i lost

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I wanted you to hear this from me.
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  1. Callum Singh

    Callum Singh3 minutter siden

    How did the appeal go u sobbing bitch

  2. Lee Huff

    Lee Huff5 minutter siden

    man we will be there for you

  3. doc Bogan

    doc Bogan8 minutter siden

    come on logan if you want a real fight come down to Australia and vs me mate you will lose and have some broken teeth

  4. Joesliam Cotto

    Joesliam Cotto12 minutter siden

    Hi Logan Paul I know your never going to read this but I want to thank you for all the go video you made I’m sorry but I have to unsubscribe I been here seen burn man in the first video you made and waited for you and your bothers to post but you haven’t I been going to you Chanel every day go see if you posted a video but you never did it like if after the fight you put your fun that been there in a hole (not trying to be mean) I get it you need time but I just can’t keep waiting thank you for taking me mind of the bad times when I watch your video but I have to say good bye if you post again Of course I’ll watch it but for now it good bye

  5. Juan Alberto Pagan

    Juan Alberto Pagan26 minutter siden

    Logan you should react to KSI song ”Down like that"

  6. Prince Marth

    Prince Marth26 minutter siden

    You know you can clone Kong and maverick they will do it for $50,000

  7. Smoking Kush 420

    Smoking Kush 42028 minutter siden

    Next video will be “why i let ksi win” 😂

  8. Hyper Gaming

    Hyper Gaming35 minutter siden

    Logan Paul you suck Your so bad at rapping and your fighting skills suck. I can't tell which is worst. You are awful Even posting on a Logan Paul video might get me demonitized

  9. Fortnite gaming

    Fortnite gaming37 minutter siden

    Where u goin in Lake Tahoe ?

  10. The 1% The 1%

    The 1% The 1%56 minutter siden

    Post more videos ok

  11. Malek A

    Malek ATime siden

    Yes you do shut out to me boy get out my face be in the hood🌶🌶👍👍🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿

  12. M. EMİR

    M. EMİRTime siden

    Turkey hello Logan ✋🇹🇷

  13. Dyktus

    DyktusTime siden

    Where is medium Logan Paul??

  14. Jimmy Mellott

    Jimmy MellottTime siden

    Bro come back to NO-gos

  15. Cheesedude105

    Cheesedude105Time siden

    He definitely quit

  16. xBoVx Clan

    xBoVx ClanTime siden

    Love you Logan

  17. Peter4life16

    Peter4life16Time siden

    Tbh Logan is my favorite NO-gosr and after everyday I go and work out because he inspires me. Logan definitely won the fight.

  18. A

    ATime siden

    How many likes will it take to make Logan understand that he lost 👇🏼

  19. Sharpy Main

    Sharpy MainTime siden

    I love you daddy

  20. Dr Domination

    Dr Domination2 timer siden

    Ha ha you lost just take it

  21. Navayda Sparks

    Navayda Sparks2 timer siden

    Can you start vlogging

  22. Carlos Gutierrez

    Carlos Gutierrez2 timer siden

    KSI told u, u were goign to do this

  23. TheSauce Group

    TheSauce Group2 timer siden

    Rip channel

  24. Lily Chan

    Lily Chan2 timer siden

    Where’s the old Logan who bloody uploads more vids and like wtf. Over 20 vids about the fight. Chill

  25. Candy Man

    Candy Man2 timer siden


  26. Konrad Staszczyk

    Konrad Staszczyk3 timer siden

    Why arent you posting your TIK TOK videos lmao

  27. Chris Aronson

    Chris Aronson3 timer siden

    lol it's bveen 3 weeks now, this guy just gave up on life., Good riddance :D

  28. George Menedis

    George Menedis3 timer siden

    When will we know if logan won the appeal??

  29. Jaleesa Fudge

    Jaleesa Fudge3 timer siden

    I mean I'm not a fan of Logan Paul but he said he sneezed 3 times when he woke up lol in the morning😂😂

  30. weird bizarre

    weird bizarre3 timer siden

    Real WLAN

  31. weird bizarre

    weird bizarre3 timer siden

    Bayern WLAN

  32. Niovenom 360

    Niovenom 3603 timer siden


  33. Mustafa Tabikh

    Mustafa Tabikh3 timer siden

    Saubscribe to me and ill do the same to you

  34. Linda Roberts

    Linda Roberts3 timer siden

    Yeah you sneezed 3 times so f of

  35. Nightmare 33

    Nightmare 333 timer siden

    Logan Paul: I dont feel like I lost Everyone: do you feel like you won? Logan Paul: ..............

  36. Linda Roberts

    Linda Roberts3 timer siden

    F you

  37. baguettein

    baguettein3 timer siden

    Logan Paul: *sneezes 3 times* Reddit: Hah! That’s a meme now!

  38. Kyla Blom

    Kyla Blom3 timer siden

    When you going to vlog again

  39. Andres Hernandez

    Andres Hernandez3 timer siden

    ιт ∂σи'т мαттєя вє¢αυѕє уσυ αfтєя мя.вєαѕт нє gσт 26 мιℓℓ ѕυвѕ υ нανє 20 мιℓℓ ѕυвѕ вσσм 💣 💥 ѕтιℓℓ ωιтн тнαт ℓσgαиg

  40. Emiel De wilde

    Emiel De wilde4 timer siden

    15:39 "That's not the type of father I wanna be" - is this hinting at something or is the logang the children of logan