I'm a Dad now!

Our Baby Boy Asher was born on the 5th January. We will not be sharing his face on NO-gos or social media to protect his privacy so please respect that. I will be back soon!
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    MONS TROCITY11 timer siden

    I dare you to be good at splatoon 2 do what did to how you got good at fortnite

  2. Louise Ohara

    Louise Ohara11 timer siden


  3. Hayden McClure

    Hayden McClure11 timer siden

    Is he quitting NO-gos?

  4. Mariela Rodriguez t

    Mariela Rodriguez t12 timer siden

    When A Bully Bullys Asher Asher: My Dad Is DanTDM I'm Telling Him! Bully Gets Flex On Bully:OHHHHHHHHHH CRAP

  5. Kodiak Ruscher

    Kodiak Ruscher12 timer siden

    Whenever you come back a request for me is to play untitled goose. It's basically a game where your a goose and you have to complete levels and tasks without getting caught. It's reallllyy a good game and perfect for you

  6. linden paul

    linden paul12 timer siden

    I feel happy for you

  7. play time with Rafia!!!

    play time with Rafia!!!12 timer siden


  8. Thanos YT

    Thanos YT12 timer siden

    I’m I Kid!

  9. Ready Steady Kook

    Ready Steady Kook12 timer siden

    i'm so happy for you!! i hope you as a family will stick by each other for the years to come!

  10. killercore54

    killercore5412 timer siden

    One thing....Dan and Jemma are gonna be great parents

  11. Chandan dhunnookchand

    Chandan dhunnookchand12 timer siden


  12. Quiet Black

    Quiet Black12 timer siden

    Take your time dan

  13. wolf TDM

    wolf TDM12 timer siden

    pug man

  14. Christopher Ulrich Manuel

    Christopher Ulrich Manuel12 timer siden

    Dddaaaaddddyyyy dddaaaannnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Christopher Ulrich Manuel

    Christopher Ulrich Manuel12 timer siden

    Your kid is SSSSOOOOOOOOO cccuuuuuutttttttteeeeee

  16. احمد حبيب

    احمد حبيب12 timer siden

    “Amazing wife” “beautiful child” get out 🤦🏻‍♂️ how can someone stand this idiot

  17. Eshrag Ghulman

    Eshrag Ghulman12 timer siden

    Oh good luck with him im a big fan

  18. احمد حبيب

    احمد حبيب12 timer siden

    👏🏻 literally no one cars 👏🏻

  19. GoldBurgerr

    GoldBurgerr12 timer siden

    I cant wait for baby dan to upload videos

  20. xVqid_

    xVqid_12 timer siden

    Dan: Posts this NO-gos: *Next Video* DanTDM "We are horrible dads! Whose you daddy"

  21. Project 876

    Project 87612 timer siden


  22. Lucie Poz

    Lucie Poz12 timer siden

    Lovely name. Congratulations!

  23. Austin Joby

    Austin Joby12 timer siden

    no problem we do respect that 1 like=1 congragulation 1 sub=1 love and respect for Asher and family 😍😍😍👏👏👏👏😃😃😃😃

  24. RunsRandomComments

    RunsRandomComments12 timer siden


  25. Yur!

    Yur!12 timer siden

    Congratulations! Take a break for as long as you want because you have something bigger to focus on right now.

  26. TTBB Bros

    TTBB Bros12 timer siden

    Congratulations its been a long way ... no offense but dont spoil him please

  27. Crafting Vegeto

    Crafting Vegeto12 timer siden

    Who remembers " christmas countdown"

  28. jordan gaines

    jordan gaines12 timer siden

    What why u telling us that put him in a video

  29. Nathan Jacob Delariarte

    Nathan Jacob Delariarte12 timer siden

    Also I have been a huge fan of ur vids I even have a dog named grim ur skeleton dog in Minecraft (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)

  30. Phoenix Slayers

    Phoenix Slayers12 timer siden


  31. Nathan Jacob Delariarte

    Nathan Jacob Delariarte12 timer siden

    Congrats Dan (・∀・)

  32. Luca Penoy Nestor

    Luca Penoy Nestor12 timer siden


  33. Chiyna

    Chiyna12 timer siden


  34. Darkwing

    Darkwing12 timer siden

    ....... :01

  35. Louis Tully

    Louis Tully12 timer siden

    I wish he called him The Diamond Mincraft JR,for the jokes

  36. Inam Ullah Ch.

    Inam Ullah Ch.12 timer siden

    Ok congratulations

  37. Monkey Murphy

    Monkey Murphy12 timer siden


  38. Kira Prout

    Kira Prout13 timer siden


  39. TheDayDreamingAuthor

    TheDayDreamingAuthor13 timer siden

    From this day on, I shall officially stick to the name: DadTDM We are all proud of you! 💙

  40. RealDuos

    RealDuos13 timer siden

    I feel very old

  41. Erik Kattai

    Erik Kattai13 timer siden

    erik kattai sister:i have in my school a boy from the 2.b and i am a 2.a

  42. Erik Kattai

    Erik Kattai13 timer siden

    if you say you are a dad then you have a girlfriend and you're girlfriend is a mom and you are a dad and then you're girlfriend got a baby.

  43. Alison Li

    Alison Li13 timer siden

    im getting old...

  44. Emma Rickard

    Emma Rickard13 timer siden

    I feel so old

  45. Qwertykid John

    Qwertykid John13 timer siden

    U can quit NO-gos if u have to and dan if u ever wanna show his face when will u

  46. Atlanta Edwards

    Atlanta Edwards13 timer siden

    We will respect congratulations

  47. Morg morg 25

    Morg morg 2513 timer siden

    I’m 5years this boi is gonna be searching through NO-gos and find this video right here and be shocked that his dad is a famous NO-gos star

  48. Giovanni Grimaldi

    Giovanni Grimaldi13 timer siden

    nise name for his baby

  49. James D Schlough

    James D Schlough13 timer siden

    Congrats, tell that all your fans support him.

  50. Pizza Rat

    Pizza Rat13 timer siden

    Never would I thought this day would come. I remember him saying that they won’t have a baby and look now. I grew up with his Minecraft gameplays and now he’s going to be a father. Time flies by.


    King DARKSLARER13 timer siden


  52. Angels Treasure

    Angels Treasure13 timer siden

    So happy for you

  53. Phuong Lan

    Phuong Lan13 timer siden

    Dan plz do a south east Asia tour

  54. Sender Scrennett

    Sender Scrennett13 timer siden

    yo, congrats dan!!

  55. Evan Blue

    Evan Blue13 timer siden


  56. roccox09TWO

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  57. Darwin Ngo

    Darwin Ngo13 timer siden


  58. Zayd Abu-Assaf

    Zayd Abu-Assaf13 timer siden

    3 years later: I can just imagine that when dan is making a vid and the kid comes in

  59. odico 627

    odico 62713 timer siden

    Yay well done Dan wait wait dad

  60. Scitt Pegg

    Scitt Pegg13 timer siden

    Hello i me 💙Keaganx77💙 i Levo you 💙DanTDM 💙💎💎💎