i play “ain’t no sunshine” but the intro is a bit different

hey guys i made this very normal cover of "ain't no sunshine" very normal nothing different at all about it just standard normal. i am sorry
Thank you so much for watching!

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  1. SethEverman

    SethEverman10 dager siden

    hey guys i'm back

  2. PenaGelada

    PenaGelada10 dager siden

    Bald guy

  3. 4aid3r lol

    4aid3r lol10 dager siden


  4. Nullstein

    Nullstein10 dager siden


  5. KardTrickKid

    KardTrickKid10 dager siden

    Guess who's back

  6. Stew Peed

    Stew Peed14 minutter siden

    agent 47 has now become a youtuber eh?

  7. wali syed

    wali syedTime siden

    Hi davie504

  8. MrMemePad

    MrMemePadTime siden

    Starts with Moonlight Sonata Continues with Still Dre Ends with Rocky Theme Song

  9. The Nelii Show

    The Nelii ShowTime siden

    i’m the bald guy

  10. Hogaza

    HogazaTime siden

    angery singery boi

  11. Malcolm Morin

    Malcolm MorinTime siden

    Seth, I am begging you, please make a full cover of this, I will make you breakfast from Ikea for life.

  12. soulhunter bill

    soulhunter bill2 timer siden

    One punch man can sing?

  13. Vinny Sanford

    Vinny Sanford2 timer siden

    Ngl he kinda vibing

  14. Ross

    Ross3 timer siden

    Duuuude this is fucking awesome.

  15. Magma Beef

    Magma Beef3 timer siden

    slap like

  16. Elbora

    Elbora3 timer siden

    be my dad please

  17. Howard Garancho

    Howard Garancho4 timer siden

    This video can make u smile and laugh at the same time.

  18. Jordan Cressley

    Jordan Cressley4 timer siden

    Cause you’re a bald guy.

  19. Joel Highfield

    Joel Highfield4 timer siden

    The voice on you tho damn

  20. Briana Gawley

    Briana Gawley4 timer siden

    He is Swedish Michael Bublé

  21. micoromico

    micoromico4 timer siden

    So nice

  22. Krafty Karrizzma

    Krafty Karrizzma5 timer siden


  23. P-series

    P-series5 timer siden

    1:24 replay button

  24. MrJrbf

    MrJrbf5 timer siden

    Your'e almost look like johnny sins

  25. Merry Darling

    Merry Darling5 timer siden

    marry me

  26. - #Dave

    - #Dave6 timer siden

    What is the first song name? 🤠

  27. Emma

    Emma6 timer siden

    Beautiful voice 😍

  28. victor chui

    victor chui6 timer siden

    When you finish watching creed 2

  29. Mr.mc_woofers

    Mr.mc_woofers6 timer siden

    seth my dude make a full version of aint no sunshine with your voice i enjoyed it so damn much

  30. DCV. Vibez

    DCV. Vibez6 timer siden

    Transitions smoother then my puns

  31. Hazbow Ten

    Hazbow Ten7 timer siden

    Who else is here from Jacksepticeyes vid?

  32. M i

    M i7 timer siden

    You are so mean by always giving us these gems and then leaving us for months just craving for more.... NOT COOL DUDE

  33. Gamer Gameris

    Gamer Gameris7 timer siden

    i want to hear more of his singing

  34. Guffi Steve

    Guffi Steve7 timer siden

    Хей, русские тут?

  35. BACONMAN224

    BACONMAN2247 timer siden

    Not only can Seth play like a god, he has the voice of an angel

  36. Adam Torok

    Adam Torok7 timer siden

    Please do a full version. Sincerely, Everyone

  37. kaylee

    kaylee7 timer siden

    i’ve watched this every day since it was uploaded someone help i can’t stop

  38. Cabo Daciolo

    Cabo Daciolo7 timer siden

    Make it a full song plz

  39. Mehmetşah Sert

    Mehmetşah Sert8 timer siden

    Full cover please

  40. cc fantacy

    cc fantacy8 timer siden

    That switch to ain’t no sunshine is clean as hell

  41. Jonathan Midgett

    Jonathan Midgett8 timer siden

    subtitles are auto-generated in Korean?

  42. Smar Mlaq

    Smar Mlaq8 timer siden

    At least we know u r alive

  43. Ariona Allant

    Ariona Allant8 timer siden

    what the fuck. you can sing?

  44. skopeftisnclrp

    skopeftisnclrp8 timer siden

    Yeah hi, ermmm I have a serious question to ask you... WHY DID YOU STOP?!