Idina Menzel, AURORA - Into the Unknown (Live from the 92nd Academy Awards)

The first time bringing together the world’s Elsas performing “Into the Unknown” with Idina Menzel and AURORA.
Maria Lucia Heiberg Rosenberg (Danish)
Willemijn Verkaik (German)
Takako Matsu (Japanese)
Carmen Sarahí (Spanish)
Lisa Stokke (Norwegian)
Kasia Łaska (Polish)
Anna Buturlina (Russian)
Gisela (Castilian)
Gam Wichayanee (Thai)
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Why was Elsa born with magical powers? What truths about the past await Elsa as she ventures into the unknown to the enchanted forests and dark seas beyond Arendelle? The answers are calling her but also threatening her kingdom. Together with Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, she'll face a dangerous but remarkable journey. In “Frozen,” Elsa feared her powers were too much for the world. In “Frozen 2,” she must hope they are enough. From the Academy Award®-winning team-directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, producer Peter Del Vecho and songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez-and featuring the voices of Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Frozen 2” is available on Digital 2/11 and Blu-ray 2/25.
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Music video by Idina Menzel, AURORA performing Into the Unknown (From "Frozen 2"). © 2019 Walt Disney Records


  1. Katie Berenice

    Katie Berenice13 timer siden

    Me encanta la cara de orgullo de Carmen Sarahi, se ve tan emocionada que me transmitió su emoción!! 2:16 2:53

  2. Mel lissa

    Mel lissa13 timer siden

    Aurora should be in the CENTER of the stage... ooOo

  3. 홍_ono

    홍_ono13 timer siden

    음원이랑 떨림,박자,음정같은부분이 조금씩다른게 너무아쉽다... 근데 와중에뒤에 오로라분 개잘해...

  4. mm fieldcom

    mm fieldcom14 timer siden

    where is korean singer?

  5. ᄑᄉ

    ᄑᄉ14 timer siden

    아델 다짐ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ

  6. 张海峰

    张海峰14 timer siden

    the voice is look like a elsa u guys right?

  7. friskie kermie 69

    friskie kermie 6914 timer siden

    Any one realize that everyone's comment get a lot of likes?

  8. 리우

    리우14 timer siden

    Where is korean!!!

  9. Adam

    Adam15 timer siden

    I just want to give probs to the singer at 2:21 for singing while being heavily pregnant! Just that she have enough breath to sing exactly THAT part amazes me! 😍

  10. Olivia Theus

    Olivia Theus15 timer siden

    they should’ve invited taeyeon too

  11. ader suy

    ader suy15 timer siden

    Denuncio a disney porque creo la ley coopa no les perdono eso eee

  12. Argel*-*

    Argel*-*15 timer siden

    2:22 - what's her name? when she hits the note, it's beautiful. I don't know her name, but I can't stop seeing her part!

  13. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei15 timer siden

    02:11 the most magnificent and clearest voice, the most beautiful woman 😍 Russian voice is the best of the best 🔥

  14. Roblox gaming

    Roblox gaming16 timer siden

    Omg I love her voice it bring tears to my eyes🥺

  15. sotuur aeei

    sotuur aeei15 timer siden

    Aurora es la que sale en encantada ???

  16. Marquel

    Marquel16 timer siden

    Has anyone ever told you that you sound just like Elsa from frozen🤔

  17. ibrahim x

    ibrahim x17 timer siden

    they didnt invite Taeyeon because they knew she’d kill them all with her vocals.

  18. mona girl

    mona girl17 timer siden

    La versión en inglés se escucho tan pobre, no soy experta en canto jajaja pero se escucho feo.

  19. 도일Doil

    도일Doil18 timer siden

    AURORA는 목소리가 악기 같네 짱짱 멋져요

  20. naaim small

    naaim small18 timer siden

    Shit song

  21. 미옥강

    미옥강18 timer siden

    한국인 없나 ㅜㅜ 박혜나님도 저기 나가셨으면 좋았을텐데.. 아쉽네요 !

  22. Daniela X

    Daniela X18 timer siden

    Ho ho ho


    HARU LUNIVERSE19 timer siden

    Gam Whichayanee ❤ 💙 ❤ 👇คนไทย👍

  24. Tobu Kobuta

    Tobu Kobuta19 timer siden

    So underwhelming

  25. kevin santana

    kevin santana19 timer siden

    De cair o cu da bunda

  26. • • lazy potato • •

    • • lazy potato • •19 timer siden

    Show yourself:every inch of me is trembling but not from the cold something is familiar like a dream I can reach but not quite hold I can sense you there I’ve always known I’m arriving and it feels like I am home I have always been a fortress cold secrets deep inside u have secrets too but u don’t have to hide show yourself I’m dying to meet u show yourself it’s your turn are u the one I’ve been looking for all of my life? Show yourself I’m ready to learn ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I’ve never felt so certain all my life I’ve been torn but I’m here for a reason could it be the reason I was born? I have always been so different normal rules did not apply Is this the day? Are you the way I finally find out why? 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I never see you anymore come out the door it’s like you’ve gone away we used to be best buddies and now we’re not I wish u could tell me why! Do u want to build a snowman? It doesn’t have to be a snowman go away Anna okay bye Do u want to build a snowman? Or ride our bike around the halls? I think some company is overdue I’ve started taIking to the pictures on the walls! Hang in there, Joan. It gets a lil lonely all these empty rooms. Just watching the hours tick by tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock Elsa please I know you’re in there. People are asking where you’ve been. They say “have courage” And I’m trying to. I’m right out here for you. Just let me in. We only have each other it’s just you and me. What are you gonna do? Do you wanna build a snowman?..

  27. ak

    ak21 time siden

    is it just me or is the quality broke

  28. Diego FMR

    Diego FMR21 time siden

    Confirmed Disney used auto tune in frozen 1/2

  29. Keila Felix Hernandez

    Keila Felix Hernandez21 time siden

    Aurora es la que sale en encantada ???

  30. Ekaterina Komplikova

    Ekaterina Komplikova22 timer siden

    02:11 the most magnificent and clearest voice, the most beautiful woman 😍 Russian voice is the best of the best 🔥

  31. Penfold8

    Penfold822 timer siden

    That dress that Idina is wearing does not flatter her body very well.

  32. bluesky

    bluesky23 timer siden

    i love kasia!!! she is such a star

  33. Mariana xx

    Mariana xx23 timer siden

    Where is portuguese 😂💔

  34. Adri G

    Adri G23 timer siden

    Será porque es la primera vez que escucho la canción, pero este performance me pareció un tremendo desastre. Tienen varios errores vocales, sé que nadie es perfecto y el nervio nos puede traicionar, pero cuando empiezan a cantar todas juntas se vuelve todo un revoltijo de notas, algunas desafinadas, principalmente la segunda chica que canta en español, no sé quien sea pero creo que los nervios la traicionaron, y luego el final se oyó terriblemente mal. Tendré que escuchar la versión de la película para ver si soy yo o de verdad esta canción esta mal cantada. Edito: Vengo de oír la canción original (versión español latino) y es una preciosura de canción, independiente de la letra (que no entendí porque no he visto la película) la musicalidad es una obra maestra a mi parecer. Entonces llego a la conclusión que esta presentación estuvo mal, se equivocaron, Idina se descuadró y sonó horrible, pero la canción original es preciosa.

  35. xXRstakerXx Games

    xXRstakerXx GamesDag siden

    i swear the tune changed a bit

  36. Emma Watson

    Emma WatsonDag siden

    Stunning preformence Idina. Love you so much!

  37. Diya Haridas

    Diya HaridasDag siden

    She is a good singer

  38. 이영서

    이영서Dag siden

    한국은 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  39. Ida Bråten Vandborg

    Ida Bråten VandborgDag siden

    I like the song on english but not on other languages :/

  40. 댕 댕

    댕 댕Dag siden


  41. Saleem Uddin

    Saleem UddinDag siden

    Same voice of elsa

  42. Saleem Uddin

    Saleem UddinDag siden

    I love it 🥰

  43. Romanian Elf

    Romanian ElfDag siden

    Ребят, давайте честно, после Бутурлиной никто так чисто ноты не взял. Просто готова смотреть это видео ради Анны, она прекрасно от слова "вообще"и "абсолютно".

  44. Delfina Andres

    Delfina AndresDag siden

    Chills literal chills

  45. Juhh Brizada

    Juhh BrizadaDag siden

    Pq a Taryn ñ tava aí? ;-;

  46. Юлианна Лугинова

    Юлианна ЛугиноваDag siden

    Russian singer is the best

  47. Archie Garrett

    Archie GarrettDag siden


  48. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuytDag siden

    and AURORA was bomb, i swear..

  49. Seedz D

    Seedz DDag siden


  50. sumin Park

    sumin ParkDag siden

    여기 혜나님이 계셨으면..................... 박엘사 혜나님 목소리 들으러 갑니다🏃

  51. Random Lex

    Random LexDag siden

    When Idina said “thousands” I died

  52. Random Lex

    Random LexDag siden

    vbddfy euuyt wat?

  53. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuytDag siden

    Where is Tayeon :c


    THE CATTY FLYDag siden

    ทำไมไม่ชัดคับ ปรับความละเอียดไม่ได้ด้วย

  55. 각시탈

    각시탈Dag siden

    제발..원곡대로 불러라~~줜나 뱔로다 ㅡㅡ

  56. Allan Frazão

    Allan FrazãoDag siden

    They forgot Taryn, the brazilian Elsa :(



    🔥🔥🔥 1:09 💞🧡🔥 👇👇👇👇🔥💃

  58. Lukas Nando

    Lukas NandoDag siden

    You must hear lyodra version

  59. Анна Тасамая

    Анна ТасамаяDag siden

    02:11 love 😍🇷🇺

  60. Kosal Phuikhetkit

    Kosal PhuikhetkitDag siden


  61. hassib hachana

    hassib hachanaDag siden


  62. 李明宇

    李明宇Dag siden


  63. Umair Z

    Umair ZDag siden

    Idina is in a rush to catch the last bus home !

  64. Gi9gog gamer

    Gi9gog gamerDag siden