How The Man Who Challenged Tesla Went Bankrupt

Faraday Future, a California-based electric-car startup and Tesla's once rival, generated buzz in 2015 as the company poached top talent from Tesla, BMW, Audi, Ford, and Ferrari. Called "Tesla killer," Faraday’s meteoric rise in notoriety occurred on dubious underpinnings - the company did not promise a product, nor did it announce any concrete plans for its first few years of operation. The mystery surrounding Faraday was only matched by its enigmatic cofounder and CEO, Jia "YT" Yueting, the billionaire businessman who founded multiple telecom companies in China but left abruptly to become the CEO of Faraday. We took a look at YT and Faraday Future's promise, the financial woes that led them both to bankruptcy, and YT's relationship with the reanimated Faraday today.
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How The Man Who Challenged Tesla Went Bankrupt


  1. Christo Joseph

    Christo Joseph13 timer siden

    How to sell products 101: Name them better.

  2. Whole Food Plant-Based Man

    Whole Food Plant-Based Man13 timer siden

    It’s good to hear the opposite of a billionaire’s success story.

  3. Joanna Julep

    Joanna Julep14 timer siden

    *he responded by putting potted plants in the lobby* HAHAHHHHHHHHHH BEST

  4. susmoy s

    susmoy s14 timer siden

    Ok utube i watched it and disliked

  5. MannyFresh

    MannyFresh15 timer siden

    actually faraday is still in production, and being fine tuned at the current moment. 2020

  6. Dhananjay mali

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  7. Wolf Molpsbx

    Wolf Molpsbx15 timer siden

    Elon musk: -_-


    JEEZY EDITZ™16 timer siden

    yup he definitely is next on the "disappeared" list if he returns to China

  9. pxidr

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  10. CGI Future

    CGI Future17 timer siden

    Elon musk laughing in the corner 😂😂😂

  11. DJ-Amezo The FinskaBomb

    DJ-Amezo The FinskaBomb17 timer siden

    Simpe answer: he is not elon musk

  12. Lucu Lucu Gaming

    Lucu Lucu Gaming17 timer siden

    Your voice look like "Jesse Eisenberg" ?? 😲😲

  13. Nuclear Reactor of Shah Alam

    Nuclear Reactor of Shah Alam17 timer siden

    Thats why chinese are terrible businessman

  14. SlIRAC

    SlIRAC17 timer siden

    This is like iron man 2

  15. MaksimIzer

    MaksimIzer17 timer siden

    This guy reminds me of trump

  16. Nofan Felani

    Nofan Felani17 timer siden

    Tesla: *succeed* Faraday Future: i aM aBOuT to ENd tHis mAn's wHoLE cAReEr.

  17. X Zinlioren

    X Zinlioren17 timer siden

    stated "go back to china pay off the debt". reality is he is never going back to china since he will be in custody instantly when landed. LeTV was never successful, his other "businesses" were never successful, he is a fraud himself.

  18. Parallel Fan

    Parallel Fan18 timer siden

    His company was made to fail. The leader of the company is high key bad at making decisions

  19. Arkadiusz switaj

    Arkadiusz switaj18 timer siden

    Love Tesla :)

  20. Chef

    Chef18 timer siden

    We don't need more Chinese goods

  21. FDZProductions

    FDZProductions18 timer siden

    RIP Leeco/LeTV

  22. Easy blaze

    Easy blaze18 timer siden

    There are ups and downs in businesses. The fact he failed doesn't mean the business won't become a success. Maybe its just isn't time or that the USA market is monopolized to favour a few people

  23. Ritam Baroi

    Ritam Baroi18 timer siden could you even compare YT to Elon Musk at the end of the video...that line itself made me think that you lack some intellect.

  24. Vishal Gaurav

    Vishal Gaurav19 timer siden

    We bought LeEco smartphones in India

  25. Oooh-Rai

    Oooh-Rai19 timer siden

    You know who else has deep pockets in China? Elon Musk

  26. red_ashcroft

    red_ashcroft19 timer siden

    If it was a car that's affordable, sales wouldn't have translated such a slump.

  27. Gonçalo

    Gonçalo19 timer siden

    We can all learn something from this video : Don't mess with Elon Musk

  28. James Curry

    James Curry20 timer siden

    Looks like he was stabbed in the back.

  29. papacachawa exalibur

    papacachawa exalibur20 timer siden

    Le phraud

  30. Alex Wang

    Alex Wang20 timer siden

    Feels bad man

  31. doggieboy773a

    doggieboy773a20 timer siden

    Knew it was going to fail from the very beginning.

  32. a1 1

    a1 120 timer siden

    Tesla is going the same way. I mean Tesla missed going bsnkrupt by a split second.

  33. suvignan pothuraju

    suvignan pothuraju20 timer siden

    Lesson need to be learned ...never do business with mainland Chinese guys particularly who has connections with Chinese CCP.

  34. S1lence_S

    S1lence_S21 time siden

    Ya don't mess with Elon

  35. botnull

    botnull21 time siden

    Heres how if you understand 中文

  36. Han

    Han21 time siden

    Broke chinese

  37. Gino Banasig

    Gino Banasig21 time siden

    When Chinese trying to prove they’re better. Oh don’t venture with the Chinese

  38. Raptor Jesus

    Raptor Jesus21 time siden

    *Paid for by YT

  39. Claudius Moi

    Claudius Moi21 time siden

    China is full of fraudsters.

  40. Maryams Art

    Maryams Art22 timer siden

    sucks that they weren't focused on one sector...

  41. Kaushik Bala

    Kaushik Bala22 timer siden

    Why isn't he in prison yet?!

  42. Arjun Rangi

    Arjun Rangi22 timer siden

    This what happens when you finish a project a night before submission

  43. Fomeezer

    Fomeezer22 timer siden

    I used to have a Leeco Phone

  44. Fomeezer

    Fomeezer22 timer siden

    Sony is better

  45. Sorry I'm Late

    Sorry I'm Late22 timer siden

    Are LeFrite and LePotato in their eco system too ?

  46. Yohanes Christian

    Yohanes Christian22 timer siden

    oh, the CEO of LeTv and LeEco

  47. Jay

    Jay22 timer siden

    Well shit you're stupid enough to move in to your enemy's territory. Elon was like not in my turf mother feek yoo!!

  48. Troy C

    Troy C23 timer siden

    BMW i is a failure. So why hire a guy the lead a failed product.

  49. Razgriz❶

    Razgriz❶23 timer siden

    "deep pockets in china" BIG RED FLAG DETECTED

  50. qwerty asdfg

    qwerty asdfg23 timer siden

    like it matters to that guy. he is still a billionaire and will come up another sTaRt uP

  51. Catalyst Network Solutions

    Catalyst Network Solutions23 timer siden

    Hey YT. Just invest in Tesla. And relax. All good. You’ll pay it back if you do that and hold for 5 years.

  52. Jericho Nash Delos Reyes

    Jericho Nash Delos Reyes23 timer siden

    I dont like supporting a chinese . Because what they have done in my country. Soon they will take over the world. -Nash from Philippines.

  53. TreeFiddy

    TreeFiddy23 timer siden

    His goal was to fund his ventures. Basically, his goal was to transfer money from investors to his pockets. He was no visionary. Get your stories straight, Business Insider. His goal was to get into all the buzz words to lure investors in. Steal, then take off. He was never interested in the future of the company.

  54. Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks

    Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks23 timer siden

    Lol hear living the american dream start a business take out huge loans to pay for your luxurious expenses and then declare bankruptcy with a golden parachute at investors aka the little peoples expense

  55. eojgnoix

    eojgnoix23 timer siden

    In street terms....hes a dead man back in China lol front and dont come through.

  56. Khiro YT

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    Hes just stupid He probably didn't play manager simulator

  57. Drent Uge40

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    96485 C/mol e-

  58. emily Mcymme

    emily McymmeDag siden

    What an assface YT was.

  59. TheLuismondo

    TheLuismondoDag siden

    Why don’t see any of this guy creations out there if he is so brilliant? It’s so funny how so many people wanna kill Tesla and Elon laughs and keep getting farther and farther ahead 😂

  60. Quix

    QuixDag siden

    Wow, I was expecting this to be about Fisker. Faraday Future never released a thing! All vaporware, all the time.