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  1. Mikieboy Mikieboy

    Mikieboy Mikieboy8 timer siden

    I love this guy 😂

  2. Harjot singh Randhawa

    Harjot singh Randhawa23 timer siden

    He calls a chop a step over 🤨🤨🤨

  3. Luke Lovejoy

    Luke Lovejoy2 dager siden

    Not toty

  4. Joseph Moore

    Joseph Moore5 dager siden

    It’s fake how is that a 189

  5. Oliver Willett

    Oliver Willett5 dager siden

    Deji was definitely high when he was filming this video. U can clearly see he us struggling to get words out quickly. And his eyes are all over the place

  6. Joao Londe

    Joao Londe5 dager siden

    When u have the best team in the game but ur also the worst person at the game

  7. Crimson Shadow

    Crimson Shadow7 dager siden

    After relentlessly bragging about his team. He loses.

  8. Philip Leon

    Philip Leon7 dager siden

    Am sorry to say this but deji your shit at fifa

  9. Tobybakermason7

    Tobybakermason710 dager siden

    Do a squad builder showdown against AJ3 Like if you would wanna see that

  10. Arjun Syam

    Arjun Syam13 dager siden

    Deji can't play for shit n he blames the game 😂😂🤙🏿

  11. streetboy508

    streetboy50814 dager siden

    You are a nigga

  12. streetboy508

    streetboy50814 dager siden

    His back😂😂😂

  13. karimalmozayen almozayen

    karimalmozayen almozayen16 dager siden

    i Agree it's fucking rigged even when " I " play it .. THE FUCKING PLAYER DOESNT PASS TO THE OTHER INSTEAD IT GIVES IT TO THE OPPONENT -_-

  14. Cold Noodles

    Cold Noodles18 dager siden

    "Just becasue there's a keeper... doesn't mean you can't score" -Deji,2020

  15. JimiJames 987

    JimiJames 98718 dager siden

    F u degi

  16. Volvic

    Volvic19 dager siden


  17. Alvaro pantoja

    Alvaro pantoja21 dag siden

    I feel ya fifa some cheap ass shit

  18. Rubbergoose 34

    Rubbergoose 3421 dag siden

    What division is this guy in coming up against the dead teams😂

  19. Tareq Younis

    Tareq Younis23 dager siden

    Deji, you genuinely suck at FIFA! Lol

  20. Tareq Younis

    Tareq Younis23 dager siden

    How can u have the best team without Messi? Nah, until u get Messi your team ain't nothing.

  21. callum sunley

    callum sunley23 dager siden

    its cause ur shit

  22. It’s your boi ahh cai

    It’s your boi ahh cai23 dager siden

    There is handycap

  23. iDontGetPaidEnough

    iDontGetPaidEnough24 dager siden

    Really soccer in 2020 wow

  24. Trumoo120

    Trumoo12025 dager siden

    Pay to win

  25. Mike Oxmall

    Mike Oxmall25 dager siden

    Start making good content deji pls

  26. TheYoungBean

    TheYoungBean26 dager siden

    He’s so cancer at fifa 😂

  27. Anwar Mohamed

    Anwar Mohamed26 dager siden

    deji heres an advice hold the A button so ur players can defend

  28. Gustav Jacobsson

    Gustav Jacobsson29 dager siden

    Give the team to me


    IMAN AHMED29 dager siden

    I like how deji shows he is the first owner for Kanye but didnt for Ronaldo and can djik

  30. Daniel Welch

    Daniel WelchMåned siden

    The bench is vanging

  31. ttvcreepingray 1

    ttvcreepingray 1Måned siden


  32. codarot

    codarotMåned siden

    How is that team only 189???

  33. Isaac Underwood

    Isaac UnderwoodMåned siden

    Yeah FIFA is definitely rigged, the amount of times I've been battering a guy and I keep hitting the post and the passes are trash and my defenders just open 😂

  34. Gamer Boy

    Gamer BoyMåned siden

    I will say it easy I want ur account 😊

  35. Rubleinos Gaming

    Rubleinos GamingMåned siden

    Change ur ball and u won’t foul as much lmao

  36. Adisa Blackman17

    Adisa Blackman17Måned siden

    Dis is so fake

  37. Fallen Killer

    Fallen KillerMåned siden

    DEJI was always Trash At FIFA I don't know why he thinks and acts like he's good

  38. Kinto

    KintoMåned siden

    Look at that record 1:32

  39. Youssef Sharaf

    Youssef SharafMåned siden

    Whos here after his last vid on this channel?

  40. Callan /

    Callan /Måned siden

    How tf is that 189 it should be 191

  41. VORTEXX83

    VORTEXX83Måned siden

    The only handicap in fifa is u cause u are a trash bag how.u have such a good team and ur that bad

  42. Billy Bah aha

    Billy Bah ahaMåned siden

    How come you have 7 totys and 4 icons and yet you still lose . Maybe you should stop playing the game

  43. Tokyo Savage

    Tokyo SavageMåned siden

    U should do a fifa vid where u put ur camera angle on pro

  44. Official J1

    Official J1Måned siden

    You might aswell uninstall the game....

  45. joel harry

    joel harryMåned siden

    Use Messi Soo much better

  46. TeemKap

    TeemKapMåned siden

    h a n d i c a p

  47. Usama Seedat

    Usama SeedatMåned siden

    At least his boxing record ain’t as bad as his fifa record 😂😂

  48. Usama Seedat

    Usama SeedatMåned siden

    You Are so shit 😂😂😂

  49. Gage See

    Gage SeeMåned siden

    stfu deji

  50. David1993 UK

    David1993 UKMåned siden

    Dej, I stopped playing FIFA 20 the first month it came out because it was f***ing trash. I went onto play PES2020 myclub and its alot better. You should try it out man!

  51. Official Furnace HD

    Official Furnace HDMåned siden

    Watching this is so frustrating

  52. Official Furnace HD

    Official Furnace HDMåned siden

    I cant even see the ball😂

  53. DSR-StaTic5

    DSR-StaTic5Måned siden

    deji: i cant lose rages after 2nd goal 3:05

  54. YM Clan

    YM ClanMåned siden

    Maybe cus ur trash at the game

  55. Adiyat Hasan

    Adiyat HasanMåned siden

    "cannavaro is honestly, nevermind they're all fucking shit.

  56. Lost Cyro

    Lost CyroMåned siden

    Dejis bad at fifa haha🤣🤣

  57. Adam Duishvili

    Adam DuishviliMåned siden

    i think you just suck yeah...

  58. Discover world In a new way

    Discover world In a new wayMåned siden

    No handicap

  59. Fake Check

    Fake CheckMåned siden

    Hmmmm i will wait until the end to make my comment.

  60. ThShadowKiller

    ThShadowKillerMåned siden

    You fucking sucks