I Built a 600 Meter Human Cannon That Ends All Existence - Satisfactory

HOT SATISFACTORY TIP: Stacking hyper tubes leads to the heat death of the universe. Be careful with the power you wield!
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I Built a 600 Meter Human Cannon That Ends All Existence - Satisfactory
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More about Satisfactory:
Satisfactory is a first-person open-world factory building game with a dash of exploration and combat. Play alone or with friends, explore an alien planet, create multi-story factories, and enter conveyor belt heaven!
Conquer nature by building massive factories across the land. Expand wherever and however you want. The planet is filled with valuable natural resources just waiting to be utilized. As an employee of FICSIT it’s your duty to make sure they come to good use.
Construct your factories with gracious perfection or build intricate webs of conveyor belts to supply all your needs. Automate trucks and trains to reach your faraway outposts and be sure to handle liquids properly by transporting them in pipes. It’s all about minimizing manual labour!
Explore & Exploit
Venture on expeditions to search for new materials and be sure to put everything to good use. Nature is yours to harvest! You have vehicles, jetpacks, jump pads and more at your disposal to make the exploration easier. Equip the proper safety gear as well, just in case you run into the local wildlife.
• Open World: Explore the huge (30km2) alien planet that is Massage-2(AB)b with its unique fauna and creatures.
• Co-Op: Build a factory yourself or share the joy with your friends. Up to you!
• Factory Building: Experience building a huge factory from a first-person perspective. Automate and optimize it to perfection for your personal satisfaction.
• Customization: Customize your factory to your own liking. Build at high altitudes or over wide plains, there is almost no limits in the making of your tailor-made factory.
• Vehicles: Travel the world with class. Use jump pads, factory carts, jump packs, hypertubes, trucks or trains. The choice is yours!


  1. Yumi Chan

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    That voice omg

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    what a quotable channel, brilliant

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  5. CaligoNight

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    Did you really play for 22 hours my guy

  6. Harry JC

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    it's <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a>am i dont know how i got here and i now have OCD

  7. Brandi Powell

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  8. Allistair Colson

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    Oh my god I laughed so hard at this video I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time

  9. Mathew Silva

    Mathew Silva6 timer siden

    Why have I not been recommended this channel earlier? This man’s deadpan sarcastic, almost monotone humor is perfect for me 😂


    THΞ DYING LΞGΞND6 timer siden

    Make a particle accelerator

  11. nilleftw

    nilleftw6 timer siden

    This man has never heard of OCD or structure.

  12. mdvedhjr

    mdvedhjr7 timer siden

    So you declared war to Spiffing Brit by using this cofee cup?

  13. Komarudin dist

    Komarudin dist7 timer siden

    22 hours playing this game? My eyes is going to be dead

  14. dadutchboy2

    dadutchboy27 timer siden

    that moment when the game cals him a potato

  15. Ryan Baring

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  16. Kobzie_

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  18. Kinamet

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  19. Joshua Anderson

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    Your alignment is not Chaotic Neutral as some may say... It's JUST Chaotic. True Chaotic.

  20. John

    John14 timer siden

    Just imagine josh and Anthony playing together on this game that would be hilarious al hell I really miss Anthony And I really loved to videos he makes and his humour and sarcasm

  21. Josiah OTK

    Josiah OTK14 timer siden

    GreyStillPlays: my true successor.

  22. [BDO SEA] Ilinichina

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    Not yet released on steam?

  23. Kristian Ivanov

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    Dude, you just made my day. I was laughing so hard my neighbor knocked on my door and asked "Is everything OK?" xD

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  25. Anaximander

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    if u did these all by urself, u dont have a life man!.. seriously!.. this is huge amount of time... and I laughed so hard thanks for that...

  26. Joshua Grindstaff

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    Your job is to break and make the game while you make it a living hell

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    This game provided to you by Home Depot

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    I was an alpha tester for this game

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  34. Preston Marshall

    Preston Marshall21 time siden

    Can you please make another episode? I love this series and I watched every, single, video in this series and I love your channel! Please keep up the insanely radioactive work!

  35. Matt Wakeford

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    When can we get more satisfactory

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    Can't help but feel this is a direct copying of gray still plays style....

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  40. Divedeeper80

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  60. JustLeeGuy

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  61. Evonix

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  62. Astrochamp

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