I play the DRUMS... (RARE FOOTAGE)

The first time I un-ironically play the drums in a video.
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  1. Davie504

    Davie5048 måneder siden

    So what should I play next?! Bass or recorder!?!?! leave a comment N O W

  2. nanu Lama

    nanu Lama2 måneder siden


  3. Pietro Farinaio

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  4. Jonathan Jona

    Jonathan Jona4 måneder siden

    B A S S S S S S S

  5. Stewart Cavalli

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  6. 海森堡

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  7. Jhoao Domingues

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  8. agrita salma

    agrita salma49 minutter siden


  9. Geoff

    Geoff2 timer siden

    omg in the comments right now

  10. Richy Scar

    Richy Scar2 timer siden

    Why is he sounds more childish

  11. FrictionMarble

    FrictionMarble3 timer siden


  12. Diamond Lists

    Diamond Lists4 timer siden


  13. Nicola Buzzo

    Nicola Buzzo6 timer siden

    O M G

  14. Papa Franks

    Papa Franks7 timer siden

    That's a weird bass you have, it even has giant slappers

  15. Prio Louis Vital

    Prio Louis Vital8 timer siden


  16. NoahSveinn

    NoahSveinn9 timer siden


  17. Nvm 007

    Nvm 00710 timer siden

    I vote that you should play in next on bASS with no strings and you play on IT with ur mouth

  18. fidermo golf

    fidermo golf11 timer siden

    Next chapter violin

  19. Ru and Rhe

    Ru and Rhe12 timer siden

    Slap recorder

  20. 1_MARIO _2

    1_MARIO _213 timer siden

    No bass = no like = dislike

  21. 1_MARIO _2

    1_MARIO _213 timer siden

    Not enough bass

  22. Candace Samuels

    Candace Samuels15 timer siden

    omg !

  23. RF

    RF16 timer siden

    I'm disappointed he didn't play the pornhub intro

  24. Ninja_Top

    Ninja_Top17 timer siden


  25. Tito Robless

    Tito Robless17 timer siden


  26. Lurdes García castro

    Lurdes García castro17 timer siden

    Can you tell me what rhythms you do, or what they are called

  27. Ostrich God

    Ostrich God18 timer siden


  28. Francesco Canali

    Francesco Canali19 timer siden

    lo dico da batterista ma per me sei già un mostro

  29. Dusgud

    Dusgud19 timer siden

    David you need to check Steve Hill

  30. KZY PROD.

    KZY PROD.21 time siden


  31. Emanuele Amalia

    Emanuele Amalia22 timer siden


  32. Tadeáš Motl

    Tadeáš Motl22 timer siden


  33. Filippo Neri

    Filippo Neri23 timer siden

    I wanna choose the recorder

  34. Nejc Voncina

    Nejc Voncina23 timer siden


  35. Fabrizio Ferranti

    Fabrizio Ferranti23 timer siden

    GG Men

  36. Fabio Lopes

    Fabio LopesDag siden


  37. geppo lo zingaro

    geppo lo zingaroDag siden


  38. Kirsty Townsend

    Kirsty TownsendDag siden

    Play recorder next please

  39. minemis

    minemisDag siden

    Not Bad!!

  40. xEpsi

    xEpsiDag siden


  41. NachozConQueso

    NachozConQuesoDag siden

    O m g

  42. Jojo V. Jordet

    Jojo V. JordetDag siden

    Where is the footage of you playing drums? And not this plastic shit?

  43. Okta Gangga

    Okta GanggaDag siden

    Playing keyboard maybe? :v

  44. Adam Sampaga

    Adam SampagaDag siden

    0:21 no headphones reveal

  45. FNAF Films

    FNAF Films18 timer siden

    It's also in his intros in some other vids

  46. Cereal 27

    Cereal 27Dag siden


  47. General Yuri

    General YuriDag siden

    Davie I want you to play flute😁😁

  48. Marty Hippo

    Marty HippoDag siden


  49. John Rokosky

    John RokoskyDag siden


  50. typical clan tg

    typical clan tgDag siden


  51. Manuel

    ManuelDag siden

    What a wasted opertunity to play only the bass drum for 2min straight.

  52. Milesroler :l

    Milesroler :lDag siden

    O m g

  53. A. V.

    A. V.2 dager siden

    I got a fever ! And the only prescription is MORE COWBELL !

  54. ALEX D

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  55. BENX 21305

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  56. Patrick TAYLOR

    Patrick TAYLOR2 dager siden

    Davie504 DnB

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  60. Gregg Berry

    Gregg Berry2 dager siden

    hey when you done with the drums send em my way

  61. rash buraga

    rash buraga2 dager siden


  62. Christopher Har V

    Christopher Har V2 dager siden

    The eye-contact here is glorious.

  63. Blurryface

    Blurryface2 dager siden

    Por qué nunca vi esto, no épico

  64. Christian López Ángel

    Christian López Ángel2 dager siden


  65. Fabri :v

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