Inside Training: Extended behind-the-scenes access from Minamino's first day

Watch as Takumi Minamino meets his new teammates for the first time, before taking to the field to train with the Reds on New Year's Eve.
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  1. Bidyananda Loukrakpam

    Bidyananda LoukrakpamDag siden


  2. David Boss

    David BossDag siden


  3. Jo Bi

    Jo Bi3 dager siden

    In fifa 20 I play with minamino

  4. User0815

    User08154 dager siden

    Gute Stimmung gute Laune ✌️😋 Kloppo Check bitte bei Bayern München ein ... Oder beim DFB ❤️😁👍🏼 ..

  5. valentina vaz1uez

    valentina vaz1uez4 dager siden

    0:32 ¡Se tocó sus huevos! y encima le da la mano con las que se tocó. Que Mrd

  6. Nate 104

    Nate 1045 dager siden

    This is a dream the way the players accept a newcomer... in North America you’re an outcast and an enemy until proven other wise and imagine walking into a new locker room and introduced by the manager only to get 4 or 5 teammates that greet you and getting mean mugged by the rest. In the states it’s rare to see a team that is a TEAM instead we have players that think they are a solo team within the team and it’s a fucking nightmare trying to communicate and play with ego driven morons. Mini rant over lmao.

  7. Emad Kharroub

    Emad Kharroub5 dager siden

    نادي مثل ليفربول صعب يخسر من تفاهم اللاعبين مع المدرب وروحهم العاليه في التدريب

  8. くいパン

    くいパン6 dager siden


  9. pou !

    pou !6 dager siden

    Que ele tenha bastante sucesso!

  10. T Gt

    T Gt7 dager siden


  11. Nick 205

    Nick 2058 dager siden

    Er spricht einfach mit Klopp Deutsch

  12. Enes Üçdağ

    Enes Üçdağ8 dager siden

    Türkler burda mı

  13. こうた こうた

    こうた こうた8 dager siden


  14. ひじきん

    ひじきん9 dager siden


  15. Ulum Burhanurdin

    Ulum Burhanurdin9 dager siden

    Kerenn 😍 😍 😍

  16. Danish Bhat

    Danish Bhat9 dager siden


  17. Radin Danish

    Radin Danish11 dager siden

    6:56 you two idiot

  18. Ggg H

    Ggg H11 dager siden

    I think this....... fail....

  19. Mindbody Reprogramming

    Mindbody Reprogramming12 dager siden

    Beautiful how nice the lads are makes it so easy to love Liverpool football club

  20. Army Josh

    Army Josh12 dager siden

    Glad, an Asian in Liverpool

  21. Vvv Nah

    Vvv Nah12 dager siden

    المدرب كلوب مفكر كل لاعب رح يجيبه رح يطلع متل محمد صلاح ورح يظهر فورا بس مع الأسف مستحيل تجيب متل صلاح نزل مينامون 3 مرات وبهل 3 مرات ما لعب متل عاده وما ظهر متل صلاح الله يحميك ويحفظك يا فخر العرب 🌺

  22. Gabrielle Mimms

    Gabrielle Mimms12 dager siden

    Liverpool football club good team

  23. Đề Jr. thanh

    Đề Jr. thanh13 dager siden

    Tuyệt vời ai việt nam điểm danh

  24. Recalcatti

    Recalcatti13 dager siden

    🇧🇷Caralho meno eu dava um baile nesses cara aí em liverpool os cara é ruim demais

  25. Havana Schwarz

    Havana Schwarz14 dager siden

    He’s super good player and also handsome Japanese. We’re rooting for you anyway and really enjoy every match with you,Minamino. Love and respect from Thailand.

  26. hema da

    hema da14 dager siden

    اين المصريين اثبت وجودك بلايك انا من مصر افتخر ب محمد صلاح

  27. Quý Chickens

    Quý Chickens14 dager siden

    I'm from VIETNAM

  28. FR3DZ

    FR3DZ14 dager siden

    I got 1 thing to say.Jurgen Klopp should let Naby Keita play more often his passing is just like the Barca's player He also create a crazy chance to score a goal.

  29. ariz nazeman

    ariz nazeman14 dager siden

    Whose birthday is it?

  30. Yusu

    Yusu15 dager siden


  31. Yusu

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  32. manal Sherif

    manal Sherif15 dager siden

    صلاح بيغنى ابو الفصاد😂😂😂😂

  33. sara

    sara15 dager siden

    He's cute 😳

  34. عادل ال مظلوم

    عادل ال مظلوم15 dager siden

    نادي ليفربول نادي مميز ومرموق ومنظم وخصوصا عندما اصبح ينافس الفرق الاخرى .

  35. عبدالله سنوسي

    عبدالله سنوسي15 dager siden

    محمد صلاح انا بحبك اوي

  36. Kareem Mohamed

    Kareem Mohamed15 dager siden

    حيبيى يابو صلاح

  37. E. La Crazay

    E. La Crazay16 dager siden

    Minnie Minamino and Firm Firmino

  38. สวาน' คิง`

    สวาน' คิง`16 dager siden


  39. EOVES Gamer

    EOVES Gamer17 dager siden

    I live Liverpool 💓💓💓💓💓# Thailand🇹🇭

  40. EOVES Gamer

    EOVES Gamer17 dager siden


  41. ASET KZ

    ASET KZ17 dager siden

    I'm from Kazakhstan

  42. Tony X

    Tony X17 dager siden

    Thế nói chuyện bằng tiếng j v

  43. coke vanilla

    coke vanilla18 dager siden

    minamino is misaki!!

  44. MAN PRO

    MAN PRO18 dager siden

    دا لو عطس عطسه هيوديهم في داهيه 😂😂😂😂

  45. Sandra Jefferson

    Sandra Jefferson18 dager siden

    Wow is he from Japan? Wish him all the best in Liverpool

  46. Maju Kena Mundur Kena

    Maju Kena Mundur Kena18 dager siden

    Ayo absen slurr...

  47. مريم مصطفى

    مريم مصطفى18 dager siden

    مصرية مرت من هنا لأجل محمد صلاح أبو مكه

  48. orewanell

    orewanell18 dager siden

    What is the name that thing looks like some kind of vest they wear?

  49. Andersen Johann

    Andersen Johann19 dager siden


  50. Baran Demir

    Baran Demir19 dager siden

    Adamlar alkışlarken bile takım oyunu yapıyor 😂

  51. M V D MUSIC

    M V D MUSIC19 dager siden

    حالم بالم ههههههه

  52. مـنتصـر //

    مـنتصـر //19 dager siden

    شجعت ليفر من اجل صلاح لكان والله صرت اشجعهم كلهم من اجل لعبهم الجميل وعلي راسهم المدرب الاب يورجن كلوب ياخي تحسو انو عربي

  53. danh pham

    danh pham19 dager siden

    Mai yeu cat cau thu livepo .livepo chien thang

  54. احمد AHMAD15

    احمد AHMAD1520 dager siden

    اش قال محمد صلاح

  55. احمد AHMAD15

    احمد AHMAD1520 dager siden

    الدقيقه 3 36 العيد ميلاد با العربي

  56. Khalid Abdlkader

    Khalid Abdlkader20 dager siden

    أنجح مدرب يؤلف بين مختلف الجنسيات تلك الروح هي التي تصنع البطولات وتحقق الهدف من الرياضة على وجه العموم

  57. Tox CR7. elpro'Dream league soccer 2020.

    Tox CR7. elpro'Dream league soccer 2020.20 dager siden

    Yo quisiera ser futbolista quiero que me ayuden

  58. Mohamed Abozied

    Mohamed Abozied20 dager siden

    3:50 صلاح بيغني يلا حالن بالن حيو ابو الفصاد 😂😂😂😂❤

  59. オリバーカーン

    オリバーカーン21 dag siden

    3:18くらいかな TikTokで見たことある

  60. محمد الحربيينdf

    محمد الحربيينdf21 dag siden


  61. eylamxthree

    eylamxthree21 dag siden

    Idk how many times i watch this. Especially the part when jurgen said idiot to our fullbacks🤣