Tesla unveiled their new Cybertruck pickup and I got the chance to take a ride in it.
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After years of waiting, Tesla has unveiled the new electric pickup truck dubbed Cybertruck. It looks like something straight out of Cyberpunk 2077 with a retro-futuristic design that's... controversial. Is it ugly? Is it beautiful? Is it in the eye of the beholder? Snazzy Labs host Quinn Nelson had the chance to take a test ride in the craziest truck ever made after its unveiling and Cybertruck fail of the Tesla Armor Glass. I talk about the suspension, acceleration, specs, interior fitment, seat comfort, cabin size, bed anchoring, charge port locations, Autopilot camera locations and more in one of the most comprehensive Cybertruck videos yet.


  1. Francesco Rubino

    Francesco Rubino6 timer siden


  2. Mat

    Mat6 timer siden

    youre wrong about the stats. the heavyduty can tow over 30k

  3. Radi0he4d1

    Radi0he4d114 timer siden

    What a badass fucking truck

  4. Sheldon Stewart

    Sheldon Stewart22 timer siden

    Step one: Shut up Step two: TMM

  5. Ángel Castro

    Ángel CastroDag siden


  6. Dominik Muminovic

    Dominik MuminovicDag siden

    its drove in not rode its not a horse

  7. homerlovedonuts

    homerlovedonutsDag siden

    if the terminator bought a car, it would be this one

  8. Jeriah Dogbe

    Jeriah DogbeDag siden

    Why does the two side windows look craked

  9. Bobcat h

    Bobcat hDag siden


  10. Eric Henn

    Eric HennDag siden

    The F350 Has a tow capacity of 20000 pounds and a base price of $35000. So clearly a gasoline engine can pull more then the highest ranked Tesla truck and its $5000 less than the cheapest model made for Tesla

  11. HiTmAn ThE TrAsH pAnDa

    HiTmAn ThE TrAsH pAnDaDag siden

    I love watching people freak out over someone making something crazy I love crazy and I think this will be a great venture for Tesla because most companies are scared to make something "different"..Different is good!!

  12. V1ctor

    V1ctorDag siden

    A piece of metal with wheels

  13. Aaron Crawford

    Aaron Crawford2 dager siden

    Best review so far. Thanks

  14. Abdullah Al -Dar

    Abdullah Al -Dar2 dager siden

    This truck seems to be from XCOM. Anyone thinks the same?

  15. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson2 dager siden

    Its ugly as hell

  16. James Shelnutt

    James Shelnutt2 dager siden

    it's like if a Delorean had a baby that grew up to be a pickup truck

  17. whiteandnerdytuba

    whiteandnerdytuba2 dager siden

    Google truck specs before saying nonsense like 14k is more

  18. Terry Watkins

    Terry Watkins3 dager siden

    Get out of your mom's basement and into real life dude! That thing is a pos compared to even a Toyota truck ! Yeah I said it. We don't really consider anything here in Texas a truck unless Chevy,Ford,or dodge makes it. So if your worse than a Nissan truck , well your pretty bad

  19. Terry Watkins

    Terry Watkins3 dager siden

    You should add the importance of REAL TRUCKS not a pos like this. My 2006 Chevy holds up better than that and it goes hundreds of miles on a tank and I can fill up anywhere. Why is this guy rich again building crap? I can tell you other people's money! Instead of building a good useable product it's just Cyber crap! Who wants a freaking electric car that I have to charge every 2 or 3 hundred miles and have to really plan on exactly where the hell your going to stop, for awhile I might add ,to recharge. You build something tougher than Chevy and I'll buy it

  20. Terry Watkins

    Terry Watkins3 dager siden


  21. Terry Watkins

    Terry Watkins3 dager siden

    Did you tap on the glass?

  22. cuenta google

    cuenta google3 dager siden

    Why nobody talks about ac or Heat

  23. Estebahn Gman

    Estebahn Gman3 dager siden

    Where I can one ?

  24. Robert Neuzil

    Robert Neuzil3 dager siden

    Its like putting an el Camino body on a C30 pickup truck frame. Cool

  25. Peter Staiger

    Peter Staiger3 dager siden

    Like the video. To say its towing capacity rivals a diesel is flat out wrong. My Ford has a bumper pull towing capacity of 21,000 pounds and a gooseneck rating of a bit over 30,000 pounds.

  26. The Doodleman

    The Doodleman4 dager siden

    You have driven the truck. And I am here to say I really don't give a fuck.

  27. dipankar barooah

    dipankar barooah4 dager siden

    Still 40k is much higher for this truck if they have really cut down the production cost

  28. Pearce Aurigemma

    Pearce Aurigemma4 dager siden

    "My twitter poll concluded that many people love the new truck, but that most either hate it or are split on it". This shows your terrible bias, in no way, did your poll show that. It showed that most love it. It also showed that a small minority hate it.

  29. Catharsis

    Catharsis4 dager siden

    I wedged one under a door. The windows broke but other than that mission accomplished.

  30. ForeRunner 444

    ForeRunner 4444 dager siden

    i found the warthog 2.0 for halo infinite

  31. Taika Tohveli rewamped

    Taika Tohveli rewamped4 dager siden

    I'm scared. The dashboard is made out of paper... PAPER. Or that's what i'v heard.

  32. Andrew Gockel

    Andrew Gockel4 dager siden

    The cybertruck with a fifth wheel trailer tower would be an ideal situation. All kinds of trailers carrying horses., sporting vehicles, and tools would be an ideal situation.

  33. Rybackz

    Rybackz4 dager siden

    I love the unique ess and cybrerpunk vibe it gives off. Thrust me on this one, 2 years from now, all giant automobile brands will copy this style. ELON, YOU'RE A LEGEND!

  34. AK-79

    AK-794 dager siden

    Tesla thinks outside of the box, that's why they will succeed. Love it.

  35. Catharsis

    Catharsis4 dager siden

    Telsa made a box. You call that thinking outside of one?

  36. Reviews For You

    Reviews For You4 dager siden

    1 random person who likes this is gonna be a millionaire

  37. ole redwhiteandblue

    ole redwhiteandblue4 dager siden

    Ugly looking thing , ain't it?

  38. Jason Wallace

    Jason Wallace4 dager siden

    Yes the Cybertruck is heavier than the F150 and yet still manages to significantly outperform the F150 in almost every way: towing capacity, acceleration, safety and oh yeah it’s zero emissions.

  39. Geoff Barklley

    Geoff Barklley4 dager siden

    Truck is dope

  40. Derek Foehr

    Derek Foehr4 dager siden

    For people that actually use trucks for work, this is ridiculous.

  41. joe gaber

    joe gaber2 dager siden

    I use a F-250 4x4 and have driven a truck of one make or another for the last 50 yrs. Tow horses, tool trailers, 5th wheels, hay, etc. I ordered one. No current truck does what this truck does anywhere in its class. Name one thing this truck can't do that a F-150 or F-250 can do except pollute, rush, get scratched and banged up, and look outdated in 3 yrs with the manufacturer comes out with a new look.

  42. Decadia

    Decadia4 dager siden

    You're probably going to want more range if you think you'll be carrying alot of weight or towing. Weight drains batteries like crazy. Those spewting about aerodynamics from the sharp corners don't understand that this car has a low center of gravity point and high tow capacity with alot of weight that it could even have some huge awful reverse scissor wedge and it wouldn't matter. It will still hit corners very well and has straightened slopes which do both good and cut production costs.