I spent a day with FACELESS YOUTUBERS (SwaggerSouls, Corpse Husband, BlackySpeakz)

I spent a day with famous faceless NO-gosrs to learn the truth about this secretive way of living.
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  1. AnthonyPadilla

    AnthonyPadilla2 måneder siden

    come back next week for *I spent a day with FAMOUS BEAUTY GURUS* -- thank you so much for supporting me and this series :) ps: SHOUT OUT TO OUR SPONSOR FOR THIS EPISODE! download Raid for free with the links in the description. pps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.

  2. Piber _

    Piber _13 dager siden

    even you Anthony

  3. Nonnie Cook

    Nonnie CookMåned siden

    wheres the go fund me?

  4. Epic Fafnir

    Epic FafnirMåned siden

    What about left burst

  5. Bridgette Jackson

    Bridgette JacksonMåned siden

    Talk about cloning that's why souls don't show himself cuz he's Allen older from mash m

  6. Bridgette Jackson

    Bridgette JacksonMåned siden

    Because he's Alan alda in real life the one that play on mad listen to his voice haha

  7. Akumari

    Akumari43 minutter siden

    Nobody remembers cry 😭 the og faceless youtuber

  8. Regret

    Regret51 minutt siden

    no Memeulous?

  9. joppy

    joppy3 timer siden

    wheres memeulous

  10. Toxic Zombie Wolf

    Toxic Zombie Wolf7 timer siden

    Corpse Husband 💚

  11. ItsCool.

    ItsCool.7 timer siden

    I don't show my face.... I hide it

  12. turdy man

    turdy man9 timer siden

    corpse husbands voice is sexy dude, i wish i have his voice

  13. Your-Basic-Trash-Bag .-.

    Your-Basic-Trash-Bag .-.10 timer siden

    That reflection behind them :)

  14. TotallyNOTfelix

    TotallyNOTfelix11 timer siden

    you had one job to get memelous on to the show.

  15. Alice Kristine

    Alice Kristine13 timer siden

    Corpse Husband could wear his mask when going out with me to places and I would love and cherish him so much.

  16. Darth Revan

    Darth Revan13 timer siden

    I have PTSD and I want to become a faceless NO-gosr


    BLINDSHOT14 timer siden

    Corpse: really deep conversations Blackyspeaks: somewhat deep conversations Swaggersouls: swaggersouls

  18. itsShelbeh

    itsShelbeh18 timer siden

    Swaggersouls dropping in w the yeezys and knee massages

  19. celxsty

    celxsty23 timer siden

    wheres memeulous

  20. Tara Đurić

    Tara ĐurićDag siden

    This Corpse Husband has one of the best voices I've ever heard. And he seems so calming and funny at the same time, I'm subscribing!

  21. M A A D

    M A A DDag siden

    Blackyspeakz sent me here, this is rare 🌊🌊

  22. Devanno Hansen

    Devanno HansenDag siden

    oh my god i hope there's h20 delirious

  23. TekoGacha

    TekoGachaDag siden

    I'm dissapointed cause of one reason: TheDooo wasn't in this vid

  24. Don't eat me

    Don't eat meDag siden

    Why's swags so interested in the floor?

  25. DragonzJ

    DragonzJDag siden

    i only came for swagger

  26. MyLifeAsGrace

    MyLifeAsGraceDag siden

    was kinda hoping memeulous would be on here😂



    before we learn more... SHADOW LEGENDS *music intensifies*

  28. Askel V

    Askel VDag siden

    what about H20 Delirious

  29. Fetty Waps Good Eye

    Fetty Waps Good EyeDag siden

    You picked the faceless NO-gosrs with the best voices

  30. Luiks

    LuiksDag siden

    bro u act like we dont know thats zuckles on the left at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="422">7:02</a>

  31. VRTX Vision

    VRTX VisionDag siden

    i thought u might talk to memulous

  32. Ultimate Crystal

    Ultimate CrystalDag siden

    Absolutely love swaggersouls in this vid 😂

  33. MoDiFiCaTiOn

    MoDiFiCaTiOn2 dager siden

    i wonder if Corpse Husband has met Mr. Nightmare or Blue Spooky

  34. Noah Rickle

    Noah Rickle2 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="181">3:01</a> RIP headphone users

  35. Dark GamerExist

    Dark GamerExist2 dager siden

    The title dose not matter i just saw swaggersouls

  36. OpeManga & Anime

    OpeManga & Anime2 dager siden

    Delirious is defo the best mystery

  37. JackMcGunns

    JackMcGunns2 dager siden

    Anthony: **Levels up once in raid** Also Anthony: "I'm basically a raid shadow legends god"

  38. jjprs 306

    jjprs 3062 dager siden

    Anthony:**uploads a new video** The ceiling:**Ah Shit, here we go again**

  39. xSir

    xSir2 dager siden

    Where’s h2O

  40. Alan Serrano

    Alan Serrano2 dager siden

    H2o am I a joke to you ?

  41. kirby big2.0

    kirby big2.02 dager siden

    Oi swaggers what u doing here u supposed to be with eddie and the others

  42. Soldier1287

    Soldier12872 dager siden

    what a voice, wasted on stupid rap instead of some type-o negative style type goth metal stuff. limiting one's self from true potential

  43. ray ware

    ray ware2 dager siden

    has anyone noticed every faceless youtuber has a very distinctive voice?

  44. Gabriel Smith

    Gabriel Smith2 dager siden

    Where is Memeolous


    NALAH HOPE2 dager siden


  46. That Ginger

    That Ginger2 dager siden

    BlackySpeakz: Marques Brownlee Corpse Husband: Yung Gravy Swaggersouls: *SWAGGERSOULS*

  47. Yung Mo

    Yung Mo2 dager siden

    give us a part 2 with H20Delirious pls.

  48. WizzeV

    WizzeV2 dager siden

    This is just the DID episode, NO-gos edition.

  49. Time warrior

    Time warrior3 dager siden

    I fucking love swagger souls personality, fucking never face reveal what's under Kakashi mask

  50. Joker Jones

    Joker Jones3 dager siden


  51. Eliza Collins

    Eliza Collins3 dager siden

    Could he zoom with memeulous

  52. Griff The Jiff

    Griff The Jiff3 dager siden

    Corpse sounds like Joji, idk.

  53. Mifia29

    Mifia293 dager siden

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i wonder if H2O Delirious would have showed up if Anthony contacted him..

  54. Bohsxx maFughm4haL

    Bohsxx maFughm4haL3 dager siden

    i was hoping for how to basic \

  55. Rageshree Prasad

    Rageshree Prasad3 dager siden


  56. peepo sleepo

    peepo sleepo3 dager siden

    guys quick question do any of you actually play RAID SHADOW legends

  57. OnePumpJacob

    OnePumpJacob3 dager siden

    Corpse sounds like Pace22

  58. Jared A

    Jared A3 dager siden

    Go back to slosh

  59. Bakhshdez

    Bakhshdez3 dager siden

    don't get me wrong, all these NO-gosrs are awesome, but it would have been cool to see Anthony interview H20 Delirious

  60. Hunter Animations

    Hunter Animations3 dager siden

    What about memeulous

  61. yung aeon

    yung aeon3 dager siden

    ngl i expected Delirious, but i know that sounds cringe

  62. Axle Watson

    Axle Watson3 dager siden

    What about the number 1 faceless you tuber H2O Delerious

  63. Nqbzie -

    Nqbzie -3 dager siden

    I deadass thought blacky speakz was white

  64. f1rebreather123

    f1rebreather1233 dager siden

    I personally don’t like when people pressure you tubers into face reveals. I like it when they are faceless because I don’t associate them with a face but instead a personality.

  65. CyDaGuy

    CyDaGuy3 dager siden

    NO-gos : NO-gos

  66. jeremijs jekabsons

    jeremijs jekabsons4 dager siden

    anthony: give a shoutout blackyspeakz: shoutout to rotty mich blackyspeakz: shit

  67. David Correa

    David Correa4 dager siden

    i only skipped to see corpse💀

  68. Pocahantas

    Pocahantas4 dager siden

    Blackyspeaks sound lik kevin Hart

  69. illest james

    illest james4 dager siden

    H20 delirious ?

  70. Sappy Paws Gaming

    Sappy Paws Gaming4 dager siden

    What I love is that everyone in pictures has their eyes boxed out, but SwaggerSouls has his eyes showing XD

  71. Pineapple Raccoon

    Pineapple Raccoon4 dager siden

    You should have done H2O delirious

  72. Romline

    Romline4 dager siden

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="525">8:45</a> you can really see how swagger looks like.. not that i care but , yea..

  73. FeAR NoVA

    FeAR NoVA4 dager siden

    Wait swagger is fuckin austrailian

  74. Dominik Voss

    Dominik Voss4 dager siden

    couldnt they figure out who they are when people hear they voice in rl? kinda curious about that.

  75. Mr Poro

    Mr Poro4 dager siden

    You should get H20Delirious too in the interview too :c

  76. Isobel Curry

    Isobel Curry4 dager siden

    Memeulous is shaking

  77. Pickle Piper

    Pickle Piper4 dager siden

    It’s rather strange to see Corpse with a body. He’s been such a great part of my life. Listening to his narration helped me through my most difficult times. Stay well, man

  78. Shawndalion

    Shawndalion4 dager siden

    Damn even Delirious is not here his Identity is the most unknown Bc he NEVER talks about well except on April fools videos lmao

  79. John Tikluk

    John Tikluk4 dager siden

    The biggest faceless youtuber I think is h20 delirious

  80. Ghost_Recruit

    Ghost_Recruit4 dager siden

    imagine if he got H20 delirious on here. Everyone would go crazy

  81. Alpha Wolf

    Alpha Wolf4 dager siden

    Anthony *starts video The ceiling *sad noises

  82. compl3xlife

    compl3xlife4 dager siden

    i dare you to try to get H2o delirious on there that will be wild night lol

  83. Boler Pear

    Boler Pear4 dager siden

    i like the spaghetti on your hair

  84. Cecille Militante

    Cecille Militante4 dager siden

    What about Bread Boys?

  85. Iain Kerr

    Iain Kerr4 dager siden

    I've actually seen swagger before. I didn't realize at first then I heard him talk and saw his eyes and I knew. Obviously I'm not going to go into more detail but he's honestly a great person irl. I love that he and a few others are able to keep all of that up. I can't imagine how difficult it can be sometimes. But swagger did it right by having that close group of friends who keep that secret going. Either way it's amazing to me.