i cant do this anymore

i just cant


  1. Ricky Gonzalez

    Ricky Gonzalez2 minutter siden

    This is sad an all but no one askrasked

  2. Hisham Alyahya

    Hisham AlyahyaTime siden

    “I hate being seen as a bad guy” sums up his manipulative nature pretty nicely. Instead of crying about it why not address the reasons behind people seeing you that way?

  3. Kaboom

    KaboomTime siden

    8 months ago?!?! Dayum time goes very fast

  4. Ashwin Biju

    Ashwin BijuTime siden

    "No we don't take no Ls"

  5. Ninja

    Ninja3 timer siden

    8:40 I’ve been taking a shit for so long 😂

  6. Roger Diaz

    Roger Diaz4 timer siden

    8:25 ur welcome

  7. xxx peter0616

    xxx peter06169 timer siden

    i laughed so hard…

  8. xxx peter0616

    xxx peter06169 timer siden

    deji im tired of you

  9. Brohab 35

    Brohab 3512 timer siden

    Mad respect Deji let it out

  10. Bilal Bfd

    Bilal Bfd13 timer siden

    This guys a joke

  11. ConorF

    ConorF17 timer siden

    Anyone else get this is there recommended?

  12. cookedbyakid

    cookedbyakid18 timer siden

    I'm so happy with a girl you actually love now

  13. Chart Data

    Chart Data19 timer siden

    Who’s here before he changed his profile pic

  14. Otillaca Wammbe

    Otillaca Wammbe19 timer siden

    Jeez... if you’re telling the truth I’ve been through the exact same thing basically, I feel you my man, you’re not alone ❤️😄

  15. arif tepeyurt

    arif tepeyurt19 timer siden

    Who's here because of the crying meme

  16. Tx. Emiliano

    Tx. Emiliano20 timer siden

    Everyone is here because Deji made all his pfp as himself crying

  17. Luke Plunkett

    Luke Plunkett20 timer siden

    2020 🤷‍♂️

  18. PsychoKid 421

    PsychoKid 42120 timer siden

    I couldn’t even imagine being in that situation

  19. You’re boy jerm

    You’re boy jerm20 timer siden

    22 march 2016 is blocking the word thinking by 2 letters

  20. Ya boyyyTR

    Ya boyyyTR20 timer siden

    8:32 when ur fighting with ur siblings and ur mum walks in on u hitting ur sibling

  21. Mohacyr Melendez

    Mohacyr Melendez19 timer siden


  22. Jamel Chukwuma

    Jamel Chukwuma21 time siden

    Bros before hoes. We move my g,s 👊🏿

  23. Julian Rodriguez

    Julian Rodriguez21 time siden

    Deji: can we stop with the crying memes NO-gos Recommendations: No

  24. Mason Garrett

    Mason Garrett22 timer siden

    Demi the liar boo you

  25. Ben J10

    Ben J1022 timer siden


  26. Ben J10

    Ben J1022 timer siden

    Your a nice guy

  27. Ben J10

    Ben J1022 timer siden

    Come on Deji we know your sad but put that behind you

  28. Kopapai

    Kopapai22 timer siden

    9:54 when the whole class +4 you in uno

  29. santoryuuzoro

    santoryuuzoro23 timer siden

    y is this back on my recommended

  30. PenguinNinja

    PenguinNinja23 timer siden

    this was in my recommended

  31. Sakine Erdogan

    Sakine ErdoganDag siden

    Ugh it's sad that he crying its sad l didn't know he was 16!???

  32. Sakine Erdogan

    Sakine ErdoganDag siden

    We're is my comennent are you kidding me we're is it 😕

  33. Sakine Erdogan

    Sakine ErdoganDag siden

    Why dus every NO-gosrs talk about sx prn and other inappropriate stuff like wtf!!! But that's brothers like thay fight and then thay like each other again and fight again like that's it.. 😯 But lm schoked... Like realy schoked..

  34. Dylan Hx

    Dylan HxDag siden

    Who here in end of February just to see this cos bored

  35. S.O. Gaming

    S.O. GamingDag siden

    Deji: I’m not gonna cry Also Deji: *starts crying* 8:20 😂😂😂

  36. K. W

    K. WDag siden


  37. Jeff

    JeffDag siden

    RIP Deji

  38. RottieShep CALIBRE

    RottieShep CALIBREDag siden

    did he fall into depression over a woman? so sad........

  39. Storm Playz

    Storm PlayzDag siden

    I feel bad

  40. Emile Glizzy

    Emile GlizzyDag siden


  41. Septor_ PrESsUre

    Septor_ PrESsUreDag siden

    Sort of understood this finally fell sorry for him but this is nearly a year ago so

  42. Cagatay Ocal

    Cagatay OcalDag siden

    Whoever reads this comment. No matter how much hate we expose one another. Just know that almighty God will judge who was the truthful person and will belong in his kingdom.

  43. Welcome to the cereal cult mah nibba

    Welcome to the cereal cult mah nibbaDag siden

    Who's here after he put his crying face on all of his profile picture.


    MADZMAN GD23 timer siden

    It was in my recommendations when he changed his profile pic

  45. XDC-Ch33Z3

    XDC-Ch33Z3Dag siden

    Lol me

  46. Ibrahim Mohamoud Ahmed

    Ibrahim Mohamoud AhmedDag siden

    selling replay buttons Each one costs a like 8:33 8:33 8:33

  47. LucQy

    LucQyDag siden

    "It's not manly to cry" Crying reduces stress and proves you're honest If we're talking what's manly or not, then let's talk about a manly habit... drinking beer. Beer has been proven to raise levels of oestrogen and reduce levels of testosterone... so what's manly... fuck of with all of you haters

  48. Prettyboyfred25

    Prettyboyfred257 timer siden

    Crying means you’re honest? You never heard of acting? (Which is what he was doing) he’s a bum and a liar

  49. BTS Dabbie

    BTS DabbieDag siden

    it so funny still look at it in 2020

  50. Kayla Barson

    Kayla BarsonDag siden

    Good on you deji glad you can speak your mind and get that off your chest. Your a great guy you deserve to be happy. I know this vid is old but keep your head up man. You are a legend. Fuck the haters. Family comes 1st he needs to respect you not break your heart. I don't speak to my family as they only care about themselves and not each other so I know where your coming from. I hope you see this comment. Hold your head high deji were behind you 100% TANK Family ❤

  51. Manuel Rivera

    Manuel RiveraDag siden

    Dont care stay strong

  52. Damion Ponte

    Damion PonteDag siden

    this is my new asmr

  53. Abraham Saldivar

    Abraham SaldivarDag siden

    I was laughing so hard when he cried

  54. saud chaudhary

    saud chaudharyDag siden

    "If you understood what I was going through, you would understand" -Deji, 2019

  55. saud chaudhary

    saud chaudharyDag siden

    You know those messages could be anyone right...

  56. Chris

    ChrisDag siden

    Are you dumb If you pay attention you clearly saw their names

  57. El Monkey_Plays

    El Monkey_PlaysDag siden

    “If u understood what I was going through you would understand”- Deji

  58. JKORBIN1234 2nd

    JKORBIN1234 2ndDag siden

    It's really sad to watch stuff like this :(

  59. Floralbaddie

    FloralbaddieDag siden

    Am I the only who feels bad orr?

  60. Shaggy Got waves.

    Shaggy Got waves.Dag siden

    Look at his Grammer

  61. Zero

    ZeroDag siden

    Simps when they get rejected 8:26


    HOODIE ZDOTDag siden

    Y’all let one groupie ruin y’all family relationship 💀 simp

  63. Ellis Allen

    Ellis AllenDag siden

    When you acc listen I feel bad for him 🙏

  64. TTV_Flexx07

    TTV_Flexx07Dag siden

    This is why I never check the comments on yt I just comment but I never look at others comments

  65. Shrek father!

    Shrek father!Dag siden

    Who here after deji changed his profile picture to this? 😂😂😂

  66. Denna Zamani

    Denna ZamaniDag siden

    i remember when this video came out my heart hurt so bad for him i really started crying