I have to apologize for this... - Instant Influencer

This week on Instant Influencer, the competition gets real when our artists have to apologize for a scandal. 😭 I also invited some of my favorite NO-gosrs for a collab challenge. How will these aspiring artists match up with some of the biggest names in beauty?
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  1. genny mescudi

    genny mescudi5 timer siden

    I cringed when James introduced Nyma. “advocate for inclusivity”...um what? She’s also a great NO-gosr/influencer her daum self

  2. ItzWerg MSP

    ItzWerg MSP5 timer siden

    I feel like bretman was low key annoyed by Benny, like being annoying and dramatic isn’t quirky... :-/

  3. Sabrina Alston

    Sabrina Alston6 timer siden

    Can we just appreciate the fact that this is free

  4. Abdelrhman Ayman

    Abdelrhman Ayman6 timer siden


  5. Mila

    Mila7 timer siden


  6. Iris van Meijeren

    Iris van Meijeren7 timer siden

    Im dying😂😂 its not clicking😂😂

  7. Jahnjae Zarkar

    Jahnjae Zarkar7 timer siden

    Can we talk about how nikita and ashley were literally best friends at first sight

  8. AKC

    AKC8 timer siden

    Do someone of you guys see them on tik tok

  9. Sabertoothcubs

    Sabertoothcubs8 timer siden

    Nikita's pants are the same as niki demar at the 3 sister living in a small house for 24 hours

  10. reina canas

    reina canas8 timer siden

    Gabriel and nyma’s collab was awkward lol

  11. Kate Sutcliffe

    Kate Sutcliffe8 timer siden

    Love it ! Xx

  12. Ana Dukic

    Ana Dukic8 timer siden

    umm idk why im commenting just felt like it

  13. Marie Zed

    Marie Zed8 timer siden

    bro i would click on ashley's video and it was so good!! proud

  14. Marie Zed

    Marie Zed8 timer siden

    they looked so bored watching benny's video rip i felt so bad

  15. Jansen Lazatin

    Jansen Lazatin8 timer siden

    I love benny so much!!!!

  16. Btch Luv

    Btch Luv9 timer siden


  17. Aliah Garcia

    Aliah Garcia9 timer siden

    i hate your youtube videos

  18. Esmeralda Pompa

    Esmeralda Pompa10 timer siden


  19. Esmeralda Pompa

    Esmeralda Pompa10 timer siden


  20. Kailey Kerr

    Kailey Kerr10 timer siden

    Ashley and Nikita were made to be partners I am fans of both and watch them like if they were awesome together (Ashley did the best in all episodes in my opinion)

  21. Kaitlyn KK

    Kaitlyn KK11 timer siden

    Louie and James look alike

  22. ShannonGaming9

    ShannonGaming911 timer siden

    When I was the thumbnail I was like nooooooooooo! Not Benny! Then I watched the video and I realized he wasn't eliminated thank goodness

  23. Ayna d

    Ayna d11 timer siden

    benny overdid the ruined makeup

  24. Isabel Stewart

    Isabel Stewart11 timer siden

    I feel like Gabriel would be more progressive on instagram not NO-gos!

  25. Carleigh Matherly

    Carleigh Matherly11 timer siden

    Can you watch this on Netflix or Hulu or what?

  26. Karen Martinez

    Karen Martinez11 timer siden

    I hate that benny kid or whatever his name is

  27. Cadence Cameron

    Cadence Cameron12 timer siden

    James scared me so much.

  28. Lily_ Hazel

    Lily_ Hazel12 timer siden

    I really want Nikita and Ashley to do a real collab.

  29. Lily_ Hazel

    Lily_ Hazel12 timer siden

    James: Less profanity Bretman: 👄

  30. Melissa Moronta

    Melissa Moronta13 timer siden

    Ashley is so beautiful omg 🥺😍😍

  31. Melissa Moronta

    Melissa Moronta13 timer siden

    Ashley is so beautiful omg 🥺😍😍

  32. Bella Vena

    Bella Vena13 timer siden

    They should of done a n word one 😭shsvgssi

  33. Mila.

    Mila.13 timer siden

    Of all the videos Ashley stood out the most in my opinion she was the one that seemed the most genuine and the editing was on point.

  34. Abigail Gwaltney

    Abigail Gwaltney13 timer siden

    My 3 favorites made it to the finals 😁❤️

  35. Thanh Vo

    Thanh Vo13 timer siden

    I love how they just changed thier whole mood during the editing process-

  36. elle espy

    elle espy13 timer siden

    I got second hand embarrassment from benny's video

  37. Kate Lee

    Kate Lee14 timer siden

    James: calls norvina iconic James 30 seconds later: personally I’m a little bored of the word iconic... it’s overused Norvina: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1097">18:17</a>

  38. Aubri Hall

    Aubri Hall15 timer siden

    they are talking about explaining more and talk more but they only had a 5 min video

  39. Black Simon

    Black Simon15 timer siden


  40. Krusty Crystal

    Krusty Crystal15 timer siden

    Gabriel’s so cute 🥺

  41. harpsicle _

    harpsicle _16 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="406">6:46</a> 😂😂🤷‍♀️

  42. aubrey moher

    aubrey moher16 timer siden

    benny was trying waaaayyyy to hard like way to hard it was annoying and cringy

  43. Frannis1985

    Frannis198517 timer siden

    Maybe I should just throw on a dress and everybody will think I'm great. What a time to be alive.

  44. Keyla Nieto-Garnica

    Keyla Nieto-Garnica17 timer siden

    kailin and ashley were really good throughout the whole season but kailin is just not as confident as she should be


    ĤÃŇÃ ŘỖŻẸ18 timer siden

    I hate you .you are a girl

  46. Kendall Renee

    Kendall Renee18 timer siden

    Nakita’s dog is adorable

  47. Jennifer

    Jennifer18 timer siden

    I’m watching instant influencer all day

  48. baaabbyj

    baaabbyj19 timer siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="845">14:05</a> im DYING at bret's face when benny's laughing 👁👄👁

  49. Gionét Sutherland

    Gionét Sutherland20 timer siden

    Nikita and Ashley just connected ,like,instantly:0

  50. Arleth Bautista

    Arleth Bautista20 timer siden

    I like the fact that this is free 😅

  51. Windex

    Windex20 timer siden

    benny was trying too hard to funny ngl

  52. simply chocolate

    simply chocolate20 timer siden

    I feel like Louise and the other girl were kind of like.. just there to be there. I feel like he didn't enjoy it and she was just overwhelmed.

  53. Ayva T

    Ayva T20 timer siden

    i love ashley and nikita together lol

  54. becky mcbeck

    becky mcbeck21 time siden

    im so sorry but i just cannot like benny. like what is a child doing on this show full of talents? benny go drink your milk and got to sleep :(

  55. Kyaira Johnson

    Kyaira Johnson21 time siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="843">14:03</a> bretman looked so disgusted!!

  56. Althea Da tatertot

    Althea Da tatertot22 timer siden

    Can I just say Nikitas puppy is so Flippin cute.

  57. Manca Ilinčič

    Manca Ilinčič22 timer siden

    Am i actually the only one that likes benny?

  58. Multiuser Account

    Multiuser Account23 timer siden

    What am I watching I thought this was a JoJo vid

  59. Pizza Chan

    Pizza Chan23 timer siden

    Benny is just LOL in just challenge. Kinda cringe XD. He is acting a bit too trendy, but we have all been like that at some point.

  60. amena ahmed

    amena ahmed23 timer siden

    الي شعرها وردي بنت ولة ولد

  61. Ashlyn Krell

    Ashlyn KrellDag siden

    I’m not really a fan of Ashley I want Benny or kaitlyn

  62. Heb Inc.

    Heb Inc.Dag siden

    Aren’t these the same sound effects they use on Hell’s Kitchen?

  63. Peace love Pics

    Peace love PicsDag siden

    Hello James,your so amazing and I am not writhing this do do anything for me!i am just telling you are amazing and wonderful.I have been a big fan and I just want you to know be yourself don’t think into what everyone says and just be you!🥰🤪

  64. Maritza Hair and Makeup

    Maritza Hair and MakeupDag siden

    Loui yayyyyy!!!!!

  65. Maritza Hair and Makeup

    Maritza Hair and MakeupDag siden

    Wow super ❤️❤️❤️

  66. Peace love Pics

    Peace love PicsDag siden

    I love this show

  67. lydia stroh

    lydia strohDag siden

    That first scene freaked me out

  68. Alessia Stan

    Alessia StanDag siden

    i get major lesbian vibes from nikita and ashley😌

  69. paul pentony

    paul pentonyDag siden

    Nuke em

  70. Nasteho Mohamed

    Nasteho MohamedDag siden

    its so annoying that they always talk about the small things when they are the literal mistakes because of the short time

  71. moonxchild -

    moonxchild -Dag siden

    I'm just happy cause this is free lol

  72. iihxney ii

    iihxney iiDag siden

    My friend told me about this show and the first time I watched this I was amazed of how interested I got I normally don’t watch shows like this💖

  73. Eman farooqui

    Eman farooquiDag siden

    Just pls dont say bad wordsi dont like that

  74. Faria Memon

    Faria MemonDag siden

    dont ever watch with ur friends its better to watch on alone time

  75. Faria Memon

    Faria MemonDag siden

    i agree

  76. Abrar

    AbrarDag siden

    I feel soo bad for Gabriel cause he made a smile through the whole time James was talking to him and I could see in his face he’s trying so hard not to cry 😞

  77. Emily Preciado

    Emily PreciadoDag siden

    when i saw the thumbnail i was like: WAIT IS THAT A D-

  78. laura mcd

    laura mcdDag siden

    i know ashley and nicky were so great

  79. Adri Gonzales

    Adri GonzalesDag siden


  80. Robloxgamer _101

    Robloxgamer _101Dag siden

    I love this show

  81. Yva Joy

    Yva JoyDag siden

    I really hope Ashley wins and make a bunch more videos with Nikita and maybe Bretman. They’re dynamics just seem to blend perfectly

  82. Destiny Macias

    Destiny MaciasDag siden