I used math, science and tears to create a snake AI which always wins (sometimes).
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  1. Noodle Games

    Noodle GamesTime siden

    Hype Bullet should be blue

  2. Falling Feather

    Falling Feather2 timer siden

    Fuck you to

  3. j6g Teeworlds

    j6g Teeworlds5 timer siden

    17:46 music, please?

  4. trash cat

    trash cat9 timer siden

    Ur editing is amazing tho ????

  5. KimetMX

    KimetMX9 timer siden

    LOL! Love the humor!

  6. Buddy Wirths

    Buddy Wirths11 timer siden

    Hey CB, I think it'd be interesting if you programmed an AI to learn historical trends in stock trading, then make trades based off of that. The possibilities for it are endless, have it watching thousands of stocks for the tale-tale signs of an upward trend soon to come based off of the hundreds of thousands of hours and trades that have gone on to "teach" it what a good trade is or isn't. I guess the end goal would be to have a bot that watched thousands of hours worth of trends and could constantly be searching for which stocks are going to increase in value. This would obviously not be easy and isn't really your field, and I know you probably won't see this, but I think it'd be very interesting just to see if an AI could do it.

  7. PeppaPig Inator

    PeppaPig Inator11 timer siden

    Can someone show me how to code like some basic 2D games I find this stuff so satisfying I'm 12 and I've been wanting to code and make games for 4 years now so can anyone tell me what website to go on or teach me basics?

  8. nothing ._.

    nothing ._.15 timer siden

    pls teach me

  9. DestructionPlus

    DestructionPlus16 timer siden

    Make an AI to play santa tracker games. Games like "Penguin Dash" and "Elf Jetpack" or some other shid.

  10. Stefan Mitkov

    Stefan Mitkov17 timer siden

    Nobody : Code: AI learns how to aim and launch a nuclear rocket at North Korea

  11. Creeper The Creeper

    Creeper The Creeper17 timer siden

    Can you try to make an AI that tries to beat “long live the new fresh” from just shapes and beats (preferably S rank, probably A rank at highest)

  12. Charlie Clarke

    Charlie Clarke21 time siden

    Who ever finds this interesting is boring

  13. Rafiq Raja

    Rafiq Raja22 timer siden

    Lmao i loved your commentary though 😂😂

  14. Pepa Ludrovský

    Pepa Ludrovský22 timer siden

    Even Snake isnt Bullet proof

  15. K90SAS - Choppu

    K90SAS - ChoppuDag siden

    why does he blur out curse words sometimes but only sometimes?

  16. Goku Black

    Goku BlackDag siden

    Was This find out now on dragonball Z reverence?

  17. Hansa Plast

    Hansa PlastDag siden

    oh. my. god. … GO-GO-GADGET!! isntant childhood Flashbacks xD

  18. 김재훈

    김재훈Dag siden


  19. SiegeMaximo

    SiegeMaximoDag siden

    Please upload more often. Your videos are incredible

  20. _oreolife_

    _oreolife_Dag siden

    Hey i was wondering if u could revisit the ai learn pool but instead of using the genetic mutation learning can u use q learning or another type of coding i want to see what happend if it learns more on the fly in real time

  21. AlexChannel

    AlexChannelDag siden

    First run amazing, second run... why you didn't just simply cancel surviving mode direction when the apple can be reach? Like there is a fast and safe path available, but once your ai is in bruteforce mode, you keep it in that stat. But why? from 8:45 to 14:15 is just a shitty demonstration. no need of 10min to show that it can survive.

  22. masenkoh

    masenkohDag siden

    I need this to be my screensaver or something. Or like, be the loading screens for programs from now on or something that says "% downloaded" in this way

  23. masenkoh

    masenkohDag siden

    ...erm, i think the snake was still alive at the end >_>

  24. David Savy

    David SavyDag siden

    This sick lad here has to have ADHD. Thats shit i forget when im working

  25. Sune user

    Sune userDag siden


  26. Taylor youngreen

    Taylor youngreenDag siden

    7:42 perhaps if you adjusted the % amount of empty blocks it might help. perhaps 85% or 90% or maybe even 100%

  27. Mu Che

    Mu Che15 minutter siden

    I don't think there is a big difference between 80% and 85% or 90% in that there will always be some edge cases where it will fail, like leaving some empty spaces similar to the situation of the hamiltonian snake. 100% might work for these cases, but could create some weird behavior, like snake is going straight towards a wall to get an apple and suddenly turns back one tile away from it, starts to go along its body, because it realized that getting that apple cuts off 50% of empty spaces. A better heuristic could be to treat the tail as empty space worth of length of snake. That is, if it has to decide between a contiguous area of 30 tiles without the tail and 10 tiles with the tail (and the snake is long, e.g. 30 tiles), it's better to choose the one with tail, as that tail will move away eventually).

  28. NotaLoca12341

    NotaLoca12341Dag siden

    "Frankly it means my degree was fucking useless" I know that feeling WAY TO WELL my friend. WAY to well! 😔😒

  29. Alex Kuradnov

    Alex KuradnovDag siden

    I am so happy to see you back!!!

  30. Antosupre 460

    Antosupre 460Dag siden

    This sanity sound😂😂

  31. MMAoracle

    MMAoracleDag siden

    Why not just have it go... up and down and leave some room at the top to escape?

  32. The Ultimate Irishman

    The Ultimate IrishmanDag siden

    What language and program are you using for your projects?

  33. Gg Vg

    Gg VgDag siden

    Can A.I learn how to play QWOP?

  34. Gaming Semlan

    Gaming SemlanDag siden

    Can you teash A.I to Play pac-man.

  35. Ramazan Durmaz

    Ramazan DurmazDag siden

    Im quite far away from these. I barely made a simple homework the programmer gave me. Doesn't work properly. Make me wanna give up at times

  36. László Házi

    László HáziDag siden

    Couldn't you simply use scores to force the AI or it'd be way too much work?

  37. St.Ashley

    St.AshleyDag siden

    i am russian and i dont understand, but i left a like and subscribed.

  38. Taylor Summers

    Taylor SummersDag siden

    Create an AI that can play Doodle Jump

  39. night2night3

    night2night32 dager siden

    20:50 lol

  40. Open Mic Maps

    Open Mic Maps2 dager siden

    Your voice is so fucking annoying.

  41. Iridescent Mirage

    Iridescent Mirage2 dager siden

    There's more snake than screen and its _gut clenching._