Insane How-To Videos from the 50s

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Man, I was born in the wrong generation! I should have been born in the 1860s so I could be dead already.
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    WAFFLES FOREVER2 måneder siden’re weird lol.

  2. Justin white

    Justin whiteDag siden

    poop 460

  3. *{Cheeze}*

    *{Cheeze}*Dag siden

    Poop 459

  4. yeehawbuster ‘

    yeehawbuster ‘Dag siden

    Poop 43

  5. WeedWizard 70

    WeedWizard 702 dager siden

    Poop 42

  6. CurlyGerl

    CurlyGerl2 dager siden

    poop 42069

  7. Just Doodles

    Just Doodles6 timer siden

    Drew: *"And we DO live in a society-"* Me: *"Ah! He said the thing! He said it-"*

  8. RitaPortugirl♥

    RitaPortugirl♥9 timer siden

    1:33 shiiiet dawg LOL

  9. Jenna Marmalade

    Jenna Marmalade9 timer siden

    I can understand if she seriously dates every boy but what's wrong with going on a simple first date with multiple boys? As long as you don't make it serious and then proceed to go out with other boiz

  10. jackson

    jackson13 timer siden

    as an Australian, I shall translate what he said: "oh good lord no no I wouldn't say that" "whys that?" "oh poor old man he works too hard the wives have got nothing to do"

  11. Animation Alsatian

    Animation Alsatian14 timer siden

    4:59 and don’t forget . Eat hot chip

  12. Angelika T.

    Angelika T.16 timer siden

    If the coffee was that bad, why didn't the husbands make it themselves? Or buy another brand instead of complaining to their wives 😒

  13. Anonymous Critique

    Anonymous Critique18 timer siden

    “We’re all already mixed about the wars [and have nothing to do?]” I have no idea what this means

  14. Mary S

    Mary S22 timer siden

    Lmao these were great.

  15. Molly Western

    Molly WesternDag siden

    “So me think, why waste time, say lot word when few word do trick”

  16. Julia Boon

    Julia BoonDag siden

    That 1961 news piece is from Australian’s ABC and he says “Poor old man he works too hard, the wife’s got nothing to do”. You are welcome for my Australian to English translation.

  17. Freddie Mercury

    Freddie MercuryDag siden

    Girls born during the 50's only know dress well, be bisexual, make bad coffee, and not get into trouble :(

  18. Reva Brown-Walker

    Reva Brown-WalkerDag siden

    The coffee comment 🤣 I remember making coffee thinking God I hope it's ok I hope they like it.. I didn't grow the damn beans ur right. #selfloathing

  19. Fer

    FerDag siden

    "dress well, be bisexual, and dont get in any trouble" god fucking damn i nearly qualified but i just HAD to get excommunicated from my local church

  20. Phoenix_ Flame

    Phoenix_ FlameDag siden

    girls born after 1948 cant cook. all they know is dress well, be bisexual, be popular and lie.

  21. Josh

    JoshDag siden

    Why does every single voice over from this era sound like the exact same dude???

  22. Brenna Orns

    Brenna OrnsDag siden

    I need that job skit as a short video because that's about how I got fired and I want to show my friends

  23. Jimbo's land of awesomeness

    Jimbo's land of awesomenessDag siden

    As soon as you mentioned a couple in a Folgers commercial, why did immediately think of the weird sibling commercial

  24. Spriha Pandey

    Spriha PandeyDag siden

    The fact that men wore suits all the time in the 50s proves that John Mulaney is a time traveler.

  25. Baked Beans

    Baked BeansDag siden

    Might as well marry a coffee machine lmao

  26. Friedrich Sarah E. Thompson

    Friedrich Sarah E. Thompson2 dager siden

    10:14 don't worry, I speak Australian, I'll translate for you. "Oh poor old Mandy works so hard the wife'd have nothing to do" - he's saying he wont help with housework bc he can't imagine his wife doing anything that isn't housework. Get his ass.

  27. McKay Higley

    McKay Higley2 dager siden


  28. Nayan B

    Nayan B2 dager siden


  29. Ailin Behar

    Ailin Behar2 dager siden

    Honey!!!!!! You killed the petunias!!!!

  30. Ailin Behar

    Ailin Behar2 dager siden

    Well, I dress well, I'm bisexual and I don't get into trouble but I'm still not popular😠

  31. Aila baxter

    Aila baxter2 dager siden

    Good night I love y’all too see y’all in a little while I’m on the call right away I’ll talk ya know what I want to know you know I love you too much love y’all love ya girl and I’ll try and talk about ya tomorrow I’ll try and talk about ya tomorrow bruh is that your way you are so welcome I wanna know you love me you and I’ll try and get to know him better and I’ll talk about it later I’ll try to call y’all and tell him I’ll try and talk about ya tomorrow bruh is that time I love y’all so I love you too much love y’all I’ll try to call y’all I wanna is a time to come back and I wanna know you that you know you love

  32. Joe Public

    Joe Public3 dager siden

    Goodness, those times seem way better than now. All the SJW nonsense and PC culture have both ruined everything. Btw, hyperbole was a thing back then, too. You know, just in case you were wondering.

  33. ghost girl

    ghost girl3 dager siden

    The guy at 6:53 is just Drew, in another body You can't convince me otherwise

  34. Coolio Star Stache

    Coolio Star Stache3 dager siden

    The girl in the beginning looked hotter before. Man, the 50s were weird

  35. Somebody You Know

    Somebody You Know3 dager siden

    Finally somebody recognizes that we live in a society.

  36. Aiden Patterson

    Aiden Patterson3 dager siden

    The mmhm guy sounding like my nigga Kevin from the office.

  37. Dirtbike 77

    Dirtbike 774 dager siden

    That was fun

  38. Yo Mama

    Yo Mama4 dager siden

    I swear that the lady in the video at 8:20 was in an episode of the twilight zone or something

  39. Liz Bane

    Liz Bane4 dager siden

    oh THAT'S why I don't have a boyfriend.... I don't have skin! Or a mouth!1!!1

  40. Aussie Theorist

    Aussie Theorist4 dager siden

    10:15 “the poor old man he works too hard, the wife’s got nothing to do”

  41. S O P H I A

    S O P H I A4 dager siden

    Bad coffee equals divorce in any decade if you ask me.

  42. Galaxy 8926

    Galaxy 89264 dager siden

    I think coffee is code 5:40

  43. akavitsuma

    akavitsuma5 dager siden

    1950s were the best!

  44. Maya Tamika

    Maya Tamika5 dager siden

    Yes. Bad coffee is the woman's fault. As her only job in life is to please the person who matters: her husband.

  45. Sergio Gutierrez

    Sergio Gutierrez5 dager siden

    10:15 ..something... something ...the wife has nothing to do

  46. Sierra Robie

    Sierra Robie5 dager siden

    That’s literally exactly how I got fired from my last job

  47. Alec Bain

    Alec Bain5 dager siden

    8:39 you're welcome

  48. caitron neery

    caitron neery5 dager siden

    Why say lot word when few word do trick?

  49. CurlyGerl

    CurlyGerl5 dager siden

    *hot chip*

  50. Mythical Me

    Mythical Me5 dager siden

    Wait wait wait I dress well I am bisexual I don't get in trouble Tf why aren't I queen bee yet

  51. Keke M

    Keke M6 dager siden

    The Aussie guys says: “Oh good lord no, no. I wouldn’t ah, I wouldn’t say that. I don’t think they should” “Oh why is that?” “Oh the poor old man he works too hard and the wife’s got nothing to do.”

  52. Sleeping Tea Leaves

    Sleeping Tea Leaves6 dager siden

    Mst3k riffed that first film, so I only think of their comments as I watch the film. It makes it much better to go through.

  53. nee am huh

    nee am huh6 dager siden

    as a bisexual who dresses well, i like people with skin and mouths

  54. Tiiker

    Tiiker7 dager siden

    What? Do americans really get uppity over "your coffee tastes like shit"?

  55. Shinteea

    Shinteea7 dager siden

    “Hey guy” 0:00

  56. Traci L

    Traci L7 dager siden

    Folgers is one of the nastiest coffees.

  57. eddie kaspbrak

    eddie kaspbrak8 dager siden

    *the losers have entered the chat* get it? cause it's based around then... ok i'll stop

  58. Trivia Time

    Trivia Time9 dager siden

    That unintelligible guy..definitely from Australian TV :D

  59. TheWeirdMumu:3

    TheWeirdMumu:39 dager siden

    1:45 “were trying to poop a point..” *thats what I heard*

  60. Jai K •18 years ago

    Jai K •18 years ago9 dager siden

    My name is Jaidyn without the “e”.

  61. Lexxie Annie

    Lexxie Annie10 dager siden

    I had to play a character from the 1950s and watched these for method acting

  62. Ashley Huertas

    Ashley Huertas10 dager siden

    10:20 made me audibly laugh

  63. Nin10 Jake

    Nin10 Jake10 dager siden

    Nono no Drew, you racist, to be popular you have to be bisexual, eat hot chip and lie

  64. Casey P

    Casey P10 dager siden

    The narrator straight dunked on that poor girl

  65. Casey P

    Casey P10 dager siden

    I want to sample this for lofi tracks