How Serious is the Coronavirus? Infectious Disease Expert Michael Osterholm Explains | Joe Rogan

Taken from JRE #1439 w/Michael Osterholm:


  1. Rocky Mountain Hobo

    Rocky Mountain Hobo10 timer siden

    Any parent could tell you kids are the worst. They almost spread stuff on purpose. They will lie to avoid washing hands. Tell them not to do something, theyll do it just to test it. Theyll put anything in their mouths...

  2. zardiw

    zardiw11 timer siden

    Totally Avoided the mask question.....lolol........WEAR A MASK OR A SCARF : z

  3. John Humphries

    John Humphries12 timer siden

    Ok JOE??? You got it now?? It's deadly it's dangerous a lot of people are going to die.

  4. barry walsh

    barry walsh12 timer siden

    How many will die when African countries get hit

  5. wolverine anteater

    wolverine anteater13 timer siden

    When you see this sign look up your redemption is nigh... this is the work of the antichrist just before the rupture will take place ... it's a wake up call to the entire world...just wait and see after the Corona something will come very dangerous you want even imagine...repent..repent..repent..🙏

  6. korsunhoox

    korsunhoox13 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="145">2:25</a> sir, saying that a couple of weeks ago „Italy was living life just fine” is as far from the truth as covid-19 is far from ebola’s. Italy has long struggled with influenza-like illnesses, which on average kill 8,000 + Italians yearly. In the season 2016/17 „living life just fine” killed ... more than 25,000 citizens with an agressive influenza-like virus csusing pneumonia and/or ars, etc. (according to report prepared for Italian health ministry! Didn’t see EU shutdown. Hey now? Pls stick to the facts, don’t spread pan(ic)demia.

  7. Erik Cordero

    Erik Cordero13 timer siden

    Joe you're a sellout

  8. Shahzad

    Shahzad14 timer siden

    Joe rogan as much as i love you. You had believed your friend who is a swimmer than this doctor 😂 damn bruh what is you onnn

  9. allafleche

    allafleche14 timer siden

    I fucking hope this guy is wrong. Please be wrong.

  10. P. Nick Brunson

    P. Nick Brunson14 timer siden

    Truly surreal. Keep in mind people that dumbsh*t "leaders" in San Fran and New York ENCOURAGED people to go out in public and celebrate the Chinese Lunar parade in early February. Also, brainless idiots in New Orleans did NOT cancel Mardi Gras. Those all became epicenters for the rest of America.

  11. aaron driver

    aaron driver15 timer siden

    659,784 worldwide 462,479 approx worldwide have mild cases which is 95% and 25,248 have moderate to severe symptoms which is 5% In Australia 3451 cases are reported 3428 are mild 99% and 23 are moderate to serious which is only 1%

  12. Mark Sky

    Mark Sky16 timer siden

    Corona virus explained differently. Spiritual meaning of coronavirus and how the situation around the world is connected to self-love. I find it really inspiring:

  13. Ken Powers

    Ken Powers17 timer siden

    The Julian Assange of the medical field.

  14. Lawrence Brown

    Lawrence Brown17 timer siden

    More scaremongering. It is a cold virus and most people have corona virus particles in their bodies. Absent from his narrative is anything about the means of accurately identifying the virus. CDC has stated that being infected with this pathogen is not a death sentence, although that is the impression which some people are trying to reinforce.

  15. zpark plug

    zpark plug16 timer siden

    ok but it can very well be fatal to plenty of people. such as asthmatics, the elderly, anyone with a compromised immune system, anyone taking certain medications, especially for rheumatoid arthritis. the situation in america will reach the point italy and iran have gotten to, bc americans are not taking this seriously. do your research outside of youtube and you might learn something

  16. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini17 timer siden

    I been living this life...just didn't know it was called quarantine 🤣

  17. Chris L

    Chris L18 timer siden

    I have been practicing isolation since moving from the UK to Iowa in 2015 :) Very informative & relevant interview as always from Joe.

  18. Rick

    Rick18 timer siden

    Two weeks later, in the US 116,616 cases,1,944 deaths and growing.

  19. Tom Brooke

    Tom Brooke19 timer siden

    There’s gonna be a lot of baby’s born in December 2020 due to this quarantine 😂

  20. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini17 timer siden

    virus will suddenly disappear. Then we will be reminded for year to come, how we must follow strict rules and regulations or it could happen again.

  21. Karen Hope

    Karen Hope19 timer siden

    Use of mustard gas and chlorine against Kurdish Peshmerga fighters is well documented, as is research by IS to develop radiological dispersion devices. It is these technologies that are of particular concern to the security services but their concern does not stop there. IS has used drones for propaganda filming and intelligence gathering for years and last October it used a homemade drone to attack and kill Pashmerga fighters. Then in November a secret bomb factory was discovered in Mosel, Northern Iraq. The fear is that IS are planning to marry together two technologies, drones as a dispersal device and chemical, biological or radiological material as the dispersant. Small drones are cheap, easy to buy and operate and can provide distance and anonymity to their operators. As the first iteration of the robotics revolution they have proliferated on a massive scale with estimates of over five million drones having been sold worldwide. The same technology that enabled the smart phone revolution has now provided unprecedented access to the air. Improvements in battery technology give drones greater power, lift and endurance; cameras are now tiny and highly capable allowing distant operation through live streaming, and fast chips and sensors allow automatic stability and easy operation.

  22. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller19 timer siden

    Think about this sheep... without the Internet, without corporate media hysteria, and without the people crying "save me government" how bad would this outbreak really change the world. This is not just a virus. THIS IS CORPORATE MEDIA AND SOCIAL MEDIA AT ITS WORST!

  23. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller20 timer siden

    According to corporate media (CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC, CBS) and all the major newpapers... this is the worst virus in world history. So you must stay home, stop working, don't workout, and kiss your bank account goodbye. When it's over we all will be okay.. but be prepared to transfer your wealth and assets to protect the world.

  24. Justin Wiseman

    Justin Wiseman20 timer siden

    Covid 19 is killing non smokers/ young people too. I'm glad its killing young people so the young generation takes this more seriously. This virus is super stealthy to the point where it tricks humans into spreading it before you even know you have it.

  25. Justin Wiseman

    Justin Wiseman15 timer siden

    @zpark plug you would be surprised how many people I know that are not taking this virus seriously. Some people learn from others mistakes while the rest need to learn the hard way by making mistakes on their own. I'll be smart and learn from china and italia. Stay safe.

  26. zpark plug

    zpark plug16 timer siden almost 30 and its shocking to see ppl my age, ppl who should be grown ass adults, still having parties and acting like nothings wrong.

  27. Iain Mckenna

    Iain Mckenna20 timer siden

    as sum1 from the UK....please don't underestimate this in UK atm is surreal and its getting worse every day.....don't listen to the politicians, listen to guys like this(the 1 on the right)...were going to need USA please don't fuck it up

  28. Velo1010

    Velo101020 timer siden

    If this guy is correct we will need to do a forced Great Depression to starve this virus. All stores, no exceptions, will need to shutter. Every business will need to close. The shelter in place will need to go on until December. That’s my solution.

  29. Velo1010

    Velo101013 timer siden

    AroundSun That could possibly happen. It looks like this could be the solution to our problem. All the governors and mayors of our cities are leaning this way.

  30. AroundSun

    AroundSun13 timer siden

    Then you have people starving to death, civil unrest in the streets, riots, looting, home invasions, 99% unemployment, lots of gun related homicides, and the end of society. May as well just initiate the purge!!

  31. Velo1010

    Velo101020 timer siden

    More deadly than influenza because humans have been exposed to influenza, therefore we many of the antibodies in our systems already.

  32. Stephen Alvarez602phx

    Stephen Alvarez602phx20 timer siden

    Fuck so all the fat people now are high risk????? Bye

  33. Brad Haaf

    Brad Haaf21 time siden

    Check this out, hopefully the link is openaboutable ! 🙋🏻‍♂️😂😎

  34. whoopthereitwas

    whoopthereitwas22 timer siden

    Bad enough to kill people thats how bad.

  35. The Canada First Party

    The Canada First Party22 timer siden

    Thanks Joe for your public service

  36. Big B

    Big B23 timer siden

    Another Pandemic pusher. I hate these people, there scaring the shit outta everyone when this is the flu.

  37. AroundSun

    AroundSun13 timer siden

    The flu mortality rate is .1% this is between 2.0%-8.5% in some areas, like Italy. That means its 20-85x worse than the flu. If it spreads to 60-80% of the population at even 1% mortality rate, you'll have 1918 Spanish-flu numbers, maybe 50-100 million dead worldwide in a year and a half, if we do nothing. These are World War II numbers. Still think it's the flu? Are governments shutting down over the flu? Are doctors wearing hazmat suits because of the flu? Don't be stupid.

  38. J M

    J M21 time siden

    We have a vaccine for the Flu, not for COVID-19.

  39. DaveSave Mowen

    DaveSave MowenDag siden

    the truth

  40. Kina Boy825

    Kina Boy825Dag siden

    That guy's all shit. Wake up sheep

  41. Sheldon Hawe

    Sheldon HaweDag siden

    Don't be nervous Joe, the powers to be, won't allow this to last forever. Once they decrease the population a bit, scare the mass public worldwide to listen to what THEY say, the virus will suddenly disappear. Then we will be reminded for year to come, how we must follow strict rules and regulations or it could happen again.

  42. Sheldon Hawe

    Sheldon HaweDag siden

    Lol, the worlds greatest fire drill. I wonder who really let this virus out.

  43. Asmosis Yup

    Asmosis YupDag siden

    OK so now im nervous and that's the end of the clip. HEY!

  44. Unicorn Telecoms

    Unicorn TelecomsDag siden

    Event 201. Understand where they come from 😂

  45. Unicorn Telecoms

    Unicorn TelecomsDag siden


  46. antonakis12z

    antonakis12zDag siden


  47. Alex

    AlexDag siden

    Rogan: "people are wearing masks and gloves. Is that nonsense?" Osterhom: "Largely"

  48. waynail gonsalves

    waynail gonsalvesDag siden

    Earth is healing

  49. jason bourne

    jason bourneDag siden

    Listening to this and hearing that Trump wants to open up business's by April 15 has my mind blown, America is going down faster than any other countries

  50. mary kelly

    mary kellyDag siden

    ask the peoples family who died spain italia how serious it is .... ffs lads .. its as serious as cancer.

  51. The12thSeahorse

    The12thSeahorseDag siden

    This video was published on the 11 March 2020 and I am watching it on 28 March 2020 and the Dr has hit the bullseye 🎯 several times.

  52. Scott Reynolds

    Scott ReynoldsDag siden

    So basically if ur old in poor health or a fat fuck ur doomed! Got it!

  53. Eli Empire

    Eli EmpireDag siden

    God he got some thin lips 😬

  54. Ronal Nunez

    Ronal NunezDag siden

    Wear a mask and gloves and don't touch me


    NARROWPATHDag siden

    are there any sick in our armed forces ?

  56. Nikhil S

    Nikhil SDag siden

    Hey joe I'm from* future, by 28/ March 2019, America reached 100k infected patients, topping the chart

  57. Brian Walther

    Brian WaltherDag siden

    Politicians outsourced to China years ago and they said American business will never be back.... The cost of keeping people safe and the job was too much... major argument back then what is the argument now? Are we better today than anyone was ever in the past or do you have your heads shoved up your asses? Make America something that matters. Politicians have made us weak first off... Second off believe in them... same as slave reparations the grandchildren should pay for with the politicians of old (80-90’s no more benefits or anything for them) Second off cut China off completely. Treat them like North Korea 🤷‍♂️ Along with all politicians No politician should have a term for any longer than a two terms furthermore anyone in politics cannot have any more than one family member if no one who has ever served or is active on top of a president should be born in this country and be above the age of 35. Where was Obama born again?

  58. Exodus1337

    Exodus1337Dag siden

    @donald trump

  59. Harsh

    HarshDag siden

    china's lab made the virus , #nukechina

  60. xoobo vola

    xoobo volaDag siden

    “The air that we breathe” So then the 6ft rule is total bullshit

  61. Mark Davids

    Mark Davids14 timer siden

    xoobo vola it’s to prevent you inhaling the virus in aerosol form from an infected person,

  62. blkmedic

    blkmedic15 timer siden

    They are finding it in the air vents of cruise ships and hospitals. Meaning it is traveling from the room of a sick asymptomatic untested person to that of a person who is in for some other reason. They swear it's not airborne, but people who have had limited contact are getting sick.

  63. oyeahisbest123

    oyeahisbest12317 timer siden

    goto a hospital buddy. live record it

  64. David Jorgensen

    David Jorgensen19 timer siden

    @Mike Miller "BS!!!! Stop the fucking panic you dumb fuck!!!!!!! " - Jesus Fucking H., how stupid are you? Do you realize that both the case and death count is doubling every week? Just how long do you think it will take to infect every person on Earth at that rate? Obviously you don't grasp math, so I'll give you the picture in broad strokes. Two weeks ago today, the worldwide case count stood at 156 thousand. A week ago today it was 305 thousand. Today it's at 650 thousand. Now let's project that weekly doubling forward and see where it gets us. By start of April we'll have reached 1 million cases. By the end of April, it will be 16 million, end of May, 250 million, end of June, 4 billion ... you see how that works? It's called a logarithmic scale, and you were taught it in grade 9 math - too bad you're too stupid to pay attention to things that actually matter. And once we get past a few million cases, hospitals won't be able to do shit for anyone anymore; Italy's in that boat already, and about 1 in 10 people who get this thing are dying from it because there's no healthcare to help them. So, by all means, ignore the fact that half a billion people could very well be dead from this thing by July, and continue calling other people dumb fucks for trying to spread actual useful knowledge, you retarded asshole.

  65. Crispy0Snake

    Crispy0Snake19 timer siden

    @Mike Miller Yeah dude let's all get ill and go to hospital at once. Why panic? who cares XD!

  66. Nicolas Samano

    Nicolas SamanoDag siden

    Never disclose the recovery rate. Never.

  67. Nicolas Samano

    Nicolas SamanoDag siden

    Whatever it takes to crash the economy🤫

  68. exefile

    exefileDag siden

    The way the system is rigged, We are fucked.

  69. Jason Davis

    Jason DavisDag siden

    Its not going to blow over One person spread it how far? And one person left with it will spread it how far again?

  70. Jason Davis

    Jason DavisDag siden

    @xoobo vola I vote we come up with a new plan. We give the goverment a deadline to supply masks to the entire world the good ones that work, then then anyone in public without a mask gets beat to death with a stick for being that special kinda asshole! We may beat a few innocent people to death but the government and every one else will know this plan is being taking ridiculously serious. We can nickname the plan wear your mask or get hit by a stick!

  71. Jason Davis

    Jason DavisDag siden

    @xoobo vola wtf you got one of the profile bubbles thats like I want to say something but for some reason I'm stuttering, yet I can't stop staring this is becoming awkward. But then your posts are like this normal down to earth person.

  72. Jason Davis

    Jason DavisDag siden

    @xoobo vola what's messed up is i figure governments are doing the big hmmmmnmmm this could save us how much in prison care, medicaid, social security, and so on. Then there's the boost to the job market. Yup I fully expect the world to go O can't control it got to wait for a vaccine, Sorry return to everyday life!

  73. xoobo vola

    xoobo volaDag siden

    This doesn't make sense, trump said he was going to open back up the country by Easter, LMAO! What a MORON we have as our President!! HE is going to get people killed

  74. Googler P D B

    Googler P D BDag siden

    There are other drs who don't agree. Lets get real unless you pass someone who is sick and they cough on you its unlikely youll get sick just walking around. Im so sick of this over-reaction and hysteria and this gloom and doom and the entire US stops living because they might get the flu. I believe there are ppl walking around who don't give a damn abt anything US related purposely infecting others, but if you have poor health and/or are sick obviously you stay home. If you pay attention to your body and notice any slight chills or achy muscles and easily getting tired then you have the flu and just stay in bed and keep warm. Its easily resolved in a few days so I don't get what the big deal is abt getting the flu? Its not the bubonic plague. Having a cold is worse - coughing, blowing ur nose and not being able to breathe or sleep, having a red nose thats chapped.

  75. Jacob Persad

    Jacob PersadDag siden

    30 000 deaths so far, we are now at the stage where it Is the fastest killing virus outbreak, millions will die eventually maybe soon, if it evolves the world is over

  76. Luis Torreón

    Luis TorreónDag siden

    And the rest?

  77. Jeffey Mater

    Jeffey MaterDag siden

    40,000k deaths in USA? You know theres around 331,000,000 population? That’s less than 0.01% of the population..... still less than influenza... those are tiny numbers comparing...

  78. thateffin guy

    thateffin guyDag siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="297">4:57</a> I'm waiting for the buzz feed article saying the coronavirus and doctors are 'fattist' because overweight people are more at risk from dying

  79. Divinital

    DivinitalDag siden

    NUCLEAR WAR 2020

  80. CJ Laity

    CJ LaityDag siden

    He didn't really answer the question about masks and gloves.

  81. Bruce Hauge

    Bruce HaugeDag siden

    He did. Watch the whole podcast.

  82. brendan boston

    brendan bostonDag siden

    Lastly it sounds like one of the biggest things we should take from this is that we need to bring ALL of our necessary medical equipment as well as necessary drug manufacturing, BACK TO THE UNITED STATES! Sounds like a great way to jumpstart the economy!

  83. brendan boston

    brendan bostonDag siden

    Also he said that he was going to explain how/why to NOT panic but that's when the video ended.... Seriously?

  84. Lando27Music

    Lando27MusicDag siden

    Taken from JRE #1439 w/Michael Osterholm:

  85. brendan boston

    brendan bostonDag siden

    So he said that half of all cases will require hospitalizations?

  86. Fanny Licker

    Fanny LickerDag siden

    Nature's response to human existence is the way i see it

  87. The Real

    The RealDag siden

    “The air that we breathe” So then the 6ft rule is total bullshit

  88. Mike Miller

    Mike Miller19 timer siden

    LOL! So all the media is real hey? BTW CNN said if he take a bath in a tube of vinegar you'll kill the virus. So go back your vinegar the media says it works lol

  89. I Dunoh

    I Dunoh19 timer siden

    The Real The 6 ft rule isn’t bullshit, it still has an effect but it isn’t foolproof obviously.

  90. Adam

    AdamDag siden

    Your mans full of shit Joe. 10 to 15 times worse than the conventional flu? Hes just adding to the fear mongering being dished out be the MSM and the Government. Covid 19 is longer considered a highly Consequence infectious disease. It's actually less harmful then your normal flu (mortality rate low overall). "German Professor Karin Moelling, former Chair of Medical Virology at the University of Zurich, stated in an interview that Covid19 is „no killer virus“ and that „panic must end“. So well done for helping scare the shit outta everyone x

  91. Doug Dawkins

    Doug DawkinsDag siden

    This is a scumbag fear monger. This scum reads the communist manifesto every night. His motto is never let a crisis be wasted.

  92. Brett Dillon

    Brett DillonDag siden

    I wish I could kick this guy's fucking nose in!

  93. Robin Williams

    Robin WilliamsDag siden

    This doesn't make sense, trump said he was going to open back up the country by Easter, LMAO! What a MORON we have as our President!! HE is going to get people killed and a Lot of them will be his Fellow Moronic followers! STAY AT HOME, People!!!!

  94. hello456able

    hello456ableDag siden

    this guy is talking SHIT with rogan, they are the cabal the dark side who wants people to fear this shit! the evidence tells us its not serious you only die if you have a weak immune system or if you have underlying health conditions! The Alliance is coming and we are awakening! our opportunity to take our freedom back from the cabal!

  95. mmafan2223

    mmafan2223Dag siden

    Let the bodies hit the floor

  96. Brian Jones

    Brian JonesDag siden

    A bit confused. Expert claims people are getting this virus by breathing it in yet the next thing he says is that wearing those masks won't help at all.. Wouldn't a mask that reduces your breathing of outside air help at reduce the risk of getting the virus?!

  97. Tomitius Tritus

    Tomitius TritusDag siden

    We now understand, that it helps more than we initially thought. Problems are that viral particles can also enter through different paths, like your eyes and that a mask not made out of the right material, or a mask that does not seal tightly are not a good protection. Best is, that infected people wear well sealed masks, so they don't spread viral particles into the air. Next problem with that is that many of us are infected AND contagious, but don't develop any symptoms, so we don't even know about it. That is why this virus is spreading so fast.

  98. billyc call

    billyc callDag siden

    Merica #1 at getting infected thanks trump

  99. SuperUltraSugarShit

    SuperUltraSugarShitDag siden

    Soo this guy estimates 96 million cases with only 480,000 deaths?? That's like 0.5% wtf

  100. Gandalf the White

    Gandalf the WhiteDag siden

    38% of those sweet nursers let a nigga get it in, then they went to college to raise their boy; while the nigga in the club try'n to find his next victim. Pimpn aint ez, but it sure is fun...

  101. peter

    peterDag siden

    This guy is just a government spokesman now... institutionalized. Police powers up.... civil liberties down! Wuhan Flu -Shit tests = false numbers= lockdown... 5G ..... mandatory vaccine ... cashless ..... drone surveillance.... martial law ..... good times! 555

  102. jen zydyk

    jen zydykDag siden

    If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans for the future

  103. Eazy Breeze

    Eazy BreezeDag siden

    With all of his glory With all of his grace Donald J. T R U M P Will save the human race. With the Cross in one hand And Sword in the Other A beloved Holy Crusader He Shall crush the enemies of I S R A E L And deliver US to Heaven. From now until the end of days Amen

  104. Krishna's Pussy

    Krishna's PussyDag siden

    Reincarnate as a cat. Cats have diplomatic immunity. I spent the whole day stretched out in the park.

  105. james king

    james kingDag siden

    @SuperLordpig......... when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels, In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ,,,,,,t 2 thessalonians luke 21;22 roman 3;5 ez;25;17 isaiah 34; 6..... more if you are seriously interested?