I Gave $200,000 To People In Quarantine

A lot of people are going through a ruff time right now so I tried my best to do some good :)
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  1. MrBeast

    MrBeast25 dager siden

    Today is actually my birthday, liking/subscribing would be a dope present :)

  2. [ᑭᗩҜ] βєןเєשєг

    [ᑭᗩҜ] βєןเєשєг25 dager siden

    Happy birthday and ps didn't get my cookie when I subbed 3 years ago...

  3. Homie_ Juan321

    Homie_ Juan32125 dager siden

    MrBeast have a great birthday

  4. erijklol 134679

    erijklol 13467925 dager siden

    People can get money but I can't

  5. 100K subs with no videos Challenge!

    100K subs with no videos Challenge!25 dager siden

    Happy birthday to the biggest legend ever Btw don’t read my channel name

  6. Grayson James

    Grayson James25 dager siden

    Happy birthday best person I’ve ever heard about!!! By far

  7. Camry Wood

    Camry Wood4 timer siden

    Can I plz have a iPhone plz,

  8. Ken Christensen

    Ken Christensen4 timer siden

    “YOU” didn’t give anything... some corporation did

  9. Younes Zian

    Younes Zian4 timer siden


  10. Jack Whitmer

    Jack Whitmer4 timer siden

    Square up to that clock chris

  11. Star stable times

    Star stable times4 timer siden

    When you see the first ones face looks so surprised 0: lol

  12. Mikal Kidane

    Mikal Kidane4 timer siden

    Watch this guy become a President and Chandler and Chris become Vice President.

  13. Clodagh McMahon

    Clodagh McMahon4 timer siden

    You are so kind

  14. Anthony Lujan

    Anthony Lujan5 timer siden

    Can you send me money on Venmo backwoodBurn3er420 god bless

  15. Julian Colella

    Julian Colella5 timer siden


  16. Meliza Fernandez

    Meliza Fernandez5 timer siden

    Hi hi Im a new sub Happy-B day

  17. Nicholas Mbugua

    Nicholas Mbugua5 timer siden

    omg it so expensive. i could buy a bugatti and a mansion.

  18. Ekansh Aditya

    Ekansh Aditya5 timer siden

    I am still waiting for the day when a guy tells MrBeast: “Well, $5000 dollars aren’t enough....”

  19. Audrey 5

    Audrey 55 timer siden

    Happy late birthday MrBeast.❤️❤️❤️ Edit: Where do you get all this money from??

  20. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader5 timer siden

    The acting is evolving, just backwards

  21. Minty Gray

    Minty Gray6 timer siden

    I saw a comment saying once he hits 40Million he should take 40million pieces of plastic out of the ocean

  22. Team Cyclone

    Team Cyclone6 timer siden

    Dude in every clip Chris Is something weird in the background in every shot lol.

  23. PRO 254

    PRO 2546 timer siden

    Mr beast for president

  24. Mr. Birdz

    Mr. Birdz6 timer siden

    Give this money Black guy because *America* is racis and black guy need help

  25. dorothy turner

    dorothy turner6 timer siden

    You missed me! 🤷‍♀️🤣

  26. Joel Willy

    Joel Willy6 timer siden


  27. Pool La Hat

    Pool La Hat6 timer siden

    Notice how all the clocks in the background are all the same time

  28. Bill Mallin

    Bill Mallin6 timer siden

    that right there is you paying for my renevation

  29. Andriea Dias

    Andriea Dias6 timer siden

    those are good men

  30. SuperGalaxy

    SuperGalaxy6 timer siden

    Mi KULO

  31. All is WELL

    All is WELL6 timer siden

    can i have it too.....

  32. Josh Asdf

    Josh Asdf6 timer siden


  33. Give me Robux

    Give me Robux6 timer siden

    There’s a new threat to pewdiepie called “coco melon” and it’s going to surpass pewdiepie, cocomelon has 80 million subscribers, you have to stop coco melon, Mr. Beast.

  34. Zoza Blog

    Zoza Blog7 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="8">0:08</a> When you have 35 millions subscribers and present yourself... "This is me..."

  35. Denis Onita

    Denis Onita7 timer siden

    Covid-19 = scam

  36. Marij Zieleman

    Marij Zieleman7 timer siden

    He just said random letters when he said the name of the newsshow lol

  37. frank castle

    frank castle8 timer siden

    I've never had more then $400 in my hands

  38. Ayaz Mohamed

    Ayaz Mohamed8 timer siden

    Mr beast can i get a shoutout

  39. Josh Asdf

    Josh Asdf6 timer siden


  40. Carson Palmer

    Carson Palmer8 timer siden

    when Mr beast does more than the stimulus check

  41. frank castle

    frank castle8 timer siden

    I wish I got free money I could really use it 😭😭😭😭

  42. Josh Asdf

    Josh Asdf6 timer siden


  43. Bananarang Man

    Bananarang Man8 timer siden

    Meanwhile in New Zealand.... Ayeeeee

  44. Shary Vs

    Shary Vs9 timer siden

    mrbeast....i need help!!! will u be generous enough to help someone out of ur country? i really need help!! its about life n death...appreciate if i can get in touch of u very soon coz i dont have much time 😔@MrBeast..pls hw can i reach u??

  45. Abby Wang

    Abby Wang9 timer siden

    Can I join Blash University?

  46. Jane Brown

    Jane Brown9 timer siden

    Mr Beast Happy Birthday

  47. Miss Abby

    Miss Abby9 timer siden

    Mr beast *helping people dace* Me:.......YES!

  48. Fabian Smash01

    Fabian Smash019 timer siden

    i Wish I got the money to help my family survive well

  49. Safin Ayon

    Safin Ayon10 timer siden

    I need help

  50. Josh Asdf

    Josh Asdf6 timer siden


  51. Sullen Games

    Sullen Games10 timer siden

    Mr beast is the definition of hope and kind

  52. Лор'темар Терон

    Лор'темар Терон10 timer siden

    Good man, but seems it work only in US, in our country all people are rude and grey, and btw i am loss my job and still sitting on quarantine and actually survive so gl mr.beast

  53. Am găsit Comoara

    Am găsit Comoara11 timer siden

    RO53INGB0000999909077314 Tanks

  54. em-bro-ter cnk

    em-bro-ter cnk11 timer siden

    Your someone I'm proud to have my 10year od son watch. You teach genorisity and kindness all while entertaining him. I have had no problem donating to your causes and purchasing your merchandise for my son because I know the money goes to a good place. Thank you for being a force of good during these times, and providing laughter when it is most needed.

  55. Musie Solomon

    Musie Solomon11 timer siden

    Mr Beast ok i have problem ?

  56. Vincenzo Sorrentino

    Vincenzo Sorrentino11 timer siden

    Pls give me a 1500€ for my bike dream

  57. Josh Asdf

    Josh Asdf6 timer siden


  58. Skylar Burr

    Skylar Burr11 timer siden

    so sweet!

  59. Deniss Pimenovs

    Deniss Pimenovs11 timer siden

    I wish I had that much money 🥺🤣

  60. Deniss Pimenovs

    Deniss Pimenovs11 timer siden

    I know i'ts kainda to late but happy birthday MrBeast 🥳

  61. Emily An

    Emily An12 timer siden

    Anyone notice that all the city's on the back wall should be in the exact same time zone (EST)

  62. Emily An

    Emily An12 timer siden


  63. AMV KING

    AMV KING12 timer siden

    This is how many people want Jimmy to be President 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

  64. vanessa ong

    vanessa ong12 timer siden

    Dont they know you

  65. Fawn Games

    Fawn Games12 timer siden


  66. Piotr D.

    Piotr D.12 timer siden

    Ur awsome mr.beast

  67. Malachi Becker

    Malachi Becker12 timer siden

    How do you install honey

  68. Bratty Gaming

    Bratty Gaming13 timer siden

    Send donations to the philippines. :(

  69. Just Rick

    Just Rick13 timer siden

    God bless! What awesome gesture!!!💙💙

  70. Well Actually I’m Nine

    Well Actually I’m Nine13 timer siden


  71. Thadsyl

    Thadsyl13 timer siden

    We’re being helped financially, I’m very lucky that my perents work from home and we are saving from fuel and coffe every morning, I understand people’s struggles and I find myself very lucky

  72. Hogwarts Fantic

    Hogwarts Fantic13 timer siden

    I am from 2027... it gets better

  73. shakthi 007

    shakthi 00714 timer siden

    need an ipad pro!!!

  74. Josh Asdf

    Josh Asdf6 timer siden


  75. CJ Gaming

    CJ Gaming14 timer siden

    Help me too

  76. Josh Asdf

    Josh Asdf6 timer siden


  77. Gaming With PIKACHU

    Gaming With PIKACHU14 timer siden

    I want uccc 5324421279 Someone give me plzzz

  78. Deepa guru

    Deepa guru14 timer siden

    Happy Birthday!! I LIKED and SUBSCRIBED☺☺👍😍

  79. MegaDerp202

    MegaDerp20214 timer siden

    MAN I wanna befriend Mr. Beast cuz god I wanna participate for the money and the journey

  80. Jasiya E

    Jasiya E14 timer siden

    You guys look great in that shirt

  81. Annie Tan

    Annie Tan14 timer siden


  82. NIKOLIC Tia

    NIKOLIC Tia15 timer siden

    I added Honey, sorry if I'm late but, happy birthday! Keep up the amazing work!

  83. Theplayercan

    Theplayercan16 timer siden

    I swear some of those teachers I’ve seen before

  84. Sushi and Blue Pillow

    Sushi and Blue Pillow16 timer siden

    My brother said why did u steal my cookies? I responded with u know what.

  85. sourabh singh

    sourabh singh16 timer siden

    I'm too qurantine and waiting for money 🙄

  86. Armone the god

    Armone the god15 timer siden

    See man😅💵🤑💰

  87. Agent_abdullah 25

    Agent_abdullah 2516 timer siden

    What happened to chandlers ostrich which he was gonna buy

  88. maxi

    maxi16 timer siden

    The real message here is that you can do anything you want and make so much money and give so much back.

  89. Zuhal Sadak

    Zuhal Sadak16 timer siden


  90. Yeshi Wangdi

    Yeshi Wangdi17 timer siden

    Bro if corona cases are solved please go to India and donate so money there are many homeless people✊👏👏🖒

  91. Jorin Vasquez

    Jorin Vasquez17 timer siden

    Hey. Mr. Beast I hope you can do that here in the Philippines many filipino people will love you and pray for you..

  92. Shanmugam G

    Shanmugam G17 timer siden

    i am very poor and unlucky but i wish i could be u

  93. Julian MRGL

    Julian MRGL18 timer siden

    umm does honey work in europe too?

  94. The super secret spy guy Code Name:bob

    The super secret spy guy Code Name:bob13 timer siden


  95. Sniper2410

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  96. iidrinkiismoke

    iidrinkiismoke18 timer siden

    Liked, subscribed, and always loving mr beast ;)