you could get a game over by dying in bonus levels and have to redo a couple levels as a result, unlike later games that will definitely more kid friendly and saves progress better + much less "only one (difficult) way to beat this" obstacles in levels

  29. SangermanSwag

    SangermanSwag12 dager siden

    I have a whole new appreciation for crash now.

  30. jmoreno600

    jmoreno60012 dager siden

    Watching this really made me want to play the original, not a remake. TBH? It's scary difficult, and you can only save during rare bonus stages, but it's timelessly fun and AMAZINGLY well made.

  31. Brandon Head

    Brandon Head12 dager siden

    Naughty Dog were pioneers!

  32. Jack'sVlogs

    Jack'sVlogs13 dager siden

    This video was so well made! Wow!

  33. Adrian Marksman

    Adrian Marksman13 dager siden

    "Hey plumber boy, moustache man... your worst nightmare has arrived" xD

  34. ablationer

    ablationer14 dager siden

    this dude really just went and found like 6 ways to hack the playstation bEFORE IT EVEN CAME OUT

  35. SnowblindOtter

    SnowblindOtter15 dager siden

    Naughty Dog isn't the same without Andy and Jason. Ever since they left the company, the Doghouse has turned into a Cathouse.

  36. Playstation1

    Playstation114 dager siden

    @SnowblindOtter damn.. it doesn't say it on wikipedia. They need to update it!

  37. SnowblindOtter

    SnowblindOtter14 dager siden

    @Playstation1 Yeah, just after Last Of Us was released, if I remember.

  38. Playstation1

    Playstation114 dager siden

    Did they leave Naughty Dog????

  39. Aaron Ganga

    Aaron Ganga15 dager siden

    im playing uncharted HD TROLOGY ON PS 4 NICE GAME

  40. Tremayne Douglas

    Tremayne Douglas16 dager siden

    Thank you sir 🍎

  41. J&C

    J&C17 dager siden

    This is my favorite video on the planet. I could watch this forever on repeat. This series is incredible!

  42. Blackstar

    Blackstar18 dager siden

    Very cool video. I remember reading, I think it was a article, about the technical hurdles of Crash Bandicoot and how Naughty Dog overcame them. Seeing Andy himself explain them, and do it in a way that even an average Joe could understand was really impressive.

  43. GhostRider5370

    GhostRider537018 dager siden

    The bs with limited resources he had to go through to complete this pioneering masterpiece is crazy. Other developers have it good today and they make the same game every year!

  44. ganiniii

    ganiniii19 dager siden

    And afterwards they made Crash Team Racing. Best kart game ever.

  45. gringochucha

    gringochucha19 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="123">2:03</a> Yeah, it's a shame Sonic 3D kind of sucked though...

  46. Oily

    Oily19 dager siden

    H E A D B O N E

  47. Lanre Oladejo

    Lanre Oladejo19 dager siden

    This almost makes me want to cry. I used to struggle to phantom what kind of humans and the kind of education the guys who made those engaging PS1 games had. Watching it these many years later, I’m not disappointed.

  48. cmartinez89

    cmartinez8919 dager siden

    Pretty insane how just under 20 years ago, we needed a console to play games that we could easily play on a web browser and smartphone today. They were just getting into 3D. What's coming in the next 20?

  49. Alden Lambert

    Alden Lambert19 dager siden

    This dude is so white. I am in awe.

  50. Manny32V

    Manny32V19 dager siden

    the original crash bandicoot was such an amazing game i would rate it as probably best game of all time.

  51. HillDueceua

    HillDueceua20 dager siden

    Holy crap. A million dollars in capital?

  52. ol capone

    ol capone20 dager siden


  53. Luis Alves

    Luis Alves20 dager siden

    Thank you. I had so much fun with this great game.

  54. Christian Ortega

    Christian Ortega20 dager siden

    so i can thank this guy for my childhood?

  55. NISMO 226

    NISMO 22621 dag siden

    Tbh the 3d on crash sucked so bad I loved the game but hated Camara angles

  56. Yan Gomes

    Yan Gomes22 dager siden

    It's brilliant!!

  57. Leonardo Varini

    Leonardo Varini22 dager siden

    I wonder where is my classic PSX console right now... 🤔

  58. TickyTack23

    TickyTack2322 dager siden

    This is the third time I'm watching this video. Such a fascinating story, and should be shared in computer science classes.

  59. CPL45

    CPL4523 dager siden

    I wish you guys brought Jason Rubin.

  60. Nathan Fitzer

    Nathan Fitzer23 dager siden

    your company sucks now bud

  61. Nathan Fitzer

    Nathan Fitzer21 dag siden

    @Samuel Costa I never really got that far I paid for some sort of PlayStation premium account just to play that game made it to a part where you're throwing rocks to distract some people decided it wasn't worth it.

  62. Samuel Costa

    Samuel Costa21 dag siden

    it's sony's company nowadays. but Last of Us is a great game

  63. Guillermo Argudo

    Guillermo Argudo23 dager siden

    When developers were looking for ways to achieve maximum efficiency for their games, now it's just about getting maximum use of the console without taking worry about the actual thing,THE GAME. -still one of my favorite video games, thx sir.

  64. Spooky Psyche

    Spooky Psyche23 dager siden

    And this is why Naughty Dog is still one of the best studios.

  65. Damien Hartley

    Damien Hartley23 dager siden

    Despite naughty dog the ps1 would have still gotten hacked because part of sonys security was useing absoure at the time linux firmware which the rise of Google was very sudden and flabergasted the entire market because google is essentially another Microsoft expect Google thrives from open source software trading which quickly had all the major software compaines on googles site as part of a security net and peace treaty in concept that promoting Google is gurenteed income even if a product fails as long as nobody in the promotion is launching hate campaigns against each other. the long lasting side effect of google was that the common man had new softaware tools that were not advailble before like modifing PlayStation or any linux based thing as the linux software had become popular and ven Microsoft takes tips from Google's philosophy to the point where windows is basically a trying to be more linux like for the fully customizble culture.

  66. Maxi Enterprises

    Maxi Enterprises24 dager siden

    This was my first real experience playing a 3D game and playing PlayStation. It was just mind blowing, till this day still my favourite game

  67. Alex Miller

    Alex Miller24 dager siden

    This was incredibly interesting

  68. Peter Herrera

    Peter Herrera24 dager siden

    It really is crazy how far we have come

  69. Eff Yiew

    Eff Yiew24 dager siden

    To think this is the company that made a 3D game in 1 meg now is responsible for a 100 gb SJW shitshow like TLOU 2.

  70. hamyncheese

    hamyncheese24 dager siden

    Fantastic presentation. Greatness requires solving problems.

  71. rofl0bot

    rofl0bot25 dager siden

    Hearing him talk about working through what the camera should look like in a 3D platformer (in-front, behind, to the side) really makes me appreciate how insanely innovative Super Mario 64's camera was. The mario 64 camera is pretty much a prototype for all 3D action game cameras that come after it. These guys must of been pulling their hair out when mario 64 beat them to market.

  72. joseph kingstone

    joseph kingstone25 dager siden

    I can't see how anyone could thumbs down a video like this. The enthusiasm alone is inspiring.

  73. firebirdude2

    firebirdude225 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1588">26:28</a> No offense to this guy.... but Doom 1 was written this same way. 1992.


    ALMA DIXON-CIDER25 dager siden

    I Really Enjoyed This!!

  75. D D

    D D25 dager siden

    This is what makes Naughty Dog one of the best video game studios in the world, "good enough" isn't good enough for them. Even in the PS3 generation with the Uncharted and Last of Us games they kept pushing graphical and gameplay boundaries with the games looking even better than PC games on max settings. A Naughty Dog game just feels more polished than the competitors.

  76. Cory McDonald

    Cory McDonald26 dager siden

    Love this! He'd make a great mentor to learn off of. Loves his job and explaining how things work. So much enginuity in this game that I never appreciated as a kid but do now!

  77. Feefafoozle

    Feefafoozle26 dager siden

    He's a genius.

  78. Quantum Immortality

    Quantum Immortality26 dager siden

    I wish I had the same amount of passion as this guy

  79. heretustay

    heretustay26 dager siden

    it'd be nice if his voice wasnt getting drowned out by the background music.

  80. Josh Daniels

    Josh Daniels27 dager siden

    This guy is brilliant

  81. Joshua M

    Joshua M27 dager siden

    Great work on the video, I enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks!

  82. Gideon Davidson

    Gideon Davidson27 dager siden

    Stunning memory management. I never actually had a Playstation, but could appreciate this game's personality and style. Hearing the efforts they went to make it possible just blows me away.

  83. nightshaded

    nightshaded27 dager siden

    God damn I wish I was this smart.

  84. Alvydas Jokubauskas

    Alvydas Jokubauskas27 dager siden

    HD version takes so many GB of memory, that compared to SD version it's crazy - 3 Crash Bandicoot games in a single cd disk... I even wondered why Crash had such good graphics, I knew, that scientists thought somehow to run games efficiently now I know, I was right to thinks so. Also they created a technology to use CD space to compensate over memory, but for PC, games never run from cd or dvd. It was so strange shock for me back in the days, because for PS it was ok, while for PC it never even happened, you always needed to install the games, which was kind of bad. Even though pc was considered better winning tech than PS, but they were lacking tech what PS used after Crash Bandicoot... Even now I want pc games to be as much portable as possible, so I would not install them, I even now think - installation is time waster... And you never really uninstall software, especially when old software leaves behind some bits of information behind itself and later you find an annoying add, that didn't uninstall altogether. I had so many times to reinstall OS, to get rid of junk that is impossible to get rid off otherwise... For PS1-2 you never install anything, only swap disks...

  85. Raed

    Raed28 dager siden

    now my computer is powerful and I still complain about little things.

  86. Ama Aje My Fren

    Ama Aje My Fren28 dager siden

    That was a good video! Well explained!

  87. Spencer Howard

    Spencer Howard28 dager siden

    He's pretty modest for what they achieved, they pushed the PS1 to it's absolute limit, to the point where Sony was worried Crash bandicoot would break their console. The virtual memory techniques pioneered are almost ubiquitous now.